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Java Software Developer Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • A collaborative and hard - working Java Developer with over 5 years of experience working in all phases of the software development life cycle. Became one of the leaders of the team while improving communication skills, which were recognized by management, by interacting with other teams and mentoring other developers.


Languages: Java/J2EE, SQL

Software: Eclipse IDE, Hibernate, JUnit, JDBC, OracleDB, SQLDeveloper, Hudson, Oracle BugDB, WebLogic Server, Oracle ADF, JDeveloper, Maven Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS


Java Software Developer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Performed as primary Java developer through four releases of Oracle Retail Price Management, a Java/Swing enterprise retail application. Developed new features, enhanced existing functionality, and fixed bugs.
  • Created POC for new feature allowing users to upload spreadsheet data into UI designed to make processing of bulk ad-hoc data through the UI easier and faster. Received "go ahead" after presenting to management, then wrote technical design, created new UI, wrote data validation code, and code to communicate with database for further validation and saving of data.
  • Participated in and led many design discussions with functional team and developers about functional requirement for new UI and database back end allowing users to input customized data for each pricing event type within the application. Wrote technical design and wrote code for new, flexible UI which changed depending on the configuration data stored in the database.
  • Created new UI for a new promotion (sale) type based on another similar promotion type. Refactored existing code for cleaner object oriented design and ease of updates in the future and then subclassed new classes to create new UI.
  • Reorganized project repository moving many classes and interfaces out of the UI project to the API and Server projects for cleaner and more secure code base.
  • Changed, cleaned, and improved code for features forward-ported from earlier versions of the application in order to fix bugs and allow the features to work with architectural and processing changes within the code.
  • Took the lead of a team of developers including delegating and prioritizing tasks, doing code reviews, and guiding new developers through learning the code base.
  • Used functional designs to write technical designs for team to use for development.
  • Collaborated and coordinated with multiple database programmers for integration points in application.
  • Recognized with an OraThanks for work above and beyond normal on an emergency performance fix for a large volume client. Integrated PL/SQL changes for large batch program into new multi-threaded Java process.
  • Part of a large team involved with design process and development for re-platforming retail application for the cloud using Oracle ADF and Java.

Project Manager/IT

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Ramped up quickly on cabinet manufacturing processes and taught self three specialized cabinet computer- aided design (CAD) drafting software packages: Cabinetware, Cabinet Vision, and ArtCAM. Transformed company from paper-based to computer-based drafting.
  • Managed process to change Confidential from manual production methods to using automated computer numerical control (CNC) based production which allowed the company to triple sales between 2006 and 2008. Repeated similar process with new production crew after merger.
  • Oversaw seamless transition during and after merger by leading the effort to align engineering of both organizations into a common process.
  • Supervised a team responsible for drafting and engineering high end cabinetry/remodel projects.
  • Led design review process for quality assurance before any project moved to the production floor.
  • Guided continuous improvement and error cause removal efforts across departments for quality control and productivity improvements.
  • Trained new engineering personnel on drafting software and manufacturing standards.
  • Designed, coded, and maintained website of Confidential .
  • Installed and maintained Windows workstations and software. Maintained Windows 2003 server and network.

Land Surveyor/IT



  • Learned techniques and procedures required to assist licensed land surveyors on topographical and boundary surveys.
  • Tested and installed new workstations and software for entire office in a Windows environment .
  • Maintained workstations and supported office computer users.
  • Helped maintain Novell NetWare server.
  • Assisted in wiring and setup of telephony system in office expansion.

Data Analyst

Confidential, New Hope, MN


  • Gathered requirements for, designed, and coded Visual Basic application that optimized item picking in the warehouse which reduced cost by up to $1 on every order for 1000s of orders every month.
  • Wrote Crystal Reports accessing Oracle database based on different teams' requirements.
  • Maintained and updated MS Access application for new item entry and organization.

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