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Lead Architect Resume

Jersey, CitY


  • 15+ years of total experience in IT with application Design, Development and testing using JAVA/J2EE and related frameworks and technologies.
  • Currently working as technical manager in Confidential technologies from 5+ years. This adds to java architect and delivery coordinator with off shore teams. 2 years in London followed by 8 years in USA.
  • My work day includes development, requirement and design discussion, and scrum and release coordination.
  • Currently working on Blockchain pilot project for financial/Banking use case with Ethereum and JPM Quorum. It’s my proposed design for credit solutions with privately chained constellation of agencies.
  • My other projects are in finance and corporate banking for critically high volume applications in JPMC and Citi bank. Ability to work as individual contributor with managing project and team in onsite and offshore locations. Multi - tasked for parallel projects with strong inter-personal and communication skills. Strong appetite to learn and understand new Technologies.
  • Working on CloudFoundry setup for current project by changing to cloud ready architecture and onboarding Docker and Zules for CI/CD and make PAAS platform ready. Also have completed many micro service based applications which uses Spring Boot and restful services and is code ready for cloud deployment through Pivotal Cloud foundry (GAIA).
  • Good knowledge of AWS architecture and have worked on POC projects for feasibility analysis to verify financial application for performance and multi layered legacy system interaction.
  • Also working on projects for ensuring software security and vulnerability in applications. Where I captured good knowledge on NVD standards and black duck scanning of jars. This helps to standardize application against security threats.
  • Have certified knowledge in Blockchain with Ethereum and IBM Hyperledger fabric. Got certified through IBM Blockchain foundation developer and Blockchain council. Actively looking Confidential JPM Quorum for banking solutions for private network.
  • Past project individually handled architecture and framework design for migrating application from J2EE implementation to Oracle Service Bus (OSB). I have designed the migration project for major back office trading application from WebLogic (JMS) to Tomcat (with Active MQ).
  • Expertise in Domain driven design, Object Oriented Design and understanding about Spring Reactive programming (5.0) and Implementation.
  • Have worked on application using Gem Fire and Hazel Cast and their integration with Pivotal CF.
  • Good knowledge in deploying and configuring Web apps to the Application server such as Weblogic, WebSphere and Apache Tomcat.
  • Extensive experience on GIT, SVN and CVS. Good knowledge in setup of Jenkins, Team city and AIM for CI/CD.
  • 5 years of working experience in Telecom Domain for activation and provisioning of network. Also worked on design, development and full implementation of customer care application.


Languages: Java, PL/SQL, JavaScript

J2EE Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JDBC

Frame works: Spring Boot, Spring(Core, AOP, MVC, JDBC), Struts, NetUI Page flow, Hibernate, Velocity, AJAXOracle Service Bus(OSB) and SOA Suits

Web/Application Servers: WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, Weblogic server, Pramati web Server

Blockchain Tech: Ethereum with solidity, Hyper ledger Fabric, JPM Quorum

Cloud technology: Pivotal Cloud Foundry, AWS architecture

CI/CD deployment: AIM, Jenkins, Jules, teamcity

Tools: / IDEs: Eclipse, Rational Application developer, SOAPUI, XML Spy, JDeveloper

Messaging: JMS (Weblogic and IBMMQ), Active MQ, Rabit

MQORM: Hibernate, Spring JDBC template

RDBMS / Database: ORACLE 11g, MySQL

Web Development: HTML, CSS, XML, Java Script, JSON, AJAX, J Query, Ext JS

Methodologies: VISIO, Rational Rose

Testing Tools: Load Runner, Junit-Perf, Apache J-Meter, J profiler

Version Control: Clear Case, Team site, SVN, CVS, Tortoise, GIT, TeamCity, Jenkins, AIM

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, DOS.

Software: Oracle, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop.

Others: Log4J, ANT, Maven, Crystal Reports, JUnit, Test harnessHTML, DHTML, CSS, XSL EJB, XML, XSD, WSDL, XSLT, SAX, DOM, JAXB, JAXP, XStream, Teradata (tool for session replication and memory caching), Android Dev framework, Android OEPE

Web Services: SOAP, Restful web service

Scheduling tools: Autosys, unix crons


Lead Architect

Confidential, Jersey City

Technologies: Java, Micro services with spring boot, Restful services, Oracle, UNIX, AIM, Jenkins, GIT/Stash and Bit-bucket, AIM


  • Working as java architect for multiple Banking project to create and maintain highly available and scalable applications.
  • Currently I am working for JPMorgan Chase IT team; I developed framework and designed agency lending application, which has a GUI in reactJS and backend in micro services with oracle as back end. Some of the parts interact with ETL. The Services are implemented with restful implementation of spring boot.
  • Along with application design and development, I also need to manage the team and ensure timely delivery on the technical side. The day to day work life also involves evaluation of new technologies to fulfill firm initiatives for tech adaptation.
  • In addition I work on demos for new requirements. Recently I developed Blockchain architecture based on JPMQuorum and Solidity for a conceptual financial requirement. Application is deployed with major services from AWS.

Confidential, Whippany

J2EE Lead

Technologies: Java, spring, JMS with Active MQ, Tomcat, WebSphere, DB2, Oracle, UNIX, AIM, JenkinsPart of JPMorgan project, I got chance to work on a trading system which is a highly distributed application and performs major trade related transactions. My current project is a migration process of current application from WebLogic to Tomcat. This includes changing various technology stack and server dependent implementation.


  • I worked as lead architect for this project.
  • I was also involved in working as onsite coordinator for the team in India.
  • My responsibility is to deliver complete project within given time and achieve all the milestones of the project.
  • I did analysis of the project and different tasks for the migration of WebLogic to Tomcat.
  • This includes identifying different compatible versions of framework and their compatibility with Tomcat.
  • In addition to deliveries I am involve in coding and designing for the application.
  • I created the wireframe of the project and created the High level and low level design document.
  • I am also responsible for tracking and coordination with the testing team during the project testing phase.
  • This includes management of QA defect and assigning them to team for faster resolution. In addition to development and design I was also involved in initial requirement of application with the users.

Confidential, Jersey city

J2EE Lead

Technologies: Java, J2EE, EJB 3.0, JMS, ActiveQ, JSP, WebSphere, AutoSys, UNIX, Oracle 11


  • My responsibilities start from requirement understanding and creating understanding documents to task assignment and coding.
  • I do release management and delivery management for my project.
  • My work also involves code review of team, test support and I am also involved in all status calls for delivery of modules from offshore team.
  • In a day life I create low level docs and own and maintain doc for their sign off and any change to requirements.
  • I develop code and develop service API for different business functionalities and modules which is used by other team developers for their coding as reusable component.
  • I do code review for team and peers.
  • I make sure the testing phase is planned and code coverage meets standards.
  • In addition I demonstrated demo and POC for Migration projects and new functionality to be adopted in project.


Technical Architect/J2EE Lead

Technologies: Java, J2EE, Struts, NetUI PageFlow, Spring core, Spring JDBC, Ajax, JS, JMS, ActiveQ, JSP, Weblogic, Web Service, Unix scripts, ant


  • I was involved as Java lead for my project called Confidential and developed multiple small and medium business components like: Common language System (network element and circuit data mapping), ­ Confidential (Network elements relational data migration from Ericson to meet the common standards), Confidential Migration (Migration project for legacy system called Confidential ).
  • I worked as a tech architect and lead developer for modules and projects.
  • My responsibility starts from requirement understanding and create understanding documents. In addition to this I was also doing coding and assign work to the team and bring project to delivery.
  • My work also involves code review of team, test support and I am also involved in all status calls for delivery of my modules.
  • I created low level docs, develop code and assign task to developers in team, develop service API for different business functionalities and modules, code review as per the project and Verizon standards, involved in testing phase, IR/defect fixing, production Support and enhancement for Confidential .
  • I implemented session replication on production system with Teradata Session management.
  • My application had problem of session not being replicated on managed servers properly so user was getting logout accidently.
  • I also Proposed Oracle Service Bus (OSB) implementation for a migration project (called CDP migration) and gave a POC and Demo to the directors of line of business.
  • They agreed and implemented. Gave to team on OSB. Struck Thread Notification framework implemented in production.
  • In addition I created POC (proof of concept) on memory caching with Teradata a Big Memory tool.
  • There was problem with struck queues on Confidential which used to block all the client order to flow.
  • Also created a dashboard for Confidential status One can delete struck Message or fix the issue with message and repost it.

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

J2EE Lead

Technologies: Java, J2EE, JS, Struts, Ajax, JDBC, JSP, Weblogic, UNIX, Spring core, Spring AOP


  • My role was as a java developer/lead and responsibility involves active involvement in understanding Low Level and High Level Designs, coding and testing phases, involved in analysis of business requirements and major enhancements, Unit Test Plan.
  • I developed new services and API for code components as per the business requirements, written various API to support the external system calls as backend system functionality.
  • Here I used Eclipse as IDE and SVN for version maintenance of code.
  • My work also involve defects fixing in Integration testing phase and system Testing phase.
  • Implemented Dashboard for server health monitoring - Project has around 30 external systems servers which may be down or up as per planned or unplanned.
  • The testing team like SIT, UAT and the developer were not aware of them unless they actually contact that team resulting wasting time.
  • So I proposed a dashboard tool for monitoring as a separate API imbedded in application which presents the report of their down time and alerts shown on top corner about which systems are down now. Also created Email notification of connection leak in application:
  • Created an API that monitors the logs for long running connection/SQL in application and send a section of log to concerned production Team.

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