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Java Resume

Wilmington, DE


  • Java/J2ee developer, expert in providing technical solutions to business problems.
  • Have over 7+ years of extensive software analysis, design and development experience using industry standard methodologies.
  • Experience in domains like Banking, Financial Service, Insurance and Healthcare.
  • Closely worked with end users, business technology groups, business architects for variety of systems.
  • Strong background in AGILE software development methodology. Over 4+ years of strong working experience in agile using practices from scrum, extreme programming etc. Well versed with various other software development methodologies like RUP and TDD.
  • Strong background with object oriented analysis and design (OOAD), UML diagrams such as Use cases, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams business requirement documents.
  • Implemented various Java/J2ee Design Patterns.
  • Experience in using Java, J2EE applications (Struts, HTML, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, Java Beans, JDBC, JNDI, Session EJB, Entity EJB, Message-driven beans) used J2EE Best Practices and multi threaded programming.
  • Experienced in Designing of GUI using Model View Architecture (MVC) using SPRING, STRUTS Frame Work.
  • Developed highly customizable websites. Used JavaScript for complex form validation and navigation with HTML and CSS for common look and feel.
  • Exposure to XML related technologies such as XML, XSLT, XSL, DTD, and DOM.
  • Experience in writing database queries, stored procedures, and triggers using SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Hands on experience in architecture/designing, developing, and successful deployment of java/j2ee projects from end to end.
  • Hands on experience with Web servers including WEBLOGIC 6.1, WEBSPHERE 5.x/4.0 and IDE (BEA WORKSHOP/WSAD/Eclipse).
  • Experienced working in onshore/Offshore development model. Coordinated with teamsin offshore.
  • Worked with synchronous and asynchronous messaging involving MQ Series.
  • Effective communicator, quick thinker, quick learner and rapid problem solver with commitment and has a strong work ethic.
  • Keen on technical observation through subscribed technical newsletters/site/magazines, Identifying and quickly mastering emerging technologies.

Technical Skills


J2EE, Java, JDBC, EJB2.0, PL/SQL, Shell Scripts, ANT.


Java Servlets, Spring, Spring Webflows, Axis, Spring WS, Struts, Velocity, Android, Log4j.

Web Technologies:

Ajax, JSP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, YUI, JQuery, XML, XSL/XSLT, XSD.

Sever Side Technologies:

Servlets, Web Services, EJB, JMS, Java Mail, JMX.

EAI Technologies:

MQ Series


Oracle, 8i/9i/10g, DB2, Sybase, Sql server, Mysql.


RAD 6, WSAD, Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, SQL Developer, PL/Sql developer, Toad, Maven, Ant, Perforce, Clear case, Subversion, Tortoise SVN, Anthill Pro.

Design and Testing Tools:

UML, Rational Rose, SoapUI, XMLSpy, Junits, Easy mock, Mokito, HP QC, Mercury, DBUnit, Fitnesse functional test.

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux, Unix.

Employment History

Confidential,Wilmington, DE Oct 2008 - Current

Position: Senior Java Developer

Enviornment: Java1.5, J2ee, Spring framework 2.5, Spring webflows, Drools, JMX, JMS,
MQ Series, XML, XSLT, Maven2.7, Tomcat6, Javascript, Velocity templates, log4j, Eclipse,
Html, Dhtml, CSS, AJAX, YUI, CSS, HTML, Jquery, PL/SQL, Oracle10g, SQL Developer, Junit,
Easymock, Mockito,WSDL, SOAP, SpringWS, Axis, CXF, Anthill Pro, Subversion, Tortotise
SVN, UML, Windows7, Unix, MUMPS/Profile, HP Quality Control, Android 2.2, Version one (
Agile / SCRUM tool).


  • Worked withbusinessstakeholder andbusinessanalysts during requirement gathering session for consumer lending products (Orange Loan Accounts, Orange Card) and various other initiative (KYC, PRM/Fraud, RSA, IRA, Card Disputes, IVR, CRMetc) across the bank.
  • Responsible for customercollaboration, detailed analysis of thebusinessrequirementsand documenting the high level design.
  • Worked closely witharchitectureteam to develop technical design using UML. Also did design reviews with development team.
  • Worked with data modeler/ DBA’s to ondatabase designand wrote DDL/DML.
  • Responsible foridentifyingstories, initial estimated for the development,defineddevelopment stories for monthly sprint cycles.
  • Leddevelopmenteffort,provided guidancejunior/new developer on the team, fixed software defects/bugs and solved issues during development.
  • Developed detailed plan for code integration strategy,integrationenvironment testing and developed system testing strategy with QA.
  • UsedSpring web flows,Velocitytemplates to develop loan accounts and orange card’s online applications.
  • Wrote Storedproceduresfor oracledatabaseand used DAOpattern to access database. Also wrote MRPCcalls to access data from profile (mumps) database.
  • Converted existing code written in XSLT, command pattern to velocity pages usingSpring MVC, Spring web flows andGrid layoutforcross browsercompatibility.
  • Used Maven for building code and SVN updates.
  • Used YUI, JQuery, JavaScript,Ajaxfor rich internetexperience.
  • Implemented various design patterns likeSingleton, Factory, Commandetc.
  • Activelyparticipated in ING’sJava community of practice(COP) to discuss variety of technical andarchitecturalissues.
  • Actively maintained and documented ING’sWIKI. Updated wiki withtraining material, technical topics for java developers, testingdocumentationetc.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings, monthly planning meetings.
  • Responsible forteir2productionsupportduring team’s production support cycle.
  • Reviewed test strategy and test cases with quality analysts.
  • Worked withcontinuousintegrationteam to get branches ready for the sprint cycle, helped inresolvingmerge issues and build fixes in Anthill Pro (automated build tool).
  • Maintained Dev and QA environments. Deployed daily builds and fixedenvironmentalissues.
  • Analyzed code for quality by doing code reviews as percode reviewchecklist, checked code test coverage using cobertura.
  • Demoed finished product to business stakeholder and IT teams duringsprint demos.
  • Created detaileddeployment instructionsin change control request system (CCR) for release management teams, attendedrelease planningmeetings and supported productions releases.

Confidential, (IT Consulting) June2003– Sept2008

1. Department Of Human Services, St. Paul, MN Oct 2006 – Sept2008

Vendor: ACS
Position: Java/J2ee Consultant
Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, MDB ,MQ Series, DHTML, XML, JDBC, Web sphere 5.x, Java Scripts, HTML, CSS, AJAX, SQL, ORACLE 10G, @Vantage ORM framework, Junits, DBUnits, TOAD/SQL Developer, MQ Series, WSAD 5.1 /RAD 6, Clear quest, WSDL, SOAP, UML.

Project Title: Health Match
Confidential,a web based health care eligibility system for workers and the MHCP Applicant and enrollees they serve. The purpose of this application is to streamline the application and eligibility process of MHCP, standardize this process for eligibility workers, and reduce the burden of program rules from workers.


Designed and Developed of the Account Receivable module included creating a design document, class diagrams, prototype of GUI and database mapping. Owner of Participated in functional meetings with business associates/methodology chiefs to understand the business requirements and map with design implementation.
  • Facilitate the weekly reporting with Project Manager and for quality process group.
  • Responsible for Initial design (UML) of the module included creating a design document, class diagrams, screenshots of User Interface and database mapping and work estimates.
  • Designed and developed HTML .Implemented complex JavaScript functions for page navigation, passing attributes from one page to another and validation, server communication using XMLHttpRequest.
  • Used @Vantage framework’s GUI Builder for creating Html pages with drag and drop feature.
  • Wrote various Servlets for different modules, used DOM parsers to parse server response to xml.
  • Implemented design patterns like Strategy, DAO, and Factory etc.
  • Developed various business service, used EJB (stateless) for implementing these services.
  • Used proprietary @Vantage Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for database access. Object mappings were implemented in xml, with its own db query language and framework methods for database access.
  • Implemented/consumed web services exposed by external systems.
  • Implemented java code using JMS API for listening to messages from MQ queues and conversion of string messages to message entities.
  • Implemented Junits for unit testing the code.
  • Came up with different scenarios for functional testing of various modules using DBUnits.

2. Confidential,Los Angeles Aug 2005 – Sept2006

Vendor: CSC
Position: Java/J2ee Developer Consultant

Environment: Java, JSP, EJB ,MDB ,MQ Series,J2EE, DHTML,XML,JDBC ,Web sphere 5.x , Java Scripts, PHP, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, DB2, Clear Case, Clear quest, Rational Rose, Test Director, Rumba Mainframe Display, AS/400.

Project Title: ECMS/Ehome
The objective of e-CMS (e-Customer Management System) is to provide agents with a customer management and sales tool including customer phonebook, an account-based view of policies, and quote management system and notepad ability.


  • Designed and developed Html and JSP pages and java bean code for displaying the phonebook search pages, account summary pages, account creation, access granting, reporting etc.
  • Worked with product managers, UI designers, QA engineers, and other developers to design, implement, document, and test multi-tiered, web-based applications.
  • Developed JavaScript for complex forms validation and navigation.
  • Used view management techniques like view helper, dispatcher view etc.
  • Was involved in developing Custom JSP tags for proprietary e-agent framework to provide abstraction of the complex display logic in the presentation layer.
  • Used various j2ee design pattern like DAO, Factory, singleton, session façade etc.
  • Developed stateless session EJB to access various business services to provide scalability and reusability.
  • Developed data access code using JDBC, also wrote and modified SQL statements in data access layer.
  • Involved in maintenance enhancements of various component, fixing bugs, worked closely with tester to get them resolved.
  • Responsible for coordination with offshore team.
  • Used Mercury Test Director for bugs/defects tracking.
  • Actively involved production deployment activities (monitoring, shakeouts, resolution of production issues/business-critical technical issues, performance).
  • Actively involved in unit/integration tests, preparing test cases technical documents based on functional specs for development process.
  • Created build scripts using ANT. Deployed code to various environments.

3. Confidential,West Borough, MA May 2005-Aug2005

Position: Java Developer Consultant

Environment: Java, JSP, EJB, J2EE, JNDI, JMS, JDBC, Web sphere, UNIX Shell Scripts, Perl, Java Scripts, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, XPATH, PL/SQL, Sybase, SQL Navigator.

Project: Dragon
Confidential,premier product, Dragon is a highly configurable, has tools-based policy administration and workflow automation engine. Dragon can automate sales and service processes that may be real-time or asynchronous, Involve one or more products, Involve individuals/roles from within the carrier as well as one or more business partners such as agents, Reinsures, Third-Party-administrators, etc


  • Redesigned overall XSLT structure of the site to Improve system performance
  • Came up with techniques to do stress tests on the system.
  • Modified existing data access code to use flexible and object oriented patterns like DAO, Command, and Abstract Factory that would make future additions to the system easier.
  • Wrote stored procedures in oracle, worked with PL/SQL.
  • Was involved in training business users about using the system. Resolved various setup issues with the application at different client sites.
  • Used PVCS manager and tracker for tracking and resolving bugs and working in multi-user environment
  • Used web services for accessing business data from client location.
  • Coordinated the release activities in the project, actively involved in unit/integration tests, writing test cases for various flows, resolving production issues.
4. Confidential,NYC June 2003- April 2005

Position: Java Consultant
Environment: Java, JSP, EJB, J2EE, JNDI, JMS, MQ Series, JDBC, Web logic, UNIX Shell Scripts, Struts and Tiles Framework, Java Scripts, XML, XSL,HTML, Oracle 9i, Sun Solaris, HP.

Project: Ratings
Fitch ratings provide ratings on companies and their debt instruments. This project was developed for institutional investors and mid size companies investing in securities firms. Data related to the firms is collected by various sources. System takes data from various other front end systems and batch processing systems all this data is used to derive long term and short term ratings for a firm.


  • Developed the following jsp/html pages – login/portfolio creation/management, authorizations, news display, standard company template pages, user preferences, system monitoring, daily activities, reporting/analysis, system administration
  • View management and user preferences were handled by XML files stored in a central repository.
  • Heavily used java and j2ee design patterns like Abstract factory, singleton, strategy, adapter, business delegate, session façade, view helper, front controller, service locator, DAO, etc.
  • Developed the saving and retrieving of user preference module responsible for look and feel and various options per user. Used cookies for maintaining this information.
  • Was involved in heavy testing of the application.
  • Wrote shell scripts for cleaning directories every day, generating statistics about webpage hits, users who logged in during the day, etc.
  • Was involved in testing phases like regression testing, user acceptance testing, etc.


Bachelor of Engineering
Masters of Electrical Engineering

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