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Sr. Java/j2ee Resume

Coraopolis, PA


  • Having 6+ years of professional experience in design and development of enterprise applications using Object Oriented Programming, Java/J2EE technologies, Web application development, testing and deployment.
  • Proficient in Application Development with Web Technologies, B2B products, Distributed Technologies and Client-Server Architecture environment in Automotive, Financial, HealthCare and Education Industries.
  • Over5 years of experience in implementing web based projects using IBM Web Sphere Application Server 5.x/6.x, BEA WebLogic Server 10.0, Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3, JBoss 3.2.x/4.2, ApacheTomcat5.0/5.5and IDEs like IBM Web Sphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) 5.0, Eclipse 3.0/3.1, and RAD 6.0/7.0.
  • Experienced with the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process including requirement analysis, conceptual and detail design, development, verification and testing.
  • Expertise in application development using various frameworks: Jakarta Struts Framework 1.1/1.2/1.3, Spring Framework 1.2/1.3/2.0/2.5, Java Server Faces(JSF), Spring Batch framework, Hibernate 2.0/3.0/3.2, Java Data Objects with GUI plug-ins
  • Proficient in XML technologies like XML, DTD, XSL, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
  • Proficient in various web based technologies like HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Developed AJAX scripting to process server side JSP scripting.
  • Developed reusable Server side code modules with Enterprise Java Beans Integrated with Remote method Invocation (RMI) to access remote Servers and invoking Databases with JDBC
  • Extensively experienced in architectural issues and their solutions using various design patterns such as MVC(Model-View-Controller), Singleton, Session Facade, Service Locator, DAO, DTO and Business Delegate.
  • Experienced in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with XML based Web Services (SOAP/UDDI/WSDL) using Top down Approach and Bottom up Approach.
  • Has experience on java web services using Apache Axis2.0
  • Extensive Knowledge on databases like Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, and MySQL. Experience in writing complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions.
  • Good working knowledge of database tools like TOAD, PL/SQL, Db Visualizer and SQL Navigator.
  • Developed 3-Tier services, which include databases, messaging systems, transaction monitors, real-time data feeds, and existing enterprise information systems, integrated with Web Sphere and IBM HTTP Server.
  • Expertise in design and development of multi-tiered web based applications using J2EE technologies like JSP 1.1/1.2/2.0, Servlets 2.2/2.3/2.4, EJB 2.0/3.0, JDBC, JNDI, JMS,LDAP, IBMMQSeriesandRMI.
  • Good Working Knowledge of Experience in working with operating systems like Windows98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, LINUX.
  • Experience in unit testing the applications using JUnitFramework and developed logging and standard mechanism based on Log4J.
  • Developed ANT scripts, and used MAVEN tool to build and deploy J2EE Applications
  • Used SVN, CVS, Harvest, Clear case and Clear Quest for Version controlling and error reporting.
  • Excellent analytical ability, consultative, communication and management skills.
  • Self-motivated, easily adaptable to new environments and ability to work independently as well as in small groups.



Eclipse 3.2, IRAD 7, IBM WAS 6, 6.1, Rational Rose 6.22, Ant, TOAD, SQL Developer Builder, IBM's Tivoli Identity Manager Version 4.0,5.0.


Concepts OOA/OOD, UML, Design patterns, Networking, Unit testing, DAO implementations, distributed systems

Operating Systems

Windows 9x/NT/2000,XP,UNIX, LINUX

Database Systems

Oracle 10g,9.i/8.X, DB2 UDB, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access


Java, Java Scripting , Perl Scripting, VB Scripting, JSON

Java/J2EE technologies

EJB 2.0/3.0, Servlets, JSF,JSP, RMI, JDBC, J2EE Design Patterns, JNDI, XML, Tiles, Spring, AJAX, JQuery, JSTL

Application Servers

WebLogic 10.3, IBM WebSphere 5.1/6.0, JBoss 4.X, IIS

Web Services



Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate


Confidential, Coraopolis, PA
Sr. Java/J2EE Developer Aug 2012 - Till Date

The goal of the project is to aid and increase productivity and efficiency of the Facility Inbound package sort operation. FedEx Ground generates package data and creates XML data which contains all the shipment information and sends those data to different FedEx services (FedEx Express, Home Delivery). Web Services aid the end user obtaining shipping details of the package using scanner barcode. Based on the information obtained the package is moved to another facility or delivered to the customer.


  • Involved in implementing the JMS (Java Messaging Service) for asynchronous communication.
  • Involved in writing JMS publishers and subscribers.
  • Involved in JMS Queues and JMS Topics connections.
  • Involved in using JMS Queues and JMS Topics for one-to-one and one-to-many communication in the application.
  • Involved in creating durable subscriber where it will subscribe and unsubscribe from Queues and Topics.
  • Involved in doing lot of research on dbf data base.
  • Created dbf data base files for storing the data that is consumed from Queues and Topics.
  • Involved in xml parsing.
  • Involved in writing database queries.
  • Implemented log4j framework for logging the application.
  • Used Maven building tool to build the application and deployed to Dev and QA boxes.
  • Much of the application is configured connections to the Queues, Topics and DB connections to help and maintain the stability of the application.
  • Involved in testing to check the stability of dbf data base.
  • Involved in load testing to check stability of the application.
  • Used SVN for version control.

Environment : J2EE, , Log4j 1.2.9, Eclipse, DBF, DB visualizer 8.0, UNIX, Tibco Server, MI Viewer, SQL Developer, Oracle DB, SQL Anywhere12.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA
Sr. Java/J2EE Developer Jan 2012 - July 2012

Asset Offering & Management Application (AOMA) application is designed to manage all assets of Sony Music. These assets include Audio, Video, DVD, Graphics, Cover, Media Bundle etc. It serves as long-term repository that houses Sony Music audio and video assets as well as links to Sony Music mobile assets, including any graphic elements relating to packaging for digital distribution. When the labels receive masters and artwork for a particular release the material is automatically uploaded into AOMA for safekeeping. This system is also known as a production library or digital warehouse. This application provides multiple features like Digital Production Library-Storage, search, preview, and export of hi-resolution masters for physical manufacturing, Transcoding Engine for promotional and commercial use, Retrieval and delivery of converted formats to internal users and external digital partners.


  • Worked on eliminating oracle implementation inner classes.
  • Developed various UI (User Interface) components using (MVC), STRUTS, and HTML.
  • Used Hibernate ORM tools which automate the mapping between SQL databases and objects in Java.
  • Worked on writing complex SQL Queries.
  • Worked on writing complex postgres Queries.
  • Documented test plans, results and requirements for AOMA application.
  • Implemented the Unit testing for the components developed.
  • Worked on java scripting in developing front end.
  • Implemented integration testing for application.
  • Worked on GWT for developing AJAX based applications.

Environment:Java/J2EE, Struts, HTML, Hibernate, Oracle11g, Postgres, Eclipse 3.1.2, JBOSS 4.2, SVN, Squirrel.

Confidential, Madison WI June 2011 - Dec 2011
Sr. Java Developer
IPTV is one of the TV Entertainment services provided by the TDS across different states in all communities. It is proposed to enhance the website to offer additional features and services to the subscribers. The website will be changed to offer self service capability helping the subscriber to provision new and modify existing services, request for changes in his personal details, view and perform basic analysis based on information in his bill, make payments etc. He will also be able to raise complaints and track his complaints online.


  • Designed and developed front-end screens using JavaScript's, CSS, and HTML.
  • Implemented business objects and business logic of the system (Java).Used JSF framework to develop UI for java web applications.
  • Consumed METASOLV Web Services.
  • Developed many web services clients to pull required data.
  • Generated Web Service Client JARS.
  • Parsed the XML content and displayed the content in the user interface layer using DOM and SAX Parsers.
  • Involved in storing and retrieving the converted courses into the Oracle database using JDBC.
  • Developed Unit test cases for the Web Service Clients and as part of Junit tests developed mock tests and Smoke tests for our application.
  • Supported for bug fixes, functionality change.
  • Monitored log files of our application.
  • Tested various existing Web Services using SOAP UI.
  • Developed test cases in SOAP UI.

Environment: JSF, JSP, JDBC, HTML, JBoss 4.2.3, XML, Oracle 10i, SQL, PL/SQL, Putty, JAX-WS, JAXB, Windows XP, UNIX.

Confidential, Iowa, IA
Sr. Java/J2EE Developer July 2009 - May 2011

Confidential, is the world\'s leading education company. It provides various solutions to manage student data, manage class room activities, analyze student data, score reporting etc. The projects main effort is to maintain student information that will allow efficient access to the information needed by all students. Create a new website structure and design based upon stakeholder input and industry best practices for usability and accessibility


  • Developed various UI (User Interface) components using (MVC), JSP, AJAX, STRUTS, and HTML.
  • Used Struts in Developing UI for web applications and make reusable UI component
  • Extensively worked with Servlets and Struts based multi tier applications in developing J2EE Components.
  • Consumed Existing Web Services to pull required data for our applications.
  • Involved in enhancing existing web services.
  • Tested existing web services using SOAP UI.
  • Developed MVC architecture, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session facade, and Data Access Object, Value Object and Singleton patterns
  • Involved in writing all client side validations using Java Script, JSON.
  • Troubleshooting Weblogic Server and Oracle Database issues.
  • Designed Page Flows and Workflows for automated transformation or Publish Jobs.
  • Developed the Action Classes, Action Form Classes, created JSPs using Struts tag libraries and configured in Struts-config.xml, Web.xml files.
  • Designed, Developed and Implemented document transformation applications using XML tool.
  • Created special database maintenance tools, using Perl scripts, enabling database modelers to manage the databases more effectively.
  • The business logic was implemented in EJBs and DAO layer accesses the back-end SQL Server database using JDBC.
  • Implemented the Unit testing for the components developed.
  • Used Log4j for logging and handling defects of the application
  • Used CVS, SVN, Clear case and Clear Quest for version controlling and error reporting.

Environment : Java/J2EE, Struts, JSP, HTML, Java Script, AJAX, XML, XSLT, XPATH, PHP, CSS, Servlets, Oracle10g, Eclipse 3.1.2, Weblogic 10.3, CVS, SVN, Linux, TOAD

Confidential, India May 2006 - May 2008
Programmer Analyst
This project involves developing a J2EE based framework to support dynamic report creation from various distributed databases. The framework supports dynamic PDF report generation using iText, an open source PDF generation library. The framework facilitates new report formats and databases by using xml configuration files.


  • Involved in Drawing Case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagram for each scenario.
  • Designed and developed web interfaces and business logic using Jakarta Struts Framework (MVC architecture), JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, JDBC, AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML and XML Technologies.
  • Also responsible for developing the client side of this n-tier product, this is a Swing-based application that makes extensive use of the drag-and-drop idiom.
  • Extensively used JavaScript for client side validations and for capturing dynamic events.
  • Used Struts tiles to achieve reusability among the view pages.
  • Wrote model classes for specific database actions, added methods to the existing DAO's.
  • Loading data from Text Files to Database by using SQL Loader.
  • JDBC is used for connecting to the database Oracle 8.0
  • Developed a Controller Servlet for Single Point of Control and fetching Connection from Connection Pool.

Environment: JSP, Struts, JDBC, JDK, HTML, Web Logic, XML, HTML, Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, Putty, Windows NT, UNIX.

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