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Sr. Ios Engineer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Experienced professional with over 5 years of experience in mobile iOS development with a significant amount of leadership on latest 2 projects
  • Worked extensively with Swift as well as substantial Objective - C codebase development
  • Experienced consumer of RESTful APIs and parsing of JSON using tools such as NSURLSession, URLSession, NSJSONSerialization, JSONSerializaiton, Codable, Alamofire, etc.
  • Implemented many third-party libraries with CocoaPods such as Google Maps, Facebook SDK and more
  • Professionally implemented offline storage solutions through Core Data, User Defaults, File System, Keychain Services
  • Excellent debugger through use of NSLogs, breakpoints, LLDB statements, View Hierarchy debugger and more
  • Experienced implementer of UI through programmatic methods, Interface Builder, UIStoryboards, Xibs, Size Classes, and Auto Layout
  • Used Git for code versioning along with Bitbucket and Github
  • Mentoring of les experienced developers through methods such as one-on-ones, career advice, pair programming and peer reviewed code
  • Extensive experience in multiple iOS SDK frameworks such as Core Data, UIKit, Core Location, Local Authentication, MapKit, etc.
  • Experience migrating code from Objective-C to Swift
  • Experience migrating code from older versions of Swift to newest version
  • Use of Delegation, Singleton, KVO, NSNotificationCenter, MVC, MVVM, +more
  • Testing experience includes XCTest, unit testing critical parts of code base as well as implementing some features with Test Driven Development
  • Ability to lead mobile development projects through entire Software Development Lifecycle
  • Skilled at avoiding memory leaks through understanding of ARC and proper usage of strong, weak, and unowned properties
  • Skilled practitioner of Agile, particularly Scrum, with all the standard meetings


Languages: Objective-C, Swift, C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Data Persistance: CoreData, Keychain, UserDefaults

Restful Web Services/Web Communication: REST, API Consumption, JSONSerialization, NSJSONSerialization, URLSession

Development Environment: Xcode, Interface Builder, XIBs

Architectural Patterns: MVVM, MVC

Design Patterns: Singleton, Closures, Delegation

Project Tools: Jira, Git, GitHub

Project Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Test-Driven Development

Frameworks: Cocoa

Testing & Profiling: Instruments, Unit testing, XCTest

Misc. Libraries: CoreLocation, MapKit, LocalAuthentication


Sr. iOS Engineer

Confidential, Seattle, WA

  • Utilized custom implementations of UICollectionViewCells to provide an eye-catching look for the UICollectionViews contained within the app
  • Worked in a largely Swift codebase, with a small amount of legacy Objective-C code remaining
  • Maintained custom UITableViews with reusable UITableViewCells to provide consistency throughout the app
  • Utilized network layer and custom model objects to implement consumption of RESTful APIs to accommodate the new improvements for payments, sending gifts, and managing payment options
  • Persisted credentials utilizing Keychain Services, and in app preferences with UserDefaults to provide a more pleseant in-app experience
  • Designed unit tests for key areas and logic of app utilizing XCTest to ensure correct functionality
  • Led developers through the Scrum process in 2-week sprints, consisting of planning meetings, daily standup meetings, story grooming meetings, and retrospective meetings
  • Used a modified Gitflow branching strategy for optimal code versioning control to aid in the collaboration of multiple developers
  • Mentored developers through one-on-one meetings, pair programming, code reviews, and career guidance
  • UI was implemented through storyboards, Xibs, and programmatically, depending on the requirements for the particular feature or view
  • UITabBarController, and UINavigationController used to facilitate easy navigation throughout the app
  • Core Location and MapKit used to provide ability to locate and get directions to nearby locations
  • Collaborated with stakeholders and teams to aid in understanding of capacity of development, and necessary details for the implementation of upcoming features, or features remaining in the pipeline

Sr. iOS Developer

Confidential, McLean, VA

  • Aided in implementation of universal link support
  • Implemented functionality to clear the cache from the settings view to aid users in freeing up disk space without the need to uninstall the app
  • Led developers in development of navigation redesign, including reusable components to display top stories, most popular, sections, and settings
  • Customized UI to enable iPhone users to also do the crossword puzzle with the utilization of Size Classes and Auto Layout
  • Maintained custom reusable UI components to provide a consistent look and feel throughout the app using Xibs and subclasses
  • Core Data used to enable local storage and persistence in order to provide content when users are offline or have poor data connections
  • New functionality and features coded in Swift, with bridging headers to interact with legacy code
  • Bitbucket and git used for version control and collaboration between developers
  • Implemented ability to search for articles using UISearchController with a search results controller to provide quick searches and results
  • Constant improvement to app such as smoother scrolling and quick bug fixes
  • Worked with product team to understand requirements for features in the pipeline and to provide the most accurate estimations of complexity and time through following the software development lifecycle process

iOS Engineer

Confidential, Plano, TX

  • Implemented additional network functionality to consume new endpoints on proprietary RESTful API to enable Facebook sharing to connections
  • Mentored other developers in best coding practices, bug solving, understanding code base, and improving their coding and research processes
  • Utilized LocalAuthentication internal APIs to add functionality in the app to allow sign in using TouchID
  • Enhanced UIView subclasses to in corporate new designs from UI/UX designer
  • Fine-tuned purchase process to provide a smoother flow and higher quality experience to end users
  • Fixed bugs, maintained legacy Objective-C code base, improved flow of app through offloading some code execution to the background thread using NSOperations and Grand Central Dispatch
  • Worked in Agile environment utilizing Scrum with daily standups and other standard meetings and processes
  • Consumed user location information to provide nearby theatres using Core Location
  • Utilized JSONSerialization and extensions to build custom initializers and parse JSON into custom data models
  • Customized several icons, colors and fonts in various sections of the application
  • Participated in peer reviews of code and developed unit tests for each feature written
  • Part of cross functional team including back end, web, Android, and iOS developers, as well as QA, UI designer, and product owner
  • Git used to provide version control to code base

iOS Developer

Confidential, Seattle, WA

  • Brought on shortly after initial launch of app to handle initial bugs and accelerate feature development
  • Used entire Software Development Lifecycle to implement new features and functionality including planning, designing, building, testing, deployment and maintenance
  • Improved UI functionality through the use of Auto Layout and Size Classes to allow the app to be published with the ability to run on iPad devices in addition to iPhone
  • Implemented functionality to re-order resumes
  • Instrumental in the creation of functionality to add cloud services such as Google Drive, Evernote, and Box for the online storage of completed resumes
  • Migrated initial MVC architecture to MVVM to aid in testability and separation of responsibility between classes
  • Offloaded computationally heavy tasks such as rendering completed resumes to the global thread with a noticeable improvement in the fluidness of UI
  • Entire app built in Swift 1, instrumental in migrating codebase from Swift 1 to 2
  • Implemented features to utilize 3d touch such as peek & pop and quick actions
  • Worked with small team of designer, one other iOS developer, and a back-end developer who worked remotely
  • Worked in an agile environment with other developers in sprints that were usually 2 weeks in length

Jr. iOS Developer

Confidential, San Jose, CA

  • Worked in Objective-C code base to fix bugs, add features and functionality, and maintain code
  • Implemented new network calls using NSURLSession to consume RESTful API endpoints and add help section functionality
  • Utilized Core data to store historical conversations offline
  • Harnessed the power of the recently released XCTest to implement unit tests throughout the app, focusing on testing the core functionality and business logic
  • Tied into new API endpoints to implement group messaging functionality
  • UISplitViewController used for a better experience when in landscape mode, or on an iPad
  • Customized UI elements both programmatically as well as utilizing Interface Builder
  • Github used for code repository as well as gitflow and git to provide code versioning

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