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Senior Enterprise Architect Resume


  • Mr. Selvappan is a TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect with 25 years of IT experience involving Enterprise Architecture, Digital Transformation, Technology modernization, Cloud migration, Development and implementation of large application software solutions using Information Engineering for both commercial and government sector clients. Mr. Selvappan has involved and led various transformation, modernization and migration projects for federal clients including Confidential, USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Services and Department of Veteran Affairs. Following are some of the highlights of his capabilities, skill set and experience.
  • Extensive working knowledge of EA concepts, methodologies and modeling techniques.
  • Ability to Design EA Solution Blueprint for various projects/initiative by leveraging architectural best practices, standards in formulating End to End Architecture, Business and Technical Architecture (Current & immediate and Target Architecture), Capabilities, Requirements & Opportunities.
  • In - depth understanding of Enterprise & Business Architecture framework, standards, processes and procedures.
  • Developed Projects and Enterprise-wide Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Models and business rules.
  • Developed Technical Reference Models and Technical reference architecture and patterns for Forest Service
  • Worked with end-user Communities, facilitating and developing business process and data models using a variety of modeling techniques such as IDEF, E/R, and UML modeling techniques.
  • Architected highly available, cost effective and fault tolerant systems using multiple EC2 instances, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balance and AMIs and Glacier for QA and UAT environments.
  • Worked with the application owners to architect their solutions using Docker containers
  • Provided highly durable and available data by creating and managing policies for S3 data store, versioning, life cycle policies.
  • Experience in standing up Forest Service legacy server-based environments and cloud computing environment.
  • Migrated hundreds of applications in Forest Service from legacy to Virtual Data Center (VDC)
  • Architected and involved in the implementation of DevOps architecture for Forest Service OCIO and integrated various DevOps tools including TeamForge, Jenkins and Artifactory
  • Has significant experience in custom application development using both Waterfall and Agile methodology.
  • Over the years worked and excelled in all phases of SDLC
  • Has extensive experience in working directly with application developers and customers to analyze and define their requirement needs and produce quality solutions on time.
  • Led a team of developers to develop an EA tool that is compatible with FEA and TOGAF frameworks.
  • As a certified Oracle developer, designed and developer number of mission critical Oracle based client server and web-based applications in a record time.
  • Managed and administered the metadata exchange between different warehouse tools and case tools in within the agency.
  • Working as a Senior Enterprise Architect delivering EA solutions to Confidential and FSIS and leading a team of developers to develop an EA tool that is compatible with FEA and TOGAF frameworks.


Process and Data Modeling Techniques: IDEF, UML, ER, xBML, BPMN

Modelling Tools: MS Visio, ERWin, MagicDraw

EA Frameworks: Zachman Framework, FEA, TOGAF 9

Enterprise Architecture Tools: System Architect, Adaptive, MEGA HOPEX, Exposure to Troux

Metadata Management: Adaptive Metadata Manager

Cloud: USDA NITC VDC, AWS and Azure

DevOps Tools: TeamForge, GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Maven, Artifactory, Puppet, Docker

RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase

Programming Languages: Java, PL/SQL, J2EE, Javascript, Visual Basic, Power Builder

Web/App Server: Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic, JBOSS, Apache

IDE s: Eclipse, JDeveloper

Web Front End language: HTML, CSS, XSLT

BI/Reporting Tools: Oracle Reports, Crystal Report, Jasper Report, iReport, Tableau

Case Tools: Oracle Designer

Collaboration/Repository Tools/Portals: Share point, Team site

Others: XML, Oracle Forms, Subversion


Senior Enterprise Architect


  • Researched, Reviewed, analyzed, evaluated ideas, projects and opportunities to develop new products, new technologies and business models for the business segments
  • Defined Business Architecture Mission, Vision and Goals
  • Provided overall direction, guidance and definition of business architecture to effectively support business strategy. Applied and utilized various business modeling methods to ensure results-oriented deliverables in a way that can be recreated and used as a corporate knowledge resource available to project level initiatives and executive decision making.
  • Identified and documented capability and initiative/investment needs and strategic prioritization into business architecture deliverables such as roadmaps etc.,
  • Ensured solutions developed across organization are aligned to enterprise architecture standards and principles, leveraged common solutions and services, and meet financial targets.
  • Facilitated analysis sessions for the development of executable enterprise architectures using TOGAF, and FEAF methodologies.
  • Designed Enterprise Architecture - Big Picture with TOGAF Methodology.
  • Defined Business Architecture Deliverables
  • Align IT and Business Needs by creating Solution Blue print and Implementation Road map
  • Created and published Enterprise Architecture Modelling guide
  • Created plan to capture the baseline architecture for Forest Service
  • Collected and analyzed EA descriptions for various systems and processes and store them in MEGA EA repository and produced the reports out of EA repository.
  • Modified the existing investment review process with the EA methodology based on TOGAF’s ADM
  • Modelled business and systems processes based on findings through use case scenarios, workflow diagrams, and data models.
  • Captured Forest Service CIO’s IT landscape using Technical Reference Model (TRM)
  • Built and configured a development in the AWS cloud to support Enterprise Architecture Repository including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Public and Private Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Provided guidance and direction to the overall business and technical strategy and roadmap to enable a business model sustainable growth by aligning cost-effective and reusable solutions while advancing the usage of new emerging trends and technical capabilities.
  • Confidential CIO office is setting up their infrastructure in NITC cloud and migrate all their applications to cloud. As a core team member of the Data Center Transformation project to stand up cloud data center and migrate all applications, my role includes the following
  • Conduct technical reviews of applications to assess the quality of their integration solution
  • Provide the application portfolio rationalization for two of their major portfolios and helped them to consolidate various applications and infrastructure
  • Provide solution architecture support for Confidential Continuous integration and deployment infrastructure that includes a source code management system such as GIT repository (TeamForge, GITHub), a continuous integration tool such as Jenkins and the deployment tool such as Puppet hosted in a federal cloud environment. It also involves architecting proxy servers, containers such as Docker and enterprise authentication and authorization systems
  • Explore and architect the new authentication and authorization mechanisms using industry standards and best practices such as Oauth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
  • Provide architecture support for applications that were migrating to AWS Gov Cloud that involved heterogenous systems
  • Worked on setting up Development and Test environments in Azure Cloud
  • Development and refinement of system architectural concepts and integrated architectural models
  • Create catalog of services and other integration solutions and interfaces
  • Drive rationalization of integration solutions; minimize point-to-point interfaces, replacing them with services architecture
  • Responsible for designing solution/application architecture that strategically aligns with goals and objectives of the agency
  • Understand and review functional/ nonfunctional requirements and design a technical solution
  • Document enterprise technology architectures and environments in order to maintain a current and accurate view of the enterprise application landscape
  • Research on technology frameworks and products
  • Strategize what the best practices are in relation to application security, integration and content management
  • Act as liaison to the client and its vendors to select the products or services that best meet the agency goals and requirements
  • Worked with the stakeholders to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for applications that were migrated to agency’s cloud data center
  • Select and implement the appropriate tools, software, applications, and systems to support technology goals


Senior Enterprise Architect

  • The Office of Unified Communications (OUC) provides critical public safety services to residents and visitors of the nation’s capital. OUC provides centralized, District-wide coordination and management of public safety voice radio technology and other public safety wireless communication systems and resources. As an organization that is tasked with handling all 1.8 million 911 calls that occur in the District of Columbia each year, OUC carries tremendous responsibility. To execute its functionalities successfully, it communicates with various agencies ranging from DC police to DHS to DoD to Capitol Hill etc.
  • Their Architecture involves heterogeneous systems such as CAD, BizTalk, SharePoint, Avaya PBX, Motorola Radio systems, Genesis, Sensor Probe etc., hosted on various platforms, such as MS windows, linux etc.
  • As an Enterprise Architect, my role is to capture their “As Is” networks and systems along with their partner agencies, identify gaps between the current and target systems and propose technical solutions by working with various stakeholders.


Principle Enterprise Architect

  • Managing and providing Enterprise Architecture solutions for the organization through FINRA’s new EA program office.
  • Directly managing a team of three and responsible for the deliverables.
  • Identified IT cost savings by creating a model that can identify the services that can be provided as a shared service across all business units.


EA repository Consultant

  • Forest Service under new contract was trying to set up the Enterprise Architecture repository as a part of new program. It was set up successfully even after few attempts. Since, I had been on board, the repository was up and running. I provided consulting support to not only to repository and also the EA program. It is a continuation of the work that was done in the past for the same client as described below.


EA repository Architect

  • Veterans Affairs acquired Adaptive repository to support their existing EA program. During E-AIM’s contract with Veteran’s Affairs my responsibility was to provide consulting services for VA’s EA repository in order to customize it to accommodate VA’s SAIF framework. Successfully managed a team and executed all the tasks before the contract period ended.
  • The tasks included setting up an EA repository using Adaptive EA repository tool and integrated with Agency’s Share point portal and their Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) that was hosted using Team Site. We interfaced the repository to IBM system architect to retrieve EA artifacts. Our responsibility is to host and maintain One VA EA intranet site in Share point portal.


Senior Enterprise Architect

  • Created the following lower level models described by FEAF: the Business Reference Model (BRM), Technical Reference Model (TRM), Service Reference Model (SRM), Performance Reference Model (PRM), and Data Reference Model (DRM). Captured all of them in IBM System Architect initially, then later into Adaptive EA repository.
  • Developed process models, creating flow charts and all necessary documentation. Worked with stakeholders to obtain input of diverse views, and work across traditional functional boundaries to identify and understand common purposes and goals for delivering business value.
  • Elicited the cooperation and support from key process owners. Establishing on-going communication to share with process owners, stakeholders and senior management, issues and improvement recommendations throughout the life of the project.
  • Defined the set of strategic, core and support processes that transcend functional and organizational boundaries
  • Identified and described external entities such as customers, suppliers, and external systems that interact with the business; and described which people, resources and controls are involved in the processes.
  • Lead a peer project team member of 4 in determining process improvement opportunities. Providing consultation to re-engineer and strengthen business processes.
  • Analyzed and re-engineered the existing process flow for processing Directives is Office of Regulatory Management Services.
  • Helped USDA develop a Proposed Segment Architecture in accordance with the Federal Segment Architecture Model (FASM), which helped USDA define a structure for its core mission area, business service area, and enterprise services area.
  • Performed Gap Analysis to identify which of the functional requirements of proposed software applications were supported by a COTS or GOTS product, and which were not.
  • Created and imported ERwin, Visio, IDEF0, IDEF1X, UML, and BPMN artifacts into System Architect Version 11.2; also imported diagrams created thru reverse engineering Oracle and SQL Server scripts.
  • Developed the Information Architecture (data model), showing critical data and information exchanges across each of the different business processes.
  • Key participant in major IT transformation initiatives such as Web Information Delivery, eResearch, Mobile computing and eForms.
  • Involved in designing various Bricks and patterns and implemented in the EA tool set.
  • Designed and executed various data calls in the forms of surveys using the EA tool in such a way the data collected would build the building blocks of the EA repository.
  • Lead a team of 4 in developing EA repository tool based on J2EE framework.
  • Captured FS meta data and produced data lineage using Adaptive Meta Data Manger.
  • Technical Planning: Identified program objectives and technical development strategy; developed and provided support for System Engineering Management Plans, program work breakdown structures, product breakdown structures, Integrated Master Plans, and Schedules.
  • Process Definition: defined enterprise processes and best practices, and tailored enterprise processes for program/project management.
  • Configuration Management: developed and implemented CM Plan; established and updated baselines for requirements products, established and implemented change control processes.
  • Created training modules and provided training for users.
  • Architected and set up the Development and Test environments for EA repository in AWS commercial cloud.
  • Drafted the Business Case and System Requirement Specification for the Enterprise Interface Gateway using the Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) process for Portfolio Management, and XML to share information between Oracle and SQL Server database systems.

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