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Java Resume

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Omaha, NE

Lead Java/J2EE Developer


  • Versatile and accomplished technical leader with a 8-year track record of delivering Web 2.0, SOA, EAI, web services and workflow-based solutions reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and spurring growth
  • Extensive experience building web-based enterprise systems/frameworks and with a strong knowledge of Enterprise Java on a variety of application servers.
  • Utilizing a wide range of business-critical skills including requirements gathering, change control, support and multi-discipline troubleshooting.
  • Entrusted by several clients to re-engineer their business processes and provide appropriate solutions using application software as the medium.
  • Experience of entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, & development using Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Expert level of experience in developing Use Case model, Behaviour diagrams and other UML and data modelling diagrams using Rational Rose and UML
  • Worked in projects based Project Management on Business Process Management.
  • Experience on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design and Services as a Software (SAAS) design concepts using latest technologies.
  • Involved in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle with very good understanding of the same.
  • Worked extensively on IDE's like Eclipse and Version Controllers like Visual Source safe.
  • Strong in Object Oriented Programming Concept.
  • Exposure to CMMi and ISO Quality Standards.


  • Certified J2EE Associate
  • Brain Bench Certificate “Java 5” 27th Oct 2006
  • Brain Bench Certificate “Struts 1.2.x” 27th July 2006


  • M. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • M. Sc (Information Technology)
  • Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering.


  • Languages: Java, J2EE (Servlets, JSP, EJB, JavaBeans, JDBC, JMS, JPA, JNDI), JNI, XSL, XTags, XSLT, DOM/SAX parsers, ODBC, VBA, ASP 3.0, SSL and SOAP Web Service
  • Web Tech: XML, AJAX, Google Web Toolkit, HTML, Java Script, jQuery, XHTML, CSS.
  • Operating Systems: Linux and Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003, DOS.
  • Database: Oracle 8i/9i and MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Web/App. Server: Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss, WebSphere 6.1
  • Frameworks: Struts, JSF, Hibernate, Springs, Liferay, Quartz.
  • Testing Tools: Selenium, JUnit, JMeter.
  • Tools: MS Office 2K/XP2K3, MS Visio, TOAD, ER-Win
  • IDE/Tools: Eclipse IDE, JasperReports, ANT, Maven, CVS, Visual Source Safe, Bug Zilla and Mantis BT
  • Methodologies: UML, OOAD, Extreme Programming XP, Rational Unified Process RUP, Scrum


Project: Confidential- Customer/Member Relationship Management System

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, Omaha, NE, USA
  • Industry - Banking
  • Role - Lead J2EE consultant
  • Duration - July 2008 onwards

Technical Environment: Java, J2EE, WebSphere 6.1, Axis, jQuery, AJAX, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, JasperReports, Maven, ANT, Hudson, XML, XSLT, UML, Visio, Selenium, Log4j, CVS, Mantis BT, Oracle 9i, Linux and MS Project

Description: Confidential system is a Customer/Member Relationship Management system designed for Bank/Credit Unions. This would have customer's information at the finger tips without connecting core system every time there is need. The data from the core systems is transferred to the application at regular intervals to have alignment of the customer's information. Confidential, with its CRM functionalities enable the Bank/Credit Unions to maintain and manage customer, product and service information to cross sell or promote their products. The application enables the financial institutions to track the campaigns and customer's responses to the promotions thus, identifying their preferences.


  • Systems definition and design in UML, J2EE and Liferay.
  • Architected and DB design Identity management and role based technical solutions.
  • Web Application Frameworks including MVC and Presentation layer frameworks (Velocity, XSLT).
  • Appropriate J2EE Design Patterns for Presentation, Business and Integration tiers
  • Web page components stored as XML and rendered as “branded” pages via XSL
  • Developed SOA application is fully based on RIA and AJAX portal system.
  • packaging and continuous integration with Hudson, Maven 2, Cactus, Ant
  • Team Management - ability to technically lead a team and take responsibility for product quality

Project: Fund switch & Payment messaging system

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, Luxembourg, Europe
  • Industry - Funds and Payments
  • Role - Project Lead & Architect
  • Duration - Dec 2007 - July 2008

Technical Environment: Java, J2EE, Jboss, JSF, JPA, UML, Design Patterns, AJAX, Hibernate, Web Services, Maven, Incentage AG, MQ Series, Eclipse IDE, Oracle9i, Log4j, CVS, Bug Zilla, Rational Rose and MS Project

The System is developed for custodians, which keeps track of client and his funds information. The client has to inform a custodian about the transactions he/she wants to do with his/her funds. Custodian will do all the necessary actions on behalf of the client in the exchange. The necessary actions like generation of client new policy, fund switch of policy holding, generate and send SWIFT messages etc are done. In SWIFT module, different messages like statement of transactions, statement of pending transaction, client holding etc. are generated and sent to client. The system can validate BIC and IBAN data to modulus and bank branch level to meet SEPA initiatives.


  • Involved in understanding the system including analysis, project planning, DB designing coding, testing, prototyping, documentation, troubleshooting and maintenance for the application.
  • Used Common J2EE Design Patterns like Session Facade, Value Objects, Data Access Object and Model-View-Controller.
  • Designed and developed DAOs, Data Value Object using Eclipse IDE and JBoss Application Server, Designing Screens on JSP.
  • Implemented Web Services for communicating between JPA and legacy systems.
  • Used maven and ANT to build and deploy the projects.
  • Client co-ordination and managing team

Project: Agents/Agencies Lookup Portal

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, Luxembourg, Europe
  • Industry - Funds and Payments
  • Role - Project Lead & Architect
  • Duration - Sept 2006 - November 2007

Technical Environment: Environment: Java, Struts, J2EE, JDBC, JBoss, AJAX, Hibernate, UML, Design Patterns, ANT, Eclipse IDE, Oracle9i, CVS, and MS Project

This portal website developed to provide on-line, current information regarding insurance product type, agents, agencies, their license status and address, and service of process information for registered user polices.

  • Worked on Struts framework i.e. MVC (Modal View Controller) architecture.
  • Involved in Designing Use case Diagram, Class Diagram, Object Diagram and Sequential Diagram through Rational Rose.
  • Used Custom Tag Libraries/JSP for View, Struts Actions Classes for Controller ,Data Value Object as a Model
  • Developed Business Logic and Presentation Layers in Java, JSP and JDBC.
  • Design the database model and generic access beans to store/retrieve business data via JDBC.
  • Client co-ordination and managing team

Project: Core Campaign Management

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, New York, USA
  • Industry - Digital Media - Campaign Management
  • Role - Team Lead & Development
  • Duration - Mar'2005 - Sep'2006

Technical Environment: Java, Servlet, JSP, Struts1.1, Java Mail, SOAP, CVS, AJAX, Tomcat Server, JBoss server, Bug Zilla, Eclipse IDE, Ant, and Oracle 9i

Investigated the feasibility of repositioning an innovative chauffeur service based on-site and formulated marketing strategies for targeting the general public and experienced professionals in SUN product. Evaluation and utilisation of an existing customer database and designing publicity and marketing literature.Duties included rapid coding generation and updating based on copy from the campaign, tracking of user hits through the web site, team management, and keeping up-to-date with external press and events to client.


  • Analysis and Design activity such as Identifying use cases, preparing use case specification, use case realizations
  • Interaction and class diagrams.
  • Design of classes identified in the Architecture analysis and designs.
  • Implemented MVC pattern in the application.
  • Set up processes and control
  • Manage a team of 18 in two shifts (Day & night shifts). Responsible for the day-to-day running of the development activities; scheduling, progress tracking, problem solving.
  • Responsible for supervising all technical activities related to the program.
  • Supervising quality assurance procedures of the program.
  • Client co-ordination

Project: ISP Customer Account Migration Solutions

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, Mumbai
  • Industry - ISP and Internet
  • Role - Sr. Java developer
  • Duration - Feb'2004 - Mar'2005

Technical Environment: Java, Servlet, JSP, JMS, Struts1.1, JDBC, JNI, UML, XML, XSLT, DOM, SAX, CVS, D/HTML, Tomcat Server, WebLogic server, JasperReports, VP-UML tool, Eclipse IDE, Ant, JMeter, Junit, Linux, and Oracle 9i.


  • Goal of Project: Customers/Users Data Management Reports

The goal of the project was to create web-based access to a data warehouse system for ISP migrating customers or/and users data and payment details. The application would allow internal and external customer to access data. Create an interface, which allows True Switch system administrator to easily stop, start service containers and application servers, view various log files and monitor system health remotely. Administration interface should receive command from a user, generates XML, and dispatches command XML to an appropriate servers. Back-end servers should interpret command XML, execute command accordingly.


  • Developing JSP for generating the reports for the management decision and review as per the business logic.
  • The business logic was developed using J2EE framework and deploys components on Application server.
  • Involved in creating sequence diagrams and class diagrams for the server side.
  • Implemented role based security layer in the system.
  • Developed customizable reports for the management team
  • Created unit tests cases.

Goal of Project: Data Migrating
The goal of the project was to determine the completeness, stability, and scalability of user's data transfer from one ISP to another ISP. The user\'s data migrating system work on system side. I have delivered design artifacts, including runtime architecture, deployment model, software architecture documents, technical object/component model, and system use cases. Other design deliverables include prototype charter documents, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, development standards and best practice documents. Collaborate with testing team to develop testing strategy and model.


  • Developed and integrated the web and migration service components
  • Technical design, development and migration of a multi-tier application allowing on-demand interception of emails
  • Component-based J2EE-focused design of new architecture using UML methods.
  • Developed Web Services for Integrating with the service monitoring System
  • Developed automated continuous integration model for internal projects, proficiently utilizing ANT
  • Created unit tests cases.

Project: Web based Intelligent Interactive Tutoring (Web IIT)

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, New Delhi
  • Industry - Education and Research
  • Role - Sr. Java developer
  • Duration - Dec'2000 - Feb'2004

Technical Environment: C++, Java, JNI, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, XML, D/HTML, Struts1.0, Tomcat Server 4.0, UNIX, Windows 2K Server and Oracle 8i.
The above-mentioned project, aims at developing a dynamic on-line and off-line, Web based Intelligent Interactive Tutoring for all the First year B.Tech students. The system is designing and keeping in view it is web and static CD-ROM application to make it more captivating and user-friendly. For Developing and Designing of this project we are using Content Management System (CMS) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) techniques


  • Design and developed the Web client by creating complex interactive JSPs.
  • Applying different techniques are CMS, AI, and WBT etc.
  • Designed and developed java API as well as database for configuration editor source web application to manage the cablevision configuration table (Applet, Servlet, JDBC, and SQL).
  • Configured Tomcat Server on Win 2000 Server
  • Developed the applets using Java API

Project: Web based Intelligent Interactive Tutoring (Web IIT)

Project Details

  • Client - Confidential, New Delhi
  • Industry - Education and Research
  • Role - Java Scripts Developer
  • Duration - Jan'2000 - Dec'2000

Technical Environment: JavaScript, ASP, ADO, HTML, SQL Server 2000 and Windows NT/98

The above-mentioned project, aims at developing a dynamic web based GIS portal for the Indian Handicrafts Industry. It entails structuring and management of data to incorporate information related to all Confidential, NGO's, Exporters, Buyers and Awardees.


  • Involved in design and development for enhancements and new features including use case analysis, requirements generation, design specification and used object oriented programming analysis and design methodologies.
  • Responsibility of maintenance and enhancement of graphical user interface component.
  • Involved in customer need evaluation, requirement generation, design, development, test and integration.
  • Developed a Wed-based program using VB/ASP where users can enter information and search existing data entries.
  • Independently handled the internal network, IT, software installation, web site administration, and help desk.

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