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Mule Architect Resume


  • More than fourteen years in the Design and development of J2EE based system specializing in insurance application, banking and product distribution with international exposure.
  • Strong knowledge in application of the Design Patterns (GoF) in Java Programming and C++.
  • Experienced university mathematics and engineering lecturer with solid understanding of application of software development to various engineering application. Familiar with the Big O Notation.
  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of Model View Controller and its application to different java framework like Struts, spring, and Oracle ADF 10g, 11g and 12c.
  • Highly skilled in developing table driven programming which serves as the foundation of configurable underwriting and rating component of all clients of American International Underwriters globally.
  • Hands on programming using new Java Technology like JSF and AJAX - style Oracle ADF Faces, Apache My Faces, Tomahawk, Apache Trinidad
  • Highly skilled in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
  • Knowledgeable of various fields J2EE which includes Servlets, JSP, EJB and JDBC.
  • Knowledgeable of analytics tool like R, RHadoop and Python
  • Installed RHadoop cluster in Amazon Web Service (AWS).
  • Proficient in documentation of Business Requirement Documents and Technical Specification Design with the aid of UML tools like Eclipse Plugins and JDeveloper built-in diagram tool.
  • Proficient in mathematical analysis like Numerical calculation like Newton Raphson, Bisection Method and Matrix operations.



Mule Architect


  • Initiated integration governance using the principle of Center for Enablement.
  • Designed and developed Mule 4.1 Templates and Frameworks for API-led connectivity development.
  • Developed the standard coding guidelines of Mule 4.0 that will be followed globally.
  • Developed the RAML, API Fragments and Libraries that serves as the standard canonical model of experience API deployed in cloudhub and both system and process API’s that will be deployed on prem.
  • Provide security framework of API Management with client secret and client id
  • Designed naming convention for Dedicated Load Balancer url against the cloudhuburl.
  • To optimize the licensing, design group the API according to function.
  • Created domain projects shared by different mule apps.


Hands-on Mule Architect


  • Developed Mule 3.8/4.1 Templates that adheres to C4E.
  • Developed the standard coding guidelines of Mule that will be followed globally.
  • Developed the RAML, API Fragments and Libraries that serves as the standard canonical model of experience API deployed in cloudhub and both system and process API’s that will be deployed on prem.
  • Designed the API policies for throttling, SLA and Open Enrollment.
  • Designed the enterprise architecture of BBG loader using Mulesoft three-tiered architecture
  • Provide security framework of API Management like OAUTH 2.0 and policies.
  • Provide Angular based UI solution that interacts with Mule based API.
  • Refactored existing customer façade layer from SOA into microservice
  • Created domain projects shared by different mule apps.
  • Facilitates scrum meeting with stake holders and developers for the next sprint


Solution Architect/Developer


  • Designed the API and API management of Confidential ’s engagement application.
  • Developed microservices for engagement application using Spring Boot and Mule ESB
  • Designed the system API of Mulesoft that interacts with Customer Data Layer
  • Integrated Mule and Salesforce to develop Confidential Customer API
  • Developed API for uploading large binary files to Salesforce
  • Developed ADF Application of engagement application.
  • Conducted discovery works about the existing state of the Confidential ’s client engagement report application, developed the data flow diagram, mapping and profiling of client data.
  • Conducted deep dive of Oracle EBS Trading Community Architecture(TCA) and evaluate the business value how can it be leveraged to clean the master customer data using the data quality management and party merge.
  • Triangulated the master client data with the external data sources like Factiva and Inside View to develop the taxonomy, industry, functional classification and family tree of the company. Developed the python program to leverage the factiva and Inside View REST web services.
  • Developed both microservices andloader component of the client engagement application using Spring and Mule.
  • Developed the RAML for customer retrieval API.
  • Use the SOA Gateway interface to integrate the EBS Oracle Projects REST API with the UI.
  • Using Kafka Producer and Consumer in implementing reactive microservices inside the Mule.


Angular 2/BPM/Java Senior Developer


  • Developed the Login Page using the CLIENT-FORM authorization to connect with the Confidential Identity Asserter in Site Minder
  • Developed pages in Angular 2.
  • Developed contract based web services to comply with the xsd standard of Confidential
  • Implemented the business components based on the entity relationship and UI use cases.
  • Implemented workflow using Oracle BPM/SOA Suite.
  • Implemented single page application using AngularJS.
  • Implemented the XML Schema (XSD) and WSDL from the scratch or top down design in creating the web service for Oracle BPM.
  • Uses SOAP UI in web service unit testing.
  • Implemented graphs and charts using R and Shiny for developing visualization before implementing to ADF chart.
  • Developed contract based web services to comply with the xsd standard of Confidential .
  • Developed ADF UI to connect with the BPEL Human Workflow.
  • Developed complex UI like navigation template for HR hierarchy.
  • Implemented single page application using AngularJS.
  • Used the service proxy and Workflow API to build customized ADF UI.
  • Since this is agile environment, alongside with the tasks like coding and testing, updating the technical design document must be a developer’s job
  • Developed multiple taskflows to componentize the reusable components.
  • Developed view links for updateable view objects.

Confidential, Pennington, NJ

Senior ADF/Webcenter Java/J2EE Architect


  • Provides solution for Confidential HR to migrate the OBIEE graphs, charts and pivot tables for reporting purpose.
  • Developed the generic printing of pivot table and chart to be exported to pdf and excel.
  • Developed mapping capability of ADF for reporting purpose
  • Developed the css for pivot, charts and other ADF Faces components.
  • Developed RIDC API for admin tool UI to update the UCM files
  • Integrated the Oracle Coherence in the View Object to cache the static data.
  • Developed admin UI tool for management of UCM files
  • Developed Human workflow ADF Screens.
  • Implemented ADF based css
  • Implemented graphs and charts using R and Shiny for developing visualization before implementing to ADF chart.
  • Installed Hadoop in clustered environment.
  • Developed forums using out of the box functionality
  • Developed Events Webcenter module and integrate with webcenter portal using jersey REST client.
  • Integrated the ADF application in webcenter by merging the ADF applications task-flow to Oracle Webcenter 11g in default-navigation model.

Environment: Java, JDK 6.0, ADF Faces, ADF Business Component, Oracle ADF 11g, Oracle Web center 11g, WSDL, Oracle Database 11g, Informatica, BPM, Web logic, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Web Services, XML, DTD, ADF AJAX, JSF, JSP, Oracle Webcenter, Jersey API, RIDC, UCM

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Senior ADF/BPM/Java/BPEL/SOA Developer


  • Provides solution for CSC client CMS to integrate various transactions using Oracle stacks like BPM, BPEL, Web center and Oracle ADF.
  • Developed the Total Score Calculation of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services as part of the calculation of measures of all medical facilities in the US.
  • Developed front end using ADF UI, task flows and page definition file.
  • Developed data control for web services as a communication bridge between the ADF and Oracle BPEL
  • Developed the contextual events for inter port let communication.
  • Used JPA in creating Java calculation.
  • Used the Oracle Web center to embed the score calculation JSF to task flows.
  • Developed design time task flow and integrated with Oracle Webcenter Portal

Environment: Java, JDK 6.0, Oracle SOA Suite 10g, ADF Faces, ADF Business Component, Oracle ADF 11g, Oracle Web center 11g, WSDL, Oracle Database 11g, Informatica, Apache MyFaces, Web logic, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Web Services, XML, DTD, ADF AJAX, JSF, JSP, Oracle Webcenter

Confidential, Denver, CO

Senior ADF Developer


  • Designed and Developed task flows used for navigation of user interface.
  • Implements collective intelligence for phone and address ranking algorithms using Bayes Theorem.
  • Developed a model to estimate the probability of moving a particular account to bankruptcy
  • Developed BPEL process on management of debts like accounting, bankrupt and deceased debtors and credit reports and tradelines.
  • Developed classes using J2SE concurrency API
  • Developed and steward integration test suite to monitor the number of failed and successful BPEL processes before production deployment.
  • Designed and Developed ADF Visualization graphs used in analytics.
  • Implemented service invocation via Spring Web Services
  • Developed Business component for the retrieval of data to be displayed in the screen.
  • Used Oracle 11g as main development platform (boxer version)
  • Developed ADF Business Component (ADFBC) for search screens.
  • Used Oracle Rules Engine.
  • Used JBoss BPMN for Post Date Batch
  • Used Jenkins for driving Selenium unit test
  • Developed Custom ADF Component for collect America specific popup.
  • Used Agile Methodology or SCRUMS for software engineering process.
  • Used Oracle BPM 11g to automate business decisions by using decision rules before invoking Accounting BPEL.
  • Developed reports using Jasper and Reports Developer
  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans for Accounting Web Services which is invoked from SOA framework.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Flex Framework for ADF.
  • Developed automated ADF Faces test suite using selenium.
  • Used Oracle Web logic as Application Server.

Environment: Java, JDK 6.0, Oracle SOA Suite 10g, ADF Faces, ADF Business Component, Oracle ADF 11g, WSDL, Python, Oracle Database 11g, Informatica, Web logic, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Selenium Test Suite, Web Services, XML, DTD, ADF AJAX, JSF, JSP

Confidential, Green Bay, WI

Senior J2EE/ADF Developer


  • Design and develop pricing region services using Oracle ADF, JSF and Oracle Spatial.
  • Exposed pricing region as java web services.
  • Used ESRI ArcGIS to aggregate pricing region into shape file format.
  • Used Oracle Map builder to generate the map of the aggregated pricing region
  • Used Oracle Spatial java API to convert shape file format to oracle spatial.
  • Used Restful Web Services to develop pricing region
  • Used BPEL in the integration layer to connect different java web services.
  • Use Junit and JunitEE as a testing tool.
  • Use ANSI C++ to develop pricing engine calculation and expose as web service.
  • Derives cubic polynomial equation to derive the closest point between a point and quadratic curve for market differential analysis.
  • Created ESB and BPEL in an integration layer to interact with the java pricing component.

Environment: Java, JDK 5.0, Oracle SOA Suite, JSF 1.1, ADF Faces, ADF Business Component, Oracle 10g, Oracle Map builder, Oracle Spatial, ESRI Map viewer, Web Services, WSDL, JUnit, JUnitEE, Quartz, Apache Log4J, Subversion, BPEL, ESB, SOAP UI

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior J2EE/JSF Developer


  • Interact with the client from US government agency FINCEN in developing financial module for bank compliance to US law on terrorist transactions, debit card fraud, credit card fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, and money laundering
  • Develop java based monitoring tool using open source tool Jamon, to monitor the performance statistics of each web application deployed in 8 application servers located in different JP Morgan branches.
  • Developed java based reporting application using open source tool, IText, for PDF report generation.
  • Document all development procedure including mapping of table to screen fields, coding standards and process, risk analysis and mitigation, and deployment process.
  • Developed middle tier application like scheduler and email using spring framework.
  • Developed component for retrieval of performance statistics using Spring Messaging and Active MQ as Message Broker
  • Troubleshoots bugs and production issues according based on the issues raised by clients.
  • Applies different design patterns to develop enterprise system
  • Configured Apache Trinidad to work with Facelet and My Faces Core and Tomahawk.
  • Developed Spring RMI mode of communication to access the performance statistics of the server.
  • Used Easy Mock for Unit Testing
  • Used Spring Webflow
  • Applied Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) to some pointcuts.
  • Used Spring HTTP Invoker to access the object in the remote server.
  • Used Quartz and spring to develop scheduler for batch processing.
  • Used Hibernate as a backend tool to retrieve the data from the database.
  • Used Subversion and Subclipse plugins for versioning control.
  • Used Dojo in Apache Sandbox to create Partial Page Rendering
  • Configured Tomcat for Secured Socket Layer (Https)

Environment: Java, JDK, Tomcat, JSF 1.1, Hibernate 3.1.3, Spring 1.2, Oracle 10g, Eclipse 3.1, My Faces 1.1.4, Tomahawk 1.1.3, Facelets, Acegi, IText, Spring, Jamon, Quartz, Apache Log4J, Subversion, Subclipse, Sysdeo Tomcat plugins, Spring RMI, Spring Http Invoker, Eclipse 3.1


Senior Software Developer/Team Leader


  • Prepared Business Requirement Documents and Technical Specification Design compliance to CMMI
  • Leading the team of developers in developing portal and system administration
  • Developed parameterized Reporting System using Oracle Reports utilizing SOAP.
  • Developed flex field component of NIS functioning like Oracle financials to enable users to have a configurable parameter
  • Designed and Developed Arabic Internationalization of JSF pages using Unicode.
  • Responsible for the design and development of different logging appenders like SMS and JDBC Appenders using log4J.
  • Developed object-based stored procedure to be used for generic population of combo boxes with the values coming from the tables configured in the maintenance screens.
  • Developed JSF and ADF utility classes for displaying values for comboboxes, shuttle, radio button, checkbox, select Many List Box and selectOneListBox.
  • Developed rich client user interface and AJAX-style JSF for Partial Page Rendering.
  • Developed various Servlets for rendering PDF, excel and rtf files and initialization of scheduler.
  • Designed and Developed Document Downloads from file server.
  • Designed and Developed configurable menu using ADF faces tree component.
  • Used ADF Business Components in the development of Service Layer like View Objects and Entity Objects.
  • Used ADF Business Components in dynamic data-driven JSF Parameter Form. (Steve Muech concept of metadata programming). This is used in configuring the form field as text field, dropdown or radio button.
  • Used the View Link for enabling the View Link Accessor between two views.
  • Development of drop down list with different choices per row by using EL expression and by implementing list Of Values properties in the backing bean.
  • Used ADF BC for validation such as email address, numerical values and character lengths.
  • Development of administration module by harnessing ADF BC in creating configurable field whether you can use text field, drop-down or radio button.
  • Used ADF BC in creating tables and forms
  • Designed and Developed table driven news, announcements and external links.
  • Designed and Developed selection of network printers.

Environment: Java, JSF, ADF Faces, Servlets, OC4J, Oracle 10g Database, Oracle Jdeveloper 10g, Oracle Workflow 10g, Oracle Reports 10g, Quartz Scheduling Framework, SMS Lib for Java, Struts


Senior Software Engineer/Lead Developer


  • Designed and developed web-based user interface to perform different banking transactions such foreign exchange, accounts payable, accounts receivables, fund transfer, account maintenance, reloading mobile phones and payment of bills.
  • Apply concept of dependency injection or Inversion of Control in the development of classes.
  • Used Maven to monitor conformity coding standards of each member.
  • Created JSP and Servlets to develop components according to MVC framework
  • Collaborate with the other team members who is handling legacy system in COBOL to develop interfaces
  • Developed different types of EJB’s for business logic.
  • Used spring framework in the development of new component.
  • Developed Tag Handlers for generation of Custom Tags of Midas Plus JSP
  • Used JSTL for presentation tier.
  • Used JavaScript for client-side validation
  • Created data dictionary to make RPG data object available in the framework.
  • Used RMI to access Midas Plus Framework from a Java thick client

Environment: WSAD 5.1, Midas Framework, Spring, IBM DB2, XML, JAXP, SOAP, JAXB, JSTL, EJB, Java Proxy Class, Windows XP

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