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Sr. Java Consultant Resume

Tampa, FL


  • About 11 Years of technical expertise on analysis, design, development, deployment, integration, implementation, testing and supporting Real Time Applications with excellent stakeholder management skills by working at client locations in different countries(USA, UK, Germany and India).
  • Certified AWS Associate, have experience in architecting and developing self - healing & secure cloud-based services and applications using Amazon AWS service like Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2), Simple Storage Service(S3), Lambda, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CloudFront, Route 53, Auto Scaling, ELB, RDS, AMI, IAM.
  • Have strong hands on experience in developing micro services using SpringBoot application.
  • Development experience in micro services using Swagger (API documentation), circuit breaker, Hystrix fall back mechanism, Redis(in memory DB).
  • Have through implementation experience of Java 8 concepts, Lamba expressions, usage of streams.
  • Have Strong hands on experience in developing web applications using String MVC and Hibernate.
  • Oracle ATG(e-Commerce) Certified developer, having hands on experience in, ATG Commerce - Pricing and promotions, Product Catalogue, Purchase process, Fulfillment. ATG BCC - Product induction, Customizing UI and workflows, managing web hierarchy, publishing management and in ATG Personalization, Endeca, ATG CSC, Java/J2EE, PL/SQL and web technology skills.
  • Have enforced and implemented coding standards using SonarQube and JACOCO code coverage
  • Experience in writing integration test and unit test use cases using Junit, Mockito and ATG Dust Case.
  • Front-end Development using JSP, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX,JSON, Angular JS.
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting using APP Dynamics, Dynatrace and SPLUNK tool.
  • Have experience in various code version maintenance tools like Git Hub,SVN, TFS and Accurev.
  • Development experience in high volume high scalable environment and involved in all SDLC life cycles.
  • Experience in directly managing the high volume production environment for multiple large retail clients and ability to deliver work under pressure, with in timelines and of high quality.
  • Functional experience in SCM modules like Order Management, Purchasing, and Inventory
  • Translate wireframes, creative design, and functional requirements into functional HTML/ CSS / JavaScript.
  • Web Service Technologies - SOAP, WSDL, AXIS2, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, REST Full Web services, XML and XSD.
  • Experience in Oracle, DB2 and PL/SQL.
  • Non-Functional testing support for application and fine tuning the code & configuration to meet the Service Level Agreements with business teams.
  • Integrating with other systems TIBCO, OMS, PIM, SAP, DO (Delivery Options).
  • Christmas scaling and data centre migration activities - make sure no impact and minimal downtime.
  • Tracking all the live defects and prioritizing with product owners.
  • Participated in creating and assisting Testers to create Load test scripts and monitoring them.
  • Participated in SIT/UAT/NFT and providing the RCA for failures.
  • Omniture report analysis and identifying the time taking process/ areas and thus helping to increase the order conversion rates.
  • Work closely with stake holders (Client, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Team) to ensure high quality deliverables
  • Hands on experience in Software engineering models like SCRUM and Agile Methodologies and lead/ participate daily SCRUM meetings.
  • Understand client requirements and system specifications.
  • Participate in iteration planning, project/task definition, assignation
  • Improved code quality and efficiency by mentoring developers in challenging areas and by efficient code reviews.
  • Solid background in Object-Oriented analysis and design. Very good at various Design Patterns, UML.
  • Having Team Lead experience & Ability to train team members in creating solutions.
  • Strong communication skills involving direct client interaction, onsite-offshore teams, third party services teams and ability to work independently with minimum supervision.


Technologies: Java 1.8, Spring, Hibernate, Micro Services, Servlets, Maven, JSP, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JAXB, LOG4J, SAX/DOM Parsers, Web Services(JAX-RPC, JAX-RS, SOAP,REST)

Scripting Languages: HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Angular JS.

Application/Web Servers: ATG 9.X,10.X,11.X, WebLogic, IIS5.0, JBOSS & Tomcat

Frameworks: Amazon Web Services(AWS), ATG eCommerce, Struts, Hibernate, Log4j, Junit 4.8.1

Databases & Tools: Oracle10g/9i, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD

IDE’s and Tools: Eclipse 3.0/3.3, MyEclipse 6.0, ANT1.5, Toad, SOAP UI 4.6.3, SPLUNK, CA APM, Cisco ANM, JMeter, SonarQube, Confluence, Jira, Akamai

Version Controls: CVS and Subversion(SVN), TFS, GIT

Environment: WindowsNT/2000/XP, Unix and Linux


Confidential, Tampa, FL

Sr. Java Consultant


  • Have developed micro services for various functionalities using SpringBoot.
  • Have developed micro services using Swagger for API documentation, implemented circuit breaker to monitor the continuous service availability, Hystrix fall back mechanism to call default implementation in the event of any failure and Redis in memory database which also serves the purpose of caching.
  • Experience in managing and securing the Custom AMI's, AWS account access using IAM.
  • Managed storage in AWS using Elastic Block Storage, S3, created Volumes and configured Snapshots
  • Experience configuring AWS S3 and their lifecycle policies and to backup files and archive files in Amazon Glacier
  • Experience in creating and maintaining the databases in AWS using RDS.
  • Experience in Creating various CloudWatch alarms that sends an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) message when the alarm triggers.
  • Have implemented the CI/CD, Junits using Mockito for JACOCO code coverage and deploying various services to EC2 instances of AWS environment.
  • Have redesigned and implemented the device payment, program eligibility, individual plans and various reason codes validations in micro services.
  • Have handled the regression support for multiple releases.
  • Have handled multiple production releases support and change controls.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings, grooming calls for story boarding with the business team.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring Boot, AWS, ATG 11.2, GIT bucket, One stash, Jenkins, Swagger, CI/CD, Mickito, Weblogic, Soap UI, Java Script, Eclipse, CSS, XML, Oracle 10G, JMS, AXIS2, Web Services, Oracle SQL Developer, Jira, Confluence.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Sr. Lead Consultant


  • Leading the project as a team lead for Commerce module.
  • Understanding of business requirements, design and document technical design for the business requirements.
  • Providing day-to-day solutions for the business needs.
  • Business requirement discussions in the brand meetings and requirement clarifications.
  • Leading the team, assigning & tracking the tasks
  • As an onsite coordinator, discussed the requirements & team clarifications with clients
  • P1 and P2 issue fixes and monitoring production logs.
  • Creating promotions for the production environment as per business requirement
  • Adding/Updating new pages in production using Endeca experience manager.
  • Creating automated tests using tools like JUnit and Jenkins for testing the application.
  • Performed Code Review for every change made by the developers.
  • Maintenance of catalog for multi-site across Confidential .
  • Deployment of application into UAT and pre-production testing environments.
  • Worked with ATG team to simulate and fix for unresolved ATG BCC project deployment issues.
  • Provided the critical Christmas scaling support and scaled up the estate by adding burst servers.

Environment: Java 1.7, ATG 10.2, Weblogic, Soap UI, Java Script, Eclipse, CSS, XML, Oracle 10G, JMS, AXIS2, Web Services, Log4J, Oracle SQL Developer, Jira, SVN, Confluence, Jenkins.


ATG Technical Lead


  • Responsible for migrating the legacy telegram application to the current ATG shop site.
  • Involved in design (LLD and HLD), development and release strategy to production which comprises of induction of telegram products from SAP system, one page configurator to configure and add desired telegram, handled the checkout to sending details to different fulfillment systems based on the business conditions.
  • Successfully rolled out and executed the production deployment implementation strategy for rollout of BCC in efiliale and achieved with a minimal downtime of 90min estimated against to 14hours of downtime.
  • Has coordinated the 10 days workshop in Berlin with the UI team (Pixelpark) in designing the technical and strategy for the front end to the backend integration and help them understand the ATG framework, to make the shop site responsive.
  • Strategized and successfully migrated the application from ATG 9.2 to ATG 11 with very minimal issues.
  • Implemented a new payment method called PostPay and several improvements to the re-direction service and also the inclusion of additional services to IM.
  • Enhanced the security features of the site by customizing the request pipeline and eased the content management by writing the custom tag libraries.
  • Designing solutions for new enhancements, leading team for implementation, reviews, estimation, planning, tracking, reporting, ensuring smooth delivery to production
  • Introduced the usage of SonarQube in the build machine, to monitor and alert the code quality report daily and it helped in substantial improvement of the code quality for every release.
  • Direct point of contact for the T-Systems (manages production estate), for the P1 technical issues, blockers and help them by trouble shooting and fixing the issues.
  • Took the ownership & responsibility of maintaining the UAT and all local environments by ensuring that the blockers were removed in time for the smooth progress of the testing.
  • Timely meetings with the third party company for the maintenance of production environment, closure of tickets and production rollout plans.
  • Coordinating with the business team and respective stakeholders for the implementation of new features in the website.

Environment: Java 1.6, ATG 11.0, WebLogic, Soap UI, Java Script, Eclipse, XML, Oracle 10G, JMS, AXIS2, Web Services, Log4J, Oracle SQL Developer, Junit, SonarQube, Angular JS.


Sr. Java Developer


  • I am involved in designing and delivering the complete front end application and ATG BCC.
  • Front end application includes my account, search and browse, product details, shopping basket, checkout, payment, order placement and sending order to third party system for fulfillment. All this process includes implementation of ATG OOTB
  • Customizing and integrating to different system via web services login and profile handling, inventory check from third party system, getting delivery options and charges for order shipping, checking for staff discount eligibility, payment through multiple tender type - Voucher, Gift card and credit card, adding points for user order etc.
  • Direct integration to third party system through different ways like endeca for Search, Bazaar voice for reviews and ratings, Scene 7 for image, Choice Stream for personalization, Web analytics for User Activity Tracking, threat metrics and T3M for fraud check etc.
  • Extensive work flow and BCC customization required across various modules across CA.
  • Involved in the design and development of product induction from PIM to ATG, managing web hierarchy, pricing, promotions.
  • Written a new pricing engine (rule based) and customization to accommodate points based promotions.
  • Developed custom module to migrate the web hierarchy and promotions data from legacy system in to ATG.
  • Involved in design and configuration of staging, beta preview and implemented switching.
  • Troubleshooting and optimization of BCC publishing.
  • Designed and developed IETL tool and involved in integrating the ETL tool for price recalculation and promotions transformation, also implemented multi-threading to improve the performance by many folds.
  • Single point of contact for the BCC stream issues across all environments and tracking all the live defects and prioritizing with product owners.
  • Kanban Point of Contact for Critical Production issues.
  • Played a key role in setting the clustering environments for ATG and Endeca, for live site and NFT.
  • Writing core payment group components (Card, Vouchers, Gift Card components) for the application.
  • Writing out of box ATG Component according to the business needs
  • Involved in Database base design and modeling.
  • Fixing high level and critical bugs in the application.
  • Developing form handler objects which interacts with Intra and CSR based application.
  • Working with multiple streams to reduce the dependency
  • Requirements analysis, proposing new web look & feel approaches to customer
  • Designing Mock-Up GUI pages for modeling the screens for initial approval
  • Implemented Role based access security to limit the functionality based on User Role

Environment: ATG 9.X, JBOSS, J2EE, OMS, Oracle 10G, XML, DOM, JavaScript, AJAX, Rest, Java, JSP, JSTL, Ant, Firebug Plug-in, Web Test.

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

Java Technology Analyst


  • Translate wireframes, creative design, and functional requirements into functional HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript
  • I was involved for the page developing by using ATG droplets, form handlers and tags and also customization of the same as per the business need.
  • Was involved in scenario server customization
  • Was involved in integrations with other application like Triad Digital Media, e-Bay etc. Along with web service integrations. In Web service integrations have worked for both consuming as well as hosting web services.
  • Responsible for creation of Organization repository and thus managing the pricing through pricelists based on users in organization.
  • Creating Use cases, Writing web flow and controllers.
  • Implemented enhancements based on Client requirement.
  • Wrote JUnit Test cases for Unit testing.
  • Good experience in implementation of Internationalization (i18n) in web applications Developed Web services and provided WSDL file to other team.
  • Performed Client side validations using Java script.
  • Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures to interact with the DB.
  • As a point of contact in onsite for all the priority issues and helping in resolving blockers in the SIT and UAT environments.

Environment: ATG 9, Java, JSP, AJAX, Oracle, Eclipse, HTML, log4j, XML, CSS, SOAP UI and UNIX

Sr. Software Engineer



  • Converted the wireframes to the jsp’s to view the history or archival data entered by the drivers of the truck and see the wage estimates given the driver information.
  • Written the batch jobs with Structs framework with Hibernate as backend, which processes the different codes entered by driver in sequence and sends the prompts to the Mine frame system.
  • Calculate the deductions in payroll based on the breaks taken by the truck drivers and sent the report to the payroll calculation system
  • Supported the UAT and the production rollout.
  • Worked on Java scripting Front end validation and HTML Frames Implementation.

Environment: Java, JavaScript, XML, JMS, Spring MVC, Hibernate.


ATG Developer


  • Developing business requests on demand basis.
  • Coordinating with the onsite team to understand the business requirements.
  • Worked closely with UI team and conversion of static JSP’s to dynamo pages and forms handling through AJAX.
  • Developed the closet drag and drop features by adding configurable sku’s to the basket.
  • Involved in implementing the pricing re-calculations and application of promotions based on profile.
  • Involved in the implementation of collective invoices based on the options opted by the customer (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly).
  • Unit testing and bug fixing.
  • Ensuring the development with code quality

Environment: ATG 7.1, Java, AJAX, JavaScript, JMS and JBoss.

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