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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Thousand Oaks, CA


  • Senior Developer/Architect, Java,, Data Engineering, Data Scientist
  • 15+ years of Java/JEE/OOAD/data processing, as: team lead, architect, developer
  • 20+ years of professional experience: academic research in dynamical systems and ergodic theory


Expert in core JEE technologies: large scale, highly concurrent systems SEDA, SOA architectures

Spring Micro: Services stack

ML stack: (Spark, LDA, LibLinear, WEKA, Core NLP, Topic Analysis Toolkit/Scala)

Search Engines: (Lucene/SolR)

Data Processing: Hadoop2 (Cloudera, MapR), Sqoop, Cascading3.0, Oozie; NoSql Hive2, Impala

MQ/JMS: (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, JBossMQ, WMQ).

Web Services, REST, and SOAP: (CXF, Axis, Axis2); JAXB, JSON.

SOA: (ServiceMix, Camel, Mule ESB, jBPM, Rosetta ESB); ORM (Hibernate4);

DB: (Oracle, MySql, Postgres, MsSql, VoltDb, CouchDB)

Interests: Processing of highly dimensional data, inference algorithms and data movement infrastructures

Tools: (Gradle, Maven, Ant, Git, SVN, Jenkins, SonarCube); Unit Tests Mockito; Docker

AWS: RDS, SQS, SNS, S3, Elasticcache, SolrCloud, Aurora, Serverless


Confidential, Thousand Oaks, Ca

Senior Software Engineer


  • SolrCloud search index adoption: ingestion microservice micro framework for Liferay portal data sourcingdata modeling, schema modeling, json schema modeling, data transformations, data binding generation. full/incremental loader data flows; distributed locks; distributed schedules.
  • Search microservice, Liferay integration; Index Based Notification Sourcing.
  • Source/build consolidation, process engineering, devops operations, build/release eng.

Confidential, Playa Vista, Ca

Senior Software Engineer


  • Data Pipeline: financial and performance analytics data processing (MapR)
  • Hadoop jobs maintenance/monitoring; enhancements:
  • Design/implementation of Avro data model and adapters for Cascading based MR jobs
  • Implementation of file level data flow monitoring
  • Developed Jenkins automation for Hadoop tasks runners
  • Migrated couple dozen jobs to Hadoop2: supported capacity/resource optimization
  • Additionally: authored tech. design wikis, reviewed code, supported operations, build/release eng.

Confidential, Woodland Hills, Ca

Senior Data Engineer


  • Data Core: lake and data warehouse for data consolidation (Cloudera)
  • Avro data normalization/columnarization flows; created automation for codegen of SQOOP workflows definitions; build strongly typed data filtering (JOOQ ORM) layer used in data consolidation flows.
  • Enhanced configuration layer of data pipelines, extended workflows with additional concurrency control, and tightened data scopes of workflows; created additional data producer channels: provided configuration management for workflows.
  • Oozie scripting, gradle automation, operational support, monitoringPerformance analysis, release engineering

Confidential, Los Angeles, Ca

Java Developer Expert


  • Search Engine Marketing optimization and restructure:
  • Co - created system supporting creation and submission bus of highly structured “long tail keywords”:
  • Proprietary algorithmic for generation of Ad Groups Structure
  • Multistage, (CDI based) delivery bus (REST, Axis): campaign configuration component
  • Short Text Classification for Products’ Catalog:
  • Researched, extended and adopted classification algorithms, tuning them toward the “Short Text
  • Classification”, scaled out processing of prediction phase: evaluated, optimized, bootstrapped models;
  • Results significantly superseded (both precision and performance) prior used methodology
  • Additional duties: Jenkins builds (ops/scripts); monitoring of the production (AppDynamics)Supervision and code reviews (SonarCube).

Confidential, Glendale, Ca

Senior Java Developer


  • Mobile Virtual Network Enabler provider serving 100Ks of subscribers;
  • Development/design/refactoring (Tomcat, Hibernate, Axis WS, Mockito);
  • Ownership of Phone Provisioning Service
  • Provided technical domain expertise; drafted technical analysis documents;
  • Interacted with Carriers and MVNOs (technical and business teams)
  • Additional duties: Jenkins builds (operations and scripting); management of the production cycle:
  • Provisioning Interface: supervision and mentoring

Confidential, Monterey Park, Ca

Senior Developer


  • Electronic Banking Alerts: Notifications’ delivery system; development/redesign, operations support (EJB3, Seam/JBOSS, Hibernate3, Websphere MQ, Axis WS, Ajax).
  • Worked with business on definition and functional requirement of new features.
  • Drafted TR, SRS; provided detailed design.
  • Worked with and directed offshore teams.
  • Promoted best practices and coding standards.

Confidential, North Hollywood, Ca

Senior Java Developer


  • CMS backed GUI framework: Flex, Ajax/JQuery; workflows’ container;
  • OGNL EL meta-model: (Spring2.5, Castor, JAXB, OGNL, CXF, Maven)

Confidential, Thousand Oaks, Ca



  • architecture prototype:
  • Lucene, x-Wiki, content categorization; SOA for NSDL (SOAP, Plexus, Hibernate3.0, Maven2.0)

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