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Software Engineer Resume


Languages: Java, C#, HTML, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Dr. Racket, C, Assembler, C++, Visual Basic

Frameworks: ReactJs, Angular6, .NET, Bootstrap, AngularJs, Model - View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

Programs & Services: Git, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studios, Unity, SQL Server Manager, Cygwin Assembler

Databases: MongoDB (NoSQL Database), SQL Server, Microsoft Access





  • I created a website from scratch using Angular6 and Java Spring Boot 5 using REST API to connect the two.
  • For the application, we Integrated MongoDB to store applicant and manager information.
  • I designated tasks and stories using Jira (a task management service) and used Swagger to document the API so that future developers can easily acquaint themselves with the new application.
  • To secure the server endpoints, I utilized Cross and hashed user passwords for security purposes.
  • I designed and implemented Postgres databases into a Spring project.
  • The application started with an Angular frontend, but we migrated to ReactJs to match what other employees utilized.
  • For the application, I led multiple demos to upper management, including the Presiden t/COO of Galaxe.
  • During deployment of the application, I wrote deployment documents to help lead DevOps team in deployment and coordinated the communication between my team and the DevOps team.
  • I used AWS’s Lambda service to run functions at specific times to be cost -efficient.
  • To make the application more efficient, I streamlined SQL queries and configured and utilized token functionality into the project for security.




  • To gain input, I organized meetings for UPS employees
  • I took part in weekly meetings with my team in which I gave status updates to my team and my lead
  • To organize SQL database information, I collected information from multiple sources, saving the time of high priority information.

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