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C++ Developer Resume

Tampa, FL


  • 7+ years of extensive experience in C, C++ on UNIX and Linux platforms.
  • Experience using in Python, Shell, Bash, Pearl scripting, Kernel debugging and QT - QNX.
  • Experience in developing C++ services using web services architecture, SOAP, WSDL and XML.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in Oracle 10g/11g database programming using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, functions, triggers and other elements.
  • Knowledge on SQL server BI tools SSIS, SSRS and software design, code optimization, networking TCP/IP, operating systems.
  • Strong Knowledge of COM/ATL, VC++ (MFC/WIN32), C#, WPF, WCF, SQL Server.
  • Good exposure to each of the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), developing projects from stage of concept to full implementation.
  • Experience in using automated tools like Java, Cucumber test framework for Client/Server, Web and database applications.
  • Extensive experience in Design, Development and Testing of Embedded Software.
  • Well versed with Agile, Scrum and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Strong ability and skills in design, coding, debugging, problem-solving, integration and maintenance.
  • Used Jira, bugzilla and other project management tools.
  • Good knowledge on GSM/WI-FI/LTE/UMTS/RADIUS/SIP/RTP protocols.
  • Experience in designing and developing webpages using HTML and CSS and working with MVC architecture.
  • Extensive Experience in Multi-Tier Application Development and Knowledge with Design Patterns.
  • Passionate about Object Oriented Analysis and Design with rich experience in OO based languages like C++, Java, VC++ and scripting languages like Python.
  • Good working experience with GIT/Github and SVN.
  • Experience in Applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP and XML.
  • Developed REST Services in Django Python Framework and have developed many unit test cases in Python.
  • Developing peripheral drivers for ARM Cortex M0 based STM32F0 microcontroller.
  • Good knowledge in Embedded development using QT interface & QNX development area.
  • Experience in Cloud Integration process for configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud.
  • Proficient in Test Driven methodology to design, develop & test software modules.
  • Proficient in using static analysis tools and caught many severe bugs before production release.
  • Experience in designing and developing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML 4, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JSON, JQuery mobile and Android.
  • Experience of OO design and end-to-end software development. Experience working on Data Structures and implementing mathematical models.
  • Handled late night production issues. Dispatched hot fixes.
  • Ability to be creative and take self-initiatives and execute/ manage multiple projects in parallel during time critical situations.


Programming Languages & Scripts: C, C++, C++11, Python, Javscript, Java

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, RHEL, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Windows7/10.

Version Control: GIT/github, SVN, CVS


Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQLite and MongoDB

Libraries & Frameworks: STL, BDE, IPC, multithreading, sockets, heap allocators, signals/event handling, SOAP webservices, Software Design OOP/OOD, Design Patterns, Google Test, Google Mock, Quick FIX

Build: Makefile, CMake, bazel, Jenkins, cppCheck, Coverity.

Tools: emacs, eclipse, UML tools, MS-Office, IPMI 2.0 splunk, Jira, OpenGrok

Simulation Tools: Verifix, Labview, Cadence, Pspice, Hspice, Synopsys, Xilinx, dSPACE HIL


Confidential, Tampa, FL

C++ Developer


  • Modifying existing build systems and building RPM packages for the new release candidates using CMake.
  • Created C# console applications to manipulate data.
  • Developed Application that would allow transfer of log files from Linux computer to Linux server using C++ multithreading environment.
  • Experience using Agile/Scrum/Waterfall software development methodologies on customer collaboration.
  • Responsible on providing infrastructure to launch and deploy latest release candidates.
  • Refactored existing code by introducing inheritance based design.
  • Improved the code efficiency by optimizing the code and caching frequently used data.
  • Managed SQL Server databases using C# with entity frameworks.
  • Developed Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers using SQL, My SQL.
  • Writing stored procedures in SQL Server and integrated into the application to access the data from databases and store the data into database. Writing SQL queries to import and export the values to database.
  • Analyzing, designing and implementing change requests for the C/C++.
  • Created some stored procedures, wrote the SQL queries for Sybase database and Written Shell scripts
  • Used Data Access Object (DAO) classes within MFC to access the Database.
  • Migrated from SVN for source control to git, local github.
  • Design Lead for re-design and implementation of GUI interface from MFC based application running on Windows to a QT based application running on Linux
  • Implemented logics to install/update/upgrade software packages in Reprogramming Application Manager using QT interface.
  • Programming and Changing UI screens using C++/QT Used multi-threading and thread synchronization extensively.
  • Strategize with the outside sales team to architect solutions utilizing the QT framework.
  • Utilized STL and C++ algorithms to achieve optimal design efficiency.
  • Developed new reports using Python to identify the sales margin overrides. .
  • Implemented code in Python to retrieve and manipulate data.
  • Developed native UI using JavaScript with event handlers and fetching data using SOAP interfaces.
  • Involved in production support and providing hot fixes to the production issues.

Environment: C++, Python, SOAP, SQL, XML/JSON, SQL, My SQL, Shell scripting, MFC, JavaScript, Design Patterns, STL, multi-threading, Linux.

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

C++ Developer


  • Excelled in guiding the work of technical teams. Articulated project goals and scope, translated business needs into technical terms, prepared detailed work breakdown structures (WBS) and instilled shared.
  • Initiated a comprehensive issue tracking process that improved communication and issue resolution for cross - functional teams and senior management.
  • Shared the ideas to meet the future market demands for the existing and new products. And, created the open platform discussions within the organizations for ideas sharing and brainstorming.
  • Reviewed codes in Shell Script, Pearl, Python, AWK, C++, PL/SQL & T-SQL; created subprograms, procedures and functions, DB triggers, cursors and optimization techniques for T-SQL.
  • Led the migration of historical data to client; fine-tuned SQL & database, generated reports for management, etc.
  • Developed applications to support multiple hardware configurations.
  • Hardware debugging using Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer.
  • Tested and validated demo applications.
  • Developed Bluetooth Audio demo applications for PIC 32 micro-controllers using Bluetooth profiles like A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, HFP, PBA.
  • Design and develop solutions using C, C++, Multi-Threaded, Shell Scripting.
  • Using PVCS Version Manager as code repository and PVCS Tracker as Defect management system. Using Oracle SQL Developer for Database Activities.
  • Developed and executed Perl, Python shell scripting programs
  • Peer reviews of the Design and Source Code (C, C++, and Shell Scripts).
  • Develop and Execute the Module Test Cases on Unit and Integration Testing environments.
  • Support System Testing, Acceptance (UAT) Testing and Production changes. Debugging and Troubleshooting production issues.
  • Responsible for Development/Enhancement, bug fixing as well as Production Support.
  • Involved in writing PL/SQL part depends upon user requirements.
  • Analyzing, designing and implementing change requests for the C/C++.
  • Analyzing the Dependencies of Web Sphere Systems on Mq-Series Qmgrs.
  • Responsible for Administration of Q mgrs in MQ-Series.
  • Involved in writing optimization techniques for more accuracy of Macros in C/C++, C and C++ routines and Oracle SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Designed and coded C# executable to read and interpret System event log of machines complying with the standards of IPMI.
  • Defined audio-video processing profiles for multi-channel audio processing. Computed required processing power.
  • Development of new features and fixing bugs related to Media whose main functionality is Transport layer, responsible for Video (H264) and Audio (AAC, G722, G711) Routing, RTP/RTCP packet processing and TIP/MUX protocol processing.
  • Done the performance analysis on the video streaming over RTP and proposed the implementation changes for Stutter free video and latency improvements.
  • Contributed in the development of the middleware and audio-video interface software on this project.
  • Developed communication protocols such as TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, HTTP for Financial Applications
  • Experience with various Android UI components such as List Views, Spinners, Text View, Buttons, Checkboxes, Dialogs and Action bar.
  • Experience working with Material Design for android.
  • Wrote Shell/Perl/Awk scripts for Production Systems. Used Oracle and Sybase as the backend databases.
  • Monitoring - Ensure that the application meets or exceeds the Key Metrics that have been established.
  • Patching - Prioritize and ensure quality development of patches that are deployed to the production environment.
  • Application Release - Coordinate application releases with cross functional teams to ensure all the related
  • Render excellent Tier II level support for Apple Mac hardware systems, including Mac OS X; encompasses taking on escalated support issues from Tier I support, developing solutions with the Engineering Group for the efficiency of support, and overseeing the inventory and application release within the ADP organization as a whole
  • Provided support for internal business process and responsible for communicating detailed technical information and providing technical assistance to customers, systems, and management and external sources.
  • Provided on Call Support for Critical Production Problems.
  • Coordinating with End Users with version releases.
  • Experience in Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Jenkins, PTC Integrity, SVN
  • Involved in customer query resolution and maintenance of the messaging products like MQ series.
  • Responsible for project lifecycle documentation and day to day status reports.
  • Maintaining Quality measures as per the agreement policy.

Environment: C, C++, Solaris, Perl, Shell scripting, Python, various Android UI Sybase-TSQL, Oracle, Sun Studio 7 (Forte -Cross Environment), Audio/video streaming, NDIS driver, MQ series, NIOS, UNIX, Linux, COM/ATL, SQL-Loader, Toad, C++, MAC.

Confidential, NYC, NY

C++ Developer


  • Worked in a team to develop/enhance software to compute income projections, various yields using cash flows for all type of fixed income securities like Treasuries/MUNIs/Corps based off of various characteristics of securities in a portfolio for client accounts.
  • Modified C++ programs to support compliance rule automation for a large number of compliance rules for client accounts for both pre and post trade compliance purposes and manage leverage using a large number of metrics like industry exposure, security type, long/short positions, currency / securities / options / futures, credit ratings etc.
  • Experience in SQL, PL/SQL and strong knowledge on RDBMS concepts.
  • Specified, prototyped, developed and tested an object-oriented, multiplatform C++ framework containing support to: data structures, common algorithms sockets, threading.
  • Modified multi-threaded C++ programs to process position / taxlot / transaction data stored in Oracle DB, compute income projections and yields and persist data into DB for current and historical s.
  • Used STL containers, algorithms, various data structures and design patterns in software design like Singleton for db connections & Observer pattern for processing events.
  • Used Test driven approach for developing the application and Implemented the unit tests using Python Unit test framework.
  • Wrote Oracle stored procedures to compute several metrics like realized/unrealized gain/loss, forex rate effect etc. from historical data taking into account forex rate effect
  • Used Python scripts for maintenance tasks
  • Migrated from SVN for source control to git, local github.
  • Generated various reports ranging from Custom to regulatory reports using Python. Delivered using FTP/email to vendors, regulatory agencies. Used gpg to encrypt the files.

Environment: C, C++, Fortran, Design Patterns, Oracle, Python, bash, ksh, Linux, Threads, socket programming, complex SQL queries, stored procedures, SVN, git, github, OOAD, BOOST libraries, gdb, Coverity, Jenkins, FIX protocol, Redis, Rabbit MQ.


Software Developer


  • Distributed application developer for enterprise security master application (SMDB) which provided indicative, pricing and corporate actions data to internal and external customers such as JP Morgan, ING and others.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained a multithreaded server that received and processed acknowledgement messages from downstream applications regarding event data pushes using C++, STL, multithreading, shell scripting and UNIX.
  • Participated in the development of a multithreaded publish/subscribe process which consisted of several subscription and push servers using C++, STL, multithreading, shell scripting and UNIX.
  • Implemented additional rules and logic to provide indicative and corporate actions data to new subscribers by extracting all the required information from data base, generating and pushing messages using C++ and Rogue Wave.
  • Implemented a SOAP webservice client program which was used extensively to process and stored in the data base corporate actions data from various vendor feeds using C++ and Rogue Wave.
  • Designed and developed a multithreaded process that generated breaks on income events and notified the users when underlying indicative data changed using C++, STL and multithreading.
  • Modified existing multithreaded server infrastructure to push additional indicative information to downstream subscribers. Implemented additional validation logic for a rule engine server that checked for logical inconsistencies in indicative data and reported them in a user workflow using C++, STL and multithreading.
  • Developed and tested a client that handled the parsing of the municipal bonds feed file and created business objects which were streamed to various servers for data analysis using C++ and STL.
  • Created an automated generic archiving utility written in raw DB2 CLI which was used to archive rows from different tables depending on the flag.

Environment: C, C++, STL, MFC, Unix, AIX, COM/ATL, Linux, g++, gcc, Python, pdb, Shell Scripting, IBM DB2, Oracle, SVN, event handlers, Observer Pattern, multithreading, thread pools, IPC, gpg encryption, gdb, dbx.

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