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Senior Java Developer Resume

Pittsburgh, PA


  • Progressive software engineer with 7 years of hands - on experience designing, developing and implementing innovative software products and solutions that significantly increase productivity and profitability meet user needs.
  • Adept at delivering high-quality products while establishing solid analytical and problem-solving abilities. Skilled using JAVA, SPRING, HIBERNATE, ANGULARJS(2), XQUERY, OOP, DESIGN PATTERNS, SOA, DATA STRUCTURE, ALGORITHMS, JAVASCRIPT, REST API, XML, JSON, MYSQL, MARKLOGIC and ORACLE while leading comprehensive software development.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with clients on project delivery. Experienced in implementing application through entire Software Development Life Cycle.Web Application Development, SDLC, Coding & Programming, Requirement Analysis & Feasibility Studies, Solution Design & Implementation, Technology Integration, Leadership


Languages: Java, JavaScript, Shell Script, XQuery

Framework: Spring MVC, Spring-REST, Mybatis, Hibernate, Jersey, log4j, Junit

Web: JSP, Servlet, XML, Angular 2, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS, XPath

Design Pattern: Strategy, Observer, Template, Factory, Abstract Factory, Facade, Singleton

Other: Algorithm, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SDLC: Agile, Waterfall, TDD

Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, Oracles, MarkLogic

Tools: Eclipse, Netbeans, STS, Star UML, MySQL Workbench, Subversion, Maven, Git Server JBoss EAP 5.X, WebLogic Application Server, Apache Tomcat, Apache 2.2, Apache Solr Platforms Windows, Linux (RedHat/Ubuntu), SUN.



Senior Java Developer


  • Requirement Collection, Documentation, Design, Scheduling Development, Integration, Testing, Delivery and enhancement of new and existing Web and Standalone application to increase operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • Police/Fire Report Order Tracking and Balancing System: RESTful Service that automate existing manual process, receive Police/Fire report order request from existing Stream System in XML format, parsing and creating Object and as well as insert into database to keep end to end track of each order, balance between daily order submitted my internal Stream system and Order posted to vendor for collection.
  • It also update the records based on vendor response from excel file received each day and balance between vendor system and Stream system. Add new reporting module into existing reporting system that display the current status of the orders.

Technologies include: Java, Spring-REST, Mybatis, Angular2, XML, MS-Sql and Server: JBoss EAP 5.X Tool: Maven, Control-M, Jenkins, SVN.

  • Added Internal Fraud Detection Module into NetMap for Confidential System: RESTful batch processing system that generates different data feeds for ISONet Map system, this project basically added a new data feed for internal fraud detection by grabbing data from Confidential Order, HR and ADP and generates files according to NetMap standards.

Technologies include: Java, Spring-REST, Mybatis, MS-SQL, DB2 and Server: JBoss EAP 5.X Tool: Maven, Control-M, Jenkins, SVN.


Senior Java Developer


  • Designed, developed web application projects based on client needs and specifications, including project documentation and design.
  • Content Preservation and Electronic Archiving: Design and develop an extensible solution that validates document's XML with National Library of Medicine (NLM) standards (XML schema), write xQuery to fetch products XML from MarkLogic, validate in Java, combine XML and require files (pdf, images, etc.) from the filesystem to create a package to preserve and archive for internal and external use having SFTP, update products info in Oracle, and send status email using Java (Spring), Angular 2 to facilitate user to manage content configuration, view and download archived packages.
  • Back-end process runs bi-weekly, scheduled using AppWorx and write Shell Script for it. Use Maven for dependency, SVN for version control and Jenkins as DevOps Tool.

Technologies include: Java, Spring-REST, JavaScript, Angular2, XML, xQuery, CSS, HTML, MarkLogic (NoSQL) and Oracle.

Server: Tomcat 6

Tool: AppWorx

  • Design a feed generator for Registered Clients and Content Type and serve them on request and generate based on subscriptions, Zip, sFTP and send notification using java(Struts), Hibernate as ORM framework to perform CRUD on Oracle data, developed a stored procedure to send email. Angular2 used to manage client, subscriptions, content and feed fields configuration, and execution status/report. AppWorx for scheduling and Shell Script to run, WebLogic as server, Maven for dependency, SVN for version control and Jenkins as DevOps Tool.

Technologies include: Struts, Servlet, Hibernate, XML, Angular 2, CSS, HTML, Shell Script, and Oracle.

Tool: AppWorx, Jenkins, SVN. Server: WebLogic.


  • Create tool to increase site visitor, do SEO and prepare Sitemap and Sitemap Index file for search engines according to the standard and periodical update using Struts, Solr query to prepare processing list and to get required data to create sitemap using java and validate the sitemap and sitemap index file and posted for deployment, Hibernate to track record on Oracle, XML as configuration file and Maven for project management, SVN for version control and Jenkins as DevOps Tool.

Technologies include: Struts, Servlet, Hibernate, XML, Shell Script, and Oracle.

Tool: AppWorx, Jenkins, SVN, Server: WebLogic.

  • Design and develop that can generate forms for any request like purchase order, Survey with proper security and validation. Write sql queries for Oracle to create form attributes and data, JSTL to create custom tags, JavaScript to dynamic validation, Ajax for back-end communication using Struts and Hibernate framework runs on WebLogic server.
  • Used Maven for Project Management Tool, SVN for version control and Jenkins as Devops tools, test and production environment.

Technologies include: Struts, Servlet, Hibernate, JSTL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS and Oracle.

Server: WebLogic


Senior Engineer


  • Led project, ensure prompt product and service delivery, activity plan and resource engagement matrix. Implement technical and functional solutions for Confidential . Initiate software development for new products and campaigns. Provide feedback on technical feasibility.
  • Minute Back on Call Drop System: Design developed and implemented a system that helps RN Management to reduce call drops; it uses shell scripting to collect logs from the CDR based on the status code. If any call disconnected due to the network problem put it in the file. Java Application parses the file, create an XML request to the IN to give them bonus minute and a request to the SMSC to send an apology SMS. Also, insert a record into Oracle for reporting. Create user interface to display records from Oracle using JSP, jQuery and spring.

Technologies include: Java, spring, Shell Script, JSP, jQuery, and Oracle.

Core Network Performance Monitoring Tools: Design developed and implemented a system that uses shell scripting to generate log files from HLR, MSC, and CCN logs, Java application to read the log file and calculate the CCR, CSR, CSSR and upload to MySQL database. Use jQuery and JSP to view the Data.

Technologies include: Java, spring, JSP, jQuery, and MySQL.

Adjustment or Bonus Disbursement Tool: Based on the RAFM provided files that contents MSISDN, disburse amount and type, Java application continuously scans the directory for new files and create a request for Bonus or Adjustment and send to the IN that increase efficiency and decrease human error.

Technologies include: Java, Shell Script and Oracle.

System Status Notification System: Designed Shell Script base solution to assess critical status of server and facilitate preventative maintenance.

Technologies include: Shell Script, JSP, jQuery, and MySQL.

Generated new business and significantly increased profitability by maximizing quality of products and delivering client projects within estimated time-frame.

Increase productivity by developing effective tools and applications.

Develop & innovative solutions for products and campaigns.


Software Engineer


  • Spearheaded project management to develop innovative solutions. Managed development team. Initiated resource planning. Implemented coding and bug fixes. Performed requirement analysis and integration.
  • Droid Backup & Share: Created functional Android application to enhance data storage. Using Android and Java and MySQL. Unified Alarm System: Developed interface to decrease response time and enhance operational efficiency for alarm generation systems. Using Java, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and MySQL.
  • Designed online solution to perform real-time decoding of Binary Raw CDR and translate to readable text format. Using Java, HTML, jQuery, and Oracle.
  • Coded application to send SMS to selected groups or lists in database. Using Java, JSP, jQuery, HTML, and MySQL.


Application & Software Engineer - II


  • Addressed customer inquiries by implementing prompt solutions developed in accordance with customer requirements. Initiated programming, scripting, Database SQL solution and integration. Facilitated UAT of new features and designs. Provided recommendations and solutions for VAS product.
  • Integrated SMS-based application with Short Message Service Center (SMSC) using Java and MySQL. Instant Commercial Power Failure Notification for BTS: Developed and implemented software for instant SMS notification for 800 Base Transceiver Station (BTS) alarms using Java, jQuery, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and MSSQL.
  • Publication of 6 technical papers and 10 cases in Confidential Support Site for Application & Software Department.

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