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Lead Java Developer Resume


  • Seeking Lead Java back - end development role


  • Lead Java engineer with over 10 years of experience and solid track record of delivering projects
  • Hands-on experience developing and deploying highly scalable, highly available, fault tolerant, distributed microservice applications
  • Main focus on scalability, performance and transactional efficiencies
  • Strong communicator written and verbal, customer driven
  • Self starter with passion for solving complex challenges


  • Expertise in the full stack of modern Java EE frameworks and technologies (Spring Projects Ecosystem, Spring Boot, Hibernate, ActiveMq, Apache Kafka etc.)
  • Cloud deployment (AWS, GCE, Docker, Kubernetes), Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  • Microservices architecture (event-driven data management, event sourcing, CQRS, fault tolerance, high availability, scalability, service discovery)
  • No-SQL and Big Data solutions: MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch
  • REST ful approach of Web Service development: JAX-RS, Apache CXF
  • Application/Web Servers: JBoss 4.x - 5.x, Tomcat 6, 7, WebSphere, Weblogic
  • Relational Databases: Oracle 10g, MS SQL 2008, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2
  • Project management/TDD tools: Maven, Gradle, Ant, jUnit, jMock, Git, Subversion, Perforce
  • Agile development methodologies (Scrum, XP), TDD/BDD practices
  • Frequent use Groovy scripting for many Java related development tasks
  • Certified Java SE Programmer (OCPJP)


Lead Java Developer



  • Created robust, scalable, distributed microservice architecture design and led development of a services for product catalog search and navigation, personalization, suggestions etc.
  • Improved load sustainability of the application by 5x QPS by identifying and refactoring inefficient data access and search operations and resolving bottlenecks
  • Re-engineered existing data access logic, reducing amount of Endeca queries per request (up to 10 times) and optimising navigation workflow
  • Improved unit-test coverage by more than 30%, introduced infrastructure for integration tests
  • Promoted software engineering best practices such as test driven development and data driven testing
  • Pivotal in successful launch of application with zero defects

Technology stack: Java 7, Spring, Spring Boot, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, JAX-RS, ActiveMQ, Hibernate, Tomcat 7, Maven

Senior Java Developer



  • Identified problems with the existing messaging system, proposed new solutions, participated in the definition of the new integration platform
  • Server side enhancements to support OAuth based authentication and automatic session token validation and renewal
  • Maintained and enhanced SaaS cloud based distributed application (RESTful microservices) to improve scalability, performance and security
  • Spearheaded effort to migrate application layer code from PL/SQL to Groovy

Technology stack: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle 11g, Tomcat 7, Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Node.js, Kafka, MongoDB

Senior Java Software Engineer



  • Worked in tight collaboration with the customer on gathering, clarifying and analysing business and system requirements, performed impact analysis on existing sub-systems, researched potential limitations and performance bottlenecks
  • Analysed problems and issues with behaviour of various 3rd party integration API’s (identity check services, payments processing providers etc.)
  • Designed and developed payment processing microservices supporting credit card and direct debit payments (BACS, ADDACS, AUDDIS)
  • Architectured and implemented game catalog, importing pipeline, games preview and testing framework
  • Built fast and robust event logging and notification sub-system using MongoDB

Technology stack: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate, JPA 2.0, DB2, Groovy, Grails, Apache CXF, Apache ActiveMQ, Tomcat 6, Maven, Gradle

Senior Java Software Engineer/Team Lead



  • Established and fine-tuned build system (Maven profiling, plugins), Continuous Integration (Jenkins server) and deployment environments
  • Built Proof of Concepts application to evaluate key approaches, technologies and features, drove the adoption of REST microservice model of web services offering
  • Designed layered architecture and developed core foundation of the main application tiers (domain model, data transfer layer, DAO, UI controllers, WS)
  • Designed and developed Authentication microservice based on oAuth protocol implementing custom sequential token semantic for imposing of additional security guarantees
  • Designed RESTful microservice API and implemented job posting WS for multiple global providers (eQuest, Broadbean etc.), supported 3 rd parties on integration with the new system
  • Architected and implemented robust system for continuous data synchronization between redesign and legacy applications (migration of large volumes of data, normalization, batch processing, fail-safe and fault tolerant behavior)
  • Built Test utility framework for simplifying of integration, performance and DB-layer testing
  • Was in charge of security audit and eliminated XSS, Cross-site request forgery, username enumeration etc. vulnerabilities
  • Implemented module for jobfeeds logging utilizing NoSQL storage (MongoDB)

Technology stack: Java, Spring, Hibernate, EhCache, JPA 2.0, Apache CXF, MongoDB, MS SQL 2008, Tomcat 6, Maven, JAXB, Spring MVC, jQuery, Groovy, Endeca

Java Software Engineer



  • Utilized profiling tools (e.g. Fusion Reactor) to monitor production issues and evaluate performance metrics, identified major bottlenecks and provided action plan for optimizing of overall site performance
  • Significantly increased data access layer performance ( Hibernate3 + Oracle 11g ) by applying more efficient fetching strategies, creating indexes, optimizing queries/getting rid of most heavy/redundant ones, eliminating N + 1 selects, cartesian products etc
  • Applied denormalization of certain DB tables containing mostly immutable/read-only data (locations hierarchy)
  • Adopted and fine-tuned 2nd level distributed cache ( EhCache ) in JBoss clustered environment
  • Proved the validity and performed migration from Hibernate native interfaces & mapping files to JPA 2.0 standard

Technology stack: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JBoss, Oracle 11g, JAXB, Ajax, EhCache, Maven

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