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Java Resume

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  • Experience of 1 year 5 months in C#/Asp.net/Java script.
  • Experience in C#/asp.net Windows and Web applications.
    Experience with SQL Server 2005,2008 Database.and Crystal Reports.
  • Experience in working with Windows and Web Services.
  • Presently working with Webcommerce India Pvt. Ltd., Noida as Software Engineer.
  • Experience in developing applications in technologies like C#, Asp.net, Java script,SqlServer 2005,2008.
  • Hands on experience in Web technologies and Database Programming.
  • Adept in end-to-end development of software products from designing, coding, testing, documentation and implementation.


Operating System : Windows XP
Languages : ASP.net, C#, Java Script, C, C++

Framework : .net framework 3.5, 4.0.

TOOLS : Microsoft Visual Studio 2008,Visual Studio 2010,Ajax Toolkit
Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008.
Web Servers : Web Sphere

Design pattern : MVC

Services : Web, Windows and WCF
Certifications : Microsoft Certified Professional (Framework 4.0 Web application)
Reporting : Crystal Report .


Since Dec 2011 Confidential, Delhi Software Engineer


Software Development

  • Contributing to the design, development, testing, troubleshooting and debugging of the software.
  • Providing post-implementation, application maintenance and enhancement support to the client with regard to the product / software application.

Title : Resource Management System
Client : Confidential,
Environment : C#, Asp.net, Sql Server 2005,Java Script.
Duration : Since July ’12 to October ‘12
Team Size : 4
Role : Developer

  • Assisted in designing the front end using html, Ajax toolkit,Asp.net and Javascript.
  • Implemented the Back end using C# and worked on Services.
  • Used MVC Architecture.

The Resource Management System manages the human resources of an organization efficiently. All the Branches and departments and their employees can be managed in a proper way and all the assigned tasks can be monitored easily.

Title : BA Plus( Biometric integrated HR Management Solution)
Client :Confidential,
Environment : C#, Asp.net, Java script, Sql Server 2005.
Duration : Since Feb’12 to June‘12
Team Size : 6
Role : Developer

  • Implemented the front end using Asp.net,Ajax Toolkit, html and JavaScript.
  • Used Framework 3.5 and 4.0 for design and Implementation, Crystal Reports for Report Designing.
  • Implemented Windows and Web Services at the back end.
  • Implemented back end using C# and SQL Server 2005,2008.

BA PLUS is a real-time monitoring on a role-based module. The administrators, auditors and other managers can have an overview of this real-time information to monitor, evaluate and appraise the quality of work and the resources deployed, through automated reporting procedures. The access may be web-based or through shooting e-mails to a designated e-mail accounts. It is an application Integrated with Biometric Machines and Face Readers.

Title : Online Import Export Document Management System
Client : Confidential,
Environment : C#,Asp.net, Java script,Ajax Tools,Sql Server 2005.
Duration : Since Dec ’11 to Feb ‘12
Status : Completed
Team Size : 3
Role : Developer

  • Implemented the front end using Asp.net,html and Javascript .
  • Implemented back end using C#.
  • Used Visual Studio 2010,Ajax Tools.
  • Used Crystal Reports for report designing.


A Web URL which can be used for maintaining and updating Import-Export records Online and Store the record on the remote server for future reference and updating. It also performs calculations related to import-export costing .It also generates various reports.

Title : Webcom Hamster Plus
Client :Confidential,
Environment : C#,Asp.net, Java script,ExtJs,Sql Server 2005
Duration : From Nov’12 to Apr’13
Team Size : 4
Role : Developer

  • Implemented the back end using C# and front end using html and JavaScript.
  • Used Crystal Reports for report designing & Worked on ActiveX implementation.
  • Used MVC Architecture.

A Web based Authentication system used for checking authentication over the web using biometric mobile devices. It can also be used to maintain Logs and records for enrolled users and their Authenticated time. Its main purpose is controlling the access of certain Web page or document on the web by different users and maintaining the Record. It also includes management, modification and Storage of Authentication Records through Web and thus Users can be granted or denied access based on the stored records.


B.E., Computer Science

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