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Java Developer Resume


Java Developer



  • Designed and implemented travel insurance service throughout the platform
  • Designed from scratch and implemented transportation service, including integration with two providers via SOAP and REST,
  • Designed from scratch and implemented European railway feature, including SOAP integration, database model, and REST methods
  • Integrated several payment gates into the web application (tomcat, jsp) for payment processing
  • Added OTP support for features in the authentication mechanism, including SMS, OTP token, and Google Authenticator
  • Developed a variety of reports with JasperReport framework
  • Implemented a number of REST methods for a new version of the primary web application
  • Supported high load distributed web application run in Unix environment
  • Implemented retrieval of bank transactions via SOAP

Environment: Linux, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, JMS(ActiveMQ), SOAP, REST, Ant, Gradle, Hibernate, Jersey, JAX - WS, JIBx, JUnit, Mockito, Subversion, Intellij IDEA, JIRA, Zabbix, Graphite, Jenkins, Groovy, Backbone, jQuery, HTML/CSS

Java Developer 



  • Designed several web tools for building QTI-tests in a portlet environment
  • Implemented a web application to execute QTI-tests
  • Participated in moving existing a web application to the Liferay platform (JSR 286)
  • Developed a competence module, which calculates required courses an employee must take to get promoted
  • Developed CI/ CD scripts to automate building applications and deploying them to servers
  • Initial Oracle RDBS setup and application deployment

Environment: Linux, Apache Tomcat, Oracle RDBS, PL/SQL, Ant, Maven, Liferay Portal, Sphinx, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Struts, Spring Portlet MvC, JUnit, Mockito, Subversion, Eclipse, jQuery, HTML/CSS

Software Engineer 



  • Developed a contract module for CRUD contracts in RDBS
  • Added FastReport to a report tool including the management of templates
  • Designed architecture and created a report web tool based on Apache Tomcat
  • Developed a separate application as a tool to migrate customer databases between application releases
  • Transformed a thick client desktop application to a thin client application

Environment: Windows, Delphi, Firebird RDBS, Subversion, Apache Tomcat, JSPs, JasperReports, jQuery, HTML/CSS


Languages: Java, SQL, Python, JavaScript, Delphi, Groovy Web HTML/CSS, XML, Ajax, jQuery, JSP, Backbone Application Servers Apache Tomcat

Frameworks: Spring, Spring MVC, JasperReports, Hibernate, JAX-WS

Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird

Version control: SVN, Git

Testing: JUnut, Mockito, EasyMock, Hamcrest

Tools: Eclipse, Idea IDE, Jenkins, Jira

Other: Linux/Unix, Bash

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