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Solution Design Lead Resume

Boston, MA


  • Java Lead,Big Data Solutions Architect/Developer, RPA Architect with over 10+ years of experience in complete SDLC.
  • Extensive work experience in architecting and delivering projects in the areas of AI, Deep Learning, Big Data, MVPs, Customer - Centric data mining, ETL workflows, Machine Learning Algorithms, Graph analytics (Eigenvector Centrality, Dijkstra algorithms).
  • Extensive understanding and experience using machine learning techniques supervised-unsupervised
  • Learning, Parameter Learning, Gradient Descent, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification,
  • Regularization, Intuitions, Neural Networks, Cost Functions, Error Analysis, Bias/Variance, Support Vector Machine
  • Experience in project artifacts and deliverables spans across many segments of the financial markets including SCM, Fixed Income(FICC IMM/ECCP IMM/EUROCCP), Settlements & Underwriting, Dividends, Securities, Custody, OTC derivative, Repo trading, Fix4.4 Protocol, high frequency, low latency real-time FX/FI trading systems and Credit Risks.
  • Extensive work experience in managing projects of varied sizes and complexities globally using Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Extensive work experience and knowledge in using OneSource to analytics,data-management,reporting and global compliance tax rules.
  • Extensive work experience in acting as the primary interface between a specific business/functional area and their IT partners.
  • Extensive work experience in architecture using Design Structure Matrix Modelling, Function mapping,
  • Decisions with models, Model fidelity and credibility and sensitivity, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Models with V&V strategy,MBSE,SysML,Trade studies,Value-Focused Thinking,Value-Driven
  • Design,Trade space(Analysis, Visualizations and Interactions)
  • Extensive work experience in creating detailed project/program plan, defining scope project/time/cost/resource estimation, develop budget, managing risk.
  • Expertise in designing systems based on Object-Oriented Analysis/Design Methodologies/UML/RUP.
  • Extensive experience in DevOps and code release management and continuous code integration using
  • Jenkins,Autosys,IBM Clear case, Cruise Control,Hudson,Python,Yaml,Minion,Saltstack,Ruby,Bash,Docker, Power shell
  • Extensive work experience in interacting with senior customer personnel on significant technical matters.
  • Work experience in scrum master and agile methodology to system requirements, recommendations, resource and time estimates
  • Very analytical with excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills. Extensive business knowledge and ability to improve process and standards and documents for future .
  • Good planning, organization, leadership and communication skills. Team player and Creative thinker.
  • Good ability to adapt quickly, learn quickly and manage to change business request and production support.
  • Lead and managed a Team size spanning up to 100 Members in the Product development team and service oriented architecture team of a core banking product spanning multiple nations.


OS: Win95, 98, NT, UNIX, Sun Solaris Ultra Spark 4,450, HP-Unix, Linux, CentOS 6.7 Ubuntu,Cloud Foundry,OpenStack,Open Shift

Platforms: Scientific computing (Spark, Keras & Tensorflows, WEKA/MEKA, IPython/JupyterOpenAI Gym, NetLogo, Cloud computing (Google App Engine, Amazon EC2),GCP (AWS),IBM Bluemix,Cloud Foundry, PAAS,SAAS

Software Tools: Program Development Manager (PDM), Source Entry Utility (SEU), Data File Utility (DFU),SDA,QRY400,Eclipse3.0,webMethods-Developer9.7,MyEclipse5.5.1, Squirrel, Lomboz, Clear case, Hibernate,HDFS,IBM RAD, IBM Clear Quest, Fortify 360,Hive,MS Project,MS Word,MS Excel,MS Power Point, PDF,DynaTrace,Firebug

Languages: RPG400, RPGIII, RPGII, CL, Java2, SQL, JSP, Servlets, JAXP-JAXB, PHP

Internet Technologies: HTML, JS, VB, XML, XSL, JQuery, Angular.js,Node.js,Backbone.js, Require.js, EXT js,Handbars.js, Require.js, EXTjs, Bootstrap3

Angular Web UI: AngularJS (2, 5), Ivy Renderer,Angular 8, NPM,Stream Data,DNS Module,CryptoModule

Distributed Programming: JAVA, J2EE, Python,Scala,TensorFlow, MapReduce, Spark, RMI, EJB (CMP, CM R, BMP), JSP, JSTL1.1, JMS

Open source libraries and toolkits: Apache Mahout, MLib, Apache Solr/Lucene, WEKA’s API, NumPy, SciPy, PyMC, Scala Breeze, Figaro/Scala, Edward, NLTK, spaCy, MALLET, Mulan, Gensim + word2vec, scikit-learn+nolearn, milk, SVMlight,, Pysvmlight, Pycluster, Theano / GPUlibrary,H2O,Deeplearning4j

RDBMS: DB2400, DB2 (Linux, Win, AIX), Oracle 11i, MS Access, Sybase,MySQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL

Architecture Framework: TOGAF 9, Zachman, FEAF

NOSQL/KVP/Doc/Graph DB: Amazon DynomoDB, Foundation DB,MemcaheDB,Redis, Riak,Cassandra,Couch DB, MarkLogic, MongoDB, Neo4J, Apache HBase,DynamoDB

Data Modelling Tools: ERwin, ER/Studio,Power Designer

BigData Tools/technologies: Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Neo4J, Cypher,Gephi,AsterixDB,Vertica,KNIME,MLib Spark, SparkSQL,RDD, MongoDB, Postgres, Pandas, Splunk, Cassandra, Teradata NoSQL HBase,Hive, Pig and Hadoop Streaming, MapReduce, R, SPSS, SASWeka, MATLAB, Hortonworks, Spark Graphx, Spark Streaming, Apache Zookeeper.

Data-Ingestion/Streaming Patterns: Multisource Extractor,Protocol Converter, Multi destination, Just-in-Time Transformation, Real-Time Streaming

Big Data Storage Patterns: Facade,Lean,NoSQL,Polyglot,Hadoop HSFs,Amazon S3, Amazon EMR

Elasticsearch: Elastic Stack 6.0.0, Logstash,Matric Beats,Kibana,X-Pack,Elastic Cloud

AWS Tools and Technologies: EC2,S3,RDS,VPC,IAM,Lamda,Auto-Scaling,API-Gateway,Redshift,DynamoDB

AWS-Cloud Design Pattern: Pattern for Network On Demand NAT Pattern(Changing Internet Settings at the time of Maintenance) Backnet Pattern(Establishment of a Management Network) Functional Firewall Pattern(Multi-Tier Access Control) Operational Firewall Pattern(Controlling Access by Individual Function)Multi Load Balancer Pattern(Setting Up Multiple Load Balancers) WAF Proxy Pattern(Effective Use of a Costly Web Application Firewalls) Cloud Hub Pattern(Setting Up VPN Sites) Pattern for Batch Processing Queuing Chain Pattern(Loose-Coupling of Systems) Priority Queue Pattern(Changing Priorities)Job Observer Pattern(Job Monitoring and Adding/Deleting Servers) Scheduled Auto scaling Pattern (Turning Batch Servers On and Off Automatically Rename Distribution Pattern (Delivery without Update Delay)

Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Tools: Pentaho,Qlikview, Rapid Miner,Tableau,Micro strategy,Jasper soft

Machine Learning Tools: MATLAB, Octave

MBSE Tools: Rhapsody, Magic Draw, Cameo, DOORS, JAMA

Application Server: BEA WEBLOGIC8.1, BEA WEBLOGIC10.0, BEA WEBLOGIC10.0 Portal, IBM WEB SPHERE 6.0, 6.1, 7.2, APACHE TOMCAT 5, Eclipse Jetty

Application Frame Work: Spring 2.5.3, struts-, spring-webflow-1.0.4, webMethods 9.7

Middleware: IBM WebSphere MessageBroker 8.0, IBM MQ Series, ESB, Tivoli

Content Management: Documentum, Concentra (CDS+), Peregrine,IBM CMOD,Kofax

Exams/s: Derrico Certified (Java/J2EE, Core J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, UML, XML, JSP, JMS, and WebSphere, Agile).

SAP BW 7.3: Reporting Client Tools(Web Intelligence,Dashboard,Crystal Reports and Analysis),Info Objects,UD and DB Connect, Service API, Flat Files, Performance Tuning(Aggregates, Query Performance),Scheduling and Monitoring(Process Chain, Data Transfer Process,Real Time Data Acquisition and Data Load Monitor),Transformation, Info Sources and Data Sources,Info cubes,Multiproviders,Virtual Providers, Data Store Objects,Info sets,Info objects,Data Access, BI Content, Data Modelling, Data Warehousing


Confidential, Boston, MA

Solution Design Lead


  • Design, architect ABP and develop the data solutions around the creation of multiple REST APIs using Spring and spring-boot,JDK1.8,microservices framework, API Gateway architectures and domain-modelling.
  • Design and deliver technical architecture models,meta-models,scope,artifacts and documents using SysML,UML ontology and TOGAF ADM framework.
  • Design and provision Jenkins CI/CD pipeline and automation framework using bitbucket,git,cloud,
  • Zephyr,XLR server,SonarQube,Maven,CyberArk,Vera Code,HipChat on Cloud Foundry.
  • Work with development teams to review code for security vulnerabilities and to embed/improve security modelling with SAML/SSO/OAuth2 authentication/Spring Cloud Security.
  • Work with scrum master to create product backlog definitions, user stories, estimation and prioritization, task preparation, sprint plans and task retrospectives.
  • Design, data-architect and develop the solutions to facilitate the scheduler jobs around the availability of multiple legacy systems using spring-batch-scheduler, spring-security, spring-data-integration ehcache
  • Management, Angular.js and Node.js (data I/O, event-listeners, timers, callback,http,sockets,express), MongoDB.
  • Design, architect and develop the solutions using confluent-Kafka, Solr,Spark,Storm,MongoDB,HDFS(Hortonworks) to facilitate the real-time data capture and streaming of MMT transfer data in cloud infrastructures.

Environment: Apache Hadoop 2.7.2, MapReduce 2.0, NoSQL-MongoDB 3.4, PIG 0.16.0, MySQL, Oracle 12c, Sybase Splunk,MS Project,SAS,Cassandra 3.11, Apache Kafka 2.0.1, HDFS,HBase, RHEL 6.7,VMWare, Spark 2.1.1,Python, JDK 8,Bash/Shell, RHEL JBPM/JBRM 6.1, REST API,SOAPUI,Scala, Jenkins,Spring5,Spring-Boot 1.5.7 Yarn, Atlassin, Bitbucket,GitBash,Git/Stash,HBASE,confluent-Kafka 0.11.0,Lombok 1.16, Cloud,AVRO,Maven 3.3, Jackson 2.9, JSON, google guava 16.0.1, FileNet, CMOD


Big Data/Hadoop Solution Developer


  • Facilitated in designing and architecting ABP for spark-submit solutions around the File Ingestion into HDFS Fs, Hive, HBase, MapReduce (RDD, Apache Spark GraphX).
  • Architected the enterprise data lake and data-ingestion framework on Hortonworks Hadoop platform within existing legacy wealth platform to accommodate future enterprise roadmap and needs.
  • Created governance model on the DIF incorporated with process, structure and checkpoints.
  • Created compliance assessment and security checklists to document security architecture for the
  • Authentication gateways using Kerberos on Hortonworks HDP and confluent Kafka.
  • Designed the solutions around the DB ingestion around the DB (Oracle, SQL, and Sybase) sources with defined sinks.
  • Facilitated in designing the solution to integrate data lineage and data transformation mechanism into DIF to introduce audit trail into the system.
  • Designed, installed KAFKA-AVRO solution with Confluent KAFKA for Asset calculator APIs and Election
  • Status on Cloud (IBM Blue mix) and Cloud (Pivotal).
  • Facilitated in designing and developing DIF solution to in corporate the facility that business scan manage
  • Data representation and formatting via the rule-editor and rule-definitions.
  • Used Angular.js/Node.js for the development of the DIF-UI and the Spring-Boot and Spark-Jobs to manage controller layer with Hive-JDBC API to interact with DAO composition.
  • Developed and led the Oozie workflow automation architecture with Java/Spring-Boots/ builds to
  • Accommodate the scheduling of DB/File ingestion from the DIF UI based on the setup details. Scala used for the data lineage and transformation changes.

Environment: Apache Hadoop 2.7.2, MapReduce 2.0, NoSQL-MongoDB 3.4, PIG 0.16.0, MySQL,Angular.js 2 Oracle 12c,SybaseSplunk,MS Project,SAS,Cassandra 3.11, Apache Kafka 2.0.1, HDFS,HBase, RHEL 6.7,VMWare, Spark 2.1.1,Python, JDK 8,Bash/Shell, RHEL JBPM/JBRM 6.1, REST API, SOAPUI, Scala, Jenkins,GraphXSpring2.5.5, Yarn,Maven,Node.jsSpring 2.5.5,Atlassin,BitBucket,GitBash,Git/Stash,HBASE,confluent-Kafka 0.11.0, Oozie,Cloud-PCF, Cloud-Bluemix, AVRO, TOGAF-9.2, MS-Visio


Solution Designer/Java Lead Developer


  • Facilitated in the creation of the ABP and the relevant artifacts for the CPIC to establish credible business case analysis and present to the stakeholders.
  • Created business plans aligning technology infrastructure with the existing operating models and also the needs of the APIs along with data and information.
  • Helped modernizing process and technology around eSignature platform on VMWare instances with ESXI Hypervisor mechanism and JBoss/Cloud instances through all env. Including defining server hardware specifications.
  • Created infrastructure security plan around HSM/Safenet (Hardware Security Module) for crypto processing with F5/Load balancers and VMWare instances ensuring business directions.
  • Architected and built Firewall and DMZ/Proxy around the infrastructure externalized to Akamai to customer calls in and out and Fiddler tool used to debug and monitor user traffic into eSignature.
  • Created the processes and models to support the PCI-DSS in the payments applications including operating systems and network devices.
  • Architected multiple cloud based solutions for JBPM build and deployment with YAML, BASH, Python, PowerShell, Oracle 12C, MQ Adapter, Splunk for log management, Hypervisors- VMWare
  • Architected REST API/Maven based Java solutions deployed on cloud to support thousands of documents to Gen/Ingestion/Retrieval from IBM CMOD systems along FileNet and Kofax systems.

Environment: MySQL,Oracle 12c,Splunk,MS Project, RHEL 6.7,VMWare,Python, JDK 8,Bash/Shell,IBM CMOD v10.1, RHEL JBPM/JBRM 6.1, REST API, SOAPUI,Jenkins,Spring2.5.5,ESXI 6.0,Maven,Spring 4.2.0Atlassin,Bitbucket,Jira,FileNet, GitBash,Git/Stash, TOGAF-9.2, DoDAF, FEAF2, MS-Visio


Solutions Architect


  • Designed and architected the ETL model to filter the structured and unstructured data from OGG and AML systems into SAS based distributed solutions.
  • Created the FEAF2 data sub architectural domain artifacts including DFD, LDM,PDM, DRM to support the Oracle GG replication
  • Designed the DR strategy for the Oracle GG replication and reporting analytics for Jasper on SCC and BCC sites.
  • Created infrastructure build, configuration and deployment policies around Docker containerization on the CentOS 7 based VM instances to support autonomous horizontal scaling.
  • Coordinate among architects, analysts, developers and development managers to ensure the solutions are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate and manage people including onboarding resources into the projects from offshore and onsite.
  • Create ABP and follow lean MVP development model including agile based releases. Jenkins and Gradle based continuous build and integration with IBM Clear case.

Environment: Apache Hadoop 2.7.2, MapReduce 2.0, NoSQL-MongoDB 3.4, PIG 0.16.0, MySQL,Oracle 12c, Splunk MS Project,SAS,Cassandra 3.11, Apache Kafka 2.0.1, HDFS,HBase, RHEL 6.7, VMWare, Spark 2.1.1Python, JDK 8,Bash/Shell, RHEL JBPM/JBRM 6.1, REST API, SOAPUI, Jenkins,Spring2.5.5, IBM MQ series, vSphere ESXI 6.0,Yarn, IBM WAS6.1,8.5, Python(keras.io),R, Weka, Tensor flow 0.8,Theamin, JDK 8,OGG,SOAPUI,Eclipse IDE,MLib/Apache Spark,Deeplearning4j,NLTK,XGBoost,scikit-learn, PyMC3,Gradle,MySQL,HP QC,Java Beans,EJB,XML,XSLT,JAXB,OpenJPA,JQuery,CSS3,J2EE, JSP,SSL,JMS,JSTL1.2,TCP/IP,HTML5,Agile,Tomcat 7,MS-Project, MS-Visio,CentOS, Docker, MS-Office,Perl,Hibernate

Confidential, Boston

Lead Java Full Stack Developer


  • Designed and architected the BigData distributed system using MapReduce to parse raw data from the SAP retail- systems containing articles labels/Bay sequence/pricing/discount info into the EDW/Cassandra.
  • Used Pig and Spark to pre-process data and load them into the HDFS file systems on GCP (AWS).
  • ML/AI functions developed to support designing the recommended system based on the website sales data on those sold/non-sold/returned articles using collaborative and content-based filtering.
  • Designed MOTO Web UI with speech recognition interface using Cloud NL API, google api.ai agent and Google Chrome extension and Angular.js.
  • ML/AI modules developed using Python,scikit-learn,Tensorflow,Spark MLib and recommended system also helped in the dynamic price optimization by correlating pricing trends with sales trends aligning with factors like category/articles management and inventory levels from SAP retail system.
  • Developed and integrated ML/NLP based image/text processing for MOTO barcode scanning application to enable product text detection, character segmentation and character recognition based classification and object detection
  • Performed advanced text analytics on article labels using in-memory computing capabilities of Spark using Scala.
  • Designed and architected the enterprise application artifacts to accommodate changes. Incorporated Java, J2EE and EAI design patterns into the design and subsequent implementation using UML.
  • Liaise with all internal service delivery teams to ensure consistent high level of service.
  • Coordinate with the Client regarding the holding of Steering Committee Meetings, and participate in the meetings as required for design decisions.
  • Coordinate the efforts to develop, enhance and support application Episys, MOTO and SAP Retail Mgmt.
  • Manage teams in design and development and support interfaces to transact EDI documents using web Methods trading network.
  • Coordinate and manage teams in UK in resolving issues and defects regarding labels generated in the stores.
  • Work with stake holders to analyze risks and minimize it.
  • MOTO application required store walk to manage, sequence, scan bay and aisles and also to make sure the nightly batch runs were able to pull the right sequence info from the remote server.
  • Conduct and manage ongoing issue and defects lists with Episys team and define priority for the resolutions.

Environment: Apache Hadoop 2.7.2,MapReduce 2.0, PIG 0.16.0,MySQL,Oracle 12c,SplunkMS-Project,Cassandra 3.11,Apache Kafka 2.0.1, HDFS,HBase, RHEL 6.7, Spark 2.1.1,Python, JDK 8,Bash/Shell, REST APISOAPUI, Jenkins,Spring2.5.5, IBM MQ series,vSphere ESXI 6.0,Yarn, IBM WAS6.1,8.5, Python (keras.io), R, Weka,Tensorflow 0.8,Theamin,JDK 8,OGG,SOAPUI,Eclipse IDE, MLib/Apache Spark, Deeplearning4j, NLTK,XGBoost, scikit-learn, PyMC3,Gradle,MySQL,HP QC,Java Beans, EJB.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Lead Java Developer


  • Designed and developed to enhance and support application EMG/EMX and ESS user provisioning and enterprise mgmt. based on Java/J2EE.
  • Responsible for technical and application architecture ABP for the enterprise business management software.
  • Designed models, use cases, process flow, sequence diagrams using Rational Rose Enterprise suite and MS Visio. RUP practices were followed with details.
  • Act as interface between Service Provider Groups (SPG’s) and the Client.
  • Follow escalation procedures for all faults and defects.
  • Work with BA and customer in requirement, design resource estimates, work efforts and risk analysis using scrum.
  • Coordinate and lead development efforts of multiple teams.
  • Maintain and distribute updates to key documents for developers,testers,change management and end users including business and technical requirements, wire frames and guides.
  • Oversee and actively participate in all phases from requirements gathering to deployment.

Environment: Java4,5,JRXML, MS Project,J2EE, JSP, JMS, JSTL1.2, Spring2.5.5, Struts, JavaBeans, TCP/IP, EJB, WinXP, XML, XSLT, JAXB, JavaScript, DHTML, JQuery, CSS3, ANT, Tiles, HTTP/HTTPS, TLS, SMIME, MSOffice, Hibernate, JPA, SOAP, SOAPUI, Agile, Scrum, BEA WebLogic, Selenium, MySQL, Oracle10, Squirrel, OracleSQL-Developer, SOAP-UI,Apache-Tomcat7, Postfix2.3.6, Apache James-2.3.2, Java Mail, Java Crypto, Eclipse EDE, PL/SQL


Lead Developer


  • The project successfully delivered on-time/on-budget in compliance with all the project prerequisites including project management best practices.
  • Managed the hardware and software inventory for the development and deployment of the solution and also conducted cross-functional team .
  • Develop the Project scope statement, roles and responsibilities, WBS, communication plan risk management plan and project approvals and baseline PM processes.
  • Manage and prepare the efforts to design the eClaims prototype with the stakeholder’s approval.
  • Facilitate the process in testing across environment and teams.

Environment: MS Office,IBM Websphere7.0/8.003,webMethods Developer 7.1, Java4,5, JSF, Prime Faces, JRXML, JASPERJ2EE, JSP, JMS, MQ, JSTL1.2, Spring2.5.5, Struts, Java Beans, HTTP, TCP/IP, EJB, WinXP, XML, XSLT, JAXB, JavaScript, DHTML, JQuery, CSS, ANT, Tiles, HTTP/HTTPS, MS-Office, IBMRAD, Hibernate, JPA, JSON, DOJO, SOAP, SOAPUI, UDBDB2, Agile, Scrum, web Methods Integration server9, MQ Series, Sybase, iReport.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Java Lead


  • Develop project plan/chart and schedules and process specifications and define scope with Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Manage the lifecycle of code development through the stages of ideation to sprints to deployment.
  • Manage and help team in technical challenges like design, deploy, production support and resolve services using IBM WebSphere/ESB/Message Broker8.0/J2C/FIX protocol integration and web services and web site fixes using JQuery/JSON/JSP/HTML/Firebug/Google Debugger/DOJO.IBM RAD JAXB/Maven/Ant/CVS tools used for to generate Java classes using XSD.Change requests incorporated into WSDL and service calls are made using SOAP UI tool.
  • Manage and accountability of change requests to fixes for the production tickets related to customer facing applications.
  • Manage to meet tight deadlines for the productions issues and deliverables under tight pressure.

Environment: IBMWebsphere6.0/6.1,MS Project,Java4,5, J2EE, JSP, JMS,MS Office,MQ, JSTL1.2, Spring2.5.5, Struts, Java Beans, HTTP, TCP/IP, EJB, WinXP, XML, XSLT, JAXB, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, ANT, Tiles, HTTP/HTTPS, MS-Office, IBM RAD, Hibernate, JPA, JSON, DOJO, SOAP, SOAP UI, IBM UDB DB2, Agile, Scrum, MQ Series.

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