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Sr. Architect Resume

West Chester, PA


  • Java/JEE Sr. Technical Architect with 18 years of progressive experience in Software Product/Project design, development, support and delivery in Banking, Financial, Online retail industry.
  • Expert in Java/JEE and most of java open source technologies.
  • Expert in Lambda expressions, Java Streams, RxJava, Method References etc
  • Expert in NoSQL document - oriented engagement database Couchbase
  • Expert in RDBMS like Oracle, SQLServer, MySql
  • Expert in Spring Technologies (Boot, Cloud, Admin, Core, Data, Security, MVC, Batch)
  • Expert in NetFlix OSS like Service Discovery Eureka, Hystrix, API Gateway Zuul
  • Expertise on JPA using Hibernate, MyBatis, Spring Data
  • Expert Rest Services JAX-WS, Spring WebServices, Apache CXF Rest services
  • Experienced with SafeNet Keysecure Management, PGP encryption/decryption
  • Experienced with Apache Active MQ, IBM MQ, Tibco.
  • Experienced with AWS Amazon cloud services, EC2
  • Experienced with Service Bus, Jboss Fuse, Apache Camel, Felix, Karaf, CXF.
  • Experienced with Document Management tools like Alfresco, Appian
  • Expertise in BPM engines like Activiti and jBpm
  • Expertise with Gigaspaces XAP, In-Memory Data Grid technologies.
  • Experience UI frameworks like Struts, JSF, Java script, AJAX, JSON, HTML, XML,XSD
  • Expert in SVN, GIT,BitBucket, for version control and Jenkins build tools.
  • Expertise on Tomcat, Jboss, Jetty, Weblogic, Webshpehre, OC4J
  • Experienced with Sonar, Fortify, JConsole, VisualVM, JProfiler, Dynatrace


  • Proven ability to direct successful product development programs. Consistent history of reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.
  • Ability to lead, motivate and co-ordinate with cross functional stake holders for successful delivery of software products to multiple clients
  • Build credibility, establish rapport, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels.
  • Coach, mentor and lead personnel within a technical/development team environment.
  • Manage the development of new product(s) and maintenance of existing product(s) through strong Agile Scrum methodology.


Confidential, West Chester, PA

Sr. Architect


  • Hands on Technical Architect/Lead, Designed and developed Confidential enterprise software.
  • Designed strategy for multiple Couchbase clusters using XDCR
  • Implemented Circuit Breaker Pattern using Hystrix/Feign for latency and fault tolerence
  • Designed/Created customer Spring boot parent modules to handle common functionalities
  • Designed and Implemented library for couchbase repository using java couchbase sdk client
  • Designed and Implemented Couchbase cluster failover mechanism from primary to backup and vice versa
  • Integrated Atomikos Transaction manager for managing multiple transactional resources using Spring framework
  • Used BitBucket for version control and Pull Requests (PR) for code reviews
  • Used Apache mesos as Orchestration layer on docker containers deployed on multiple clusters
  • Used Jenkins for automated build process to deploy Dockerized Microservices on nodes
  • Implemented CI/CD CT Pipeline using Jenkins
  • Successfully managing team comprising offshore and onshore leads

Confidential, McLean, VA

Platform: Amazon Cloud AWS Services, Jboss Fuse, Apache Camel, Felix, Karaf, CXF Gigaspaces 9.x, JAX-WS, Alfresco 4.0.5, PGP encryption/decryption, Apache Active MQ, Struts 1.2, Hibernate 3.x, JPA, Spring, AJAX, Java 5.0, JEE 1.5, JBOSS 5.1.0, Eclipse 3.1, Oracle 11g, MySql 5.0

Sr. Technical Architect


  • Hands on Technical Architect, designed and developed software product which uses latest Java open source technologies for solving complex problems of Banking and financial industry related to Credit Risk Modeling and Accounting.
  • Lead on PNC implementation of Evolv product, Instrumental in Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design and estimation.
  • Managing the relationship with client services, develop an understanding of their business needs and priorities, create complete set of product work log, prioritize it into various sprints according to the severity level, use case need and direct or indirect affect on product revenue.
  • Identifying opportunities for client funded development, Design and Estimation of the same.
  • Feasibility study and risk identification of new requirements.
  • Laying down the process of delivering application from development team to client services teams, organizing session(s) on operational capabilities of application, making sure client services understands expected behavior, bottlenecks, scalability, performance, input data validity and known open issues.
  • Provide advice and assistance to teams on technical difficulties that arise in the course of doing their work. Identifying issues to teams that they might overlook, such as scalability, performance or security. Providing mentorship, career development advice, skills development and training, and overall guidance to team members.
  • Maintaining high level of trust, motivation and team work within the team, Instrumental in retaining resources and keeping high moral of team.
  • Working with other Delivery, Network and Client Services Managers, for smooth and trouble free production runtime of applications.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Platform: Hibernate 3.x, JPA, Spring 2.0, JSF 1.2, Rich faces, AJAX, Java 5.0, JEE 1.5, OC4J, MyEclipse 6.1, Oracle 10g.

Technical Manager


  • Created application framework using JSF 1.2, Rich Faces, Ajax, JPA, Hibernate 3.x, Spring 2.0
  • Extensively used JPA Annotations.
  • Used session-per-request-with-detached-objects implementation pattern for hibernate session.
  • Designed and verified Transaction management strategy in spring using Spring Annotation for all modules of IOTA.
  • Designed and Implemented IOTA Notifications using Java 5.0 threading.
  • Designed and Implemented Role based Authorization in IOTA, using XML(DOM)
  • Designed JTA data sources for full JEE container and partial JEE container, Implemented scripts to use different data sources depending up on JEE containers.
  • Code review, performance optimization under OC4J, Code refactoring
  • Conducted design critic sessions for IOTA central design framework.
  • Designed framework for Child Item, Manage Plan, Plan Collection, Item Collection, Manage Schedule, Send Notification use cases.
  • Developed various scripts for the deployments and created deployment strategy on OC4J.
  • Worked as testing co-ordination for IOTA, used Rational Clear Quest for tracking bugs for various iterations.
  • Worked on Rational Clear Case as source control.
  • Used MyEclipse6.5 for the development of the web application.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Platform: Axis1.4, Struts 1.2, JSP2.0, Servlet, Java 5.0, Spring 2.0, J2EE 1.5, JDBC 2.0, XSLT, XML(DOM), IBM Websphere 6.1, Eclipse 3.1, Oracle 9i

Team Lead


  • Did complete set up for integration and production environments for webservices.
  • Successfully designed Architecture of REDS-Webservices for REST and SOAP Services
  • Strong experience of working with Business Team of RailEurope.
  • Designed framework for two levels Axis webservices security.
  • Implemented SOAP and Rest Services.
  • Used Java 5.0 Coding Standard while implementing various providers.
  • Used Threading for Building Packages.
  • Implemented Design patterns like Singleton, Factory, Session Façade, Servlet Filter
  • Implemented Generic XML Filter using XML DOM Parser
  • Implemented Secure Socket Layer for XML and SOAP Services.
  • Used XSLT for dynamic generation of Html, XSD, Java classes, from single xml file as source.
  • Implemented Panic Mailer Utility for Exceptions.
  • Successfully designed Architecture of REDS-Website for PTP control using Struts 1.2
  • Used Java 5.0 Coding Standard while implementing various providers.
  • Implemented various core Business classes which was prime need of PTP control.
  • Used XML DOM Parsers for parsing input XML request using Generic XML Filter.
  • Used caching for optimal use of chunk of data such as schedule and product price information.
  • Implementation of Soap Monitor.

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

Platform: Java, J2EE (Servlets 2.1, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0), HTML, DHTML, XML(DOM & SAX), JDBC 2.0, CSS, JavaScript, Weblogic 6.0, HP UX 11i, Windows XP, Informix Database server 7.31 UC6AX7

Sr. Java Developer


  • Followed RUP process for requirements gathering, design, development and deployment of the project.
  • Done requirement gathering and involved in the team for design architecture of IEA.
  • Identified Use Cases in the application for the Address Book Module.
  • Designed GUI Sequence diagrams as part of High Level Design
  • Implemented own proprietary web application framework for DHL based on struts1.1 framework.
  • Followed MVC architecture in application using proprietary DHL framework.
  • Designed class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Magic Draw1.0 during the design phase.
  • Used single State full Session Beans to implement business logic of Navigator pattern, Shipment Log, Invoice Templates and Address Book.
  • Implemented Documentation framework for global Shipment Receipt, Airway bill, Invoice and SED by using Inheritance and polymorphism of oops concepts,
  • Used Eclipse2.1 for the development of the web application.
  • Implemented multilingual web application using i18n tab library.
  • Implemented classes using CSS and DHTML for the all jsp pages in the web application to give uniform user interface.
  • Conducted performances and code reviews using AQUA 3.0

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