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Senior Software Engineer Resume


Software Developer with 11+ years of experience working on highly available and scalable applications. Provided technical expertise and leadership to developers and maintain development standards and best practices. Effectively liaisons between Managers, Architects, developers and operations teams to implement complex architectures and engineering solutions.


Languages: Java Java Technologies - Core Java, JDBC, Multithreads, Coherence Caching. XML processing - SAX and DOM parser, JAXP, JMS.

Build script: Maven, ANT, Bamboo

Web Services: WSDL, SOAP

Architecture: MVC, SOA, Asynchronous, Synchronous, Batching.

Experience in Design Patterns. Design and Software Development Methodologies: Object oriented design, Agile, waterfall model.

IDE: Eclipse.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Testing methods : JUNIT, log4J, Sonar.

App server and web server: Apache Tomcat 6.0 and JBOSS, Docker.

Database: Oracle 8i/9i

Version Control tool: Git

Other tools: Eclipse, Toad, Hermes

Data structures: Experience and good understanding in Data structures and Algorithms Have a complete understanding and experience in SDLC involving analysis, design, development, integration, deployment, testing, maintenance and post-production support.



Senior Software Engineer

Technologies and tools: Core Java, Rest API, Coherence Cache, Bamboo, Sonar, Alaric (rule engine), Git, Docker, OAuth open standards, Micro services.

Responsibilities :

  • Developed authorization, capture and billing services for credit /debit card for various payment gateways(PayPal, ApplePay, AliPay, Confidential CheckOut).Worked on Sync/Async application architectures.
  • Developed online services for VAR retail POS for processing debit card transactions.
  • Designed and implemented payment authorization timeout/authorization/reversals and voiding captures. Cached stored procedure’s result sets in memory using coherence APIs. Designed and developed local/distributed caching clusters.
  • Worked on OAuth implementation for token based authentication and authorization for MPos(Mobile Payment) services.
  • Worked on redesigning and deploying the Tier -1 applications to Tier -3 solutions.
  • Worked on breaking up the large legacy monolithic applications to Micro services with separate build, and versioning to support on-demand-deploy.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Programmer Analyst

Technologies and tools: Java, wsdl, Mercury Quality Centre, Jdev, Kintana, CVS.

Responsibilities :

  • Developed Java Service application using Cisco web service development framework.
  • The implementation of web service using SOA concepts.
  • Wsdl configuration to define the web services.
  • Mapping of XML to JSON objects.
  • Coded JMS java application clients, JMS API to establish connections, created a session to the queue.
  • Extensive and rigorous testing including load test, white box and black box tests.
  • Support the application and carry out the defect fix raised by testing team.
  • Interacting with different teams of different vendors and coordinating with offshore team.


Technologies and tools: XML, SOAP, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Tomcat 5.0, Documentum 5.2, Eclipse, Developer studio, Tomcat 5.0

Senior Software Engineer


  • Worked with business team on requirement analysis and mapping the requirements with product features.
  • Developed new components to meet the business requirements using Java technologies and wdk APIs .
  • The application was developed in MVC architecture. DFC call integrated(Custom APIs of Documentum), along with java Classes.
  • Integrated the SOAP with Java script.
  • Work flow created and attached to the docbase(java) objects.
  • Created the customized docbasic java objects.
  • Front end view was implemented in JSP-WDK tags by customization of the web clients. Used DHTML along with styling CSS and javascript.
  • Coded Java APIs were to execute the operations like security, user authentication, workflow and lifecycle.


Technologies and tools: Documentum 5.2, J2EE, JSP, Struts, OC4J, Clear Case, Eclipse, Rational Rose.

Senior Software Engineer


  • Interacting with business team to gather requirement and implementation of prototype.
  • Developed the application in the MVC architecture. The front end was the struts page. Java script used for client side validation.
  • Developed Business logic layer using J2EE technologies.
  • Contents are treated as objects. The contents (folder, documents) are accessed by Java API. And various operations like user authentication, generation of documents, rendition, workflow on java objects, lifecycles are performed by Java APIs.
  • Developed design documents and Technical specification document.
  • Post production support and bug fixes.


Technologies and tools: J2EE, JSP, Perl, Toplink, Struts, Java Script, OC4J, ANT, Rational Rose

Operating System: Windows, UNIX

Senior Software Engineer


  • Developing action servlets for implementing the business layer logic.
  • Developing Data access objects and Value objects to access data source.
  • Developed front end Struts-JSP page for user interface using struts tag libraries and coding the Model and Controller Java classes using Toplink APIs and JSP.
  • The Documentum APIs integrated with Java APIs to access and to execute the operations on the content.
  • I was involved in the design phase - developed the sequence and class diagrams and generated pseudo code by Rational rose.
  • Documented the Functional specification and Technical specification documents.


Software Intern

Technologies and tools: Java, EJB, Servlets, JDBC, MS SQL, Eclipse, Toad and CVS


  • Designed the JSP for user interface to invoke the servlets.
  • Coded the SQL queries. The JDBC connectivity to map to relational database.
  • Developed class for database access using JDBC-ODBC.
  • Carried out unit test cases and white box testing.
  • Support to QA and documented the test cases.

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