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Technical Solution Architect Resume

New York, NY


  • Passionate Solution Architect with over 14 years of work experience in architecting and designing innovative business solutions for KOL domain using advanced modern software frameworks.
  • A proven track record of success of leading and delivering complex projects and application development using Java/J2EE technologies, Confidential cloud, microservices, and agile methodology.
  • Architected and designed cloud - native solution for Stakeholder manager (KOL Key opinion leader) application on Confidential Cloud platform and architected RESTful Architecture and implemented coarse-grained REST API microservices using spring boot and cloud services.
  • Implemented Cloud services: Elasticsearch Database, Db2, Redis, Singles sign-on AppId Cloud directory/IBMid identity provider, Kubernetes, COS (Cloud Object Storage), Logdna, Kibana, and frontend microservice developed in angular js framework.
  • Hands-on Experience on Docker and distributed systems Kubernetes container orchestration and management platform e.g., Confidential Cloud.
  • Established DevOps CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins to deploy Docker image on Confidential Cloud
  • Solid Java/J2EE hands-on experience of Web application development using Struts 2.0 (Webwork), Spring MVC, JPA, hibernate/ORM, SQL/NoSQL database and multi-threading. Worked on data processing using Hadoop/HDFS and Apache Spark Analytical engine. Implemented distributed caching framework using Confidential Cloud Redis service.
  • Experienced to design Apache Solr Cloud architecture and successfully implemented faceted search /free text search using Ajax-Solr client library.
  • Extensive experience of complete Software/product development life cycles such as designing product architecture using Java/J2EE technologies including various open source and cloud technologies including requirement gathering, requirement analysis, effort estimation, planning, delivery, and project resource management.
  • Extensive experience in Open source license and security vulnerability scan using AppScan and successfully implemented Web application security to prevent Data injection, Java Script Injection(cross-site scripting) and vulnerability remediation such as direct data invocation using OWASP APIs and standards.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Provide technical guidance to offering manager and business for cost-effective strategic solutions.
  • Designed and leverage Cloud object storage and SQL Query to process/compute large Big data and reduced 80% storage and compute cost.
  • Followed Waterfall, Agile software development methodology and SCRUM planning. Provide technical guidance and mentoring team members across the projects and own delivery of the product.
  • Received the Gold Medal in Persistent Systems’ companywide Java development assessment test in 2009 as the highest-scoring software engineer in a company of 5,000+ employees
  • Designed and developed the Page Template module for Heartbeat Profiler application, including the presentation layer, Delegate, and DAO, which allows complete UI-level configuration of all sections, labels, and fields in the application. Client-level configuration resulted in a 75% reduction in required customization development
  • Received Persistent’s Spot to recognize leading role in the development of a major release of Confidential ’s flagship product, Heartbeat Profiler


Languages/web technologies: Spring boot 2.1.3, Apache Solr Cloud 6.6, Elasticsearch, Jdk 1.8, Apache zookeeper, Spring, Webwork 2.1.7 (Struts 2.0), Hibernate 3.0, JPA, Java, J2EE - JSP, Servlet, JDBC,, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, Lucene, Splunk, Log4J, HTML, Java script, XML, AJAX, Jackson, leaflet, Map Quest, openlayers, D3, SolrJ, Ajax-Solr, Apache Spark, Zoie, Bobo browse

DevOps/ Cloud Services: Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, GitHub, Maven, Gradle, CVS, SVNIBM Cloud Container services, Elasticsearch Database, kibana, Redis, logdna, Ingress, AppId, IMBid, Spring boot microservices

Middleware: Apache Tomcat 8.0.16, Liberty

Storage: MS SQL, Db2, Elasticsearch Database 6.x, COS (Cloud Object Storage), HDFS, SQLite

Tools: Rally, JVisualvm, MAT, Eclipse STS, JIRA, Postman, Filezilla

Mathematical Skills: Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, Operation Research


Technical Solution Architect

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Solution Architect for Stakeholder Manager identification product suite. Architected Cloud Solution for SaaS-based Cognitive Stakeholder identification to identify key opinion leader based on therapeutic area and other relevant criteria using medical annotations and helps medical affairs user to make the right decision to engage stakeholders.
  • Define the overall cloud architecture and technology toolset for implementation and responsible for end to end delivery.
  • Data Modeling and Implementation of Polyglot persistence using Elasticsearch database and Db2 database
  • Designed and developed microservices for API gateway service and backend services such as cohort creation, faceted search with full-text search support and IML PubMed Id/ Clinical Trial identifier NCT lookup orchestration services.
  • Integration of external DATA API service to upload data from COS to ES for user preferred therapeutic area
  • Implemented Cloud load balancer (ALB) Ingress Controller to route API Gateway Services. Single Sign-on (SSO) implementation using cloud services identity provider AppId cloud directory/IBMid and bind with Ingress controller.
  • Hands-on experience of different Kubernetes components like Namespaces, Replica Sets, POD, CoreDS etc. and managing secrets using configMap.
  • Mentoring and guiding offshore development team for day to day technical challenges and perform code reviews.
  • Organized sprints for Agile development as well as release planning and maintaining product catalog.
  • Evaluate and performed POC to provide solutions for complex business problems. Explore python Panda for COS, Watson Discovery and Watson Analytical.
  • DevOps CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins to deploy on Confidential Cloud
  • Provides technical support and resolving technical issues on a daily basis for the roster of 30+ global Pharmaceutical industry clients as a Lead in the onsite Technical Services team

Sr. Solution Architect

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Pioneered in KOL Management is designed and developed using Java/J2EE technologies, webwork, Spring MVC, FrontController, hibernate and Oracle/MSSQL. Working on this product since 2005. Core responsibility includes delivery of this product including requirement gathering, estimation, planning, designing, developing and deploying product for various global customers across USA, APAC and EU regions and client support.
  • Designed SOLR cloud infrastructure/framework with multiple SHARDs with Apache ZooKeeper cluster to support various clients for Real-time indexing using SolrJ, search service, distributed indexing.
  • Ajax SOLR JavaScript library integration to provide faceted search support. Which enables to search KOL based on their brand, region, Role, and Therapeutic Area
  • Segmentation over time quartz microservice to calculate RANK and score of KOL on the timeline to define, champion and rising star using a custom algorithm.
  • Designed and developed dashboard functionality using Sencha js and D3 chart library.

Chief Systems Architect

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Redesign and architect KOL application presentation layer and backend services for Faceted search functionality using Bobo browse and Zoie framework popular in LinkedIn.
  • OWASP ESAPI open-source framework has been integrated with KOL Management Profiler tool in order to prevent JS injection and remediated Reflected Cross-site scripting, Persistent Cross-site scripting, Direct Data invocation vulnerabilities.
  • Worked with a third-party Security agency to asses security review recommendation and remediation plan. Design and implement the validation framework Controller / hibernate interceptor to encode request parameters to avoid XSS attack.
  • Design and implemented the serverside ACL controller to avoid Direct Data access invocations.
  • Used Fiddler to modify the request parameters and test JS injection.
  • Designed Mobile app for Android, iOS platforms using Apache Cordova (Phone Gap), SQLite, data Sync REST services and OAUTH2 authentication integration with SSO.
  • CPU and memory (Heap dump) analysis to resolve memory leaks and high CPU utilization using the JVisualVM and JProbe.
  • Designed and developed Social Network Map functionality using open sources Map and HTML5, Javascript framework such as OpenLayers, Leaflet and backend service implementation using Consumer/Producer pattern, ThreadPool Executor to retrieve nodes data information.

Module Lead/Onsite Coordinator

Confidential, New York, NY


  • As Onsite Coordinator, function as the primary point of coordination between the client and the development team at Persistent, resolving issues regarding scheduling, resources, estimation, development, deployment
  • Also resolved technical issues on a daily basis for the roster of 30+ global Pharmaceutical industry clients as a Lead in the onsite Technical Services team
  • As Module Lead, completely responsible for technical development of Heartbeat Profiler, the flagship product of the New York-based Persistent Systems client, Confidential . Heartbeat Profiler is a web-based application earning over $20MM in sales annually for client
  • Designed and developed Heartbeat Profiler architecture in multi-tiered J2EE design, utilizing MVC WebWork framework, Front Controller, Hibernate, Oracle/MSSQL
  • Involved in all aspects of the software engineering process, including requirement analysis, effort estimation, planning, design, data modeling, coding, and testing, as well as ongoing production support
  • Implemented a wide variety of complex solutions including workflow, concurrency handling, performance tuning, caching, etc.
  • Authored Technical Specifications for the majority of features within Heartbeat Profiler application
  • Organized sprints for development in the Agile framework as well as release planning in the traditional waterfall method
  • Participated in daily phone calls between the New York client office and India-based team
  • Mentored junior team members, from on ramping code walkthroughs to daily code reviews
  • Ensured code quality by debugging code and conducting both unit testing and integration testing

Software Engineer



  • Implemented portlets for a project for their Center of Excellence using WSAD

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