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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Over 8years of experience in IT industry and worked in different phases on system development including analysis, design, development, documentation, implementing, and testing using Java Stack Technologies
  • Excellent technical knowledge in Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JTA and XMLwith backend RDBMS like Oracle
  • Extensive experience in programming with J2EE and associated technologies including Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JDBC, JTA, JPA,Struts, Spring, Hibernate and SOAP/Rest web services
  • Experience with AJAX, REST and JSON and working with JavaScript frameworks like Bootstrap, Node.js and Angular JS
  • Implemented Angular 2.0 component router for navigation and services to connect the web application to the back - end API
  • Experience in working in environments using Agile (Scrum) and Test Driven Development (TDD)development methodologies.
  • Good experience in MVC frameworks like Angular JS alongwith Bootstrap
  • Expertise through all parts of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) in developing web applications using JAVA, J2EE, Web services, SOAP and RESTful
  • Extensive hands-on experience with core expertise in design, development, and deployment of N-Tier enterprise applications for the J2EE platform using Core Java, Servlets, Struts, Spring 3.x/4.x, Spring Boot, Hibernate,JSP , JNDI, JDBC, SOAP/Rest we b services and Junit
  • Hands on experience in Front-End technologies like Angular JS 1.4.7, Bootstrap 3.1, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Jquery, Ajax and Node JS, used for Responsive web design
  • Experience in XML related technologies like XML, DTD, JAXB, JAXP, SAX and DOM Parsers
  • Expertise in Web Components technologies like JSP, Servlets, JDBC, AJAX And designing enterprise applications using technologies like EJB, JNDI, and JMS.
  • Having knowledge on ( JMS ) MQ's like Rabbit MQ , IBM MQ and Active MQ
  • Expertise in the implementation of concepts JSP, Servlets,JSF,EJB transaction implementation JMS, Swing, Hibernate, JDBC, XML
  • Experience in building Web User Interface (UI) using HTML/HTML5, Angular JS, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, JQueryand PHP that are browser compatible
  • Experience with Tomcat, JBoss, Apache HTTP Server and IBM Web Sphere 7.0
  • Experience in designing and developingSOAP and Rest Web services
  • Hands on experience in working with Angular JavaScript, a client side MVCFramework
  • Good knowledge in using internet distributed applications like OSI model,TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Experience in Database Design, Creation and management of Schemas, writing stored procedures, functions, triggers, DDL, SQL queries. Experience in writing SQL and PL/SQL programming
  • Excellent knowledge in working with various databases like SQL server, MySQL, DB2 and NoSQL database like MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Strong Database design and development experience, which includes developing Stored Procedures, functions using SQL and PL/SQL in MS-SQL, Oracle, DB2,PostgreSQL databases
  • Good Experience in process Improvement and Continuous Integration by using Jenkins
  • Strong design and development experience with SDLC including Business modeling, Requirements gathering, Analysis and design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Integration. Extensive uses of various design methodologies like OOA & OOD, UML and Design Patterns
  • Strong experience in UNIX & Linux Shell scripting Bash and Perl scripting
  • Worked with Version Control Systems like GIT, CVS, SVN, and Rational Clear Case
  • Experience in SDLC, Agile (SCRUM) Methodology, Iterative, Waterfall, and OOPS
  • Vast knowledge of utilizing cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • Good experience in using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS SNS/SQS for delivering messages
  • Hands on experience on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB, RDS, VPC, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNSetc
  • Expertise in using Jasmine and Karma for unit testing of JavaScript
  • Experience in implementing end to end testing using Jasmine and Karma, Unit Testing using Junit, TestNG
  • Hands on experience in configuring and using Maven, Jenkins, Jira and Ant build tools
  • Worked with application servers like IBMWebSphere, Glass Fish, JBoss, WebLogic and Apache Tomcat
  • Strong exposure in the areas of Client/Server, Web Development and Object Oriented programming
  • Good knowledge in working with Collections API, Multithreading and OOPs technologies
  • Strengths include excellent interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to provide solutions from a functional and technical perspective, meet deadlines, quickly build client rapport and be a team player
  • Involved in creating a reusable component using React JS for DOM manipulation. Developed various screens for the front end using React JS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and Redux libraries
  • Non-blocking way for single thread applications using NODE.JS
  • Extensively used AWS to integration with Enterprise and Web applications
  • Expertise in using Jasmine and Karma for unit testing of JavaScript


Programming Languages: Java,C,C++,Python, JavaScript,HTML,XML, CSS,AJAX,JSON Angular JS, Node JS, PHP, React JS, jQuery, SQL,PL/SQL, UML

J2EE Technologies: JSP, Servlets,Struts,JDBC,JTA, JSP, Tiles, JSTL, JMS, XML (SAX &DOM), AJAX, Java Mail API, JAXB, ANT, Applets, JUnit, Log4J, CVS, SDLC, Hibernate, Spring 3.x/4.x, Spring Boot, Bootstrap

Web/App Servers: IBM WebSphere 7.x/6.x/5.x/4.x, Apache Tomcat 7.x/6.x/5.x, JRun, JBoss.

IDE Tools: Eclipse 4.x/3.x,IBM RAD 8.0/7.0, Edit plus, Notepad++,TextPad, Spring Tools Suite, NetBeans, MS Visual Studio.

JAX: WS, SOAP, REST, Micro services

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins

Data Bases: Oracle 8i/9i/11i, MY SQL, SQL Server, PLSQL, Mongo dB,PostgreSQL

Operating Systems: WINDOWS 9x/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, LINUX (Ubuntu and Centos)

Design Patterns: MVC, Front Controller, Session Fa ade, Singleton, Business Delegate and DAO patterns

Methodology: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Sprint.

Testing Tools/API: Junit 4.0, Spring Testing Framework, Selenium, Protractor and Selenium



Sr. Java Developer


  • Developed software code that complies with design specification and code software solutions to meet development and support deliverables
  • Participated in the design and development of new programs and subprograms, as well as enhancements, modifications, and corrections to existing software
  • Implemented the process using Agile (Scrum) methodology and Test-Driven Model(TDD).
  • Implemented Angular 2.0 component router for navigation and services to connect the web application to the back-end API.
  • Implemented Angular components for UI services to consume rest services using Component based architecture by providing Angular 2.0
  • Implementation of a responsive UI which will scale itself depending on the device, platform and browser using Angular2, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap
  • Worked on highly advanced user interface design and development using Angular2, Node Js, ES6, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Designed and developed Micro services using REST framework and Spring Boot
  • Used Micro services to communicate using synchronous protocols HTTP and REST for implementing SOA approach
  • Developed screens using JSP, DHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, JQUERY, Spring MVC, Core Java and XML
  • Engaged in developing the UI by using HTML, JSF, JQuery, and JavaScript and in some places used AJAX to make calls to other services
  • Used Spring Boot which is radically faster in building cloud Micro Services and develop Spring based application with very less configuration
  • Used spring framework and J2EE components, Utilized Spring Boot, IOC and DAO modules. Developed controller classes, backend process and complex services
  • Used Spring Inheritance to develop beans from already developed bean classes
  • Java programming with Multi-threading and performance tuning experience
  • Involved in web services design and development. Created and consumed web services using JSON, XML, and REST
  • Experience in Message Queue Handling to allow application to communications by sending messages to each other
  • Implemented JAX-RS (Restful) Web Services using JERSEY Framework
  • Used Micro service architecture, with SpringBoot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers
  • Using Angular 2.0, we created custom directives for re-usable components (multi-field form elements, background file uploads, etc.)
  • Developed single page application using angular.js and node.js with ng-view directive.
  • Worked with the Design tools like Vision for data integration
  • Involved in configuration and deployment of applications on the cloud using AWS
  • Used AWS Code deploy for automated deployment of EC2 instances
  • Used Devops Tools like Jenkins for continuous Integration and Deployment of servers
  • Involved in configuration and deployment of applications on the cloud using AWS
  • Install & configure development PostgreSQL 8.1.1 databases on Redhat Linux servers
  • Used Spring JPA Framework for persistence onto Oracle Database and used Spring Batch for scheduling and maintenance of batch jobs
  • Used Spring JPA to significantly improve the implementation of data access layers by reducing the effort to the amount’s that actually needed.
  • Built backend REST API with Node JS, Express JS and also Implemented modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirement.
  • Used Groovy as a scripting language for the Java Platform, that is dynamically compiled to Java virtual machine (JVM) bytecode, and interoperates with other Java code and libraries
  • Expertise in using Jasmine and Karma for unit testing of JavaScript
  • Wrote Jasmine unit tests using Karma to verify AngularJS modules and JavaScript utility routines
  • Used JUnit to write repeatable tests mainly for unit testing and deployed the application in DEV, QA, and Production environments
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration Testing and generating of test cases for web applications using Junit and Log4J
  • Using JBoss application server based upon the project
  • Used Hibernate Detached Criteria, HQL and written some SQL queries for data retrieving
  • Implemented Hibernate to map all the tables from different data sources to make database updating. Explored Map-reduce algorithm and NoSQL
  • Involved in implementing TDD functionality of extreme programming in software development life cycle.
  • Developed advanced queries to create, populate, update and backup MySQL tables and databases
  • Created and presented training materials for Groovy, Unit Testing, the Gradle build framework and others.
  • Created the React.JS expressServer combined with Socket.io to build MVC framework from front-end side Angular JS to back-end MongoDB, to provide broadcast service as well as chatting service
  • Designed, built, and deployed a multitude applications utilizing almost all of the AWS stack (Including EC2, MongoDB focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling).

Environment: J2EE, Java 8, Agile (Scrum),Spring 4.x, Hibernate, JDBC Driver, JMS, JTA, JPA, JSON, Angular.js, Unix, Node.js, Maven, JUnit, Jenkins, RESTful Web Services,TDD, MicroServices,JMS, IBM MQ series,JBoss,IBM WebSphere, GIT, AWS, IBM RAD 9.1, DB2, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jasmine, Gradle,POSTMAN and Selenium, SQL Server, PL/SQL.

Confidential, NJ

Java Developer


  • Involved in SCRUM process of AGILE methodology in Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development through iterations
  • Used AngularJS form validations for validating the client side data
  • Used Maven scripts to build and deploy war files to QA environment
  • Wrote JUnit test cases to test the server side Modules.
  • Used Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of Control(IOC) and implemented using spring Annotation
  • Developed views and controllers using Spring MVC and Spring Core
  • Used Spring Core container to implement IOC and to manage EJBs in EJB container
  • Developed the Method and Object Level security using Spring Security
  • Extensively used Spring MVC and Hibernate Framework for data handling
  • Involved in implementing the Hibernate API for database connectivity
  • Developed Hibernate mapping configuration files to provide the relation between java objects and database tables
  • Coded JSP pages and used JavaScript for client side validations and to achieve other client-side event handling
  • Worked with web services team to define new RESTful web services and modify existing services
  • Designed the user interface of the application using HTML , CSS3 , JavaScript , AngularJS , AJAX and PHP
  • Coded in AngularJSMVC Framework to make single page app (spa) and complex price configurations pages
  • Worked with Java libraries to access AWS facilities as Simple Storage Service.
  • Application integration using Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ
  • Excellent implementation knowledge of Distributed Web Services/ Enterprise / Web / Client- Server systems using Java, J2EE ( JSP , Servlets , JDBC, EJB, JNDI, JMS, JAXP, JAXB, SDO, JPA), XML, SOA Web services, ESB, JINI and Java Spaces Technology
  • Worked on Java Script libraries like jQuery and JSON
  • Using Junit for testing the application
  • Developed build tasks to run the unit tests on Jenkins
  • Maintaining separate build in Maven for the module for easy integration to the portal build and configure with Jenkins
  • Using SVN version controller to manage the code versions
  • Using Maven build tool to build and deploy the application
  • Using JBoss application server based upon the project
  • Build the application using TDD (Test Driven Development) approach.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to register agents using non-java application
  • Used Micro services to communicate through HTTP protocol for implementing SOA approach.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for unit testing
  • Managed and maintained Oracle and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases in production domain
  • Experienced in implementing the Node.js server side code along with Express framework to interact with MongoDB to store and retrieve data by using the Mongoose package
  • Experience in NoSQL (MongoDB) in using Hierarchy Modelling Techniques like Tree Aggregation, Adjacency Lists and materialized paths
  • Experience in using NoSQL (MongoDB) data models document, key-value & wide column, or graph model

Environment: Java 8, spring, Agile/Scrum, Hibernate/JPA, AngularJS, Node.js,TDD, JavaScript, REST, XML, XML Schema, DOM, HTML, Ajax, PHP, SQL, JBoss, Maven, CVS, SOA, JSF,Gradle,Apache Kafka, Jenkins, RabbitMQ and Agile

Confidential, NJ

Java Developer


  • Collected required information from Agents for documenting the requirements of Accounting module, claims module
  • Designed and developed the application using agile methodology and followed TDD and Scrum.
  • Involved in development of User Interface using XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, DOJO and JSTL
  • Created Dialog boxes using DOJO for better look and feel
  • Used XSLT for all the front end development
  • Used Spring MVC framework at the front end and configured many beans and wired (dependency injection) them as per the requirement
  • Used JSON to transfer the request from the web page to the server
  • Used Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) as a version controlling for the source code check in and check outs
  • Used Angular.js and Node.js for developing single page web applications
  • Implement modules into Node.js to integrate with designs and requirements
  • Provided data persistence by object/relational mapping solution via Hibernate for application save, update and delete operations
  • Implemented interceptors using Hibernate, build and release Spring Boot framework
  • Got exposure to build and deploy the changes in a production environment by executing the build script and deploying the compiled GWT client side code and server side code to the production server
  • Responsible for design and developing Persistence classes using Hibernate, and Spring JDBC Template frameworks to save data in database tables
  • Worked on JPA for persisting the objects into the system
  • Involved in helping the UNIX and Splunk administrators to deploy Splunk across the UNIX and windows environment
  • Design and develop automation framework using Java, Selenium web driver, JUnit, Maven, Ant and SVN
  • Created services for various modules like Account Creation and Maintenance using SPRING
  • Used apache-Maven tool to build, configure, and package and deploy an application project
  • Used Jenkins for build maven project
  • Worked on Axis implementation and used SOAP UI to test the SOAP
  • Worked on XML, XSD and XSLT to parse the request and create the new one based on the specification
  • Extensive experience with AngularJS, creating custom directives, decorators, and services to interface with both restful and legacy network services also DOM applications
  • Used ANT tool to build and deploy applications
  • Using JBoss application server based upon the project
  • Developed generic Java packages to produce and consume JMS messages through topics and queues in asynchronous message processing with guaranteed deliver
  • Generated the required XML files to transfer data between the server and the web pages
  • Used DOM parser for validating the XML files against their respective XMLschemas
  • XPATH expressions are used to extract data from the XML files
  • Developed unit test cases using JUnit and Mock Objects

Environment: XSLT, AJAX, HTML,Angular.js, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, DOJO,TDD, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, JUnit, DB2, DB Visualizer, Eclipse IDE, CVS, XPath, Restful Web Services, XMLSchema, DOM parser and fiddler

Confidential, Washington, DC

Java J2EE Developer


  • Involved in Requirement Analysis to understand the Company needs for various downstream systems
  • Involved in deciding the WEB Service architecture with XML and SOAP for integrating with heterogeneous systems
  • Designed and implemented SOAP XML Request and Response, WEB Service WSDL using XML SPY
  • Implemented WEB Service using Apache SOAP API (2.1), WASD
  • Designed and implemented subsystem for administrative tasks (like verify data loads, consistency check and notify clients for data extract) using SERVLETS, session and Entry bean and java classes
  • Designed Health Check module to monitor current health of the system as well as a database connection
  • Designed and guided the team for implementing Client module and XSL conversions using XSLT (XALAN)
  • Handled database interaction writing SQL Queries, Oracle 10g was used as Database for central Fund repository. The service was deployed on WEBSPHERE 4.0
  • Worked on RESTful APIs for HTTP requests between client and server.
  • Used Spring framework to achieve loose coupling between the layers thus moving towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) exposed through Restful Services
  • Developed dynamic WEB screens, Customization of the screens done using JSP
  • Tested and debugged SERVLETS, JSP using Visual age JSP execution monitor
  • Used JDBC for communicating with the database
  • Developed APPLETS for communication
  • Client and server side validation did in JavaScript
  • Involved in writing XML documents. Involved in writing build scripts using UNIX

Environment: CORE JAVA, EJB, JDBC, JSP, Oracle 10g, WEBSPHERE, SERVLETS, Symantec Visual Cafe 3.0 Database edition, HTML, Restful Webservices,Red Hat Linux Release 6.1, UNIX, and Windows


Web Developer


  • Involved in writing XML documents. Involved in writing build scripts using UNIX
  • Involved in coding for Project Management, Leave Management, and Quality Management modules
  • Extensively used JSP Scriptlets and Java Beans to develop the frontend web pages.
  • Wrote Servlets to process the request and create a response object
  • Involved in unit, integration and system testing

Environment: Java SE 6, JSP2.1, Servlets2.5, JDBC, Oracle11g, Windows, UNIX, CVS, ANT, Tomcat and My Eclipse

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