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Lead Java Developer Resume


  • Over 13 years of professional experience in s mainly in Investment Banking in areas such as trade booking and capturing, OTC Front to Back workflow, OTC trade clearing workflows, Fixed income business rules implementation, SOA solutions developments.
  • Dominant experience in Fixed income Domain and Rates and Treasury products
  • Certified as proficient in Fixed Income & Investment Banking, Financial Technology Centre, Tata Consultancy Services, 2010
  • Cleared Brain bench tests in C++ programming, Design Patterns, Object oriented analysis and Design in Tata Consultancy Services, 2010
  • Certificate in Enterprise Web Application Development using XML and VS.Net, NIIT, 2005
  • Predominant experience in developing Internet/Intranet applications, Client Server (multi - tier architecture) Applications using Java, JDBC, JMS, JSP, batch scripts, Servlets, EJB, Core Java, XML, XSLT, XML Parsers, J2SE, Multithreading, WebServices, XML APIs, C++, Hibernate and Spring - Core, MVC, Integration. Specialized in Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Strong Understanding of Core Java and J2EE Design Patterns. Knowledge of investment banking trade capturing workflows.
  • Worked on development of Markitwire, Summit and in house trade capturing SOA platform in Core Java for trade processings of various XML formats (SWML, FpML, etc) using multithreading and SAX/DOM XML parsing.
  • 2+ years of experience working with deployment tools like Nolio, SCM tool like GIT, PAAS architecture.
  • Fluent with Oracle, SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Experience in cutting edge J2EE development tools including Eclipse, My Eclipse, IntelljIDEA, and Visual Studio 2013.
  • Expertise in Analysis and Design of the Software System using UML Methodologies. Proficient in Software Configuration Management using Rational Clear case, Perforce, CVS, Subversion, Microsoft VSS and GIT.


Languages: Java, C/C++, .Net, SQL

Distributed Technologies: RxJava, Dropwizard, RMI, EJB, Spring, WebServices

Internet Applications: REST (openapi 3.0), SOAP

Framework: MVC, Hibernate, Spring - Core, MVC, Integration

GUI: Native

Web/Application Servers: Websphere, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Web logic.

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, CSS, Perl, JRuby.

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, DHTML


UML Tools: Rational Rose

Database Apps: DB2, SQL,ORACLE

OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000+.

Methodologies: SDLC, OOPS, UML, Design Patterns, RUP, Agile

Messaging Services: JMS

Version Control Tools: Perforce, Clearcase, GIT

Tools: TeamCity, JBuilder, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, XMLSpy.

Open Source Tools and Frameworks: Spring, JUnit, Maven, Ant, Log4J.



Lead Java Developer

  • Writing several new micro services components using Dropwizard in a global architecture supporting both UK and US market strategic business flows
  • Providing key technical insights and design decisions and developed key global modular microservices
  • Key contributions on user stories design decision scrum calls spanning system architecture and business vs development methodology

Skills: Core Java 8, Dropwizard, Eclipse vertx.io (RxJava), Swagger (OpenAPI 3.0), Hystrix, Maven, MongoDB, Open source tools


Tech Lead Java Developer

  • Provided trade capturing techno-functional expertise in developing and implementing the trading platform for various Treasury desk’s business requirements
  • Developed the current trading system SOA platform by implementing various solutions spanning Restful APIs for exposing j2ee service endpoints, extending the SOAP endpoints (axis/xfire) and integrating with a Spring integration based EAI architecture
  • Employed TDD approach to implement unit tests and integration test suites for End-to-End Testing of the application components assuring code coverage and automation
  • Planned and deployed a source code management strategy from perforce to GIT in addition to analyzed the sonar cube metrics for server side java code and lead the code coverage metrics analysis and refactoring tasks to improve the metrics
  • Set up an on-demand test environment on a PAAS (a private cloud infrastructure) and ensured that the facilities, test tools and scripts are in place to successful perform the required testing effort
  • Created comprehensive documents and wikis for each delivery for the stakeholders thus ensuring a knowledge base for the current and future team
  • Ensured stakeholder’s issues are promptly addressed and documented; provide resolution in a professional manner and passing them to correct channels
  • Responsible for managing in-house strategic trade capturing and workflow trading platform that processes IRD trades from other Front Offices, ECNs real time. Developed solutions using Core Java, Spring (MVC, Integration) for various BAU requirements and new developments
  • Solution Enhancements: Developed the application to on-board complete trade capturing process for Loan, Deposits and Annuities on to the strategic trading platform. Building the system to on board a completely new legal entity on the current trading (Markitwire to in-house) platform
  • Regular Business Change requests: Incorporated changes and enhancements based on business demands by following agile methodology
  • Management and Execution: Incorporated Agile & TDD methodology to make quick and timely deliveries Managed Testing meetings with Testers
  • Source Code management and Refactoring: Handled source code merging, migration, management, Build management using Maven, Perforce
  • Involved in designing sequence diagram, class diagrams.

Skills: Core Java 6+, J2EE - Spring framework - majorly Core, MVC, Integration, JBoss Drools, JAXP, JAXB, JAX-WS, Multi-threading implementation/Concurrency APIs, Restful/SOAP Web services using Spring MVC/Axis/XFire/CXF, Spring Integration, Maven, Git, Perforce and Team City, HTML, WSDL, JavaScript, DOM, XmlBeans for converting Java objects to XML and vice versa, Eclipse, Oracle10g, Hibernate, SOA, Log4j, Visio, XML, Windows Server, Multithreading


Lead Developer

  • Provided guidance on the projects and its requirements to the stakeholders over the technology, processes and applications while updating them on the regular project related developments
  • Worked closely with Quality Assurance team, Business Analysts, and User Representatives and participated in the product design process including specification and other document reviews
  • Ensured issue/problem resolution is communicated in a timely and effective manner between Developers and Lead QA Analyst
  • Set and fine-tuned an excellent operational base which is backed by a very high stakeholders satisfaction, focused on productivity and operational efficiency translating into cost savings
  • Performed the role of senior developer and managed the in-house C++ Straight Through Processing solution that Markitwire trades (SWMLs) into Summit system real time for different regions
  • Solution Enhancements: Developed the application to process new trade types - Basis + XCcy Basis Swaps, XCcy IRS, ZC Inflation Swaps, Amortizing/Accreting SWAP
  • Regular Business Change requests: Incorporated changes and enhancements based on aggressive time-bound business demands
  • Testing Management and Execution: Manage Unit Testing & Regression Testing artefacts using tools like Boost UTF & Ruby
  • Source Code management and Refactoring: Source code migration, management, Build management and Testing Management on IBM’s RTC Jazz.
  • Skills: C++, VC++, MS Visual Studio environment + Debugging features, Apache C++ XML Parsing Service (Xerces), XPath Processing, Apache Log4J Logging Service, MQ Series, Design Patterns - Strategy, Chain-of-Responsibility, Model-View-Controller, Summit API - Valuelist API, Standard initialization and DB interface API, PL SQL (Oracle), Windows scripting, RTC Jazz, Ant, JRuby, XSLTProc, BMC’s Control M
  • Managed in-house Java (Spring framework) program that extracts trade details using Markitwire API and a C++ program to extract Summit trade details using Summit API
  • Java Programming: Developed several BAU enhancements to extract SWML (Wrappers around FPML) version 3.1 and version 4.2 for product types like SWAP (various flavors), SWAPTION, FRA and IRG using Markitwire API
  • C++ Source code refactoring: Re-factored summit C++ source code using “Strategy” design pattern to replace
  • Legacy If/else code with modular, encapsulated code structure.
  • Introduce usage of std::auto ptr for efficient memory management.
  • Scalability and maintainability of the source code for on boarding new international sites.
  • Sybase to Oracle DB Migration: Migrated DB from Sybase to Oracle
  • Reconciliation Environment Refactoring: Single-handedly managed replacing a Unix-based cron job execution of global reconciliation adapter by a Windows based BMC’s Control M setup
  • Solution Enhancements: Lead the application development to in corporate new trade types. For example: Basis + XCcy Basis Swaps, XCcy IRS, ZC Inflation Swaps, Amorizing/Accretising SWAP
  • Regular Business Change requests: In corporate changes and enhancements based on business demands
  • Skills: Spring Framework, Apache Log4J, Version Management, Doxygen’s Documentation generation, XSLT, open source java encryption API “jasypt” ( http://www.jasypt.org/), Java sFTP API “jsch” ( http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/), Markitwire SWML format, Markitwire Dealsink API, UNIX Shell scripting, Windows batch scripting, Summit API, Floatlet processing, Events API, STL, T-SQL (Sybase)
  • Played a significant role as IT Developer and Consultant to European and Asia-Pacific Sales and Funding desk to process SWAPS, MM trades into Summit
  • Microsoft Excel Programing (VBA): Developed “Stubs processing feature” for SWAPS product
  • Summit Orbix Services Management: Manage Summit orbix (IONA) services to install, troubleshoot and manage Summit Gateway Servers - Distribution Server, Loader Server services, File Adapter gateway services
  • Automation: Configure the use of Ruby based framework to implement Regression Testing framework in current project
  • Summit API: Thorough understanding of Value list API, Summit API and STL functions to efficiently extract trade details from Summit Trade list structure
  • BAU Enhancements: Optimize code design to support different spreadsheet interface
  • Skills: VBA, Summit File Adapter gateway API, Value list API, Financial Transaction function, Summit Loader Server API and services, SMF, Ruby, Summit Environment Configuration
  • Developed C++ program to perform twostep process: Generate a Summit report to backload trades into Markitwire and then, use another exe to update Markitwire trades into Summit
  • Acted as a Technical adviser for project environment, development specifics and leader to manage resource allocation
  • FED Target Metrics project measured the usage of an ECN for IRD trading to be > 90% of Bank’s trade volume daily
  • Managed project to on board the project on a new SCM, perform successful SIT, UAT with stakeholders - business and operations team


TCS Technical Leader

  • Successfully spearheaded and managed the operations of 22 professional TCS associates as Onsite team leader at Confidential, Frankfurt to stabilize the Summit engagement program
  • Efficiently managed entire day-to-day activities covering wide functional areas including designing & developing the workflow program, debugging and troubleshooting
  • Responsible for interface for FX, MM trades flowing into Summit as well as progressed from being Summit developer in the TCS - Confidential Summit engagement program to a Technical Leader and onsite coordinator
  • Developed a working model based on enterprise application integration solution - Open adaptor ( https://www.openadaptor.org/) for a major summit-calypso interface development
  • Maintained high coding standards and practices while ensuring high code coverage also exercising quality control on all aspects of software development
  • Initiated and provided many Summit performance analysis and optimized implementations while managed the operations of Business process reengineering, FO traders support and streamlining FO business processes
  • Resourcefully initiated, planned, executed, tracked/monitored, controlled and ensured completion of the project as scheduled and effectively implementing operational processes for increased efficiency
  • Interacted with stake holders, traders, architects resolving issues, coordination with end users and overall responsible for successful execution of UAT and overall project activities with senior project managers

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