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J2ee Architect Resume

Omaha, NE

A J2EE Architect with fifteen years of IT experience which includes ten years in J2EE/Java technologies. Specializing in Internet/Intranet, web-based J2EE applications, and distributed enterprise application design, development & integration using J2EE technology. Has a thorough understanding of complete project life-cycle development including requirement analysis, data modeling, systems design, development, and testing.

Software Architecture Distributed and pattern based architectures and frameworks
Methodologies/Process SCRUM/Agile methodologies , Iterative, incremental, pattern based, UML, RUP
Domains Flex Spending, Insurance, Financial, Telecommunication, Publishing, Fertilizer, Trucking and Railroad.
Languages Java, C/C++,
Operating Systems Windows NT, UNIX, Sun- Solaris, AIX, Novell
Application and Web Servers Web Logic 5.1,6.1,7.1,8.1,10.0 JBoss, Websphere 6.1, ATG Dynamo 5.0, SilverStream 2.5
J2EE : Hibernate, JPA, EJBs, SpringFramework, JDBC, Struts, Servlets, JSP, JMS, JNDI, JTS, Jaxb/Jaxp, RMI, XML, WebServices, Tibco-JMS, CORBA, SWING, Ajax.
System APIs Windows SDK, ODBC, OCI, Sockets, Semaphores, Mutexes, events, Shared Memory, Pipes, Multithreading (In C/C++ for Win NT, Unix and Sun Solaris)
Databases Oracle 7X, 8.X, 9.X, Sybase 11.5 , Access, Informix , Sql Server, PostGreSql.
Source Control Subversion, Tortoise, Subclipse, PVCS, Visual Source Safe, MKS
Tools Eclipse, netBeans, Visual Café, Jbuilder 7.0 , Forte For Java, IBM Visual Age, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Interdev, Rational Rose, Introscope, Jprofiler, XML spy, Microsoft Visio, TOAD, Squirrel, Track It.


  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE
  • Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer.



Confidential, Omaha, NE Oct 07 to Present
Position: J2EE Architect
Application/Web Server : Weblogic 10.x
Operating Systems: Win NT, Unix
Technologies & Tools: J2EE, EJB 3.0, JPA, JMS, Service Oriented Architecture, JSP, Servlets, JUnit, Maven, Informix, Web Services, SQL Server, Microsoft Visio. Eclipse 3.0, Subversion Source Control, Numera Track-it , Jaxb, SpringFramework 2.5.6
Methodology: SCRUM

Currently involved in architecture/design of middle tier for SMART/TRIPS system project at Werner Enterprise. Werner is a trucking company which provides the transportation services. SMART is a J2EE based middle tier deployed on Weblogic 10.0. We work in SCRUM environment to deliver the quality products efficiently. Used EJB 3.0/JPA/JMS/Web Services/SpringFramework/JDBC/Maven/Eclipse for the development. Informix and Sql Server stores data of transportation entities and events. My responsibilities in the project are as below.

  • Architect/Design the new system TMS with focus on service oriented architecture.
  • Analyze the existing system and make it better from performance and modular perspective
  • Architect/Design new framework to improve the system for maintainability, availability, modular, scalability
  • Put the system flow and objects in the UML using Microsoft Visio
  • Meet product owners and architect the system based on the requirements.

Projects Architected/Designed
SMART Performance, Out Of Memory Problem Solution
Resolved the out of memory problem in weblogic application with using tools JProfiler, PMD, FindBugs. To troubleshoot the problem, designed & develop configurable test client application that can generate the desired load on the system.

Weblogic Clustering : The goal was to move application to the clustered environment. Responsibilites included finding issues, talking to bea technical support, making changes to the scripts, structure of the modules.

JMS Import Framework: It was designed/developed to bring incoming feeds from the customers/carriers to the SMART system. Architected using JMS, JAXb, XML, Multithreading, EJB3, JPA on Windows/AIX platforms

Freight Costing: It gives the details of the cost of each part shipped on the truck. It calculates the cost for each PO, SKU, based on the miles it rides, weight it has, cube it has and other misc factors. Responsibilities included gathering requirements, use cases design, performance turning, report generation and interaction with external customers.

Carrier Selection : It supports automatic carrier assignment for moving a freight from one point to the other.. Responsibilities included architect/design J2EE system and database tables. Performance tuning, synchronization of events and state of the tours.

Confidential, , Omaha, NE April 06 to Sept 07
Position: J2EE Lead
Application/Web Server : JBoss 4.0.4, Jetty 6.0
Operating Systems: Win NT
Technologies & Tools: Hibernate, Click Framework, Velocity , JBoss, Ajax, JSPs , Servlets, , Web Services(SOAP) , JUnit, Selenium, XML, HQL, PostgreSql 8.0, Microsoft Visio. Eclipse 3.0, TortoiseSvn 1.3.2 Source Control

Involved in architecture/design of employee website project at Payflex Systems. Payflex is a flexible spending accounting company. The goal of this project is to develop a website using which employees can handle their account online. It also allows employers to maintain their employees accounts. It also supported admin facilities to Payflex employees. Postgre Sql stores data of employee accounts. The project is developed in J2EE and my responsibilities in the project were as below.

  • Meet with business people and understand the requirements to develop the functionality.
  • Analyze the requirements and apply it to technical specifications. i.e. create database table and corresponding hibernate objects.
  • Define mapper objects using hql/hibernate to provide interface with database. Also develop the business rules into domain objects
  • Define the screen layouts and develop the screen using click/velocity
  • Design/Develop the test cases to test domain objects using Junit
  • Develop the selenium tests to test the screens.
  • Prepared conceptual design doc including functional description and process flow detail.

Customer Master at Confidential,Omaha, NE Aug 01 to April 06
Position: J2EE Application Architect
Application/Web Server : Weblogic 6.1, 8.1, Apache,
Operating Systems: Win NT for development, UNIX for deployment
Technologies & Tools: EJBs, JSPs, Servlets, Tibco-JMS, JDBC, Struts, Web Services(SOAP) , XML, Tuxedo, Jolt, SQL, Oracle 8.x, UML, WebLogic 8.1, Rational Rose, MKS(Source Control), Microsoft Visio. Eclipse 3.0, Xml spy, Introscope, JProfiler

Involved in development of customer master (J2EE Based) project at UPRR. Customers master stores customer and service location related information. CM was developed in Mainframe 30 years before and we developed in J2EE. My responsibilities in the project are as below.

  • Specified the core infrastructure services and subsystems and lead the aforementioned design
  • Gathered requirements and analyzed it to and defined high/low level process using object oriented methodologies and UML. Also developed navigation/workflow of the system
  • Defined modules and developed use cases, sequence diagrams and class diagrams(design patterns) for system.
  • Configured, and Deployed the applications (EJB jar and War in Ear together)
  • Designed presentation tier using Struts, JSP and Servlets
  • Tuned the application (Sql tuning, resource management, conn pool tuning) to improve the performance
  • Tuned the application to do better memory management using Introscope and Jprofiler
  • Performed a load testing on an application modules to test scalability.
  • Designed Test Cases using JUnit to test the application.
  • Involved in restructuring data model to enhance the performance.
  • Prepared conceptual design doc including functional description and process flow detail.

There are various subprojects in this project and are listed below.

Customer Master Update
It is an intranet system which allows users to search and update customers/service locations and details through web browser. The system allows add/update/delete customers/SvcLocas. Entity beans are used to represent the database objects. Tuxedo interface JOLT is used to communicate with external systems (TCS/RAILINC through EDI messages). Defined deployment descriptors for entity beans(cmp-rdms mapping, ejb-jar, weblogic jar), war and application together. Designed and involved in development of Entity beans, Session Façade, Jolt interface to tuxedo.
Customer Inquiry System
It is an intranet application which provides the users to search the customer information using various fields like, name, city, state, firmNbr, cifNbr, Phone Number, Sales rep, zip code and other combinations. It provides the details of the customers. Designed and involved in development of Session bean, DAOs.
XML based services for Inquiry System:
This was an enhancement of an Inquiry System. It used existing services and provided XML interface to clients. Designed and developed XML Schema. The client interface was provided via Tib-JMS. It used to implement the project DAO, MDBs. The communication protocol used was SOAP
AutoGenration of Service Location
This project implemented an update functionality performed automatically upon receipt of Tibco Message. It used MDB, TibJMS, Session Beans, DAOs, and Scheduler(weblogic) to implement this functionality.
SCY message sender
This module was a weblogic task which waked up at regular interval and checks for the update that happened since last time it waked up. On the update of customer it posts the message on Tibco Queue which will be read by other applications. It used Tib-JMS, Session Bean, DAO, XML to implement the functionality.

Orbit Platform at Confidential,Chicago, IL Jan 01 to July 01
Application/Web Server : JRun

Technologies & Tools: J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JMS, JDBC), XML, SQL, Oracle 8.x, UML, Visual Sourcec Safe(Source Control), Microsoft Visio. Visual Café.

This project was an extension of Orbit Platform, which supports various ecommerce services. This particular project was developed for Network Solutions(NSI). ImageCafe, a web building tool on NSI side, uses Orbit Platform to get an eCommerce services as well as web hosting services. Orbit Platform provides intershop services like product and catalog management. Orbit Platform has XML Gateway through which client can communicate in XML form. The development in Orbit Platform is using Java technologies like JSPs, JMS, and Servlets. The system is deployed on UNIX. I was involved in architect, design and development of various sub projects of this project.

Confidential,Des Plaines IL as a Senior consultant Sep 99 to Dec 00
Confidential,Chicago, IL
Position: Java Architect/Developer
Application/Web Server : Weblogic 4.5, 5.0
Technologies & Tools: J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets, , JDBC), ORB, SQL, Oracle 8.x, UML, PVCS 6.0(Source Control), Microsoft Visio. JBuilder 3.0. Swing.

This tool was a Java Swing Based UI to support risk management operations at insurance company.The technologies used were Java, Swing components, & CORBA to implement the business services

Advance Reporting Application
The aim of the project was to develop a reporting application that will generate various online reports. The reports generated are from claims and property data or customers. The reports are generated after some derivation from claims and property database of CNA

Analyzed the claims and property data in order to build the formulas for calculations, Evaluated BEA Weblogic server and EJB technology for technology selection.Designed a system using PCRE, Crystal Reports Designer, CORBA, Silver Stream server and Ejb(Weblogic) as a technology for project. Designed Use Cases, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams for various reporting pages and business services.

Ascent Computing Group White Plains NY as a Senior Consultant April 98 to Sep 99
Position: Senior Analyst/Developer
Technologies & Tools: Java (Multithreading, JDBC), CORBA, SQL, Oracle 8.x, UML, PVCS 6.0(Source Control), Microsoft Visio. JBuilder 3.0. Swing. Visual Café

While working with Ascent computing group I worked on multiple projects with Java as a base technology. The projects are as below. AdminTool for Security System at EQUITABLE (Member of AXA Group) New York. The technologies used were Java, CORBA(OrbixWeb 3.1c), Swing, UML. It was developed under win NT (Using JBuilder)
  • Knowledge Management System at Lucent Technology, Warren, NJ. The technologies used were Java, Swing. Was developed under win NT (Using JBuilder)
  • Pre Trade Compliance Engine (PTC Engine) at Prudential Securities: At Newark NJ. The technologies used were Java, JDBC, Sybase, JConnect, IBM Visual Age, AIX Unix, JGL classes, Multiple threads were used to serve the clients.

Project leader / Senior software deveper fOR Confidential,India Nov 1996 – Feb 1998
Position: Team Leader/ Developer

Key member of a design and development team for the development of a relational database management system (RDBMS) called SNBASE. Lead sub projects of SNBase RDBMS and involved in design and development of various modules like Dispatcher, Clint side Multiplexer, Resource Manager, Scheduler, Log Writer, Data Writer under UNIX, SUN-SOLARIS, NOVELL, and Win NT platforms. Used various system level API like semaphore, shared memory, mutexes, TCP/IP sockets, and multithreading .
Also involved in design and developement of some Java projects as below.

senior software Developer at Confidential,ahmedabad india Sep 1994 – Oct 1996
Developed various projects using Borland C++ under Windows 3.1 / MS DOS platform. The various projects was Multiscript Editor, Keyboard interface for windows 3.1, Language Tutor, Printer Driver, and Software installation lock.

Implementation of MINIX operating system at Confidential,Pune. July 93 - May 94
Studied and implemented MINIX Operating System which is compatible with Unix version 7.0 Implemented three modules of MINIX are kernel, Memory manager and File manager. Used 8086 assembly language and C language for implementation.

B.S. Computer Science
Diploma Industrial Electronics

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