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Programmer Analyst Resume


Programming: Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Android, R, Hadoop

Database and Search: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server 2008, NoSQL, MongoDB, WordNet

Tools and Frameworks: PhoneGap, Apache SOLR, Lucene, Trackwise, OpenCV, NumPy, Scikit - Learn, Pandas, AWS, GIT, Android Studio, RStudio, Tableau



Programmer Analyst


  • Developed a ticket assigner module which assigned tickets to a delegate by extracting features from ticket description using LDA and classified the tickets using logistic regression, theirby eliminating manual ticket assignments.
  • Worked on Trackwise 7 modules like Team Access, Web Admin, Coordinator, Integration Manager and Coordination Manager.
  • Key responsibilities included maintaining servers, databases, handling service requests and incidents within breach time.


Web Development Intern


  • Developed the Android application and website for Confidential .in. Built the app using PhoneGap, Apache Cordova & MySQL
  • Initiated development of recommendation system using data from user browsing history.
  • Collected tweets using a specified set of keywords and generated summary for each category.
  • Clustered the tweets based on similarity and implemented a topic extraction scheme using LDA techniques.
  • Built a simple UI to enable the user to search for tweets.
  • Implemented partitioning and replication exactly the way Dynamo does.
  • Ensured per key Linearizability, a stricter concurrency control using Selection Quorum.
  • Handled crash-recovery failure by replica synchronization mechanism.

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