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Software Engineer Resume

Richardson, TX

Software Engineer, Technical Leader or Manager

An experienced software developer and manager with an optimal blend of technical, leadership, and management talents to make projects. Contributes to idea generation, concept or product definition. Assimilates quickly into new projects, technologies, and organizations. Knows when to focus on the big picture and when to care about the details. Adapts and changes direction quickly as circumstances warrant. Technology background is with user interfaces, tools, server side programming and embedded programming. A solid "roll up the sleeves" performer with an outlook that is positive and energetic.

  • Product Development and Rollout
  • User Interface Design and Implementation
  • Architecture
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization
  • Integration
  • Embedded Programming
  • Multithreading
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Project Management
  • Team Development & Management
  • Customer Interaction
  • Presentation
  • Adaptable
  • Organized
  • Leadership
  • Accountable


  • Programming Languages: Adobe Flex 3 (Action Script AS3, MXML), C, PERL, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Smalltalk, Forth
  • Technologies: RIA, Internet (HTTP, LAMP, HTML, CSS, XSLT, AJAX), XML, SQL, TCP/IP and UDP socket programming, Real-time programming, Inter-process communication, Unix scripting, Jetty, Swing, .NET
  • Operating Systems: Linux, MAC O/S, Windows (95, 2000, XP, 7), OS/2
  • Development Tools: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, xCode, VisualWorks,
  • Software Configuration Management Tools: Clearcase, CVS, SourceSafe, PVCS, ENVY, Subversion
  • Software Methodologies: Full SDLC experience using Rapid Application Development (Agile, XP) and Sequential development process techniques.


Confidential, Richardson, TX 2009-present
5 Employees
Provides Desktop solutions integrated with VoIP phone system to enable collaboration.

Solutions Architect and Developer - Contractor
I am an architect, team leader, and senior developer for features that added significant value to a Unified Communications product. I was primarily responsible for two features: adding Presence capability for remote employees and improving installer performance with a new release deployment scheme. Both features incorporated a "Cloud" server. I used the LAMP application stack and multi-threaded Perl programs on the server. Designed and developed RIA's for desktop web browser using Adobe FLEX 3 and implemented web applications for mobile users with XHTMP MP and WAP CSS.

  • Designed the architecture and lead effort to get sign off with Product Management, CEO, and stakeholders at our partner NEC.
  • Added new source of revenue stream through software licensing.
  • Accelerated the speed at which Installers could setup a new system and to perform system upgrades.
  • Accepted Project Management responsibilities to drive projects with few resources and challenging deadlines to completion.

Confidential, Richardson, TX 2005-2009
60,000 Employees
Leading provider of hardware and software solutions for networking.

Technical Leader, Software Engineer
A lead designer and developer for a number of small and medium business solutions at LinkSys and Cisco. The products were comprised of a Service Node, IP phones, network storage, broadband, and surveillance. Created browser based user interfaces for novice through expert users to provision, administer, and monitor the product. Embedded programming to write server side processes and CGI's to support the OAMP function of the product.

  • Represented management in daily "Code Red" meetings during critical junctures of the project. Assisted with hiring. Mentored junior employees and represented engineering organization in ISO-9001 audit.
  • Responded to unexpected absence of my manager at a critical time and successfully kept the project moving forward with no loss of momentum. Recognized by my manager's peers for my effectiveness.
  • Appointed to lead effort to speed up responsiveness and scalability of product. Router that used to struggle to bring up 100 phones in an hour was able to do it reliably in 10 minutes. Sped up user console by 3-4 seconds for server hit.
  • Championed and developed a prototype to write server side code to interface with Flex application. Enabled team to write rich, intuitive user interfaces that leveraged large legacy product.
  • Evangelized an idea of concurrent multi-departmental approach to design, implementation, test, and documentation of project requirements.
  • Led localization/internationalization efforts for work group.

Confidential, Dallas, TX 2003-2005
1,300 Employees
World-wide provider of Interactive Voice Response Systems providing automated customer service solutions.

Senior Manager Professional Services
Rehired as Senior Manager overseeing team of over 30 engineers located in Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL. Team did modifications, upgrades, consulting/mentoring and new custom development for multi-million dollar projects.

  • Attended and presented new products at the company's user conference
  • Allocated resources to multiple projects. Overcame project challenges in staffing, technology, training, and work load. Introduced XP programming methodology to speed design and development.
  • Reviewed and responded to requirements to develop project plans in terms of scope, cost, and schedule and tracked milestone completions.
  • Performed sales support, project management, customer service, conflict resolution, and Percentage of Completion (POC) inputs for multi-million dollar projects. Ensured revenue was accurately and timely represented and reported.
  • Initiated and maintained constant communication with all levels inside and outside of the company—team members, designers, project management, product marketing, installations, sales, and external customers.
  • Founded an architectural group to review projects, work on pre-sales, and mentor less experienced employees. Identified technical leaders to participate in group.

Confidential, Plano, TX 2000-2003
12 Employees
Founded software consulting company specializing in automatic speech recognition market.

Co-Founder and Senior Partner
Prolific software developer with generous customer interaction and project management duties. Oversaw major functions, including sales, payroll, benefits, hiring, etc.. Participated in sales activities, reviewed contracts, submitted responses to RFP's, worked as project manager, etc.. Achieved over $1.2M dollars in revenue our first year.

Confidential, Dallas, TX 1991-2000
130 employees at start and 1,500 when I left

Director (1998-2000)
Senior Manager (1997-1998)
Engineering Manager (1994-1997)
Senior Engineer (1991-1994)
Advanced from software developer in R&D department with five people to a software director with over one hundred engineers. As a director I had responsibility over a number of tools used to develop and support IVR applications and for the runtime environment to execute the applications. Worked with outside vendors to integrate speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) into the tools. Recruited, retained, and motivated highly productive work teams. Interfaced with engineering, QA, Product Management, Manufacturing, Documentation and Training departments on projects.

  • Presented new products at the company's user conference
  • Appointed as R&D representative to focus group to make Confidential a better place to work to entice people to join and to retain existing employees.
  • Built a team of engineers that were adept at Smalltalk, a rare expertise, to make revolutionary improvements to our IDE for IVR development. Managed and lead the team through multiple releases of the tool that included new features and maintenance improvements. Efforts contributed to a "world class" IDE that was highly acclaimed by industry trade journals.


Confidential, Plano, TX, Member Technical Staff
Confidential, Spokane, WA, Software Engineer
Confidential, McKinney, TX, Software Design Engineer


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration.


Graphical System and Method for Debugging Computer Programs

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