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Android Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Senior Mobile Developer with 7 years of experience in Analysis, Design, and Development of various Android Mobile Applications.
  • Solid understanding of full mobile and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
  • Experience and Expertise in android fundamentals such as using the Debugger, Testing App, Support Libraries, Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes, Async Task and Loaders, Shared Preferences, SQLite Databases, Content Provider among others.
  • Well understanding with version control systems such as Git.
  • Experience with the third - party libraries and APIs such as, GSON, Retrofit, Okhttp3,
  • Proficient in Object-Oriented design, Data Structure and Problem Solving
  • Strong knowledge in RESTful, JSON and XML.
  • Experience in Multi-threading and background tasks
  • Experience in Optimizing for multiple device screen.
  • Experience in JUnit testing by creating test classes for methods and class units
  • Experience of Web Services in android and efficient data transfer between servers and devices.
  • Familiar with the new Android Orio features such as display cutout support and enhanced messaging experience
  • Experience with creational and structural design patterns such as Singleton, Dependency injection, adapter among others.
  • Deep understanding of test frameworks such as Mockito for android API calls and Espresso to exercise user interaction
  • Knowledge of implementing camera intents and utilizing device’s camera for various purposes.
  • Experience in architectural patterns such as MVVM
  • Knowledge of Databases and web development languages such JavaScript, HTML, SQL and PHP
  • Strong analytical, collaboration, writing and communication Skills. Self-starter result oriented and willing to learn new challenges.


Android components: Data binding, Lifecycles, Livedata, Navigation, Room, ViewModel, Fragment.

Languages: Kotlin, Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP

Database: MySQL, SQLite, SQL, Room

IDE: Eclipse, Android Studio

Web Services: REST and JSON.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Android.

Software: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and MATLAB

Editors: Notepad, Notepad++.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Android developer


  • Contributed to application requirement analysis for achieving the specifications suggested to improve the application
  • Integrated Receipt Check App with Looper/Jenkins for continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.
  • Automated sending Jenkins built APK to different channels such as slack, outlook email, proximity among others.
  • Migrated the app from running on Marshmallow (6.0.1) to Orio (8.1.0) and solved all issued came along such as loading images within app using Picasso.
  • Implemented off-line mode version of the app using connectivity Manager class
  • Implemented interactive training screens using navigation component of android
  • Implemented multiple banners throughout the app to display messages to the associate at a given period of time.
  • Implemented multi receipt capability, to scan all receipts which belongs to one member and merge them into one receipt.
  • Implemented the capability of deleting item in case it is unintentionally scanned.
  • Implemented what’s new screens which shows new features to the associates of a new version of the app.
  • Implemented feedback feature and integrated it with slack channel, where the associates communicate directly to the developers.
  • Changed the look and feel of the app by completely changing already existing UI.
  • Made the app treat slow network calls as offline, to make the app fast.
  • Implemented trouble scanning flow. Which is an alternative in case a barcode can’t be scanned.
  • Implemented a configurable capability of the app, to allow associates to scan one item in the cart. This helped reducing the length of the lines in Sam’s club.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Android developer


  • Contributed to application requirement analysis for achieving the specifications suggested to improve the application.
  • Worked extensively with Android Studio, Java and Android SDK frameworks.
  • Integrated 3rd party libraries, OkHttp and Retrofit to retrieve data in a form of JSON and display a scrolling Recycler View of daily news.
  • Modularized UI components with fragments and implemented Constraint layout to make the application responsive to various screen sizes
  • Developed sections of the application which provides multi activities, Custom Adapters, List Views, Images, WebView, Text Views among others.
  • Worked on activities to display daily news feed on the trending fashion design offered by The Confidential App.
  • Implemented all the latest Android Technologies such as Recycler Views, card Views, Appbar, MVVM design pattern among others.
  • Worked with different data structure components such as HashMap, Set, List, Array List, Linked HashMap etc.
  • Contributed to the application communication and integration with other applications by implementing Content Providers, Pending intents and Content Resolvers
  • Involved in JUnit testing by creating test classes for methods and class units
  • Worked in an Agile based environment
  • Involved in the full lifecycle of the project including planning, design, development, testing, and deployment
  • Tested the application for relevant bugs, fixed the leaks and deployed on different Android firmware to validate the application stability

Confidential, IA

Android Developer


  • Integrated with Gradle and used other third-party frameworks tools and SDKs, such as Retrofit and Glide
  • Implemented Android Marshmallow Permissions and enhanced more control over what permissions applications ask for from the device
  • Used Shared preferences to save login information of the user for easy future recognition
  • Integrated social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Worked under the umbrella of agile methodology
  • Extensively used android application development tools, including Android Studio, Android SDK and ADT
  • Used RESTful APIs to connect Hy-Vee applications to back-end services
  • Integrated MVP as architectural design pattern.
  • Participated in all stages of app development: concept, design, develop, iterate, test
  • Integrated test frameworks such as Mockito for android API calls and Espresso to exercise user interaction
  • Worked on making the app support different screen sizes and configuration

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Java Developer


  • Designed the algorithm, codes and have used design patterns and Object-Oriented Design methodology
  • Used Agile Scrum program management to track the project development.
  • Checked validation and tested the user authentication and user preferences
  • Implemented and enhanced new features in existing applications.
  • Used JDBC for querying data into the database also Involved in creating and modifying database objects.
  • Extensively worked with java collection classes like List, Set among others.
  • Developed Use case diagrams, Object diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams using UML.
  • Used multithreading through java to run high end operations

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