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Sr. Engineer, Product Development Resume


Lead software developer focused on product development, design, prototyping, and integration of software solutions. Expertise includes mobile app development, full - stack web development, rapid-prototyping, UX/UI, software architecture, and hardware integration with ongoing exposure to innovative technologies.


Languages: Swift, Python, Java, Perl, Javascript/JQuery, C/C++

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis

Technologies: iOS/Android (Mobile Development),, Docker, Django, Pylons, Node.js, React, Arduino, Git, MQTT, CSS/HTML5, XML/JSON, Linux/OSX, Rapid Prototyping, IoT


Sr. Engineer, Product Development

Confidential, Bay Area, CA


  • Consulting and development of full-stack application and iOS prototype used in PoC trials for client.
  • Developed and launched two iOS apps, released in the App Store November 1 (see last section)

Sr. Engineer, Product Development

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Led development of an iOS Augmented Reality (AR) application in Swift to optimize placement of in-home, 5G antenna. App sends GPS data to backend service and makes API calls for distance, location, signal strength, vector, etc. to closest 5G cell-sites in JSON format; updates to overlay camera view for live view.
  • Created rapid-prototyping platform leveraging Docker container technology. Architected backend services on XenServer using Docker private registry, Gitlab repo, and MQTT messaging platform. Intel development boards receive updates via MQTT to contact registry, acquire and download updated Docker images with additional functionality and features, reboot and provide new services.
  • Python integration code for speech-recognition command module (PocketSphinx) on a Docker image
  • Received US Patent 9,830,166 B2, Nov 28, 2017 for Software Defined IOT Controller based on the project.
  • Developed software for numerous, full-stack, Django web applications including:
  • Dashboard and API interface to multiple RF-attenuation matrix devices across shielded rooms.
  • Platform-as-a-Service dashboard and end-to-end solution using RedHat Openshift on Verizon Cloud.
  • IoT cell-site monitoring and control application w/sensors for motion, temp, smoke, surveillance, etc
  • Python middleware linking VZW App Store to partner API for sending and virus scanning apk files
  • Client/server/app demo-signage management solution and apps running Android-based monitors.
  • Developed many Android applications, including:
  • Co-developed app for on-demand 2D-to-3D video conversion; featured in the Verizon booth at CES
  • App that determines LTE latency, number of hops, and download speed to destination servers from nationwide devices using ping and simulated traceroute on non-rooted phones.
  • Implemented an Android stub application framework distributed to partners for customizations, then preloaded on 4 LTE launch devices; became highest grossing apps in the VZW App Store.
  • Phonegap plugin integrating in-app billing for use with HTML/Javascript applications
  • Hardware/software prototyping projects;
  • 4G controlled RC toy car using Raspberry Pi w/streaming video and control over LTE.
  • Prototyped solution for VZW partner ride-sharing company to automate provisioning of large numbers of Android phones for drivers using Arduino Uno via keyboard commands over USB.
  • Python connection manager, command line monitoring dashboard and sample code for partners integrating VZW 4G USB Modem to their hardware products
  • Led Micro-transactions & Subscriptions SDK Beta developer programs. Developed all technical programming documentation and worked with external SDK architects to refine the release SDK.
  • Ongoing responsibility to analyze/assess/recommend numerous innovative startup and third-party technology solutions for incubation in the Innovation Center/VZW ecosystem.

Senior Consultant, Advisory Security

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Developed complex OO Perl tool that connected to over 100 internal servers, extracted privileged account details (group,sudoers,etc), analyzed, and provided ongoing security reporting at Fortune 25 company.
  • Wrote Java application that transformed bulk data into XML for ingestion into client’s dashboard.
  • OO Perl program to perform automated security analysis of Oracle databases and Unix OS configuration for internal SOX compliance testing purposes at U.S. multi-national companies.
  • Developed architecture based on products from OpenSSH, OpenLDAP, Tectia, SFTPPlus to secure authentication between AIX Unix and MVS mainframe systems at large credit card company.
  • Defined a threat model framework and supporting process descriptions, tables and tools to help analyze and evaluate relevant security threats to the Data Warehouse environment (applications, mainframe, database, OS, and network platforms) at large credit card company.
  • Detailed analysis of high-volume application architecture and documentation/data flow diagrams describing the inter-operations of all application components at a Fortune 100 credit card company.
  • Audited configurations for range of OS/Database/Network devices, Active Directory, LDAP, Solaris, Cisco IOS, Oracle, and SAP against security best practices and provided recommendations to clients for SOX compliance.

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