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Sr. Application Engineer Resume

Brea, CA


  • Over 15 years of development experience in web - based systems with a strong background in Java, J2EE & related technologies.
  • Extensive usage of databases, performance and monitoring tools.
  • Good analytical and mathematical ability.
  • Excellent trouble-shooting capabilities, problem-solving abilities & communication skills.


Languages: Java, J2EE, C, HTML, JavaScript, OO Methodologies.

Tools: Weblogic, JBoss, WSAD 4.0, Struts 1.1, Tiles, JSTL, JBuilder, Eclipse, Rational Tools, Splunk, Tealeaf, Nagios, Alertsite.

Performance Tools: Mercury Tools (Load Runner, Performance Center, etc.), JProbe family, JMeter, IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT), Rational Robot.

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Access, FileMaker.

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000, UNIX, AS400.



Sr. Application Engineer

Environment: /Tools: Java, Loadrunner, Splunk, AD, Eclipse, AWS

  • Implemented Splunk across Compliance Solutions Division
  • Evangelized for Splunk, set up logging standards, enforced them across various teams
  • Onboarded various applications - 20 applications across 4 env (400GB indexed/day)
  • Created Splunk visulaizations, reports & alerts. Triaged alerts, determined performance problems, audit issues, and worked with R&D teams to resolve them
  • Managed Splunk issues as and when they arose
  • Helped migrate applications to AWS. Setup full tier monitoring (metal/container/app) leveraging existing Splunk apps.


Sr. SQA Engineer/Sr. Prin. Site ReLIability Engineer

Environment: /Tools: Java, Loadrunner, Splunk, Tealeaf, Oracle, Alertsite, Webmetrics, Pingdom, Nagios, Wily, VictorOps, PagerDuty, JIRA, AWS, Azure, Rundeck, Puppet.

  • Setup and maintained Splunk complexes across various Data Centers (Azure, AWS). Established capacity needs, licensing volumes, retention policies & storage requirements. Setup Search heads and indexers. Automated forwarder installation.
  • Created Splunk data inputs, alerts, dashboards & reports. Facilitated Splunk adoption company-wide, holding trainings & workshops for alerting, dashboard creation, etc.
  • Established best practices for logging.
  • Consolidated Licenses for splunk across the company - saving millions in licensing.
  • Administered and monitored various splunk installation
  • Established performance metrics for various OLP applications.
  • Coordinated execution of performance tests using Loadrunner. Analyzed test results.
  • Detected hotspots with thread dumps & memory leaks using HAT. Helped implement solutions.
  • Determined performance problems in production and performed RCA.
  • Developed various monitoring systems to enable high availability - Splunk, Webmetrics, Alertsite, Tealeaf, Nagios, New Relic. Set up alerting with PagerDuty, SIREN, VictorOps.
  • Implemented Tealeaf systems for application monitoring and UX.
  • Developed Webmetrics and Alertsite monitoring platforms to ensure 24x7 global availability.
  • Led team to migrate tools from on-prem to cloud - setup Splunk complex and Synthetic monitoring solutions, migrated many TB of data, etc.
  • Led the US On-Call team, triaging performance issues, leading troubleshooting calls, engaging IT teams within and outside the company, driving issues to resolution and beyond.
  • Onboarded multiple applications for monitoring - helping SRE over 50 applications in Norton.


Senior Software PERFORMANCE Engineer

Environment: /Tools: Java, Oracle, Loadrunner, JProbe

  • Established performance profile of the Instrument Management System.
  • Determined system scalability, endurance and capacity. Improved performance to meet SLAs.
  • Identified and fixed performance hotspots. Identified and fixed memory leaks.


Senior Software Engineer

Environment: /Tools: J2EE, JBoss, DB2, Rational Tools, MyEclipse

  • Improved performance of internal applications. Analyzed existing algorithms and tuned them.
  • Performance tested internal applications to ensure they met benchmarks.
  • Modified Database code to improve performance.
  • Prototyped applications, selected technologies & made recommendations for architecture
  • Developed UML artifacts for coding teams


Senior Performance Engineer

Environment: /Tools: J2EE, Weblogic, Oracle, Rational Tools, WLW, Robot, Loadrunner, RPT.

  • Performance tested Part Recovery System (PRS) - used to improve the workflow in parts return.
  • Developed & implemented performance test plans to ensure optimal application performance.
  • Created & maintained load scripts in Robot & Loadrunner; executed the test plans
  • Identified problematic transactions & worked with dev team to improve response times
  • Fixed client side AJAX code that was degrading user experience
  • Developed documentation for best practices for performance testing


Senior Performance Engineer

Environment: /Tools: Java, Websphere, Mercury Loadrunner, RPT, Robot

  • Performance tested internal Confidential applications to ensure they met benchmarks.
  • Developed load test scripts for Mercury Loadrunner and executed the tests.

Confidential, Brea CA

Senior PERFORMANCE Engineer

Environment: /Tools: Java, Swing, Tangosol, Weblogic, Sybase, Eclipse, Mercury Tools (Performance Center, Loadrunner), QUEST Tools (JProbe Profiler & Memory Debugger), JMeter, Cobertura.

  • Analyzed Load testing tools such as Loadrunner, JMeter, etc.. Established licensing needs.
  • Monitored and resolved issues in production (vendor connectivity issues, 3rd party tools, compliance engines, etc.) using system logs, thread dumps, monitoring tools, DB tuning, etc.
  • Profiled applications (w/ JProbe) to identify performance bottlenecks, resource leaks, excessive resource usage. Determined memory leaks & hotspots; Recommended fixes.
  • Refactored code (client side, middle tier & DB) to eliminate bottlenecks. Worked with dev teams to implement fixes and enhancements. Analyzed and resolved concurrency issues
  • Worked with Tangosol engineers to resolve memory leak issues.
  • Worked with business to determine common business scenarios volumes.
  • Developed a process to determine code coverage

Confidential, OC CA


Environment: /Tools: Java, JSP, Struts, Weblogic, Oracle, Eclipse, SONIC, Mercury Tools (Load Runner, etc.), QUEST Tools (JProbe family, Performasure).

  • Performance tested parts of ASAP loan origination system.
  • Developed performance review of application architecture/design & reqs to prepare load tests.
  • Designed and built test harnesses to load test applications. Constructed test data.
  • Analyzed test results, thread dumps etc. to identify potential issues.
  • Performed code reviews to investigate any resource leaks.
  • Profiled applications using JProbe & Performasure to identify performance bottlenecks, leaks, high resource usage. Refactored code (middle tier & DB) to eliminate performance hotspots.
  • Worked with BEA engineers to resolve issues with Weblogic Server.
  • Worked with dev teams to implement performance fixes/enhancements.
  • Published documents detailing load test plans, analysis and software architecture reviews.
  • Performance tested Loan Genius. Refactored code - ColdFusion layer to eliminate hotspots.
  • Determined memory leaks & made recommendations to implement fixes.
  • Evaluated various ESB providers. Worked with provider’s team to fix performance defects.
  • Determined scaling factors, fault-tolerance & failover capabilities, stability, message loss, leaks.
  • Performance tested parts of the Corporate Appraisal Engine.

Confidential, Irvine CA

Software Consultant

Environment: /Tools: Java, JSP, Struts, Weblogic, Oracle, TOAD, Eclipse.

  • Developed an internal J2EE/Weblogic application for the HR division to manage & track payouts to all Confidential associates. Interfaced with business to develop requirements.
  • Tuned database layer to resolve performance hotspots.
  • Interfaced w/ ETL team for proper data feed.

Confidential, Orange CA

Software Consultant

Environment: /Tools: Java, JSP, Struts 1.1, Tiles, JSTL, Javascript, Apache, Eclipse, MySQL.

  • Developed Ticket Trader, a web-based product used by ticket brokers to buy and sell tickets.

Confidential, Brea CA

Environment: /Tools: Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, Custom Tags), Struts 1.1, XML/XSL, Javascript, DB2, SQL Server, Websphere 4.0, JBuilder 7.

  • Designed, developed and maintained First Reports, a web-based product for submitting claims & used by over 50,000 agents and capable of handling over 4000 concurrent users.
  • Developed front end & middleware to handle persistence layer, business logic and data transfer. Developed client-side validation routines using JavaScript.
  • Designed & developed tools to generate PDF documents using FOP/XSLT.
  • Monitored Endorsement System. Queried DB for performance, loads, memory usage, etc. Created ASP pages to show real-time performance. Generated system performance reports.

Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Software Consultant

Environment: /Tools: Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), DB2, SQL, Websphere 4, WSAD 4, Rational Tools.

  • Developed and maintained an agent dashboard system for Confidential .
  • Developed Use Cases, TDS and Sequence diagrams. Implemented these specifications.
  • Coordinated testing efforts between QA & dev team. Created test plans & tracked defects.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Creative Solutions Engineer

Environment: /Tools: Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), Javascript.

  • Designed, developed and maintained interactive Television applications for cable providers.
  • Developed games, polling and billing applications for set-top boxes/remotes. These were developed in JavaScript and specialized versions of Java (for set-top boxes).

Confidential, Phoenix, Az

Software Consultant

Environment: /Tools: Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), Javascript, SQL, Oracle 8, Websphere, Crystal Reports

  • Maintained MPP, a tool to automate procurement of components.
  • Performed development in Java Servlets, JSP, Perl and JDBC. Used Oracle 8i and Crystal Reports for presentation. Employed WebSphere as the Server.
  • Resolved performance issues by fine-tuning stored procedures and enhancing batch processes.

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Software Consultant

Environment: /Tools: Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), Javascript, Oracle 8, iPlanet 6, DreamWeaver.

  • Developed J2EE applications, creating an online community for trading intellectual property.
  • Employed J2EE technologies - Used Servlets, JSP, XML for middleware and front-end development, Oracle 8i and JS for validation. Created a prototype for the offshore dev team using DreamWeaver, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Enhanced prior releases, resolved browser compatibility challenges and low level design issues.
  • Performed documentation (for offshore dev & knowledge transfer from prior development).

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