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Technical Leader Resume

Holland, MI

Around 8 years of IT experience in systems study, analysis, design, coding, development and testing of intranet/internet based software applications & enterprise systems using various leading technologies. Includes software development using J2EE Components like EJB, Servlets, JSP, JDBC and XML, Oracle, Enterprise Application Servers (Jboss3.02, IBM Web sphere Application Server (4.0.5)),EMatrix and JUNIT.

Good Knowledge in SDLC processes and Software Engineering Principles.
Excellent analytical and communication skills. Believes in team work and very good at maintaining interpersonal relations with colleagues.
7+ years experience in Object Oriented Programming in Java and J2EE Technologies.
Expertise in designing and developing Enterprise application using J2EE technologies (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, XML)
Worked extensively in Analysis and Design phase of the project.
Applied UML extensively as a modeling language and Rational XDE as a tool for designing Enterprise Applications.
5+years experience in PLM Tool Ematrix. Having good knowledge in Engineering and Financial modules of PLM applications.
Experience in Database programming using Oracle and MS SQL Server
Experience in IDE for development including WSAD and RAD .
Experience in Visual Source Safe and MKS for version Control System.
Proved Out-standing in all the assignments undertaken so far and got the reward for Coordinating and integrating the team members as well.
Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks both by working independently and within a team environment involving IT and cross functional business groups.
Experience in Onsite- Offshore Co-ordination.
Managed and Co-ordinated with a big offshore team for quality and on-time deliverables.

Bachelor of Engineering
Certified Matrixone Collaboration Developer

Languages : Java, C,MQL(Matrix Query Language)
Java/J2EE Technologies : JSP, ,Servlets, JDBC, JavaScript, XML, CSS
Distributed Programming : RMI, EJB
RDBMS : SQLServer, Oracle 10g
Servers : Jboss3.02, IBM Web sphere Application Server 4.0.5
Version Control Tools : Visual Source Safe, MKS
Operating Systems : MS Windows
Testing Tools : Test Director,Quality control ,JUNIT

Employer : Confidential,India.
Client : Confidential, (Contracted to)

Duration : Sep 2004 to November 2008.
Location : Holland, MI, USA.
Role : Technical Lead
Operating Systems : Windows 2000
Programming Technologies : Java, EJB, Oracle 10g, JSP,Ematrix v10, MQL, ADK
Tools : Rational Rose, WSAD5.1 JUNIT

1. Project : Metrix
Project Description:
Confidential,is a global market leader in automotive systems, facility management and control. Metrix is a web - enabled Program Management System. This system has been created to provide a competitive edge to JCI over its competitors in terms of evaluating, launching and managing new programs.

The new system Metrix will bring both Sales & Marketing and Engineering groups under one umbrella. This would help JCI achieve Unified BOM and help the Marketing people in preparing better quotes when they launch new programs. Any changes down the line the in the Engineering department will be reflected back to the Marketing group and suitable changes to the proposal will be made through a Change Management Process.

Combinations of J2EE/Oracle platform from Matrix One are chosen to build Metrix system.

The whole project includes Report generation from the legacy DB; reengineering to JAVA platform; Provides web interface to the existing legacy report generation. Provides Core engineering product cost calculation at the DB level using PL/SQL. J2EE technologies are being used to maintain transaction, resource management and security management.

2. Project : Enterprise Program Information Collaboration (EPIC) – Mfg Pro
Project Description:
The EPIC (Enterprise Program Information Collaboration) project is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the information used throughout the product launch process by creating a single source for some of our critical launch information – such as Program, BOM, change management, Part Quality Plans and tooling information.

Using EPIC Engineering Central application, users can create Engineering Bills of Material, Manufacturing Bills of Material. These Manufacturing Bills of materials are fed to MfgPro application. MfgPro application is an ERP used in Manufacturing Industry. It comprises of modules like Inventory Management, Sales, Purchase, Planning, Shop floor control. It integrates all the business functions in an organization, improves Inventory Management, Production Planning. Mfg Pro Integration team is involved in developing the user interfaces to create Manufacturing Bills of Material, to manage MBOMs, and allows transferring MBOMs to Mfg Pro application.

Involved in requirement analysis, gathering and review.
Involved in the Schema Design, Design Review and got approved from the Design committee.
Provide technical support to development team.
Managed inter dependency of different modules through effective design and communication processes.
Developed and implemented testing strategy and testing process for unit and Integration testing, delivered excellent quality product within the schedule which was very much appreciated by the client.
Conduct Process Audit and shown excellent degree of process compliance.
Selected and measured relevant Metrics and disseminate to the appropriate stakeholders to identify corrective and preventive actions if required.
Created Project Assets and documented the Best Practices and Lessons Learnt from the Project.

Employer: Tata Consultancy Services, India.
Client : Confidential, (Contracted to)

Duration : September 2003 to August 2004
Location : Chennai, India.
Role : Module Lead
Team Size : 9
Operating Systems : Windows 2000
Programming Technologies : Java, JSP, EJB, MQL, Oracle 10g
Tool : WSAD 4.0, Web Sphere 4.0, eMatrix v10, Rational Rose

Project : PMC Enhancements
Project Description:
Confidential,for its various Automotive customers and each of the program has various builds created before its Launch phase. Managing the BOM for the various components of the Build, along with maintaining Engineering change process associated with the Parts has been challenge. Automated Parts Matrix (APX) provides an enterprise solution towards managing the Prototypes for a Program, the BOM for these prototypes and the schedules for each phase within the prototype for the purchased parts.

Project : Metrix Proto Type
Project Description:
It is a Single source of program financial information and used for Capital Authorization and Business Plan financial justification. Integrates functionality of several applications into single financial information source.It allows users to create programs and projects and store them in the Matrix One repository. It then allows users to modify these objects and to perform various functions associated with the management of these and other associated objects, such as defining and modifying tasks, assigning specific tasks to project members, and promoting tasks to the next level for approval. It also lets users view the projects and information associated with them to monitor their progress.

Project : PDM (Engineering Central)
Project Description:
The “EnginneringCentral” Application provides
An effective and controlled management in engineering core processes like creation of Part, Specification, Engineering Change Request, Engineering Change Order, Issue, Deviation Authorization
Control over the lifecycle of all the business objects.
Various reports that summarize all the details of the particular business object

Project : Program Management Central
Project Profile:
Program Management Central enables companies to create, share and manage projects, and provides the flexibility required to organize information according to projects, products, or business model. It also reduces product development time-to-market and costs by synchronizing project team tasks and schedules throughout the value chain and allows geographically dispersed project teams to stay connected through access to real-time data and business processes, ensuring the highest levels of quality and innovation.

Involved in the Schema Design, Design Review and got approved from the Design committee.
Involved in the Design, Design Review and got approved from the Design committee.
Construction of EJB & Web components.
Construction of front end Components using Java and USP
Integration of WEB & EJB module
Provide technical support to development team.
Development of eMatrix components using TCL& MQL.
Conduct Process Audit and shown excellent degree of process compliance.
Code Review and generate the test cases.
Creation of reports for Program Management.
Selected and measured relevant Metrics and disseminate to the appropriate stakeholders to identify corrective and preventive actions if required.
Created Project Assets and documented the Best Practices and Lessons Learnt from the Project.

Employer: Senetos Software Technologies

Client : Confidential,San Jose
Duration : Dec 2000 to September 2003
Operating Systems : Windows 2000
Location : Chennai, India.
Role : Team Member
Programming Technologies : Java ,Swings, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Jboss3.02, Oracle,PowerJ

Project : Work Breakdown System (WBS)
Project Profile :
REC/DEL System is a schedule-control method for managing and controlling projects. The method is implemented on components including an electronic user interface, relational database, and computational component.

Project : Front Office Management.
Project Profile :
Front Office Management system is an application which comprises of the Reservation, Registrations, Cashiering, Night Audit, Guest History, and House Keeping & Laundry Telephone Management in it.

Project : Point Of Sale
Project Profile:
This project is about the restaurant application software, which helps in taking the orders systematically, passing the orders to the kitchen and generating bills for the orders placed.

Project : Inventory Control for Hotel Management System.
Project Profile:
This Project is designed more specifically for the Hotels. It includes modules like Front Desk, User Login, Financial Accounts, Point of Sale, Payroll, Inventory and Reports. The Inventory module is to maintain a database for placing and receiving orders.


Developing and customizing Graphical User Interface of the application Java/J2eeTechnologies.
Took an active part in High Level Design and Technical Specification.
Design and Development of data base component using Oracle and SQL Server
Develop unit test case and confirmation of quality deliverables.
Client side implementation, training and support.

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