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Android Developer Resume

Bolingbrook, IL


  • 3+ years of experience with Android development
  • Experience with solving challenging problems by developing custom mobile applications and working in a collaborative and distributive team environment
  • Android Play Store published applications (apps from other platforms a plus)
  • Experience with JavaScript, JSON and interfacing Android applications to server side APIs
  • Strong knowledge of HTTP and client - server interaction
  • Experience building Android apps from scratch, familiar with Android architecture like MVC, MVP, MVVM.
  • Hands-on experience with Google Play Services for Android (GPS, FCM, Map, In-App Billing, Admob).
  • Advanced Android development skills with open-source libraries (Okhttp, Retrofit, Dagger2, RxJava, Picasso).
  • Used MVC pattern to encapsulate client/server interactions helps to illustrate software pattern roles as well as developer roles by separating object, components, and services into multi-tiers with well-defined boundaries.
  • Implemented mobile app for Android by using Java and Kotlin.
  • Integrated Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to notify user updates for Account information.
  • TDD (Test Driven Development), Paired Programming
  • Integrated Application to Firebase (Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Firebase Performance Monitoring) to know more information from user.
  • Involved in design and developing re-usable web services using SOAP, XML and Restful Web Services with JSON.
  • Used Shared ps for login activity and for password and email validation.
  • Used Services, Async tasks and Alert Notification API to implement event reminder feature into the mobile app.
  • Worked on implementing internal broadcast receivers to notify when data is received.
  • Expert in Object-Orientated Programming (including languages such as Java)
  • Experience with relational database management systems (SLQ Server)
  • Experience with unit testing and debugging applications on strict timelines
  • Worked in teams as well as individually on all stages of the Android development life cycle.
  • Controlled JIRA workflows using Confluence and managed tasks within the Agile framework.
  • Hands-on concepts of Android like Material design, Activities, Fragments, Services, SQLite database handling, Asynctask, UI Layouts, and Widgets etc.
  • Familiar with databases as well as database languages such as SQL, Oracle, Firebase, etc.
  • Familiar with Third-Party API’s and Frameworks as well as implementation


  • Java programming, Android API, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, MS Office, SQL
  • Facebook/Twitter SDK, Mo-Pub for real time data streaming
  • Parse SDK, Fire Base SDK, Parse Server Tools
  • Node JS and Angular JS Web Plugins, Google Ad mob
  • Apache Ant, Maven Groovy Tools, Android Studio Gradle
  • Worked with Adobe XD, InDesign
  • Fabric Mobile Platform for Digits, Twitter, Answers and Crashlytics
  • Retrofit, Glide, ButterKnife, Maps, Firebase Analytics
  • Experience in Java and Android Testing


Confidential, Bolingbrook, IL

Android Developer


  • Used Kotlin and Model View-View Model structure to develop new features for the application.
  • Made the application adhere to WCAG 2.0 Compliance (ADA) via using content descriptions, view triggers and Talkback.
  • Developed Unit-Testing to ensure program accuracy.
  • Implemented new Web Services that allows the user to add items to bag, favorite specific items and register for email notifications regarding a particular product.
  • Implemented the ability to check recent orders.
  • Working with back-end team to resolve issues within the app as well as meet business needs.
  • Implemented data tracking to allow the business to identify what products are being favorited, bought or what specific calls are being made.
  • Maintained the application and fixed pre-existing bugs.
  • Worked the app functionalities in the agile environment by breaking down the project goals into story points and attended daily Scrum meetings to discuss the issues and dependencies.
  • JIRA bug tracking tool was used for task assigning and bug reporting was done with SourceTree for version control.

Confidential, New York, NY

Android Developer


  • Worked on Seatgeek's Android app that has more than a million downloads on the Play Store.
  • I implemented highly-visible features such as two-factor authentication for login, trending event lists on home screen, Zendesk chat integration for live in-app customer support, user referrals feature for new customer acquisition.
  • I refactored critical app functionality such as checkout to MVP for improved testability.
  • I implemented parts of SeatGeek Android SDK that is integrated by multiple Android apps from SeatGeek’s integration partners.
  • I worked on creating a more delightful user experience by implementing core funnel animations, as well as dynamic interactive price graphs (à la Airbnb) for tickets.
  • Coaches the team in adopting relevant technologies and processes to build an ethos of craftsmanship within the team
  • Skilled in troubleshooting and debugging including debug tools and lab equipment
  • Helped to analyze, improve and automate existing processes. Continually evaluate tools and technologies to improve the overall Integration, Build, and Release processes
  • Built Android apps with back-end API integration to improve the customer experience and cut down on development time

Confidential, Oakland, CA

Android Developer


  • Worked on continuous integration with Jenkins, helping set up an emulator using the SDK manager, emulator and AVD manager tools.
  • Work closely with our Design team to create performant custom UI views and animations
  • Architected our navigation architecture that includes two seperate stacks of constantly running sections
  • Wrote our photo library from the ground up
  • Since joining, our crash-free rate has risen to 99.9%
  • Rewrote the application foundation to use MVP
  • Created our Android photo Sync service
  • Implemented our Notification Center and Deep Linking
  • Helped implement many memory and multi-threaded optimizations
  • Work with the best people in the industry to do great things
  • Worked collaboratively with testers, developers and other team members in testing complex projects, to enhance the overall quality of the product
  • Took the initiative to troubleshoot defects and provided key information to developers.
  • Worked collaboratively with testers, developers and other team members in testing complex projects, to enhance the overall quality of the product.
  • Designed the UI using Material Design to suit the target audience.
  • Implemented Google Firebase Realtime Database and Authentication to allow for remote data storage and login/signup for the users.
  • AdMob and Google Pay implementation to pay for Firebase services and create profit to improve application.
  • Google Maps API integration to allow users to find and join study groups nearby using a search range.
  • Used source control to manage changes to the project using SourceTree to allow the project to be backed up and managed remotely
  • Designed the UI in Material Design to allow the user to sense a native experience.
  • Implemented Google Firebase Cloud Firestore and Authentication to provide database and authentication services to the application.
  • SQLite storage implementation for offline use of the application.
  • Used source control to manage changes to the project using SourceTree to allow the project to be backed up and managed remotely using Git.

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