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Architect Resume

Indianapolis, IN


  • Over 16 years of experience in the IT Industry as various roles in SDLC - Developer, QA, Tech lead, Architect, Development Manager etc;
  • Extensive experience with hands on technical lead in Java/J2EE platform.
  • Architected the product design of the billing system based on distributed record processing. Designed the state machine as corba objects.
  • Have worked independently as well as managed development teams of up to 10-15 developers.

Core Competencies:

  • Proficiency in Core Java development
  • J2EE, EJB, JMS, JDBC and Web Services using JBossAS and Websphere application serve.
  • Frameworks: Struts, Seam and Hibernate.
  • Design Patterns, Object oriented programming and Design.
  • SQL, Used HP Quality Center for ticket status and resolution.
  • Worked in Ansi C, C++ and CORBA in Unix and window environment.
  • Worked extensively in Oracle, DB2 and PL/SQL.
  • Migration from windows to unix.
  • Project management, Estimation techniques, Resource management and ROM.


Confidential,Indianapolis, IN August 2010 – Present
Solution Architect
Env: Java/J2ee, Seam 1.x/2.x, MyEclipse 6.0/8.6,JbossAs 4.3.x/5.x, tomcat 4.x/6.x, Oracle 10g/11g , SVN 1.5, and visio 2007

Currently contracting as Support for enhancement and improvement of JAVA/JAVA EE application for Air Force Bill of Material (ABOM) website. This application runs on JbossAS 4.3.x.

  • Provided infrastructure operations.
  • Evaluated the existing JBoss server and suggested to migrate to Jboss5.x with tomcat6.x.
  • Monitoring the migration and deployment process.
  • Suggested to resolve the issue with Hiberbnate 3.5 with Oracle11g.
  • Provided input to optimize the performance of ABOM.
  • Monitored and provided performance tuning to system components.
  • Coordinated the efforts of all functions to complete scheduled jobs.

Confidential,Delaware, OH May 2010 – August 2010
Sr. IBM WebCommerce Consultant
Env: visio 2007, Java/J2ee, WCS6.x WAS6.x , AS400 , DB2 8.x, Tomcat4.x/6.x, and SVN 1.5,

  • Resolved the performance issue by optimizing the thread pool connections in Webcommerce server.
  • Designed and implemented the catalog search using dojo on search pages.
  • Troubleshoot the problem and performance analysis for the running application Websphere Commerce server running on Websphere Application Server (WAS 6.1).

Confidential,Columbus, OH July 2005 – April 2010
AVP, Websphere Architect
Env: Java/J2ee, Strut, DB2, RAD6.0/7.0/7.5, WAS5.x/6.x/7.0, ControlM, SQLServer 2005, Oracle 10g , Confidential,AIX 5.x, ClearCase , Office Visio 2003/2005 , Microsoft project 2005, and Mercury Interactive’s Test Director.
Responsibilities included:

  • Trained and mentored new team members and business analysts for new improvements in client server based J2EE Applications such as DCR and MDM.
  • Evaluated various vendors and recommended products needed for organization of developing new applications.
  • Coordinated implementation of projects at various stages.
  • Estimated the ROM for migration and implementation of various j2ee applications.
  • Provided best practice trouble shooting, monitoring, capacity planning and maintenance by demonstrating and managing multiple highly visible projects and executed Disaster Recovery task within 12 hours with minimal disruption to end users.
  • Helped the business teams understand their company\'s technical capabilities as well as explaining business requirements to technical teams.
  • Suggested to automate install, configure and deploy the applications running on WAS6.1 on AIX, Linux and windows machine. The deployment script was written using Jython and Wsadmin .
  • During engagement of quality improvements, organized the stress testing of DCR with QA team to improve the performance of DCR logging from 50 to 300 concurrent users and reduced manual intervention and costs by 50-75% by refactoring the codes and log information effectively and efficiently.
  • Managed the team offshore and participated in Engineering Design reviews for future product functionality into active engagements.
  • Resolved issues from priority one (P1) and prepared documents for RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring individuals to maximize level of productivity while forming cohesive team environments.

Confidential,Columbus, OH February 2005 – July 2005
Development Manager
Env: Java/J2ee, DB2 7.x, WASAD5.x, RAD6.0, WAS5.x , Rational Clearcase, AIX 5.x and Office Visio 2003, and Microsoft project 2003

  • Revised existing procedures, evaluated use of J2ee EJB2.1 tools and developed EJB’s for ERIC project for ODJFS., produced and verified requirements, and defined reporting conventions.
  • Implemented with coordination with offshore team and tested the developed module end to end with proper documentation at all levels.
  • Integrated with legacy application and db2 running on UNIX.
  • Estimated the business entity module using Extreme planner.
  • Developed use case for submitting online PDF appeal form, providing easy access to all users .
  • Estimated resources and time in developing the J2EE components to upper management.

Confidential,Louisville, KY December 2004 – February 2005
Sr. Consultant
Env: Java/J2ee, DB2 7.x, WASAD5.x,, WAS5.x , PVCS dimension , and DB2 8.x/9.x

  • Developed web application using Cocoon and XML to build a users tree and parse users to update DB2 mainframe database.

Confidential,Cincinnati, OH August 2004 – December 2004
Sr. Consultant
Env: : Java, Eclipse , Tomcat , Pl/SQL Developer7.0 Unix, and Oracle 9i

  • Developed APIs to the Geneva Billing System for a credit card payment features. Steps for this development are as follows:
    • Created defect logs and corrected defects, used Lotus Notes as a repository system for lessons learned.
    • Automated and generated record files of the transactions made by credit cards in real time for both successful as well as failed payments.
    • Tested using Eclipse 3.0 based Java client, PL/SQL Developer Studio 7.0, and Tomcat 4.0 as web server and managed source code using Clear Case.

Confidential,Dublin, OH September 2000 – July 2004
Solution Architect /Tech Lead
Env: : Java, C++, VC++5.0, JBuilder4.0 , CORBA, Oracle 8.x/9.x , Jacada Integrator , EJBs, Weblogic7.x/8.x, Netecape Application Server , Visio 2000, and Microsoft Project 2000.

Led the entire team by providing the solution and supported the DRP (Data Record Processing) from release 1.0 to release 18.0 with full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
Worked in another project called DSWA (Design System and Workflow Automation) for Provisioning.
It was done in Agile environment. During these engagement, I executed various tasks which are given below in bulleted items.

    • Coordinated with end users and developers in conceptualizing the modules.
    • Developed and Tested Client/Server complex billing system including: DLL for logging errors, Suspension and FTP Worker, Integration of Job Factory with databaseaccesor using C++, JAVA, CORBA, and JSP.
    • Created UML diagram to disintegrate the DRP System into two; FEED and DRP to manage efficiently and effectively.
    • Reduced manual intervention and costs by 50% by developing a subscriber and publisher using wrapped CORBA as a parallel layer with JMS and JNDI to ensure consistent distribution of a reliable product to the global publisher in the domain.
    • Created topics for publishing the Message on FioranoMQ Server through which all Subscribers get the published Message. This saved 6hrs/day production monitoring time.
    • Automated Work flow through web based GUI using JACADA Interface Server to simulate the mainframe via EJB calls on backend Weblogic 7.0 Appserver.
    • Transformed the XML data to the user specific format using XSLT.
    • Negotiated to deliver key features from 200 to 33 screens in a tight schedule.
    • Structured EJB for the mapped methods used in Jacada Integrator (JI) and customer information.
    • Coached and Demonstrated Jacada clients to determine GUI design preferences, legacy system re-engineering needs, and development strategies for DSWA
    • Deployed on Testing environment on HP-UX and Sun Solaris using ANT and Weblogic7.0

Confidential,Monmouth Junction, NJ February 1998 – August 2000
Env: : Java, C++ XLC compiler, VC++5.0, JBuilder4.0 , CORBA, Inprise Visibroker, Oracle 8.x, Hpux

  • Developed use case for the development of a new application for IBJ, NY and ported the code from AIX to Windows NT in C/C++ for IBM Watson Research Center for speech recognition application.
  • Developed and deployed billing system based Client/Server architecture. using C++ JAVA and CORBA at Qwest Communication, Ohio.


Confidential,Bangalore, India December 1993 – January 1998

  • Worked as scientist for solving liquid sloshing which is very complicated free surface flow and exists widely in many fields. To predict exactly the flow pattern in zero gravity environments (36 000 Km away from earth in satellite rocket fuel tanks), Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technique based on finite volume scheme was used. A numerical method was presented to simulate the movement of the free surface flow in a partially filled cylindrical tank. Post processing results were analyzed using Tecplot for the INSATseries of satellites.

Confidential,Bangalore, India April 1993 – December 1993
Sr. Research Fellow
Developed grid generation program for three dimensional bodies of the aerospace application using the C programming language for the interface and Fortran for the flow solver and resolved the elliptic partial differential equations flow server by generalizing the grid interface for the 3-D bodies using the VC++ and MFC libraries.

Indian Institute of Technology
Master in Aerospace Engineering

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