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Full Stack Developer Resume

Culver City, CA


Front End: JavaScript, ReactJs, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Single Page Application

Middle Tier/Back End: ASP.Net, RESTful API, C#, SQL, ASP.Core, Node.js

Other Technical Skills: Visual Studio 2017, Chrome Developer Tools, GIT/TFS, Third Party API Integration, Instagram API, Redux, Redux Tools, Postman, Sql Server Management Studio, Visual Studio Code


Confidential, Culver City, CA

Full Stack Developer


  • Confidential is a Social Commerce Influencer Exchange application Social Commerce Merchants can search for Social Media Influencers to recruit for their social media - based sales campaigns. Confidential provides these Social Media Influencers with the tools and support necessary to post to/search for specific campaigns within their specialties.
  • Confidential simplifies the introduction of an infinite number of Influencers that Merchants can use as a virtual sales force, including reporting and ranking metrics.
  • Designed and developed the SignalR based chat instant message communication features that allowed for communication between merchants and influencers.
  • Enhanced the experience by notifying any currently logged in user of pending message via on screen notification, message indicator and optional audio tone.
  • Integrated the instagram feature onto the websiteApi for Influencers which enables the onsite rendering of an account feed and displays account statiscs for Merchant review
  • Application was developed using C#, ASP.NET, .Net Core 2.x,TFS, Visual Studio 2017, Instagram API, SignalR, Reactjs, Axios, JavaScript, Git, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap 4.x, CSS3, HTML5, Google Maps, T-SQL, SQL Server 2016, SSMS 2017, Postman, Agile/Scrum Methodologies

Confidential, Norwalk, CA

General Contractor


  • Facilitated multiple projects, speeding up the process of jobs that needed to be get done. Followed strict guidelines for each project and made sure every aspect of each project was fulfilled accordingly and was finished by each deadline.
  • Implementing skills in reaching out to multiple companies and finding the best subcontractor for each aspect of a project for the best price and efficiency of each subcontractor.
  • Obtained new guidelines and construction plans for each project showcasing a skill to learn and adapt very quickly according to what is necessary.
  • Main architect in the planning and execution of the main website for the company.

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