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Sr. Android Developer Resume

Irving, TX


  • 7+ years of extensive experience in Object Oriented technologies and Android applications with Java/Android technologies involving System Analysis, Technical Architecture, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation.
  • 4+ years of experience on working with mobile application on Android platform, interactive application development and database management.
  • Hands on experience in Android SDK based application development.
  • Proficient with common Android framework APIs (Location, Camera, Notification framework, Database, Media, Preference, Admin, Google Maps API).
  • Proficient in using Fragments, Activity workflow, Action Bar Navigation, Menu designs, Custom Views.
  • Designed and developed rich User Interfaces.
  • Experience in implementing native libraries in application by using Android NDK.
  • Worked in Activities, Fragments, Android Binding, Android Framework, Async Task, Intent, Services, Broadcast Receiver, Content Provider, RESTful Services, Phone Gap, Location Manager, Retrofit.
  • Experience in working with Google Maps API, GPS Location Data, Google Cloud Messaging, Volley, Material Design and Push Notification.
  • Designed GUI and interfaces with services for mobile applications, Asynchronous Programming in Android (such as Thread pool, Tasks and services).
  • Experience in use of popular public APIs such as Google, Face book, YouTube, PayPal, Kindle, and twitter.
  • Experience in using services like Messaging, Bluetooth and Wi - Fi, Optimum Wi-Fi.
  • Firm understanding and experience of interfacing to web services using XML/JSON, GSON, REST, OAuth 2.0 and parsing their contents.
  • Worked extensively in developing web-based applications using Java, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, JDBC, UML, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, JDBC, VB.NET, Rx Java and Oracle.
  • Good experience in Hardware and Sensor Integration tools like Accelerometer and Gyroscope.
  • Experience with query languages including SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite3.
  • Strong experience in the Web Application GUI Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js and AJAX.
  • Good knowledge in designing and developing adaptive UI components, different Custom Views and Widgets for Android phones with different screen resolutions.
  • Experienced integrating Mobile applications with Web based applications via web Services
  • Experienced in using data persistence both on-device and in the cloud.
  • Experienced in Test Driven Development, Junit Test Cases, Performance Optimization and Integration Testing.
  • Multiple applications integrating in the Android Test Suite.
  • Best practices enthusiast for Memory Management and high application performance.
  • Experienced in requirements gathering and also Full Cycle Development Planning & Implementation.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills in an agile environment.
  • Excellent scheduling and resource management skills. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and self-starter.


Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA, Shell Script, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Microsoft server 2008

Java Based Technology: Android SDK, Android NDK, JDBC, Multi-threading, AWT, Swing, Java Script, JQuery, J2EE (JSP 1.2/2.0, Servelets 2.2/2.3/2.4, EJB 2.0/2.1/3.0), Struts1.3/2.0, JavaBeans, JSF 1.2/2.0, Web Services, Spring2.0.x/2.5.x

Web Technologies: XML, HTML, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, JQUERY, Node.js, AJAX, Restful API, SOAP

Android Specific: Eclipse, Android Studio, Android SDK, REST, JSON, ADT Plug-in, Git, DDMS console, ADB server, Network connection, Google Maps, Face book, LinkedIn API, Async Task, Navigation Drawer, Material Design, Toolbar, Multithreading, Volley, Shared Preferences, Xamarin

Mobile Technologies: Location, Camera, Notification, Google Maps, Media, Database, XML, multi-threading, Web-services

Operating Systems: Windows8, 7, XP, 2000, Unix, Linux, Mac.

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL2005/2008, My-SQL, SQLite3

Debugging and Testing Tool: DDMS, Logcat, Junit

Version Control Tools: SVN, MKS, Git

Reporting Tool: SQL Reporting Services

IDE Tools: Eclipse, SOAPUI, Android Studio

Incident Report Tracking: Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis


Confidential, Irving, TX

Sr. Android Developer


  • Developed different projects separately in both Eclipse and Android Studio.
  • Creating various custom views for the application using standard Android components, database, services and various UI widgets types.
  • Collaborate with UX team in creating better UX Android widgets (phones & tablets).
  • Created test cases and test data for testing the application using Junit Extensions.
  • Implemented TDD and development the test design for the project before it was coded.
  • Developed activities, UI layers natively and customized as per the client request.
  • Used Android SDK and Eclipse IDE for development.
  • Worked closely with another mobile app developer, leading the other platform development.
  • Worked on the SQLite database to minimize the size of the application and increase the performance.
  • Worked on Android JMS App for Point-to-Point asynchronous messaging for high transactional Banking operation.
  • Performed design and development of Middleware SOA processes to support project requirement.
  • Developing and maintaining web application systems using Node.js.
  • Involved in IOS app build performance and functional tests.
  • Worked on IOS Storyboards for custom UI implementation with storyboards and associated with appropriate reusable classes.
  • Tested the app across different versions of Android to assure quality and performance.
  • Designed Custom Dialog, Custom Action bar, Custom Progress bar using fragment activity.
  • Created a new XML layout with Android Map View to display the location Map and defined the layout that can be reuse.
  • Used different transformations for extraction, cleansing & loading data to staging areas.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Implemented the application using Spring Framework which is based on Model View Controller design pattern.
  • Designed and developed network frameworks to consume RESTful APIs using Retrofit to fetch user profile and daily transaction details.
  • Used JDBC as persistence layer for interacting with Oracle database.
  • Used Maven as a build tool, wrote the dependencies for the jars that needs to be migrated.
  • Developed persistent objects using Hibernate.
  • Created Mock services in SOAPUI to test the interaction with the SOAP Web services.
  • Used JIRA for tracking the issues and resolving them.
  • Participated in the production support and maintenance of the project.

Environment: Android SDK6.0, Android Studio 2.0, Eclipse, VBScript, Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Spring Batch, Hibernate, Junit, Soap Web services, SQLite, Agile.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

Android Developer


  • Responsible for analyzing the requirements of application, entire Mobile Agent Application android development, testing, stage, deployment, production maintenance and worked as android developer.
  • Implemented Notification Manager to display updates on the notification bar.
  • Responsible for adding the update module for checking the latest version of app.
  • Worked on testing the application using J-UNIT, Espresso, Mockito testing framework.
  • Involved in Implementing the Cloud Login screen where user can enter desired Id and Password to login to cloud.
  • Worked with Application Activity Lifecycle callbacks for providing the security and showing the login screen when the app goes to background.
  • Worked on Back up user phone’s content (contacts, photos, videos, and more) to user secure cloud storage.
  • Implemented native libraries in application by using Android NDK.
  • Used Dagger to construct the instances of the application and satisfy the dependencies.
  • Used RESTFUL web services for client-server communication and Data parsing in JSON and XML.
  • Involved in designing the layouts to be compatible with split screen for android N and also for multiple screen sizes.
  • Involved in Implementing the Restore of messages and call logs.
  • Responsible for testing the application in stage, code review fixing the bugs and providing post-production support.
  • Developed automation test scripts for client -server and web-based applications using Python.
  • Worked on Async Task to perform short operations.
  • Used Retrofit that provides a powerful framework for authenticating and interacting with APIs and sending network requests with OkHttp.
  • Worked closely with the UX Team to create a Custom Components Library using React Native.
  • Used open source environment in Linux and UNIX Platform Web application testing.
  • In part production support fixed the issues in various layer like database, connectivity, client - server handling, UI and business layer.
  • Responsible for writing SQL and PL/SQL queries for writing stored procedures.
  • Expertise in Client-server application using oracle PL/SQL
  • Used JavaScript framework Mocha for unit testing and Jira as a bug tracking tool.
  • Provided the support for recent android version like android M and android N.
  • Worked on ADB for analyzing the logs and Debugging the code.
  • Involved in testing the application, Troubleshooting and updating the software version for devices.
  • Closely worked with QA and Server Team regarding User complained Issues.

Environment: Java, JDK 1.8 Android Studio, NDK, windows 7, Async Task, Dagger, J-UNIT, XML, JSON, GIT, Phone Gap, Linux, Jira, Agile, SQL, Retrofit, JavaScript, Espresso.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Android Developer


  • Responsible for analyzing the requirements of application, entire Mobile Agent Application android development, testing, stage, deployment, production maintenance and worked as android developer.
  • Designed the User Interface with navigation bar, view pager.
  • Making the Restful Service Calls using Google’s Volley Library at the various stages in the app development cycle and parsing the responses back from the web servers according to the application requirement.
  • Developing the software solution and writing code using Pair Programming and Test Driven Development TDD process.
  • Integrated the QR Code scanning library in to the application for the scanning.
  • Worked on Blue tooth LE devices which will scan and locate the store/device.
  • Worked on GATT for sending and receiving data by using Bluetooth LE link.
  • Responsible for adding the Reader API, this allows reading the payment card data.
  • Worked with Google Maps Android API V2 to display the AIL locations with markers using Geocoder.
  • Developed the user interface for registration using React Native by JavaScript and React.
  • Used React Native to reload the Application Instantly instead of recompiling which saves time.
  • Designed custom dialogs, custom notifications for displaying the generated payment code.
  • Developed all transaction screens using JavaScript and HTML and Used JavaScript framework Mocha for unit testing.
  • Responsible for storing the Payment code within the app using the Shared Preferences by Android Data Binding.
  • Extensively worked on MDM to consistently manage the non - transactional data and to track the data used Mobility Management.
  • Worked on Business to business layers and electronic data interchange by Ecommerce.
  • Registered the Broadcast Receivers for the android system announcements.
  • Implemented android framework is the set of API's that allow developers to quickly and easily write apps for android phones.
  • Implemented Angular JS controllers to maintain each view data and service calls using Angular factory.
  • Used Angular JS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models).
  • Worked with PLSQL for implementing database to store various user data, preferences.
  • Developed complex SQL queries to fetch data.
  • Experienced in using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • By Using Material Design designed the Custom Action bar, Custom Progress bar while making service calls.
  • Implemented capturing the screenshot of the payment screen, Bitmap to pdf conversion features using Android NDK.
  • Implemented the mail feature of sending mail with billing information as an attachment.
  • Extensively worked on designing the layouts to be compatible with multiple screen sizes.
  • Worked on testing the application using J-UNIT testing framework and used GIT as version control tool.
  • Responsible for testing the application in stage, code review fixing the bugs and providing post-production support.

Environment: Java, JDK 1.7, Android Studio, TDD, windows 7, Agile, Google Maps API V2, SQL, Google Volley, NDK, JUNIT, GIT, XML, JSON, JNI.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Android Developer


  • Responsible for the analysis, design, and architecture of the mobile application.
  • Responsible in creating a UI for the driver.
  • Involved in designing the login page for the driver. Created the time-log sheet where the driver can check his status and time of his work.
  • Worked on linear, frame and relative layouts.
  • Implemented Asynchronous messages, to get an update of the driver activities and the data from the middleware.
  • Worked on GPS location services which are used to get the location of the driver for every 10 minutes in form of pings.
  • Client server communication and data parsing from the CellComm web using RESTful web services using JSON format.
  • Worked on getting the position of drivers and automatically get their latitude and longitude position using their GPS location.
  • Responsible for using GSON object from the server response to implement markers on Google maps to show them the Expert Fuel stops which are related to Penske.
  • Involved in making few changes in CellComm Website as per the application for user interface using HTML.
  • Was involved in deploying the WAR file from the middleware and check the app in different environment i.e. Production and QA.
  • Involved during the testing of the application and helping both the functional and QA team during testing.
  • Involved in testing the app to check for the regular pings of location of GPS, fuel stops, getting latitude-longitude position, etc.
  • Tested the application on multiple Android and iOS targets and debugged the issues that were found.
  • Testing included emulator and device testing with multiple versions and sizes.
  • Involved in supporting the exciting application, which was on blackberry device.
  • Used VSS as the version control to update and download the program.

Environment: Android SDK 3.0, Eclipse IDE, JSON, GSON, REST Web Services, XML and Sql Databases, HTML, GPS Services, Agile, VSS.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Android Application Developer


  • Involved with the end users / business analysts to collect the requirements of the project.
  • Configured python Web Driver, TestNG, Maven tool and created selenium automation scripts in Java using TestNG framework and page object model.
  • Worked extensively with Java and the SDK frameworks.
  • Worked with Xml to extract the data and display it on app.
  • Worked with SQLite for implementing database to store various user data, preferences.
  • Extensively worked with Google APIs to navigate store locations and gets you the directions.
  • Worked on customizing Table views, List views, Tab bars and navigation bars.
  • Worked with implementing and customizing images using Draw 9 Patch tool.
  • Worked on optimizing the application using inbuilt tools such as Monkey Runner, Trace view.
  • Tested the application for relevant bugs, fixed the leaks and deployed on different Android device to validate the application stability.
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Unix Shell and Python
  • JUnit extension for Android was used to prepare the test cases.
  • Worked on making the app support different screen sizes and configuration.
  • Worked on reviewing and distributing the App to the App Store.

Environment: Java, Eclipse ADT (8.0.1), XML, JSON, Web Services.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Java Developer


  • Analyze the requirements and documented the technical specifications.
  • Actively involved in development of JSP pages, Servlet classes and unit testing.
  • Utilized Java debugging and error handling classes and techniques to troubleshoot and debug issues.
  • Worked extensively with the Eclipse IDE built on WebLogic Server.
  • Involved in the Design Document, Coding and Debugging.
  • Used Ajax Controls and CSS to give richness for GUI.
  • Involved in Preparation of Unit Test Cases and Module Level Test Cases.
  • Implemented the connectivity to the Oracle database using JDBC.
  • Created SQL views, queries, functions and triggers to be used to fetch data for the system.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures and triggers using PL/SQL.
  • Code walks through and Code reviews.
  • Coordinating with Project and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) teams.

Environment: JSP, Servlets, JDBC, RMI, Swing, WebSphere 6.0, WSAD 5, Oracle 9i.

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