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Architect And Hands-on ( Mulesoft / Java / J2ee ) Consultant Resume

Cambridge, MA


  • Technical “Architect and Hands - on” engineer with over 19 years of experience in architecture design, evaluation / selection of technology, design, development and business process modeling in cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises (private cloud and third-party), public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.
  • Expertise in architecture, designing and developing full life-cycle software as well as supporting customer’s complex and intuitive commercial enterprise applications with focus on hybrid platform Integration, Data Migration and Digital Transformation.
  • Strong contributor in all phases: concept, design, implementation, testing, release, performance tuning, maintenance, and support.
  • Working experience in a multi-disciplined team by taking full ownership of turning discoveries and ideas into functional and technical specs and continuous improvements of products and customer’s experiences. Lead collaborations and discussions among cross-functional teams for effective solution building or issue-resolution in cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises (private cloud and third-party), public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.
  • Active involvement/ownership in architectural design, process definition, and implementation of frameworks to allow for consistent and repeatable patterns for building components to support new and existing business functions. Successfully architected/designed/led/developed enterprise projects covering various aspects of software development, processes, and methodology.
  • Experienced architect, design and implementation of layered, service oriented architecture, services, micro-services, web applications, and Internet-based applications involving a wide variety of technologies that involved digital transformation, data migration and integration.
  • Expertise in concepts of end-to-end project planning and implementation from scope management in various environments viz. release based maintenance, custom application development, enterprise wide application deployment, testing support and quality management in adherence to standard guidelines and norms.
  • Working experience with the MuleSoft CloudHub Platform / Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS): designing, architecting, and developing SOA solutions for Integrating diverse systems using API Manager, Runtime Manager, Access Management, Exchange, APIkit / API Gateway, RESTFul Services, micro-services, RAML, DataWeave, MEL, OAuth2 (SAML, Touchstone, Bearer, Basic and client id & secrets) security and Anypoint Studio. Configured APIs, proxy endpoints, API portals and API analytics based on technical specifications with Mulesoft API manager.
  • Working experience of Architecting, Designing and Implementing on-demand/SaaS software solution on google cloud: GAE (Google App Engine) PaaS/IaaS involving App Engine APIs: DataStore, Cloud Storage, NoSQL, Bigtable, Blob-store, Memcache, MapReduce, asynchronous services, Backend, TaskQueues and scheduled tasks using App Engine Cron Service.
  • Working experience with Confidential cloud platform IaaS/SaaS platform build around BigData, VMWare Cluster, Confidential Content Platform (HCP), HCP Anywhere (AW) that facilitates Object storage/search/retrieval with custom-metadata using RESTFul API and AWS platform.
  • Extensive experience in processing large sets of structured, semi-structured, unstructured data and data transformation (CSV, JSON, XML, NoSQL and Relational Databases). Possess significant skills in Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystems: Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, HBase, Zookeeper, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume and MongoDB.
  • Extensive experience in decomposing existing monolithic applications to design and deliver Architectures for complex custom projects using the latest Open Source technologies to build application that transcend today’s digital world.
  • Possess skills and experience in developing, deploying and testing of n-tier Enterprise Software Systems and Solutions using Agile Scrum, Pair Programming and DevOps methodologies while handling multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience with the SOA (Service-Oriented-Architecture) methodology of developing reusable web services utilizing an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), Messaging and Enterprise Application Integration technologies.
  • Thorough understanding of composite application and cross application development/Integration in SAP environment by using PABI, RFC, IDOC, JCO, TIBCO.
  • Actively involved in Production and Maintenance Issues and preparation of documentations while maintaining productive working relationship with management, clients and team members.
  • Strong experience facilitating development and design discussions along with leading and mentoring staff through the entire development lifecycle.


Languages: Java, Perl, JavaScript and Lotus Notes

J2SE/J2EE Skill Set: Core java APIs, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSF, JSP Tag Lib, EJB, MDB, RMI, JMS, JNDI, JTA, JAAS JAXP, JavaMail, AWT, Swing, Applet

Cloud Computing: MuleSoft ESB cloud and PaaS/IaaS, Confidential Cloud IaaS, Google App Engine PaaS, GAE DataStore, Cloud Storage, Bigtable, BigData, Object-Storage, Custom-Metadata, VMWare, Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, HBase, Zookeeper, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume and MongoDB, Blob-store, asynchronous services using TaskQueues, and scheduled tasks using App Engine Cron Service.

EAI/SOA/Service: MuleSoft ESB, RAML, Dataweave, MEL, SAO, IsisWorks EAI, ActiveMQ and SonicMQ

Web Technology: Struts/Struts 2/Tiles, Hibernate, JPA, AJAX, (JQuery, JQuery UI, Prototype, Rico, Dojo)Display Tags, JSTL, Spring, Spring MVC, WebWork, XPATH, SOAP, AXIS, Castor, DOM, SAX, Xalan, Xerces, JDOM, JAXP, DOM, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, RAML, WAP, XSD, DTD, XSLT, XSL.

IDE: WASD, Anypoint Studio, IBM VisualAge for Java, IntelliJ, Eclipse, TextPad.

Application Servers: SpringBoot, WebSphere, JBoss, OC4J, WebLogic, Tomcat, Jrun, Java Web Server.

Web Server: Apache Web Server, Lotus Domino Go, IIS, IBM HTTP Server

RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL Server 2000, MySQL and Access

Scripts: JavaScript, AngularJS, Note.js, Perl Scripts, Groovy, Python and Notes script

Other Tools: SVN, CVS, ClearCase, Subversion GIT, Travis, Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven, ANT, ClearQuest, Toad, Visio, Rational Rose, DBVisualizer

Reporting Tools: Crystal Report, IBM-Db2 Alpha Blox APIs

Operating Systems: Windows, AIX, UNIX, Linux, Solaris

Hardware: IBM’s RS600, Apple and Microsoft & IBM Compatible PCs


Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Architect and hands-on ( MuleSoft / Java / J2EE ) Consultant


  • Lead Architect for the design, development, and documentation of an overall SOA strategy to migrate old legacy software into what would become a set of common set of RESTFul services and micro-services to be used across multiple products. This offered a more modular and more update-able/maintainable approach to offering common functionality across a multitude of products.
  • Lead a development team through the migration and re-architect / re-design of legacy frameworks/modules; worked closely with the Director/Manager on the development plan; assigning/tracking developer's tasks, code reviews, running regular meetings, addressing technical issues, and keeping track of development status.
  • Worked in cross-functional composite-application development environment that included teams of SAP modules functional, ABAP developer, JAVA/JEE developer, MuleSoft API developers and thirst-party SaaS solution providers. Collaborated with third-party and inter-department teams to ensure integration contracts, security, data mappings and business requirements are accurately defined, documented and implemented in cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises (private cloud and third-party), public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.
  • Lead Architecture, Design and Hands-on code development of enterprise services using RAML in Mule, REST based APIs, SOAP Web Services and use of different mule connectors, Configured APIs, proxy endpoints, API portals and API analytics based on technical specifications with MuleSoft API manager.
  • Lead team to architect, design and code implementation of PoC of a Java based Spring Boot proxy for the purpose of separating the deployments of UI from the Backend that resulted in Single Page Applications (SPA) Apps consuming Mule RESTFul APIs via proxy using various Authentication methods. The result allowed front-end developers to develop and release changes without affecting the backend development and vice versa. This became the standard for all application development within the organization.
  • Contributed hands-on coding using Java/J2EE, Spring Boot, Tomcat, Spring Modules, Hibernate, RestFull APIs to deliver web applications that utilized front-end UI frameworks: Angular and Node.js and Jquery.
  • Helped defining MuleSoft API Design, Development, CI build, release, deployment, configuration, versioning (multiple versions of same API coexist) and maintenance processes & standards. Mentored other Sr. Engineers through the ins and outs of building services and micro-services using MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Used across the organization as a MuleSoft subject matter expert (SME). Worked with Ops team to accomplish Travis build, release to nexus repo, app delivery, change request plan, monitoring and guiding the development team through out the delivery.
  • Architected, Designed and Implemented integration code with Legacy Moira (A homegrown Identity Management System written in C) with MuleSoft using Java/JNI and RPC to expose functionalities as RESTFul APIs.
  • Following the SOA approach contributed to architect, design and Hands-on coding of various RESTFul APIs for integration between Oracle/SAP and third party systems for data exchange using MuleSoft Cloud platform, JSON, DataWeave, MEL, Java, JSON Schema and RAML and Anypoint Studio. Implemented MuleSoft Object Stores persistence and custom code for Auth2 access token refresh involving Refresh Token.
  • Initiated and actively contributed to APIs portal/store design and development for maintaining various MuleSoft APIs and versions (multiple versions coexist). Portal provides interface to request API access and documentation about how a particular end-point can be accessed. It provides many report such as: Mule Runtime version a particular API version is deployed on, vCore uses, status, API consumers, last deployed time and deployed by user for each API and its version.
  • Interacted with various groups for testing / release / maintenance and provided regular update to Director/Manager.

Environment: SOA, RESTFull s ervices and micro-services, MuleSoft Cloud platform (API Manager, Runtime Manager, Access Management, Exchange, APIkit/ API Gateway, Object Storage, Connectors, DataWeave, MEL and Anypoint Studio), AWS Cloud, Spring, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Oracle, SAP, Third party platform, Tomcat, RAML, JAVA/J2EE, JSON, XML, OAuth2, SAML, Groovy, Python, Apache APIs, Jackson APIs, AngularJS, Node.js, Travis, Maven, GitHub on Virtual cloud and Mac.

Confidential, Waltham, MA

Sr. Java/J2EE Consultant


  • Designing, Architecting and Preparing SOW for OFS by taking input from customer and team members.
  • Implementing code for OFS configuration, data collection, analysis, extraction and migration using Java, RESTFull API for Metadata Query Engine (MQE) API, QUERY API, MAPI (Management API) and SSH using JCraft API .
  • Implemented code to fetch & analyze large JSON (Transactional) & CSV (Chargeback) data to extract new subset based on configuration provided by customer and migrate it to OFS storage in HCP Tenant/Namespace by building XML Custom-Metadata for each object.
  • Implemented code for in-memory extraction of large size TarBall file, analyze data inside TarBall file, extract data from TarBall to build new Compressed archive collection and individual items based on details provided by customer and migrate it to OFS storage in HCP Tenant/Namespace with XML Custom-Metadata for each object.
  • Contributed code to improve existing data migration process for early trigger points and faster processing.

Environment: HCP, VMWare, BigData, Object Storage, HCP Anywhere, Tomcat, RESTFull Services, JAVA, LDAP, XML, Apache APIs, Jackson APIs, Jcraft API,, Maven, Git on Fedora and Window platform.

Confidential, Westbrook, ME

Sr. Java/J2EE Consultant


  • As the second member to join the scrum team, deeply involved in planning/scoping, evaluating/choosing technology stacks, infrastructure/platform, recommending solutions, integration contracts between systems and defining the system architecture.
  • Worked on high-level architecture/design, developed initial prototype demonstrating Google App Engine utilization and PoC in order to understand GAE and related technologies and how to use them effectively/ efficiently.
  • Designing and Implementing Data model for GAE cloud NoSQL (High Replication Datastore -HRD) to store data in GAE DataStore, Blob-store. Implemented asynchronous services using Backend, TaskQueues and Modules, and scheduled tasks using App Engine Cron Service.
  • Implemented Data migration APIs and Batch job for historical (past 12 years) as well as real time data migration. This included new customer on-boarding and account activation logic and maintaining data integrity in multi-tenancy SaaS environment.
  • Designed and Implemented RESTFul web services and micro-services using GAE Backends, TaskQueue and Modules for asynchronous operation to facilitate various integration endpoints to migrate patient results from various Lab machines / Medical Devices, Test Labs to VCP cloud Big Data Datastore when customer activates one or more Lab Machine.
  • Designed and Implemented synchronous/asynchronous service for cross-platform integration to consume customer information from SAP system to load in VCP and service endpoint to post patients results details to PHNPro Using OAuth.
  • Implemented interface to load various reference-data/meta-data in GAE cloud for initial setup and ongoing addition. Developed interfaces to store/read large file to/from GAE CloudStorage using Cloud Storage APIs.
  • Code adjustment and improvement to deal with Latency and migration interruption was continues challenge.
  • Contributed to international rollout with native languages using java Locale, Message Bundle and Service Region.
  • Implementing various RESTFul services to for web app, iOS/iPhone native application and Urban Airship Push Notification
  • Continuous improvement of code base with new release/sun-setting of GAE APIs by understanding the latest technologies and their impact.
  • Involved in Interviewing/hiring new members and mentoring as required.

Environment: Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring RESTFul services and micro-services, Google App Engine, Bigtable, Blobstore, BigQuery, Memcache, GAE APIs NoSQL, MapReduce, Jackson APIs, AJAX/jQuery, JSON, XML, PDFJet, SVN, GitHub, MAVEN, Visio, JBoss, JMeter, Crucible, Sonar, CloudBees, Rally, Confluence, Jenkins and various open source technologies on Windows and Mac platform.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Sr. Java/J2EE Consultant - Lead


  • Understanding existing Trips application developed in Coldfusion and preparing migration plan.
  • Architecting and designing high-level application flow and setting up development/ test environment.
  • Involved in setting technical direction and evaluating technologies to meet long and short-term business objectives.
  • Leading Middle Tier, Struts2 & Colfusion integration task so that they can coexist.
  • Involved in architecting and defining authorization and data security framework for multi-application environment.
  • Worked with QA/Test team to test the functionality and accuracy of developed features and keeping track of bugs, fixes as per scheduled releases. Participating in daily stand up meeting as part of scrum practice.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Struts 2, EJB3, Hibernate, JMS, TestNG, AJAX, jQuery, dojo, JSON, XML, Weblogic 10, Jboss 5, Colfusion, Sybase, SVN, Visio, MAVEN, Selenium,on Windows XP platform.

Confidential, Portland, OR

Architect and Java/J2EE Consultant


  • Worked closely with users, department heads and BAs to collect requirement and business function details, documenting development plans, splitting task to unified modules and assign priorities for development and release.
  • Architect and designing high-level application flow. And choosing technology best fitted for the need.
  • Leading the development, providing inputs to other developer and contributing to hardware & software selection decisions and setting-up infrastructure/environment for development/testing/production.
  • Developed the basic framework based on high level architecture and design, integrating security service and providing reference implementation of authentication, access/privilege control and help text rendering.
  • Wrote code for generating Org-Chart (Employee directory) grouped by Location, Department and Manager with AJAXified interfaces for individuals and their managers and department members details.
  • Participated in meeting with Internal Auditors from head office and external auditors assigned by suppliers and customers to successfully achieved ISO-9002 certification.
  • Keeping track of delivery and updating to VP Ops and CTO on various stages of the development.
  • Defining and designing high level application architecture and infrastructure, designing database schema for application functions/features, user groups and privileges and help text supporting multiple applications and databases in same application for various user groups.
  • Designed and Implemented code to enable centralized Authentication Web Service, Management UI and Reports using MySQL and LDAP (Active Directory) APIs, Java RMI and Spring Remoting, Struts2 and JQuery.
  • Keeping track of delivery and updating to VP Ops and CTO on various stages of the development.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Struts 2, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, Jboss, Apache HTTP, PowerCerv, MS SQL Server, MySQL, LDAP, Visio, SVN, MAVEN, Hudson and Open source technologies related to Java on Windows XP platform.

Confidential, Lake Oswego, OR

Sr. Java/J2EE Consultant


  • Design and developing new and enhancements of existing functionality/features related to US and International Tax using Java/J2EE, AJAX, Hibernate, WebWork and Spring focused to Rich Internet Applications supported on Oracle 10g, DB2 and MS SQL Server database and running under WebSphere, JBoss and OC4J Application servers.
  • Work closely with QA to ensure that solutions are of high quality, accuracy and are thoroughly tested.
  • Worked closely with Marketing and Sales managers/professionals to launch new releases of products.
  • Actively participated in conferences/meetings among the developers, business analysts, senior management and QAs on production issues and maintenance issues.
  • Application Deployment, Performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, Prototype, Rico, Visio, XML, Struts 2, WebSphere, Jboss, SAP/JCO, SOAP, OC4J, ORACLE 10g, MS SQL Server, Db2, Sub version, MAVEN and ANT on Windows XP.

Confidential, Portland, OR

Sr. Developer Consultant


  • Design, development, defect correction and production system enhancement of IDS for existing policy and developing Renewal from scratch.
  • Writing code using Hibernate /DB2 dialect, JMS and Struts for data access, performing business logic, consume third-party data for via Web-Service, data persistence and publish/consume message to ESB.
  • Performance tuning by modifying codes of Hibernate data access / persistence, validation and navigation framework to improve the response time.
  • Actively participated in conferences/meetings among the developers, business analysts and QAs on production issues and maintenance issues.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JMS (SonicMQ), IsisWorks EAI Manager (ESB), XMFI rules engine, Acord, XML APIs, Hibernate, DBVisualizer, Spring, Struts/Tiles, AJAX, UML, Various open source API’s, WebSphere WSAD 5.1, Eclipse 3.1.1, CVS, Maven, UNIX and Windows 2000.

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