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React Developer Resume

Mountain View, CA


  • 10 years of Software development experience involving object oriented analysis & design, development of Web and mobile Applications.
  • Experience in developing user interfaces using Web 2.0 client - side technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS .
  • Experience in applying design patterns and object oriented JavaScript concepts.
  • Experience in creating shared and reusable components using React and Angular .
  • Implemented single page applications with responsive web design for optimal viewing across multiple devices.
  • Applied security checkpoints and techniques at development for solving security vulnerabilities such as Cross-site scripting ( XSS ), XSRF and SQL injection.
  • Knowledge of Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ) for building better web applications.
  • Written test cases for testing functionality, interface, performance and security.
  • Experience in using CSS pre-processing frameworks such as Sass and Less .
  • Used HTML5 APIs such as EventSource, Web workers, Web Storage, Indexed DB, Shadow DOM, and Drag-and-drop.


Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, SQL, Shell

Servers: AppEngine, WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere, Tomcat

Frameworks: React, Angular, jQuery, D3

RDBMS/DB: MongoDB, Oracle, DB2, MySql

IDE/Tools: Grunt, Git, Gulp, NPM, Visual Studio Code


Confidential, Mountain View, CA

React developer


  • Developed web and mobile FDP widgets for PSD consent, Add connection and Refresh Connection using react and react-native libraries.
  • Used react-redux and redux libraries for maintaining application state.
  • Written unit test cases using jest and react-testing-library.
  • Responsible for monthly production support and worked on production defects.

Environment: React, React-Native, Redux, Watchman, Xcode, react-native-cli, jest, react-testing-library, Node.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed react components such as currency, hyperlink & type-ahead-formfield.
  • Implemented conditional editor react component. Created approval graph flow using D3 javascript library. Modularized CSS and JS code with Sass and browserify.
  • Managed form designer ’ s metadata state using redux state container.
  • Used Jest and puppeteer for unit testing and end to end test cases.

Environment: React, Redux, Jest, Bootstrap, D3, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Saas, Git, Grunt, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, Puppeteer.

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Senior Web Developer


  • Developed cable pair view using Angular , D3, closure javascript frameworks.
  • Used D3 framework for creating scalable vector graphics (SVG) and animations.
  • Developed angularJS services and directives such as apiproxy and autocomplete.
  • Implemented bulk upload view of Lantern application. Written python services.
  • Written test cases for unit and e2e testing using Karma, Jasmine and protractor.
  • Worked with UX designers to create Adwords application's prototypes for user testing. Used Confidential maps api for location targeting.

Environment: JavaScript, Angular2, AngularJS, Material, Polymer, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, Closure, CSS3, JSON, Confidential Analytics, AppEngine, Git, Grunt.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Software Consultant


  • Clients have included: Symantec, Yahoo and Kaiser Permanente.
  • Development in all aspects of the system, from UI to back-end services.
  • Designed and built SOAP WebServices implemented in Java using Apache Axis. Hand Written WSDLs and created WebService consumers.
  • Extensively used Java Messaging Service ( JMS ) and Java Transaction API (JTA).
  • Developed publishers page using jqGrid, jQuery core, jQuery plugins.

Environment: JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, Flex, ActionScript, HTML, CSS3, Java, J2EE, JMS, Python, Spring, Hibernate, SQL, Oracle, REST, JSON.

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