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Application Architect/senior Developer Resume

Herndon, VA


Application Architect and Senior Developer with Java full - stack application interaction design and development experience including across multiple cloud infrastructures; Cross-functional background in Applied Science and Informational Technology.


Coding Experience: Typescript/RxJS, Java/J2EE/Spring related technologies, Camunda, MyBatis, Angular, React, Spring Boot, Microservices, C++/C, Linux Shell scripts, Mathematica, CERN, BPMN, DMN, XML, SQL ~10+ years combined

Cloud Environments: IBM Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid, on-prem), Oracle Cloud (OCI), Amazon Cloud (AWS)


Application Architect/Senior Developer

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Architected microservice based tool-suite (AATSON) for IBM Cloud Managed Application Services for Oracle products to adhere to business processes; developed multiple components for end to end automation.
  • Actively participated in DevOps environment implementing tool sets and best practices for automation while suggesting architecture improvements and conducting tool evaluations.
  • Responsible for technologically backed business cases advocacy. Navigated team through multiple technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Actuator, REST-API, Github, Hierarchical State-Machine, MyBatis, Camunda, RxJS, Angular, Docker.
  • Developed worker-scripts for the orchestrator and a flexible data access tier using MyBatis over MySQL DB for its middleware; Support for multiple public cloud environments such as OCI, AWS are in development. Deployed OVM VM in a variety of IBM cloud environments using these tools.
  • Designed Business process manager using BPMN/DMN standards with Camunda to manage orchestration workflow over multiple cloud infrastructure APIs such as IBM-ISM, SL, Oracle VM Manager and custom scripts.
  • Originated two GTS Bluehack project ideas, collaborated with IBM Master Inventor, presented to V.P., Managed Services, and got commendations; have been parts of other qualifying submissions as well.
  • Currently leading Design and Development for Angular based Reactive UI development based on SIP and Router-first principle. Evaluating Terraform, Ansible on OCI, Kubernetes and OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Alexendria, VA


  • Development-Lead of pre-examination processing protocol implementation for Industrial Designs applications data and documents under Hague System for International Registrations.
  • Participated in High level design and detailed design meetings with development teams of Hague System and Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) project.
  • Used Java and Java Spring to develop a large-scale backend engine to batch process and develop analytics software using Eclipse and Java.
  • Installed/configured and developed on local tomcat/Apache server instances in dev. environment using software resources including Java/J2EE, JDK, JRE, Maven.
  • Implemented a modern and simplified data layer for database connectivity using SQL language and MyBatis - Spring Java persistent framework with Oracle database as backend in a dynamic environment.
  • Coded crucial central business logic using Set theory, that linearized complex overlaps in a set of actions recorded between patent office and applicants to calculate delay-adjustments for granting of patents; made dependent records easily maintainable and traceable into existing database schema.

Member of Technical Staff

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Identified, Verified and Fixed multiple issues in Linux kernel and user space device drivers for Chelsio’s 10GbE and pre-production of 40GbE low latency, high bandwidth Network Devices.
  • Performed HW/SW Diagnostics including WHCK tests on Windows Next platforms for 40G SMB Direct over iWARP capability.
  • Provided features and enhancements in user space utilities for network device.
  • Developed application and tests for SDP port-mapper to service SMB/CIFS protocol.
  • Provided maintenance for drivers that support Data Center friendly features (FCoE, VLAN, NAS, DCB) and protocols (iSCSI, iWARP) over hardware supported TCP/IP full offload.

Research Engineer

Confidential, Mountain View, CA


  • Developed programs in Visual C++, Java, Scripts, and proprietary software. Performed white-box testing for multiple level interfaces of Guzik integrated test and measurement system for HDD.
  • Developed and tested HDL firmware using test-bench, ModelSim and real signal waveform on programmed CPLD/FPGAs on board; used 13GHz analog bandwidth and over 40GS/sec sampling rate real-time acquisition for areas including avionics, military electronics.

Software Ecosystem Developer

Confidential, Raleigh, NC


  • Worked to design and managed online delivery of content and services towards a formative and summative assessment of a class.
  • Developed tools to assist an educator author, compile, deliver and assess online and educational material with pedagogical best practices.
  • Assisted marketing team with onsite presentation of the product to clients. Currently listed in company’s technical board of advisors.

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