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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • 14+ years’ experience of java software development with full stack development. Completed many projects from start to End. Top skills are Javascript/CSS, react.js, Angular.js 1.6 and 2.o plus, node.js, bootstrap.js
  • Working on Java since 1995 and J2ee technologies since 1999 with Jsp/Servlets and MVC Architecture.
  • A lead Java developer/Architect in current project and have been in lead developer in past projects such as Confidential /Hartford and Confidential .
  • Hadoop Map/Reduce experience around 4 years.
  • Spring Boot applications for around 2 years with domain driven design.
  • Quick learner and has variety of skills on both J2EE and ASP.net technologies. Strong in OO concepts/ Data structures like Hash Maps / Hash Tables/ Linked lists / excellent with Design patterns, Java Collections API.
  • Believes in providing thoughtful solutions versus easier coding changes.
  • Exposure to complete SDLC: from inception, requirements gathering, requirements analysis, design, rapid prototyping, development, testing, documentation, deployment, and production support.
  • Extensive experience in developing Multi - Tier Enterprise applications and system integration solutions using core Java, J2EE Standards, JDBC, Webservices, JSP, Servlets, RMI, Web Services, SOAP, Restful, WSDL, JAXB, UDDI, XML, Java Script and DHTML.
  • Extensive development experience with open source software’s like Hibernate, Struts, Spring, JSF
  • Extensive Development experience with IDE’s like Eclipse, Websphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), Rational Application Developer (RAD)
  • Effective in working with business units to create business analysis, system requirements and project plans.
  • Skilled in creation of use cases, object models, data models, sequence diagrams, function and technical specifications.
  • Proficient with JBOSS, Web logic, Tomcat and IBM WebSphere Application Servers.
  • Strong in Object Oriented Design (OOD) and Analysis (OOA) based on Unified Modeling Language (UML) -developing Class, Sequence diagrams, Activity diagrams and Design Patterns.
  • Proficient in using ASP.net with MVC2.0. Familiarity with 3.0/4.0
  • Seibel CRM - experience in writing web services
  • Extensive Development experience with IDE’s like VS2003/vs2005/vs2010/vs2012, SQL Server management studio 2005, .net framework 3.5/4.0/4.5/TOAD for Oracle 10.5
  • Experience in developing Intranet/Internet multi-tiered applications.
  • Highly motivated, self-starter with a positive attitude, willingness to learn new concepts and acceptance of challenges.


Languages: Java, C, Pig

EJB Components: 2.0, 3.1

Java Enterprise Edition/ Java EE: 1.2, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, JAX-WS, 2.x for 4+ Years, JAX-RS 2.x for 2+ Years

J2EE Skills: J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Javascript, Web services, JMS, JAXB, JAXP/ Java Collections API

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JSF, AJAX, XML,SAX, DOM, XSL/XSLT, JSON, Angular.js 1.6 going to 2.0, Node.js/Bootstarp.js/ Familarity with JavaFxExt JS for Pivot Grid, D3 Adapter, Calendar/React.js

Web Services: Webservices, SOAP, RESTful, JAX-WS, JAXB

MicroServices: Microservices using RedhatOpenshift - Attended a BootCamp - service resilience/application configuration/continuos delivery/wildfly swarm

Frameworks: Spring, Struts, Hibernate/Hadoop Map / Spring security/ Spring Boot- Microservices/ Chrome Postman/Spring Data / JPQL/Spring Integration/ Active MQ for embedded/log/database agents/ reactive programming (RX, Reactive Streams, Akkaetc) Liferay Portal/ Apache Camel

Application/Web Servers: Tomcat, WebLogic, Web Sphere, JBOSS/Apache CXF

IDE Tools: Eclipse and Net Beans

Databases/API: Oracle, Hibernate, MySQL / MongoDB

Tools: /API: Ant script, Maven, Log4J, JUnit, CVS/Fiddler/

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000 /XP/ VISTA/2007/Unix/Linux

Data Modeling: Microsoft Visio and IBM Rational Rose / Visual Age/EArchitect

Methodology: Agile, Waterfall, OOAD, UML

Object Modelling: Star UML/ Vs2010

BigData: Hadoop Map/ reduce/ Kafka

SourceCode Repository: GIT / SVN

Code Review: Jira/ Crucible

MObile: Java mobile API stubbing to be used in Restful services

Test Scripts: Wrote HP ALM test scripts to test front end (Automation testing)

Databases used (for long time): Oracle/SQL server/MySql/Teradata/SYbase

Unit Testing frameworks: JUnit/Mockito

Cloud: Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS platform/ Docker/ zeroMQ/AWS/RabbitMQ/Google Cloud/ React.js


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • I was involved in a project with Confidential where in I was tasked to develop few screens in React Js using Redux.The toolset used was VSCode, BitBucket, Confluence, Jira, Postgress Database, NestJs for rest Api and Node.js.
  • The specific screens that I developed was connecting to redux store and consuming rest API.
  • The confuration Management screen was used to create a output file of the configuration and was deployed in Docker container.
  • The provision was initially to load configuration file using node.js API and allow user to modify.
  • The project splitted into web portion and service portion.
  • Various compinets specific to Confidential were used to display the functionality.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Senior Software Engineer


  • I was involved in a project with Confidential vacation club. Confidential is replacing their legacy system with new system written in java backend with Angular 2.0.
  • I was involved in backend writing restful APIs with springboot and JAX-RS. Particulary, I was involved in crud operations for members who are part of the club and their qualifications to be a member from the prospects.
  • This involved both shipboard and onshore apps.
  • Postman scripts were widely used to test the functionality before testing along with front end. Junit and Mockito were the tools widely usedVarious software used like: GIT Client/ System Architect/ Toad / IntelliJ / Toad Data Modeler / Eclipse STS/ CVS/ Visual Code/Webstorm..

Confidential, MA

Java Architect


  • I am involved in a strategic project for Confidential bank as a Java Architect with more focus on hands on coding using react.js and redux.
  • The project acts as a front end to Transaction hub where in the messages are coming from sources and are transformed to receive mapped output of the metadata to the target system.
  • The files processed are XML/XSD, CSV, XLS and DDL.
  • These are parsed with the relevant parser and stored in relational format.
  • They are then subject to proposed mappings and then are overridden by the user. The system also learns from the previous mappings and then user can override.
  • The output of these mappings are converted to the format received by the target system in a specified format which could be XML, CSV, TXT messages.
  • I was involved in various screens development.
  • These included inputting files to database, mappings using grammar and the outputting the screens via front end developed in react.js and redux.
  • The technology stack Java1.8,JavaScript (React, Redux).
  • The technical features used were dynamic grid population with cards and multi-edit on grid and other features like displaying relevant information hovering columns and search screens for relevant searches.
  • The drag and drop features are used widely to achieve user functionality. I was also involved in various comparing various projects in react.js using certain patterns like creating dynamic grid with Meta data stored in database. Various software used like: GIT Client/ System Architect/ Toad / IntelliJ / Toad Data Modeler / Eclipse Neon / CVS Visual Tools.
  • In this project, I was able to acuireThorough understanding of React.js and its core principles and application could consume microservices. Through understanding of microservices architecture using spring-boot.
  • Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
  • Familiarity with newer specifications of ECMA Script (ES6)
  • Experience with data structure libraries like Immutable.js
  • Experience with HTML / CSS | Java 1.8
  • Knowledge of isomorphic React.
  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.

Confidential, MO

Java Solutions Architect


  • I was working on a project with J2EE spring MVC architecture.
  • The project is called NATS - national Appraiser tracking systems.
  • I am doing extensive coding of the functionalities, which includes writing Controllers/service layers and Dao layers.
  • Also, jsps are written for the functionalities.
  • Also, the approach is to follow up with Junit testing for the main classes.
  • The system has total of 75 screens.
  • Also doing web analytics using Hadoop Map/reduce. Part of this project is writing single page application using Angular.js which I am working on.
  • Also later part of this project, I worked on Spring Boot
  • NATS is a Work Management System that tracks the tasks performed by individuals and groups in support of Work Orders created by a Loan Officer (i.e. Ordering Official) to track the processing of an appraisal. These Work Orders deal with appraising and/or validating an Appraisal in support of determining the value of collateral to secure a Direct or Guaranteed Loan.
  • Track the progression of tasks through various stages namely Assignment, Execution and completion for the following work orders
  • Direct Real Estate Appraisal Work Order
  • Direct Chattel Appraisal Work Order
  • Vendor Consultation Work Order
  • Vendor Technical Review Work Order
  • Guaranteed Real Estate Appraisal Review Work Order
  • Guaranteed Chattel Appraisal Review Work Order
  • Guaranteed Evaluation Review Work Order
  • Third Party Real Estate Appraisal Review Work Order
  • Third Party Chattel Appraisal Review Work Order
  • Inventory Property Appraisal Work Order
  • FSFL Real Estate Appraisal Work Order.
  • Support management of individuals and groups which perform tasks related to the Work Order. The following resources will be managed.
  • Staff Appraisers
  • FLP Staff
  • Funding Staff
  • Vendor Appraiser
  • Non-Vendor Appraiser
  • Authorized users perform the following administrative functions in support of processing Work Orders.
  • Manage Notification Content
  • Manage Time Clock Business Rules
  • Manage Task Business Rules
  • Manage Contracting office
  • The following is a list of High-Level Functional Requirements, which need to be implemented within the NATS application.
  • Provide the capability to create Work Orders which are used to record data and track the completion work related to the performance of Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews.
  • Provide the capability to assign work to an individual or the individuals and track those assignments.
  • Provide the capability for individuals to view their task list. Task list is a list of tasks the individual assigned to.
  • Provide the capability for requesting and recording Quotes from Vendor Appraisers.
  • Provide the capability for ing the performance of the Appraisal to a Vendor Appraiser, and notifying any other Bidders that they were not ed the work.
  • Provide the capability to track the Obligation and Disbursement of Funds.
  • Provide the capability for recording expenses incurred by Staff Appraisers while performing tasks in support of the Work Order.
  • Provide the capability to perform the following reviews in support of the Work Orders
  • Administrative Review
  • Technical Review
  • Chattel Review
  • Evaluation Review
  • Acceptance Review
  • Provide the capability to manage email address information for individuals that receive email notifications when assigned a task, or other notification events.
  • Provide the capability to manage and Staff and Vendor Appraisers.
  • Provide the capability to manage Contracting Offices and the States which they service.
  • Provide the capability to define Time Clocks which evaluate the state of the Work Order and generate Notifications to specified Individuals when the condition defined in the Time Clock exists.
  • Provide the capability to update Notification Content.
  • Provide the capability to update the business rules for Tasks.
  • Provide the capability to send notifications when certain events or Time Clocks occur to individuals and distribution lists.
  • Provide the capability to support attachments in email notification.
  • Provide the capability to create, store, and retrieve Content (Documents, Images, etc.) in support of a Work Order or Appraiser.
  • Provide the capability to add comment on work orders
  • Provide the capability to search and clone a work order
  • Provide the Self Profiling capability for the first-time users of NATS.
  • Provide capability to allow users download PDF documents, which require digital signature, so that users can upload the digitally signed PDF documents for the corresponding work order.
  • Used Enterprise Content Management System of Confidential (NITC) to store pdf files related to loan and property appraisals.
  • Architected Client App with reactor design using Checkpoint, Reactor 2.000 Build Snapshot implements 0.4.0.M2, Akka streams implements 0.4.0.M2, Rx Java and Ratpack 0.9.9 Snapshot.
  • Familiar with Akka world, Actors, Akka Basic Tools, Akka Persistence, Akka Cluster, testing actors, Akka streams Akka http, common Patterns Akka.
  • Technology - moving to Angular jsand Micro services using spring boot and created a pilot project. Also, used Aws with Mysql database and MySQL workbench
  • The project used a concept of micro services using the springboot where in various customer micro services created. IDE used is Intellij
  • As a part of POC, I worked on Apache CXF.
  • Developed few screens using react.js.
  • There are external Service calls made to system using SOAP. These are done using JAX-WS
  • The restful services are developed using spring-boot.
  • Used react.js widely in POC of Loan System for NATS
  • Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
  • Familiarity with newer specifications of ECMA Script (ES6)
  • Experience with data structure libraries like Immutable.js
  • Experience with HTML / CSS
  • Knowledge of isomorphic React.
  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Java Architect


  • The current assignment I am working on is in Tools Department for Web Performance. The tools being developed is to provide what if analysis for various optimization techniques. The four optimizations like Cash/Prefetch/Inline and compression is included in the current version of the tool. The tool is flexible enough to add further optimization techniques with few enhancements.
  • Technology used is MVC architecture with .net 3.5 and SQL server database and C# using VS2010. Tool used open source to import data into SQL server and hence was necessary to use the architecture as above. Various screens have been developed using HTML/ Master Page/ Web Forms and Java script. Stored procedures have widely been used as well. The code separation techniques have been used to separate various layers like database, models and Controller. Also, Auto list handlers are written using JavaScript making AJAX calls.
  • The project has been started with requirements document. Created various artifacts including detailed design document, Data Model and Screen Design. The project is almost at the end of coding.
  • The tool heavily uses TCP/IP, HTTP protocols. The timings for the packets (Frames) are available in database via import of the capture and tool uses TCP connection for further analysis.
  • TCP/IP Sockets based protocols and network programming.
  • Also doing web analytics using Hadoop Map/reduce for the data stored in HDFS. The system is based on Linux and Hadoop is running on top of Linux. Wrote various customer transaction queries for loan Management includes loan making and loan servicing.

Confidential, Springfield, MA

Java Architect


  • I have extensively worked on DST’s AWD10 product.
  • Create a new user, specifying general attributes such as name, user ID, security level and work group. This can be done using another user or a model user as a template, such that privileges, experience levels and resources are inherited from the model.
  • Manage what they can work on, by assigning one or more roles, assigning individual privileges such as specific business areas or work types that are beyond the capabilities of the assigned roles, and assigning experience level.
  • Manage what they can see in AWD, by assigning security group, and additional individual resource access control grouped by product/capability.
  • Specify resource-specific attributes, which are the additional parameters required for the different capabilities to which they have access, e.g., the signature that will be used for correspondence generation if they have access to the correspondence capabilities.
  • Inbound scanned documents, faxes, emails, tweets and other sources
  • Forms builder for data capture user interface
  • Process design (apparently with BPMN), including service calls and subprocesses
  • Work assignment
  • Audit and quality review history
  • Correspondence generation, based on templates for standard parts of the letter, and allowing for ad hoc text
  • The current assignment I am working on is based on integrating J2EE technology on DST AWD product. Automatic work distributor is written in JavaScript and we needed to integrate it with information from Record keeping system Sapiens ALIS. The SOAP messages are sent over https.
  • Created the Front end page - using JQuery, JavaScript. This is called mash up screen. It gives information about participant info/Plan Info/Sponsor Info from ALIS record keeping system.
  • Used SDLC process from development to deployment to higher environments. Worked extensively on bug fixes on the server side and made cosmetic changes on the UI side.
  • Part of performance tuning team and implemented caching mechanism and other changes.
  • Recreated the system architecture diagram and created numerous new class and sequence diagrams.
  • Modified wsdl model to create token and GUID services. These services are used to retrieve information from ALIS record keeping system. Seibel CRM - model changes are made for opportunities and various other entities
  • Used Java Map/reduce architecture to process Plan/Participant information / Wrote Pig queries.
  • Wrote Bar Graph using java collection framework. The data is presented to the user using oracle database 11g PL/SQL oracle stored procedures. These include use cases to UML and code creation with Object Modeling. The code used design patterns like Singleton/ Decorator.
  • Completed two projects with map/reduce technology with hdfs file system. The first project uses naïve bayes algorithm to produce results from hdfs file system with large data. Also used pig language.
  • The second project produces web analytics using the log file which has large data. The file is loaded in hdfs and then map reduce program applies on customer and transaction records to produce reports filtering customer with certain transaction amounts.

Environment: J2EE/Java, HTML, XML, Eclipse, SQL, Javascript/vs2010/WebMethods 8.2/Ubuntu/HDFS/ java Map reduce/Pig/star UML.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed code using JAVA and EJBs. The application used MVC architecture. The Junit tests were done during this project. The architecture used J2EE, jsp, servlets and WebSphere application server.
  • Developed code using C# and MVC 2.0/3.0 with SQL server and Oracle Backend. The application is called Footnote Manager. This involved writing PL/SQl, T-SQL stored Procs and Triggers. Data Model was done using SQL Server.
  • Developed C# code for File Mover application using VS2005 and SQL Server 2000/2005.
  • Developed code/ Enhance code using MS-Access VBA for Match Calculations for 401K application.
  • Involved in setting environments to the application that were being developed.
  • Program analysis and preparation of program specifications, observation logs, consolidation reports and recommendation reports.
  • Worked on multithreading while synchronization is applied.
  • Coding with Collections framework using Java, J2EE, XML and JavaScript.
  • Compiling and running the software.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Views and Indexes using TOAD database.
  • Writing JSP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS for the client front-end and writing Web services.
  • Developed XML, XSLT files for the project to carry the MQ messages to the destinations routing using a functionality that was developed using JAVA and EJBs into EA server.
  • Involved in constructing the EJBs for the project that were reused to apply for the other class files.
  • Developing Web Services that included developing WSDL that included document/literal as well as literal styles, and SOAP Bindings.
  • Used Webservices as middleware components for centralized data retrieval.
  • Involved in Integration with Webservices.
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture using Java/XML binding.
  • Implemented design patterns for the objects that rendered in the EJBS.
  • Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures for data manipulation with the Oracle database. Application used TOAD.
  • Data Validations were performed by developing a java module to check the XSL, XML and XSD parsing were true.
  • Developed java class files that route MQ messages from the client to server and to client.
  • Involved in writing MQ listeners to route MQ targeted Messages to the Plants. This is done for Straight thru processing using Swift Messages.
  • Wrote Java Currency application using Java Swing for the use of local desktop for the user.

Environment: JAVA1.4/1.5/1.6,J2EE,IBMMQSeries7.0,Servlets,JDBC,XML,WebServices, JSP2.0, HTML5&4,, Tomcat5.0, Hibernate3.2.6, XML, XSLT, UNIX, Shell Scripts, Oracle9i/11g, SQL, PL/SQL, Eclipse IDE 3.7, Design Patterns, VS2005/VS2008/C#/AJAX/

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