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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Lincoln, RI


  • Around 7+ years of IT experience in various phases of software development life cycle with Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Production Support and Maintenance for web and distributed applications.
  • Core Information Technology (IT) experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of Java, J2EE applications.
  • Experience on Objective Oriented Programming like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation.
  • Expertise in application development using J2SE/J2EE components which include Collections, Generics, Exception Handling, Multi - Threading, JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, EJB and JMS.
  • Extensive experience in design, development and implementation of Model-View-Controller frameworks using Struts and Spring MVC.
  • Experience in designing and developing Micro-Services based applications to run on cloud platform.
  • Acquaintance with ORM tools such as Hibernate, JPA and MyBatis.
  • Experience in developing web applications by using HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, AJAX, JSP, JSTL, ReactJS, Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • Extensive working experience in Unit testing experience with Junit and Karma Integration Tool.
  • Extensively worked on cross browser compatibility and Responsive Web Design on different browsers like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Experience with architectures such as Redux to manage state of the application while working with frameworks such as React JS.
  • Experienced in working with various data parsing forms to automatically display data on the system such as XML, XSLT, XSD, Xpath, SAX, DOM, JAXB, DTD.
  • Strong Experience in implementing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) using XML based Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) and REST Web Services.
  • Significant experience in web development tools like Eclipse, NetBeans, IBM RAD, STS and deploying them in application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBOSS and Web Server like Apache Tomcat.
  • Proficient in using RDBMS concepts and have experience in working with multiple relational databases such as Oracle 8i/9i/10g, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and NoSQL database like MongoDB.
  • Experience in database related work primarily creating complex stored procedures, Views, Triggers, and Functions, using PL/SQL.
  • Hands on experience in MongoDB with cloud.
  • Experience in working with various project life cycle models like Waterfall model, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile methodologies.
  • Experience in unit testing the applications using Standalone and JUnit Framework and developed logging and standard mechanism based on Log4j.
  • Extensive experience in working as NoSql/ Hadoop developer exposing capabilities via APIs for Realtime needs.
  • Extensive experience in implementation of version control tools like CVS, SVN and Git.
  • Have good experience in building and integrating software applications using Ant, Maven and Jenkins tools.
  • Good technical, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Committed team member with strong analytical and problem-solving skills and can quickly adapt to new environments & technologies and able to work reliably under pressure.


Languages: Java, C, C++, J2EE, UNIX Shell, PL/SQL, SQL, UML

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, RMI, JNDI, EJB, JPA, JSTL, Java Mail, JMS

Web Technologies: HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, Typescript (ES 6), React JS, Node JS, Bootstrap and Custom Tags


Database & Platforms: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, DB2, NoSQL

App/Web Servers: WebSphere 8.5/8.0/7.5, Web Logic 8.x/9.x/10. x., JBOSS 3.x/4.0, Apache Tomcat Web Server

Frameworks: Struts, Hibernate, Spring, React JS, Angular JS, REDUX


Build/Integration Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle, Log4J, Toad, Jenkins, Mockito

Developer IDEs: Eclipse, RAD, Spring Tool Suite, JBuilder

Version Control: SVN, CVS, Git

Bug Reporting Tools: JUNIT, SOAPUI, JIRA, Bugzilla, TOAD

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux


Confidential, Lincoln, RI

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in Agile methodologies to do requirements gathering, analysis and planning
  • Implemented Application issues on Jira.
  • Perform all development in Cloud environment.
  • Extensively worked on creation and configuration of Reusable Components using Core Java.
  • Used Spring to define Controller, action mappings, forms and View pages for IdeaMill Desktop.
  • Used JMS to pass messages as payload to track different statuses, milestones and status.
  • Involved in the config set for Web logic servers, Data Sources, JMS queues and the deployment.
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) API to create, send, receive, and read messages.
  • Used MongoDB to save the messages that are sent by Queue Generator.
  • Worked extensively on technologies Spring boot, XML, JMS and MongoDB.
  • Experience using various web/application servers like Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere server.
  • Developed Message Driven Beans (MDBs) for receiving and processing data from IBM MQ Series using JMS.
  • Developed RESTful web service using Spring and JAX RS
  • Developed Java classes that used JMS to communicate with the Queue managers.
  • Used Spring Controller to pass the control of the application and validate user input.
  • Used Maven to define the dependencies / plug-in and build the application.
  • Worked to a solution for a Mongodb based project and Created a Mongodb data model design and services
  • Identified inputs and outputs for each MongoDB services project Identification and Verification model should be implemented using MongoDB, going through Relational to NoSql data model
  • Expertise in Java, JavaEE,, SQL and strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Extensive experience in working as NoSql/ Hadoop developer exposing capabilities via APIs for Realtime needs.
  • Used Rest Controller in Spring framework to create RESTful Web services and JSON objects for communication.
  • Tested Rest APIs in Spring-Controller at backend for JSON data using Postman.
  • Worked on Spring Boot for development of web-based applications using Service and Dao layers.
  • End to end design and implementation using Spring Boot.
  • Interact with the User Experience (UX) team to identify, design and implement the user interface portions of the WCA applications, Cloud Environment.
  • Version Controlled using SVN.
  • Experience working with Java NIO (vectored I/O, memory mapped I/O, non-blocking sockets, etc.) and memory management.
  • Working Demo on Acitve MQ and Focused On Architecting Nosql Databases Like Mongo, Cassandra
  • Testing, Evaluation And Troubleshooting Of Different Nosql Database Systems And Cluster Configurations To Ensure High-Availability In Various Crash Scenarios.
  • Integrated the application with Spring-MVC using Spring Boot, Spring Dependency Injection (DI), and Spring Annotations.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring 3.0, Hibernate, NoSQL databases, Tomcat 7, Oracle 11g, Spring Cloud, My Eclipse, SVN, Maven 3.3, Web Services, REST, Spring Boot, IBM MQ series, MongoDB, Active MQ.

Confidential, Lombard, IL

Full Stack Developer


  • Implemented Agile software methodology throughout the project development lifecycle and scrum was conducted as part of this methodology with techniques such as test driven development to maximize productivity and quality.
  • Attended everyday Enterprise Workflow Stand-Up meeting to provide status, thus implementing Agile (Scrum) Methodology.
  • Involved in programming, testing, debugging, implementing and maintaining of Java EE client/server distributed application to meet the organization's needs.
  • Architected, designed and implemented a SPA (Single Page Application) in React JS which consume JSON from a Spring Boot, using Spring Security to secure the Application.
  • Micro services development in Cloud foundry environment.
  • Used Spring Boot which is radically faster in building cloud Micro Services and develop Spring based application with very less configuration.
  • Used Spring IOC for specifying the dependencies of the objects using dependency injection.
  • Developed Restful web services using JAX-RS in JERSEY to expose the data to Spring module.
  • Used React JS with Redux to separate data and presentation layer. Utilized Redux stores to handle the states.
  • Created Container and Presentational components using React /Redux.
  • Created a MongoDB data model design to Identified inputs and outputs for each MongoDB services project Identification and Verification model should be implemented using MongoDB, going through Relational to NoSql data model
  • Created the front-end web pages using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to develop the UI for our portals.
  • Build Rest services using Node.js and Express.js and used a full complement of Express, Angular 2, Node.js, and MongoDB to store and present assessments.
  • Created various schemas and models Mongo DB and used Mongoose as our ORM framework.
  • Set up Jenkins server and build jobs to provide continuous automated builds based on polling the Git.
  • Configured Web Logic Application server and used Hibernate as the ORM framework to connect with MySQL database.
  • Worked in core AWS services such as setting up new server (EC2) instance and developed API using Lambda to manage the server less architecture and run code in AWS.
  • Experience in AWS Cloud platform and its features which include EC2, AMI, EBS, Cloud watch, AWS SQS and AWS S3.

Environment: J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, Express.js, Cloud, JavaScript, Angular2, ReactJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, MySQL, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services(RESTful), Log4j, Apache, Maven, Agile, Jenkins, GIT.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

Java Backend Developer


  • Attended everyday Enterprise Workflow Stand-Up meeting to provide status, thus implementing Agile (Scrum) Methodology.
  • Involved in programming, testing, debugging, implementing and maintaining of Java EE client/server distributed application to meet the organization's needs.
  • Developed application on Spring framework by utilizing its features like Spring Boot, Spring Dependency injection.
  • Used Spring MVC, Spring Security modules to integrate with database to implement the persistence layer with Hibernate.
  • Used Spring Transactions in the application and developed Session beans for the business logic at the middle tier level.
  • Implemented the Spring IOC for the core business application logic and used Hibernate as persistence framework.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Developed SOAP web services using JAX-WS and persistence using Hibernate and JPAframework.
  • Used ApacheCXF as the Web Services framework to implement the REST APIs involved.
  • Developed single page applications (SPA) using React JS and used various components in the Redux library.
  • Worked closely with the Back-end team to display data using the custom React JS Components, library Components and Redux library.
  • Developed the code using SASS framework which in turn would generate plain CSS for the dynamic pages.
  • Coded Maven build scripts to build and deploy the application on Apache Tomcat 8.
  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS). Launched various AWS EC2 instance to deploy the application.
  • Extensively used Mocha unit testing framework with assertion library Chai for testing JavaScript pages.

Environment: HTML5, CSS, React JS, Angular 2.0, AWS, Bit Bucket, GIT, JIRA, NPM, Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Babel, Web pack, GIT, JIRA, Jenkins.

Confidential, Fort Mill, SC

Java J2EE Developer


  • Involved in system analysis that included the low-level design and contributed to the technical architecture of the system.
  • Involved in Analysis and Design of the project, which is based on MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture and Design patterns.
  • Used Spring MVC and Dependency Injection for handling presentation and business logic.
  • Used Spring Security for Authentication and Authorization of the application.
  • Implemented persistence framework using Hibernate& Handled Transaction Management using the provided data source.
  • Developed dynamic web pages using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS.
  • Used Angular JS to create views to hook up models to the DOM and synchronize data with server as a Single Page application.
  • Exposed RESTful web services by developing consumer and producer using Annotations for send/receive datain JSON format to/from different systems.
  • Worked with Hibernate Query Language (HQL) to store and retrieve the data from Oracle database.
  • Created Gradle build file to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.

ENVIRONMENT: Java, J2EE, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, SAAS, XML, Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Restful, WebSphere Application Server, Oracle, Junit, Grunt, Maven, JIRA, Git, Log4J and Eclipse.

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