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Java Developer Resume

Carmel, IN


  • 6 years of experience in software development of Java/J2EE applications with strong Object Oriented Programming skills
  • Experience in developing Server Side Programming using Spring Framework include Spring Boot (MicroService), Spring Security, SpringData JPA, Spring Redis familiar with quick developing of Java backend flow
  • Experience in using Spring IOC, Spring AOP, SpringMVC to develop RESTful web services
  • Experience in developing front end UI using HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSP, JSTL etc.
  • Extensive Experience in Core Java technology such as Multi - Threading, Collections, Exception Handling, Polymorphism etc
  • Familiar with Oracle database, MySQL
  • Experience in RMDB concepts including writing Queries, Functions, Triggers, Stored Procedures and Batch Processes. Hands on experience in SQL, HQL
  • Professional Experience in OOD Methodology. Familiar with Java design patterns like Singleton, Factory, Observer, Template, Prototype, Proxy etc
  • Experience in deploying web application in Apache Tomcat Server
  • Familiar with software development process Aglie
  • Familiar with Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) of business applications.
  • Experience with development tools like Git, SVN and Maven
  • Experience in RMDB concepts including queries.
  • Familiar with Network Communication Protocol like Http request(GET, PUT), three times handshaking, four times handshaking
  • Familiar with using WebLogic and WebSphere to deploy application
  • Acting as a Team player with the positive attitude and ability to learn in a fast pace environment


Programming Languages: Java, SQL, Python, R

J2EE Technologies: Spring IOC Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Servlet, JSP, JDBC

Frameworks: Spring, Spring Boot, Data JPA, Spring Redis, Hibernate

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, Angular, JSON, REST

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic

Database: Oracle 11g/10g, MySQL

Testing/Control Tools: JUnit, Git, Maven

Operation Systems: Windows, IOS, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu


Confidential, Carmel, IN

Java Developer


  • Involve in the team to integrate the Spring Boot, Data JPA, Spring Redis
  • Use JPA to develop JpaRespository for accessing the database to create, remove, update and read the data
  • Use Spring Boot to develop the RESTful Controller and Service layer to handle the customer requests
  • Apply Spring Validation framework to validate the parameters passed from the front end
  • Use Spring Redis to store the company information to decrease the number of IO to the database and increase the response time for the application
  • Use Spring AOP and Log4j frameworks for logging and debugging
  • Use Fixed Thread Pool to increase the concurrency
  • Use Quartz to do the scheduled jobs like each day of 12:00 P.M will calculate the amount the requests of today
  • Use Junit4 for the Unit test case and WebSphere for the application Server
  • Use Maven for the dependencies management, build process and packaging

Environment: Eclipse, Java8, Spring Boot, Data JPA, Spring Redis, Quartz, Junit4, WebSphere, Oracle, Log4j, Git, Maven

Confidential, BrisBene, CA

Java Developer


  • Involved in completed Software Development Life Cycle of design(SDLC), development, testing and deployment of application
  • Integrated with Spring, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Hibernate framework
  • Involved in Module layer, View layer, Service layer to implement the MVC module
  • Used Hibernate framework for the data persistence
  • Used Hibernate Validation framework to validate the parameter passed from front end
  • Applied Spring frame work (Spring IOC) to inject java bean to each layers of the application
  • Developed repository, controller, service to handle the request from the user
  • Wrote SQL/HQL to create, update, read, remove data from/to database (Oracle Database 10g)
  • Applied Spring AOP technology and Log4j framework for efficient logging and debugging
  • Used Cached Thread Pool to solve the high concurrence problem
  • Used Junit for the Unit test. Used WebLogic to deploy to the product environment
  • Used Maven to maintain the dependencies
  • Used Git for version control

Environment: Eclipse, Java7, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Oracle, Log4j, Git, Maven, Junit, WebLogic

Confidential, Shanghai, CN

Java Developer


  • Participated in the team cooperation with Agile developing cycle
  • Designed and Implemented Data Access Object (DAO)
  • Used Hibernate framework for data persistence, also used Hibernate Annotation to maintain the relationship between each entity
  • Applied Hibernate Template to update, remove, read, create data from data base
  • Developed service layer, developed different methods to handle requests
  • Used Core Java technologies, Exception Handling, IO etc
  • Developed Unit Test by using Junit to test the business logics
  • Developed a Servlet filter to handle each request
  • Used JSTL to develop a JSP for the project’s front-end display
  • Fixed bugs and Maintained the project

Environment: Java7, Eclipse, JSP, Servlet, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Tomcat, XML, JDBCJSTL, Spring

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