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Java Developer Resume

Malvern, PA


  • Over 7 years of progressive experience working as Java/J2EE Developer in analysis, design and development. Have extensive experience working on various phases in the Software development lifecycle of the project.
  • Have a good understanding of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Have worked on various Service Oriented, Client/Server, GUI and Web based applications in these years.
  • Extensive experiences in web based multi - tier enterprise applications & Client/Server Applications Extensive experience as designer and developer in Java & J2EE Web technologies based on Web-based, Desktop Based Development with Concepts of, Object Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Eclipse RCP, GUI Development and its implementation.
  • Experienced in Content Management System (CMS) to manage web content for create, edit, publish storage in database.
  • Experienced in Apigee, design and development of Multi-tiered distributed environment using Java & J2EE (Core Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, XML / XSLT, JMS) and frameworks like Struts, spring, JSF Prime Visualization, Spring MVC, Couch base and Hibernate for persistence purpose.
  • Proficient in developing Front-end systems with HTML5/CSS3, DOJO, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSF, React Js, Bootstrap, Tag Libraries, Custom Tags and JavaScript Frameworks such as Require.js, Backbone.js, Angular JS 4,5, Node JS.
  • Expert in Java/J2EE technologies such as JSP, Struts, Spring Framework, EJB, Hibernate and web service.
  • Expertise in Core Java concepts - Collection framework, Exception Handling, IO, latest java features, Serialization, Multi-Threading, Design Patterns, Concurrency.
  • Expert in Technical skills encompass Java/J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Custom tags, EJB, JMS, JNDI, jQuery, Struts, Spring & Hibernate Frameworks, Web services (SOAP, RESTFUL), ORM, XML, JSON, HTML 5.0, DHTMLX, UML, ANT, JSTL Apache Log4J, Shell script, Angular JS 4,5, Node JS, Maven, Java Script.
  • Hands-on experience in developing applications in Spring Framework using (Spring Core, Spring MVC, DAO, Spring ORM, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring Boot, Spring Ribbon, Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Data Flow) Inversion Control and Dependency Injection of Spring Application Frame work using prime faces web.
  • Developed applications using latest technologies like EJB3.0, Hibernate3.2/4.x, Spring2.x/3.x/4.x, and REST based Web services (axis2.0, JAX-WS 2.0, JAX-RS 2.1) XML API and tools.
  • Developed Microservices with Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, DI and JPA to develop loosely coupled process.
  • Worked on Microservice using Spring Boot through the combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Extensive experience in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), SCRUM, AGILE and Pair Programming.
  • Extensive experience in various J2EE Authentication platforms and Single Sign On.
  • Knowledge on developing biometrics, scanning id using login frameworks connect to database individually.
  • Worked on CI/CD tools like Bitbucket, Bamboo, Used Splunk to check application logs and Postman for Manual Testing.
  • Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), SCRUM, AGILE and Pair Programming.
  • Proficient in using Struts framework and design patterns like Singleton, DTO, DAO, Factory, Session Facade, Front Controller and Service Locator.
  • Configured Data Source on WebLogic Application server for connecting to Oracle, DB2 Databases.
  • Hands on experience in working on XML Suite of technologies (XML, XSD, DTD, XML Schema, DOM).
  • Experienced in RDBMS Design, ER modeling, SQL, PL/SQL, procedures, cursors, functions, triggers.
  • Extensive experience with IBM Web Sphere Server, BEA Web logic, JBoss & Tomcat server.
  • Expertise using version control tools like CVS, SVN, VSS and Rational ClearCase.
  • Experience in working server-side development skills using Apache and have strong skills in database connectivity (Data Source) with multiple databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle 10g/11g, DB2 and NoSQL like MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Worked on MongoDB to develop Dynamic queries on documents using document query language.
  • Expertise in using Apache Ant, Maven as java build tools.
  • Very good interpersonal and communication skills, also a quick learner.
  • Organized Team player with Managerial, Planning skills with the ability to meet the deadlines effectively.


Programming Languages: Java (J2SE, J2EE1.8/1.7), C, JavaScript, C++

Web Development: JSP2.1/2.0/1.2, Servlets2.x, JavaBeans, JDBC, Struts2.x/1.x, RMI, EJB3.0/2.1, Hibernate3.x/2.x, Spring2.0/1.0, Web Services, SOA, JMS1.1, SAX and DOM Parsers, Jackson Libraries, AJAX, JAXB2.1/2.0, JAXP1.x, LDAP, .NET, Sybase Power Designer, Karma Jasmine

Cloud Technologies: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, S3

Web Technologies: HTML5/DHTML, XHTML1.1, JavaScript1.x, XML1.0, XSL, XSLT, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, Log4J.

Design Patterns: MVC, Front Controller, Session Façade, Singleton, Business Delegate and DAO patterns

Databases: Mongo DB, MySQL, Oracle 10g, SQLite, JDBC

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Unix


Confidential, Malvern, PA

Java Developer


  • Responsible for gathering and understanding the software development requirements by interacting with clients.
  • Generated the Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams extensity for all the entire process flow using RAD.
  • Use of the Spring boot Framework for the application based on the MVC design paradigm
  • Actively involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as Modeling, Analysis, Design, Development. Involved completely in Kanban Board approaches, Including Test-Driven Development (TDD) Agile and Scrum.
  • Used Java 8 Lambda expressions along with Streams for creating internal iteration and performing chain operations such as Map, Collect on a collection Objects, Filters.
  • Developed Apigee, Content Management System(CMS) and UI using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS and Node JS.
  • Developed prototype and project layout skeletons using Jackson Libraries, ReactJs , JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Used various JQuery and Bootstrap plug-in like date picker, Bootstrap selectors.
  • Developed multiple enterprise applications using Hibernate framework, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Integration, Primefaces web, frameworks, Couchbase, dockers, RESTful web services.
  • Implemented authentication and authorization for the application using Spring Security and Oauth2.
  • Implemented Spring IOC for Dependency Injection and to make the code loosely coupled and Spring AOP for logging purposes.
  • Implemented REST based JAX-RS Web services interfaces for integrating multiple systems, code re-usability and consumed JMeter to test performance of REST protocol.
  • Implemented RESTful web services which produces both XML and JSON files to perform tasks, RESTful web service using Jersey for JAX-RS implementation, which leveraged both web & mobile applications.
  • Implemented Micro Services into existing system architecture. Developed Micro Services business components and RESTful service endpoints using Spring Boot.
  • Developed classes using core java concepts like Multithreading, Exception Handling, and Collections.
  • Used Spring Boot Actuator to externalize application's configuration properties for various environments.
  • Defined Hibernate Named Queries for performing batch while defined Criteria Queries for Microservice.
  • Used Spring Boot, Spring cloud, Spring Security to build Microservices and deployed to AWS cloud.
  • Extensively worked on writing complex PostgreSQL, PL/SQL Queries using joins, stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, Cursors, Materialized Views, dB links, External views, indexes in Oracle DB, IBM MQ & SQL tuning to reduce time in the application.
  • Worked on MongoDB and wrote code on find, update, save, insert data.
  • Worked on data extraction in loading JSON data from the server-side content into MongoDB, Kafka..
  • Used ActiveMQ to communicate with controller and made use of service layer to implement the business logic.
  • Implemented Batch jobs using Spring Batch Process(Splunk) to ensure data integrity & consistency in the job.
  • Apache Maven tool has been used for the build and deploy the application. Monitored the Error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.
  • Developed Unit test cases in the integration layer using Mockito framework.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing, protactor cucumber to run on saucelabs for Automated test.
  • Implemented configured JIRA issue tracking software with Agile plug-in across all the company functions.
  • Used Webstorm/IntelliJ IDEA IDE tool for application development.

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, JSP, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, PCF, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring Data, Jackson Libraries, Hibernate, SOAP, RESTful, IBM MQ, Micro service Architecture, STS 3.7, XML, AWS, DB-2, Mongo DB, CI/CD, Maven, WebSphere Application Server, IntelliJ IDEA, Junit, JMS, UNIX, Jenkins, JIRA, log4j, GIT.

Confidential, Erie, PA

JAVA/J2EE Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in different phases of SDLC as requirements gathering, technical design and implementation. Followed Agile Methodologies software development paired programming, Test Driven Development process, from development phase to testing phase and the postproduction phase, and Scrum meetings.
  • Designed Content Management System(CMS) the frontend and developed UI screens as per the wireframes provided by business using Java Script, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular 2 JS and backend layer using spring framework, Hibernate and XML. IDE used is Eclipse.
  • Responsible for setting up AngularJS framework to achieve binding data between HTML and JavaScript objects.
  • Implemented single page applications with Angular 2 JS using custom directives and developed Angular routes using route providers.
  • Used Apigee, Spring MVC architecture with Hibernate to implement DAO code and used RESTful Web Services with XML parsing to interact with other modules.
  • Used spring containe, dockers for data source and to load the Hibernate specific classes.
  • Used Couch base, Hibernate framework in persistence layer for mapping an object-oriented domain model to Oracle database.
  • Used Micro services to communicate using synchronous protocols HTTP and REST.
  • Developed Restful web services by using JAX-RS JERSEY for integrating multiple systems, created and read the JSON objects by using JACKSON libraries.
  • Deploying the applications into the Azure and extracting the data from the Azure cloud services.
  • Used Apache Kafka for building the real time data pipelines and storing the data in a distributed cluster.
  • Configured Java objects with backend database tables using ORM mapping in Hibernate by Mango db.
  • Created and Designed XML schemas and transformed the XML to XSLT style sheet.
  • Implemented various design patterns in the project such as Data Access Object, Data Transfer Object and Singleton.
  • Created Stored Procedures in PL/SQL, Functions for the DAO layer by studying the required business objects and validating them using Oracle database, PostgreSQL.
  • Used IBM Websphere Application Server for deploying various components of application.
  • Thoroughly Unit tested the application by writing test cases for different scenarios using JUnit.
  • Used Docker to collaborate code, deliver, and run more securely from both Windows server, Linux.
  • Developed Maven script and builds Maven and continuous integration servers like Jenkins.
  • Used GIT for version control management between various integration and development streams.
  • Used Jira to track bugs, prioritize and discuss the team’s work in full context.
  • Apache Maven tool has been used for the build and deploy the application. Monitored the Error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.

Environment: HTML, CSS, XML, XSTL, Java Script, JQuery, Angular 1.7, 2 JS, Hibernate framework, Spring framework, Jackson Libraries, Oracle 11g, Restful Web services, JSON, JAX-RS, IBM Websphere Application Server, Docker, Jenkins, GIT, Jira, Log4j, JUnit.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the design, feature estimations and Software Requirements Specifications.
  • Developed class diagrams, use case diagrams and sequence diagrams using UML/STAR UML.
  • Developed web interface for Users Modules using JSP, HTML, XML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, and Action Servlets with Struts Framework, spring frame work.
  • Used spring framework for transfer the data from GUI to DB with Ajax frame work.
  • Extensively worked on CORE JAVA (Collections of Generics and Templates, Interfaces for passing the data from GUI Layer to Business Layer)
  • Developed business logic and Entity Beans to manage the transactions with the database to deliver the content to the presentation layer and also to store the data into the data layer.
  • Implemented DAO (Data Access Object) design pattern to access data from Oracle.
  • Development process the SCRUM, Iterative Agile methodologies for web Application
  • Implemented Spring MVC, IOC & AOP.
  • Mapped the objects with the Database using Hibernate Query Language (HQL) as the Persistence Frame Work.
  • Developed Content Management System(CMS) and stored procedures using PL/SQL.
  • Used JMS for programs to create, send and receive messages by using different modules like publisher, subscriber messaging and point to point messaging using IBM-MQ-Series
  • Used log4j for debugging the application.
  • Involved in Configuration of data source and deployment of application in development, Test and Production.
  • CVS for version Controlling.
  • Involved in configuration setting for Development, Test, and Production Environment.
  • Used J-Unit test cases to test the application and performed random checks to analysis the portability, reliability and flexibility of the project.
  • Mainly involved in 24x7 support, Maintenance and enhancement of the application.

Environment: Bea Web logic server 9.2/10.3, Eclipse, Java API, J2SDK 1.4.2, JDK1.5, JDBC, JMS, Message Queues, Web services, UML, XML, HTML,CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, log4j, SVN, JUnit, J2ME and Windows and Sun OS 2.7/2.8.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

JAVA/J2EE Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in Agile SCRUM development process was used for the product life cycle management.
  • Created Use Case, wrote design approach documents, development, implementations, support, for functional security modules like Self Registration, Change Password, Approve Failed Registrations, and Update Other's Profile on a weekly basis.
  • Designed and Developed complex UI screens using Spring MVC, AJAX, GWT, JQuery, JQuery-EasyUI, JSP, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Implemented Struts 2.x framework in the application. Responsible for configuration and integration of Spring 4, Struts 2.x and Hibernate 4.3.x .
  • Designed and developed Controllers , Action Mappings, Interceptors, Forms and View pages for management of policy claims using Struts2.x framework.
  • Implemented Persistence layer using Hibernate 4.3.x to interact with the MySQL database.
  • Used Hibernate and Mongoose for object relational mapping and persistence.
  • Used SAX and DOM parser for parsing xml documents and XSLT API to handle XML parsing in Object Oriented way .
  • Implemented different Design patterns like DAO , Singleton , Factory , Delegate , and Front Controller .
  • Implemented rest web services using REST , JSON and JAX-RS and SOAP web services using JAX-WS .
  • Development of database interaction code to JDBC API making extensive use of SQL Query Statements and advanced prepared statement.
  • Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC, creation of Hibernate mapping files and generation of database schema.
  • Designed and developed Message driven beans that consumed the messages from the Java message queue & Configured JMS service class to transfer the orders between agents and policy holders .
  • Designed interactive web pages with front end screens using Express.js, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Implemented jQuery AJAX calls in JSP web pages to render the response on to UI.
  • Created unit tests using JUnit framework in test driven development approach and developed unit and integration test cases using JUnit and Mockito .
  • Used SVN as version control tool and Maven as build tool.
  • Worked closely with requirement team, testing team, data base administrators and production support team.

Environment: Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSF, XJCL, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC IBM DB2, Hibernate, Subversion (SVN), IBM WebSphere Application Server8.5, SOAP, REST, JMS,IBM Java Batch, JUnit, Mockito, Jenkins, Maven, IBM RSA, IBM Urban Code Deployment tool, Windows 7


JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Developed the application using MVC-1 Architecture using JSP 1.7, Servlet 2.5 and EJB 2.0.
  • Developed Class diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using UML 1.1.
  • Preparation of the Low-Level Design document which include program specification and unit test plan.
  • Developed HTML 2.0 and JSP 1.7 pages for user interaction and data presentation.
  • Used JavaScript 1.5 in applications outside of web pages like PDF documents, site - specific browsers and desktop widgets.
  • Defined the presentation semantics of the document written in a markup language using HTML and CSS 2.
  • Developed JSPs 1.7 to implement the business logic, and used Java Beans 2.0 to retrieve the data.
  • Coded Enterprise Java Beans 2.0, which implemented business rules and business logic.
  • Created tables in the Oracle database.
  • Deployed the application (EAR) on WebLogic Application Server v8 using Eclipse 3.1 as IDE.
  • Performed Unit Testing frameworks and Integration Testing of the application using JUnit 3.7.
  • Used CVS 1.10 for source code version control.

Environment: Core Java (J2EE 1.3), JSP 1.7, JavaBeans 2.0, JavaScript 1.5, Servlets 2.5, UML 1.1, JUnit 3.7, CVS 1.10, EJB2.0, CSS 2, HTML 2.0, Oracle 7, Eclipse RCP 3.x, Apache Tomcat Web Server v7.0, WebLogic Application Server v8.0, Eclipse IDE 3.1.


JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Responsible for understanding the business requirement.
  • Worked with Business Analyst and helped representing the business domain details in technical specifications.
  • Also helped developing UML Diagrams: Use cases, Activity diagram, Sequence diagram, class Diagram.
  • Was also actively involved in setting coding standards and writing related documentation.
  • Developed the Java Code using Eclipse as IDE.
  • Developed JSPs and Servlets to dynamically generate HTML and display the data to the client side.
  • Developed application on Struts MVC architecture utilizing Action Classes, Action Forms and validations.
  • Code Review & Debugging using Eclipse Debugger.
  • Involved in Debit card and credit card payment applications.
  • Involved in the design and decision making for Hibernate OR Mapping.
  • Hibernate Mapping file (.hbm.xml) files for mapping declarations.
  • Configured Queues in WebLogic server where the messages, using JMS API, were published.
  • Consumed Web Services (WSDL, SOAP and UDDI) from third party for authorizing payments to/from customers using AXIS.
  • Writing/Manipulating the database queries, stored procedures for Oracle9i.

Environment: Java, /J2EE, Eclipse 3.2, Web Logic Application Server 7.0, Oracle9i, JSP1.1, HTML, JavaScript, JMS, Servlets, UML, XML, Eclipse, Struts1.3, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, ANT, JUnit, Log4j.

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