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Java Resume


An accomplished IT Professional with extensive experience in SOA Technologies and JAVA/J2EE specialized in Oracle SOA suite and AIA. Specialized in process development and integration across heterogeneous platforms and Deployment Tools. Proven ability to lead and motivate project teams to ensure success. Experienced interfacing with key business units in a multi-cultural global arena. Excellent communicator, with emphasis on building strong client relationships. Quick learner that rapidly adapts to emerging technologies. Awarded "Star Performer of the Year", for three consecutive years. Experienced Consultant with almost 4 and half years of experience, with Financial Services, Pharmacy and telecommunication giants.


  • Specialised in BPEL, WSDL, XML, XPATH, XSLT, XSD, Web Services and ESB.
  • Possess expertise in project design,implementation with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle AIA (EBO,EBM,EBS creation).
  • In hand experience with Oracle SOA suite server clustering and installation of AIA and PIPs and adapters.
  • Proven expertise in project execution with Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX with Java /J2EE.
  • Possess good programming skills(Java/J2EE,BPEL,XML,XSL,SQL) and scripting tools to automate processes.
  • Experience with application servers administration and maintenance for Oracle Application Server and Weblogic
  • Worked with various reputed clients in Financial, Pharmacy and telecommunication domain.
  • Participated in the design of enterprise architecture for clients with focus on integration technologies, technology assessment, design of road-map and technical reviews process with proper documentation which conforms to CMM Level 5 with the Sales teams
  • Strong analyzing and trouble shooting skills.
  • Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and managing team, with ability to motivate teams to increase productivity.
  • University Gold Medalist

Programming Languages: BPEL,Java/J2EE, XML, XSL,SQL,UML
SOA Tools: Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WSM, Oracle Process Manager,Oracle ESB,JDeveloper ,Confidential WPS
AJAX Tool-kits: Tibco GI, Adobe Flex
Databases: Oracle
Web Technologies: JSP, Java Servlets, AJAX, DHTML
Application Servers: Weblogic, Oracle Application Server
CASE Tools: Microsoft Visio, Clear Case, Eclipse, Dimension,SVN,SOAPUI
Scripting Tools: Ant


Confidential June 2009 - March 2010
Confidential is a multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation. Confidential is the world\'s largest technology company. Confidential GBS provides services to the customers spanning various sectors and in various technologies.

Confidential September 2009- March 2010
Role: Module Lead
Client:A Telecommunication major from Europe
Technologies/Tools:BPEL, XSL, XML, Oracle SOA Suite 10g, Oracle AIA, Communications PIP, Jdeveloper,JAVA/J2EE
Responsibility: Automation of manual tasks, Deployments, Flow monitoring and SR resolution, Cluster Set-up,Server administration,Patches and MLR installation

Description: The project involved integration of multiple systems like Siebel, Fusion, Oracle BRM, PMDM. Communications PIP was customised for the Order-to-Bill flow .To achieve the integration webservices were orchestrated using BPEL.The ESB was used for the routing and data transformations.JMS queues were utilized to ensure delivery.New environment creation with server setup and business releases.Creation of Data sources, JMS destinations, securing web services.Set up connection pools .Maintainance of server file system and dehydration database .
Achievements: Automation scripts for instance resubmission, reducing the effort to one-tenth

Confidential June 2009- August 2009
Role: Team Member
Client:A Pharmacy major from USA
Technologies/Tools:BPEL, XSL, XML, Oracle SOA Suite 10g, Oracle AIA, JDeveloper
Responsibility: Develop BPEL processes that will integrate Oracle apps, ODI, Custom Java Applications, Develop ESB routers, Follow AIA Standards while integrating, Extensively creating ABCS, EBS, ABM, ABO creation.

Description: Agile manufacturing process dealt with implementing Oracle Applications for manufacturing, it also has custom applications like ISS, GFSS. Scope of this project needs to integrate Oracle Apps with their custom java applications (GFSS and ISS). Oracle BPEL and Oracle ESB are used as an integrator between Oracle Apps and Oracle OTM. The work involved extensively creating ABCS, EBS, ABM, ABO creation. The project increasingly was modeled on the standard guidelines provided by Oracle AIA and followed the best practices formulated by the architectural pattern. Oracle BAM was used for providing the out of box dashboard features for comparative analysis by the business. For bulk data transfer, the Oracle ODI was used.

Confidential November 2005 - May 2009

Confidential offers consulting and information technology (IT) services spanning various sectors, including engineering and product development, supply chain management, client relationship management, business process management and business intelligence. Its presence spans over 60 countries across six continents, serve numerous clients, including many Fortune 500 organizations.

Confidential November 2008- May 2009
Role: Team Lead
Client:SOA CoE
TeamSize: 10
Technologies/ Tools: BPEL, XSL, XML, Oracle SOA Suite 10g, JDeveloper
Responsibility: BPEL flow, ESB routers for external system input, Deployment

Description:This project achieves a process flow creation to maintain the warehouse activities.
Following are the objects developed in the project in the project.

  • Develop the webservices interacting with the database.
  • Develop BPEL processes .Develop ESB routers.
  • Developing the human tasks.
  • Creating the Flex web pages.
  • Resolving Issues and Bug fixing
  • Production Support

Confidential September 2008- October 2008
Role: Team Lead
Client: SOA CoE
Team Size: 8
Technologies/ Tools: BPEL, XSL, XML, WID, WPS 5.x

Responsibility: Identification and creation, deploying, exposing and securing the services, modeling the process flow, creating the BPEL flow, routing the request through the ESB for external system input, Exposing the process as a service, Deploying the application

Description: Customer Management System enabled by Confidential SOA is implemented to build a customer management system on Confidential SOA product suite. The system enables to find out the type of customers and then based on the type the process continues for the requisite type of customer. It offers a range of services on the Confidential stack, with expertise on WebSphere Process Server. The project was developed using the following major components of Confidential SOA suite-

  • SCA based service development, BPEL, State Machines, Interface maps
  • Common Event Infrastructure of Confidential WPS, Use of WebSphere Adapters

Confidential April 2008- August 2008
Role: Team Member
Client:A Pharmacy major from US
TeamSize: 30
Technologies/ Tools: JAVA, J2EE, Oracle, Eclipse3.1, Web logic 8.1, Toad, Web Services, JMS
Responsibility: Designing the application, Coding in Java and J2EE technologies, Testing the modules, Integrating the modules to complete application, Enhancements ,Bug Fixes and Change requests

Description:The tool aims to track information and product registration based on trade name and market. As a part of integration between the participating applications GRS and FPS, webservices were developed .JMS queues formed the integration mechanism from FPS to GRS.The queues on the Weblogic Application server subscribed to the received messages and enabled a sync between the two disparate systems.

Confidential June 2006- March 2008
Role: Team Lead
Client:A Finance major from US
Team Size: 30
Technologies/ Tools: JAVA,J2EE, Oracle, Eclipse3.1, Weblogic 8.1,TIBCO GI 3.5,JavaScript prototype, JAVA,XML,XSL,XPATH
Responsibility: Coordination with the client and offshore, Re-engineering the code from pre-existing PowerBuilder code, Designing and development in Java and JavaScript (conventional and prototype), Testing and Integrating, Performance Profiling, Bug Fixes and Change requests

Description: The project dealt with addition of further modules to the portal. The modules added were on Global Search, Activity-Reference, Mutual funds, Money Market. The system used DHTML and AJAX Framework. The project was developed in TIBCO GI 3.5 and Java/J2EE for use by the Management of the customer. The screens were developed with the RIA tool TIBCO GI 3.5 and the server-side with Java Technologies. It dealt with creation of new views based on RIA with different features enabling the user to enter the information. The information was then captured by the database available for further processing. The user can also search for a particular account or group to view this information. The user can export the report to PDF, Excel and can print it as well.

Confidential November 2005- May 2006
Role: Team Member
Client:A Finance major from US
TeamSize: 12
Technologies/ Tools: JAVA, J2EE, Oracle, Eclipse3.1, Confidential RAD 6.0
Responsibility: Re-engineering the code from pre-existing Delphi code, development in Java ,
testing the modules

Description: Confidential views AEXEO from three important activities - front-office, middle-office and back-office operations apart from support services and application services. The Aexeo System is an accounting system for the Hedge Funds. It was based on the reverse engineering from the pre-existing software in Delphi to JAVA.Responsibilty was to create JSPs and programming in JAVA


Bachelors of Engineering (2001- 2005), Gold Medalist

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