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Sr. Software Developer Resume

Rogers, AR


  • Around 10+ years of Professional Experience as a Software Engineer and a java Programmer.
  • Pursuing in Amazon web service (AWS) for server cloud technologies.
  • Involved in analysis, design, development, integration and maintenance of enterprise applications using platform - independent Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Developed e commerce web portals and achieved client’s satisfaction.
  • Worked extensively on Java platform and advanced Java technologies like JDBC, JSP, Servlets, AWT, SWING and EJB 3.0.
  • Good experience in Development and implementation Web applications using J2EE, EJB, Servlets, Java Beans, JSP,JMS, HTML, STRUTS, CSS, XML and Java Scripts on Web Sphere, Web Logic and Apache.
  • Good Experience working on Java Web Services Development Kit, Design pattern,Multi-Threading Environment, OOAD, Use cases diagrams and UML.
  • Strong experience in Web Application GUI Development using HTML, DHTML, CSS.
  • Good understanding of end user req. analysis, SOA and full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Solid Object Oriented Programming Skills in C++, Oracle, VB.NET, ETL,ASP.net and JAVA.
  • Highly motivated and multi-talented results-driven IT Manager, with sound knowledge of programming Supported by Master degree with Major in Management of Information Technology.
  • Having over 5 years of Technical experience in supervising, managing and working with diverse American, Asian and European population. Able to work independently and handle complex assignments with efficiency.
  • Highly motivated team player with the ability to work independently and adapt quickly to new and emerging technologies.
  • Excellently organized with a track record that validates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both Personal and Corporate Goals.
  • Worked in TCP IP, SNMP and SMTP protocols to establish the network and to allow the communication between the layers.
  • Strong Knowledge of Data Structure along with Sound knowledge of Java, JSP, HTML and other web technologies.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting various pre and post implementation issue.
  • Good knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture and web services development using SOAP.
  • Sound knowledge of working with databases like Oracle 9i, IBM DB2 8.1 to write SQL queries.
  • Conceptual understanding of Database objects like Functions, stored procedures and triggers.


Programming Languages: J2EE,Core JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, ORACLE, JSP,JDBC, Servlets, VB.NET, AJAX,DOJO, C#, ASP.Net,Angular.js, Node.js, ADO.Net. XML, HTML, DHTML, Micro Services,HTML5, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Unix-shell scripting, Korn Shell,React JS, JMS,EJB 3.0,NOSQL,Cassandra.

Software: MS excel, MS access, Visio,JIRA, DREAM WEAVER and CRM Software like Sage CRM, Siebel CRM,JUNIT,UTPL/SQL, ANT,MAVEN.

Platforms: Windows XP/2000/NT, Linux, UNIX.

Testing Tool: Load runner, WinrunnerFrameworks: Hibernate,log4j, SOA, spring,Fast4j, struts,Spring Security

Application Servers: WebLogic, Web sphere, Apache Tomcat.

Web services: SOAP, AWS,WSDL, REST.


Sr. Software Developer

Confidential, Rogers, AR


  • Working as Sr Software developer working from UI to Backend for new enhancement.
  • Creating new Components in UI using EXT js and Angular 6.
  • Working in backend using Java technologies and framework such as Hibernate and Spring boot.
  • Managing DB2 and SQL server Database and writing new complex queries for the enhancement.
  • Fixing Defects raised in Production environment, along with taking full responsibility for infrastructure release every 2 weeks.
  • Organizing meetings with business owner and Demonstrating the changes going every month.
  • Refactoring and reviewing code for best Coding Practices.
  • Managing build using Jenkins in different environment such as TEST and DEV.
  • Single handedly delivering and presenting each month release along with code freeze to deployment.
  • Supporting the deployment in Prod environment each month after release.
  • Working in, Power BI for creating Business reports, Dyna Trace for monitoring and other dev ops tools such as Docker, Kubernetes and Azure cloud efficiently to increase the efficacy of the team.

Environment: Java 8, Python, Lambda Expression, Spring Batch, spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Clod Data Flow, Azure cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Pipeline, Power BI, Dyna Trace, Node.js, angular 6,Ext Js.

Sr. Software Developer

Confidential, Melford, MD


  • Working for Health Care Project in Confidential One Platform Team, Managing Confidential One User Management with single sign on capabilities to multiple application such as Indices, Saffire, ePass,QSiXL.
  • Writing and managing the whole application written in Spring boot application.
  • Developing new functionalities such as Tenant as a Service, Audit as a service etc.
  • Successfully writing APIs to communicate with OKTA APIs by following the Spring boot Application flow.
  • Worked in Controller layer to Repository Implementation to Domain model and DTOs for proper code flow in spring boot application.
  • Providing valuable input to the team regarding to pick and use technologies by providing advantages and disadvantages of one or the other.
  • Successfully helping the architects to design the application by providing pros and cons of the design.
  • Working in Controller layer and UI using Aurelia to manage the flow from Front end to Back End to Database.
  • Successfully established efficient development environment by providing best practices for coding as well as code management in terms of code review, comments,Naming convention,Design patterns, build rules and protocols.
  • Presenting Demo of work done at the end of each sprint using the documentation tool Swagger UI and make sure to return the desired response in JSON format.
  • Developing code in C# and analyzing to convert into light weight component in Java 1.8 using Spring.
  • Worked with Build team from the scratch in installing, establishing and writing scripts for Jenkins along with sonarQube for ensuring proper CI/CD environment.
  • Write Junit Test cases along with code coverage for each and every possible scenario and ensure the best practices for test cases has been achieved by reviewing the test cases with in the team.
  • Made sure coding standard has been met by suggesting the usage of SonarLint including PMD and Find bugs plugin for Bug free code before check in.

Environment: Java 1.8, IntelliJ, Maven, Spring Boot,Kafka, Aurelia, AngularJS, SonarLint, Jenkins, JavaScript, Groovy,PCF,C#,Jackson libraries, JSON, PostMan, Swagger UI,FindBugs, SonarQube.

Sr. Software Developer

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Working in Controller layer and UI to manage the flow from Front end to Back End to Database.
  • Developing new functionality and enhancing the existing functionalities by Using Spring Boot as per the Business requirement.
  • Designing and developing dynamically scalable, highly available fault tolerant and reliable application on AWS.
  • Organize stand up meeting on a weekly and daily basis for keeping track of the progress for achieving the deadlines.
  • Working with Managers, Business owners and Business analyst to understand the business requirement and provide estimate of time and effort for funding purposes.
  • Working with Build team and resolving issues related to build, making sure successful build is deployed in different environment for testing in UAT, QAT and in Production.
  • Working with Business Analyst, QAs and Project Managers for setting the deadline for each Sprint of different release for the Task assigned and new functionalities to develop.
  • Working in Spring Boot framework maintaining Security using spring security framework.
  • Managing the deployment of build in Dev1, Dev0, Val1 and Val0, i.e. Dev and QAT environment by working with Build team for getting the correct code from the GIT repository.
  • Exclusively using Maven for build, Spring Boot for framework, JMS, GIT bash and Tortoise GIT for Managing the code base.
  • Performing Smoke, regression and Integration testing after each enhancement developed by the Controller layer.
  • Leveraging AWS SDKs to interact with AWS services from our application.
  • Taking full responsibility of developing the application before the deadline and supporting the application after the release.
  • Support RF-App before and after the release by fixing defects raised by UAT, QAT and SIT testing.
  • Wrote Junit test cases after developing each functionality related to controller layer.
  • Work in Business service layer for handling request from controller layer using Micro services and Rest web services.
  • Performing Integration testing with business service Integration layer using SOAP web service.
  • Debugging front end to verify the Issue, using Json request and response and validating the output generated by UI.
  • Taking care of communication between User interface layer to Controller layer and Controller to Business Service Integration layer.
  • Using Postman to test the Integration service layer response by doing method level integration testing.
  • Performing End-to-End integration testing in development environment and rectifying any issue if found.

Environment: Java 1.8, JEE, AWS, Spring STS, Maven, Jenkins, Oracle 11g, SQL developer,PL/SQL, Eclipse, Target Process, RESTful webservices, WebSphere MQ, Postman, JSON, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Tortoise Git, Git shell, GitLab, React JS, Microservices, AngularJS, Node.JS, JavaScript,log4j,SOAP UI.

Sr Software Developer

Confidential, Santa Fe, NM


  • Successfully debugged and resolved issues in Java Muti-threaded environment including Soap web Service for SIT, QAT and UAT Environment.
  • Successfully worked in server side technologies such as Spring MVC, Struts 2.0.
  • Worked in HP Extreme to create PDF and PCL documents, this will be sent to the applicant after review.
  • Testing the new build after it’s deployed to the SIT and QAT environment.
  • Developing Document Assembler in Java for creating flat file format for processing by HP extreme.
  • Wrote complex queries in PL/SQL on regular basis involving complex joins and sub queries for the SIT Environment.
  • Developed User Interfaces using front end technologies Such as JSP,Facelets,Javascript.
  • Working with Eligibility team to find the eligibility of an Individual for health and other benefit.
  • Generated proper correspondence for Health Benefits such as SNAP, TANF and LiHeap Program.
  • Took full responsibility of Defects raised by testing team in SIT, and further Environment till Production.
  • Worked on software like IBM RAD, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Tomcat and Oracle Databases.
  • Made sure in UNIX box (putty) files are uploaded before promoting into SIT and the application is working fine in Dev environment.
  • Ran the batch job from putty and helping in designing, developing and mapping the pdf files in HP Extreme.
  • Took Care of Java Multi-Threading in Server Side of application and common Java classes/library and in Back End.
  • Generated documents for providing benefits to physically and mentally unhealthy Individuals.
  • Exclusively learning HP Extreme tool and creating Documentation for the entire business work flow.
  • Creating front end Using Angular.js, Ajax, JQuery and Java script for the validation and as per the requirement.

Environment: JSP, Java 1.8, JavaScript, Angular Js, log4j, Restful webservices,JMS, Jackson, JSON, Soap, XML, HTML5, EJB, Oracle 11g,HP Extreme, Unix,Multi-Threading, Struts 2.0,Jenkins, Batch Programming, Spring, JQuery, PL/SQL, AJAX,Jira, C#,Tomcat,HTML,Fast4j, XML, CSS, Clear Quest, Spring MVC, Tomcat, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Exchange, IBM RAD, ClearCase, Angular.Js,CVS, Jenkin, Spring Web Services, MicroSoft Visio, Integrated Eligibility, UTPL/SQL,Data Structure.

UI Fullstack Developer

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA


  • Created GUI interface for the interaction of the government worker with the application using angular.js, Node.js,Jsp and javaScript.
  • Created Dynamic labels using DOJO, Ajax, JSP,JQuery to display in the UI specific to particular individual and to particular case.
  • Created Front end pages Using JSP's and handle the server side logic in EJB 3.0 and Servlets.
  • Understanding the code flow driven by database using EJB bean, JSP and Java.
  • Understanding the framework called bridges, exclusively used for creating the application.
  • Working on software like IBM RAD,Clear Quest, Clear Case and Oracle Databases.
  • Creating PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and packages for moving the data from development environment to SIT,QAT, UAT and then to PROD environment.
  • Developed the business layer components as Stateless Session Beans based on EJB 3.0 API
  • Generating proper correspondence for Health Benefits such as SNAP, TANF and LiHeap Program.
  • Generating documents for physically and mentally unhealthy individuals to provide them benefits.
  • Developing Document Assembler in Java for creating flat file format for processing by HP extreme.
  • Successfully debugging and resolving issues in Java and PL/SQL for SIT, QAT and UAT Environment.
  • Ensuring new Java Build getting Deployed in the QAT and UAT environment and making it available for testers to test the new java build.
  • Writing Junit Code for testing the Developed functionality also Using Find bugs tool to check the quality and defects of the new Developed code in Java.
  • Testing the new build after it’s deployed to the SIT and QAT environment.
  • Taking full responsibility of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Defects raised by Testing team in SIT, and further Environment till Production along with the development in Core java of Phase 2.
  • Enhancing the exiting functionality by developing, writing and testing in Java, JSP and Java Script, performing End to End development as per the new use case in Existing Phase 1 Environment.
  • Writing complex queries in Hibernate,PL/SQL on regular basis involving complex joins and sub queries for the SIT Environment.
  • Worked on different servers and other application build in different server side technologies such as Spring AOP,Struts 2.0, SpringMVC .
  • Testing the application after the development in Dev and in SIT environment after promoting the PL/SQL scripts into SIT environment.
  • Generating the flat file format for HP Extreme to generate right PDF for the correspondence of the user and the applicant.
  • Maintaining existing server side application perfectly by removing or resolving bugs reported by the user or QAT team.
  • Making sure the right pdf document should trigger into HP extreme by flat file format from the users selection.
  • Making sure in UNIX box (putty) files are uploaded before promoting into SIT and the application is working fine in Dev environment.

Environment: JSP, Maven, Java, JavaScript,log4j, EJB, Oracle 11g,HP Extreme, PL/SQL, RestEasy, Soap, Multi-threading, Integrated Eligibility, XML, Struts 2.0, Code Refactoring, Unix,Batch Programming,JBoss, SpringMVC, Jquery, Korn Shell, JSF,, Amazon web service Cloud, Perl, JSON, Restful APIs, AJAX, Spring MVC, Web services, HTML,XML,CSS, ClearQuest, IBM RAD, M&O, ClearCase, TDD, Angular.js, CVS, Jenkin.

Java Lead Developer

Confidential, Peoria, Illinois


  • Working as a Senior Software Developer to develop and manage more than three applications.
  • Gathering requirement from Business owner and users by organizing user meeting weekly.
  • Requested funding for the project by giving estimate time limit to achieve the goals finalized in the user meeting.
  • Developing new and maintaining existing functionality using STRUTS framework in Tomcat Environment using Tomcat web and application server.
  • Designing wireframe and layout for the applications website to help support the I-pad and tablet.
  • Helped new team members and other developers to achieve their deadlines as well as of team.
  • Developed test cases for automation testing using JUNIT,
  • Deployed the Build in SOA only after confirming the success of automation testing or fixing the code for successful testing.
  • Tested the latest build manually before release, by Identify, report and resolve the found bugs.
  • Creating and deploying the new build using Ant and in CPS releasing into QA environment for further testing i.e. User Acceptance testing (UAT) by different users.
  • Deploying latest build in production using CPS on schedule dates and providing support afterwards in different facilities.
  • Creating new and maintaining existing web pages build in JSP, Servlet and other front end technologies such as AJAX, Angular.js, JQuery, JMobile, Javascript, HTML and CSS for standalone, web, I pad and mobile application.
  • Implementing new functionality for MES Assembly software as enhancement of the application which includes developing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the new feature at the same time.
  • Working on a multithreaded application, successfully creating new features based on multithreading.
  • Effectively working on Java swing, using IBM RAD, developing new user friendly Interfaces for the software.
  • Front end coding, written in Java, with JSP screen pages being written in a mixture of CSS, JS,Jquery, Ajax and embedded Java code.
  • Analyzing the defects of the software and assigning and resolving them independently in SOA Architecture.
  • Developed and Executed Software systems utilizing JavaScripts and Groovy.
  • Effectively maintaining databases and writing scripts for Oracle database using DDL/DML commands.
  • Developing new stored procedures, Cursor and triggers to maintain the database for future usability.
  • Maintaining perfect coordination with Business Analyst, DBA and other team members, also helping them in achieving the deadlines by providing appropriate help in the work.
  • Participating in the design and the development of the architecture of the software to manage new advanced features.
  • Resolving Bugs reported by user after validating and creating PKE for them by using BMC remedy.
  • Creating new technical document of the new features which helps in reducing the complexity of the code flow and for the benefit of the other developer, also maintaining the existing technical document using UML diagrams and power point.
  • Working with IBM Websphere application server to send the data to the user interface, implementing REST and SOAP web services for sending the code to the third party for further processing.
  • Using SAX parser for parsing and storing the database sent by third parties via XML/XSL files.
  • Monitoring server and JVM performance using server performance tool Intrascope for making sure new deployment doesn’t affect the efficiency of web applications in production.
  • Involved in migration of databases to support application for foreign character, created sequences, synonyms, views, triggers and tables in the process of migration.
  • Created several procedures, triggers and functions to support business and to achieve the functionality for a new enhancement.

Environment: JSP, Python, LDAP Security, Code Refactoring, Java, Multi-Threading, JavaScript, Java Swing, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle, JQuery, C#,.net, AJAX,CMM/CMMI, Angular.js, JBoss, Web services, Soap and REST, TDD, Maven, SOA, Intrascope, XML, Parsing, TUF,ANT, PL/SQL, HTML, IBM RAD.BMC Remedy, CVS.

Java Developer

Confidential, Portland, Oregon


  • Performed analysis and implementation of software designs of the current application.
  • Maintaining the existing code of Application completely developed in Core Java, Java Swing and EJB.
  • Maintaining the existing code in VB.NET and C# for the Application DVD.
  • Involved to develop user interface in ASP.NET and VB.Net as code behind language.
  • Responsible for the integration of software modules (version control using VSS and packaging releases).
  • Developing the new functionality for the enhancement of DVD of Application in C#.
  • Modifying the functionality of Application by matching the user requirement.
  • Debug SNMP layer using SNMP tester to find if nay packet is dropped during transmission.
  • Maintained Perfect Co- ordination with QA team and successfully resolved the tickets assigned by them.
  • Enhancements to the existing system to add additional functionality to meet user's requirements.
  • Involved in Maintaining and writing complex database queries for SQL Server 2005.
  • Extensively used database DDL/DML commands, Stored procedures, and triggers on SQL Server 2005
  • Maintaining perfect coordination with System analyst and helping in collecting user requirement.
  • Integrated the Java application to end-users.
  • Used marimba for providing updated information.
  • Maintaining old car files of BMC Blade logic, developing new functionality in the old car file, developing new files and deploying them successfully on the Stage transmitter.

Environment: JSP, Java, Java Swing, Groovy/Grails, Ext js, Spring, JavaScript, SQL Server, Perl, Unix, Batch Programming, JQuery, AJAX, Groovy, Web services, BMC Remedy, BMC client Automation, LDAP Security, ASP, C#, Visual C++,Visual Source Safe, Hudson.

Confidential, Appleton, Wisconsin

Java Developer


  • Worked in front and back end to develop the application to provide better service to the customer.
  • Created JSP pages to maintain the session for users logging in and logged out functionality.
  • Updated the inventory with users every purchase or addition of a new product.
  • Understood the code flow to work in the E commerce website.
  • Helped other team members in understanding the functionality from front end to back end.

Environment: JSP, Servlet, PL/SQL, Java, JavaScript, Order Management, Oracle, SVN, UNIX, AJAX, Web services.

Software Developer



  • Worked as a software developer and successfully completed all the tasks assigned by bringing good and profitable changes for the organization.
  • Designing the web page using HTML and java script.
  • Worked in agile methodologies for the development.
  • Connected using JDBC to generate and display various reports.
  • Deploying connection pooling to efficiently connect to the database.
  • Developing generic Servlet methods for easy enhancements of the application.
  • Implementing dynamic customization of web page for each Customer.
  • Providing new graphics, look and feel to the website by using JSP and connecting to the database.
  • Thoroughly studied and understand the architecture of IEI by understanding its complex codes.
  • Provided excellent user support and effectively maintained database
  • Develop, maintain and Implement an asynchronous, AJAX based rich client for advanced customer experience.

Environnent: JSP, Java Script, MVC, Servlet, Order Management, Java, Ajax, JDBC and MYSQL.


Java Developer


  • Took responsibility of design, development and implementation of Java solution to meet user requirements.
  • Supported multi-clients with Java applications.
  • Resolved core problems and provided solutions for projects, such as Performance tuning, System integration, Multi-server compatibility.
  • Responsible for internal staff technology . As: Struts, Spring, Hibernate
  • Involved in development of various modules for the ECS project model.
  • Involved in writing complex database queries for Oracle and SQL.
  • Designed the Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram and forward engineered them in to Java classes.
  • Developed various Triggers, Stored Procedure, DAO classes for application.
  • Involved in database DDL/DML commands, stored procedures, and triggers on MS SQL Server and worked extensively with database tools (SQL Plus).

Environment: Core Java, XML, SDLC, Equity, J2EE,PHP, Servlet, Capital Market, spring, JDBC,AJAX, MVC design Pattern, Swings, Hibernate, XSLT, Struts, Web logic, SQL Server 2005, Linux, SOAP, Agile methodologies.

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