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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Lexington, MA

Career Summary:
Systems Software Engineer experienced in Software Development, Release and Sustaining Engineering with excellent analytical and problem solving skills. An adaptable, team and customer oriented contributor to diverse work groups with a proven track record of high quality and on time product deliveries. An Engineer that is proactive at keeping abreast of current technologies and upgrading relevant skills through self education.

Technical Experience:
InstallShield , ClearCase, SVN, CVS, Visual Source Safe, Java, C++, MFC, C, Visual Studio, JBuilder, NetBeans, JSP, Java Beans, XML, HTML, Java Script, VxWorks RTOS, User Interfaces, Systems Applications, Windows device drivers, SSL, DevStudio, SoftIce, Winsock2 Service Provider, X86 assembler, design verification, system exercise, performance analysis, fault isolation, firmware, PC system BIOS, EFI.


Confidential, MA, NH, CA & CO

2006-2009: Principal Software Engineer for $70+ million Commercial Scanner business unit responsible for the development and delivery of all InstallShield-based installations for Confidential document imaging scanners for all Win2K through Win7.

  • Consistently met project quality and schedule milestones for a globally distributed $70+ million product line. Developed, debugged and maintained InstallShield-based multi-language installation software and associated C++ applications sourced from ClearCase, SVN and CVS.
  • Managed off-shore software procurement project from requirements and development through test and delivery, meeting both time and cost goals.
  • Improved product competitiveness on an enterprise-class document scanner through firmware and device driver performance analysis resulting in substantial improvement in device speed.
  • Delivered a 17 device InstallShield software and driver upgrade to support Vista OS, derived from multiple source repositories, meeting corporate support goals and Microsoft release dates.
  • Enhanced major account relationship by developing and debugging a customer specific pushable install for Vista 32 and Vista 64.

2004-2006: Principal Software Engineer for Enterprise Servers and Storage unit. Responsible for development, maintenance and release of System Management firmware and applications.

  • Worked cross organizationally between three distinct business units to develop, debug and validate robust and reliable virtual Media and virtual Keyboard, Video, Mouse on Itanium Servers resulting in improved remote system manageability.
  • Improved IT manageability of an Confidential server model by exposing manageability features to Enterprise system management applications through implementation of JSP/Java Bean based feature which allowed access to its embedded Management Processor.

2002-2004: Principal/Senior Software Engineer for OpenVMS division. Developed, maintained and released enterprise class multi-platform System Management applications.

  • Filled key team need for release engineering expertise by self learning the usage of InstallShield application deployment software allowing product development team to meet schedule and quality requirements.
  • Achieved over $10,000 in cost savings on departmental software procurement while improving multi-platform debugging and deployment capabilities.
  • Improved usability and customer satisfaction in Java based user interface, achieving visual parity on OpenVMS and Windows desktops via enhanced tree and text object rendering.
  • Vastly improved application boot time and customer experience through the detection and resolution of a secure socket delay, reducing it from ten seconds to milliseconds.
  • Delivered multi-platform manageability software for enterprise systems through development, maintenance and release of Java based, object oriented, secure, user interface and client/server applications, built with PC based tools.
  • Resolved a development-blocking dead-lock defect by identifying the root cause of corruption in a dynamically generated XML file shared between multiple systems running a client / server system management tool.

1998-2002: Senior Software Engineer for OpenVMS division. Providing Sustaining and Release Engineering services as well as critical issue engineering support for Digital's principal network connectivity software suite.

  • Managed a project to deliver a client connectivity product that produced annual revenues of $10 million. Responsible for project execution and leadership for a team of 13 developers, testers and technical writers.
  • Identified root cause and resolved a major customer's critical issue discovered on high speed systems in a multi-threaded environment as the primary engineer responsible for maintenance, debugging and enhancement of Winsock2 Service Provider code base for DECNet.

Confidential Lexington, MA
Senior Software Engineer 1995-1997

Produced device drivers and localized user interface application for video cards, globally distributed to retail channel and major OEMs, with responsibilities including Development, Sustaining and Release engineering.

Confidential Boxboro, MA
Senior Software Engineer 1992-1995

Produced systems software, applications and BIOS for integration on NEC branded laptop and desktop systems. Also responsible for customer facing engineering support of major corporate accounts, Development, Sustaining and Release Engineering.

Confidential Norwood, MA
Senior Software Engineer 1991-1992

Contributor to code base management and coordination for PC System BIOS sold to OEMs of laptop and desktop PCs utilizing Sustaining and Release Engineer disciplines.

Confidential Lowell, MA
Software Engineer I to Senior Software Engineer 1983-1991

Produced device drivers, applications, design verification, fault isolation and standards-compliance tests for PC imaging workstations and intelligent I/O cards required development of Diagnostic, Sustaining and Firmware engineering skill set.


B.S. Computer Science.
B.A. Economics.
A.S. Computer Technology.

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