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Senior Java Consultant Resume

Fremont, CA

Having 11+ years of IT experience.
Middleware Experience

  • Having 4+ years of Middleware (Integration) experience in SOA (Oracle SOA Suite)
  • Strong experience in designed, developed, deployed, managed and tuned asynchronous/synchronous, batch/real-time and long/short running SOA Patterns in ESB/OSB processes using adapters (ERP, Sibel , JMS, File/FTP, AQ and DB), partner links(WSDLs), process activities (Assign, Human Task, Java Embedding), BPEL expressions, XQuery and XSLT transformations.
  • Experience in Integration tools Oracle SOA Suite/BPEL/Fusion Middleware, web-methods, Vitria and Apache CAMEL.
  • Experience in XML, XSLT, XSD , XQuery.
  • Experience in Messaging JMS, Active queue, MQ series.
  • Experience in Integration projects with SAP (CRM), Seibel (CRM), Oracle - apps (Finance, Order, inventory, install base, HRM).

Java Experience

  • Strong experience in analysis, high and low level design, development and implementation of Object Oriented, Integration, Component based 3/N-tier, Client/Server, B2B, B2C,
  • E-Governance Applications, E-commerce, Medical and Telecoms .
  • Hands on experience in writing Technical Architectures & Documentation using Rational Unified Process.
  • Implemented projects with RUP (Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition.)
  • Extensively worked on Distributed Programming with J2EE Architectural & Design patterns, Struts,EJB, Servlets, JSP, Mbeans, JMX, JMS, JAVA Web Services using Apache's Axis, CXF, JAXB, and JAX-RPC,, XML, JavaScript, HTML, DB2, Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), WebSphere Application Developer, Hibernate, and Spring
  • Experience in designing enterprise application architecture using UML (Unified Modeling Language), Rational Rose
  • Good knowledge & experience on Multi-Tier & Designs, including Web & Application tiers.
  • Good experience in troubleshooting J2EE enterprise applications running on JBoss, WebSphere Application Servers, JRun and OracleApplicationServer-OC4J-container.
  • Experience in setting up, configuration and deployment process with JBoss, WebSphere, iPlanet App servers, JRun, OracleApplicationServer- OC4J-container, Weblogic 10, SAP NetWeaver Application server, Tomcat.
  • Proficient in J2EE Design Patterns
  • Databases experience in Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, Sybase, Postgres and My-SQL
  • Expert in SQL, PL/SQL, Triggers and Stored Procedures
  • Hands on experience in AJAX, Flex, Visual Composer, Weblogic portal and SAP Portlets.
  • Good knowledge in PVCS, CVS, Perforce and Visual Source Safe (VSS) for version control.
  • Proficient in developing ANT (Jakarta ANT) scripts to build J2EE enterprise applications.
  • Experience in planning, resource management, allocation or distribution of work, reporting, mentoring and tracking
  • Have worked in different geographic locations - India, UK and USA, and hence have good exposure to different cultures and working environments

Professional Experience

Confidential, Fremont, CA, USA Oct 2009 - till date
Senior Consultant
Developing a product to monitor the compliance on the Laboratory result, patient records, Studies, research and audit records. This product handles the various type of data input (HL7message, xml message and webservices) and apply the rules and flag the record which doesn't meet the compliance to take actions. The flagging out put can be easily integrated with the work flow engines of SAP or Oracle or Open source work flows.

  • Architect and owning the entire responsibilities of product(SDLC)
  • Capturing the requirements , analyzing and estimation.
  • Designing the product (UI look and feel to choosing technologies and prototyping).
  • High level design (Integration points)
  • Database design
  • Development of core modules(rule engine)
  • Developing BPEL process(AQ/JMS/ftp/database/Webservices) and BPEL human task.
  • Developing database adapter, webservices adapter, ftp adapter, messaging adapter and custom workflow for non oracle system using Camel


  • Operating system (s): Windows, Linux(UBUNTU)
  • Skills : Java6.0, JSP, Spring MVC, Spring , Hibernate, JMS, ActiveMQ, Apache CAMEL(Integration) , Apache CXF(webservices), ongl (rule engine), HL7 messages, XML, XSD, XSLT, XQuery, tomcat-6, Oracle SOA Suite 11g(BPEL, Human task) and MYSQL/Oracle.

Confidential, Phoenix, USA June 2009 - Sep 2009
Senior Consultant
Confidential, project is to handle the accusation of new institutions and integrate them to the existing Apollogroup's financial EBS system. Integration is based on the SOA Orchestration framework.

  • Understanding new institutions financial flow and come up with functional spec for integration.
  • Taking integration approach decision.
  • Design the Services across institutions (SOA).
  • Developing BPEL Services and the task flows.
  • Exposing them as webservices.
  • Developing EBS Concurrent program/Reports/Alerts.


  • Operating system (s) Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • Skills : JSP, Java, JMS, ActiveMQ, Oracle Fusion- BPEL, PL/SQL and EBS (Finance integration)

Confidential, USA Nov 2007 - May 2009
Senior Consultant
Confidential, application for their product life cycle i.e CRM, HRM and e-commerce application. This application was re-architect to complying SOA architect, handle higher loads and to handle different types of user input of data. There are eleven new portals. These portals provides customers, partners, and VMware employees key services for managing licenses, requesting licenses, upgrading software, submitting support request, downloading VMware software bits, evaluating new/current products, Beta launches and many other services. It is integrated with oracle's E-Business suite via Oracles Fusion middleware for order management, product inventory, and installs base functionality.

  • Re-Architect the existing system handle high loads, handle different types of customer data and to compile with SOA framework.
  • High level design for middleware components (Oracle Fusion-BPEL), weblogic portals, frame work development (exception, logging, spring and hibernate framework setup) and webservices(XSD).
  • Point of contact between the Business and the Technical for all issues or portals.
  • Reviewing of high and low-level design and.
  • Responsible for integration with Middleware (Oracle Fusion-BPEL) to access Oracle EBS suite (CRM, HRM, E-commerce), Siebel system, Single Sign-on and development for weblogic portals.
  • Data modeling for portals and Integrations.
  • Looking after the deployment/configurations with various portals.
  • Performance tuning i.e vertical (Hardware) as well as horizontal (Software) and integrating with monitoring tool WebPluse, load-balancing and clustering
  • Writing Business requirement for enhance requirement
  • Interact with offshore people development and QA activity.


  • Operating system (s) Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • Skills HTML, JDK1.5, Struts, JSP, Servlet, Weblogic portals JMS, Hibernate, Spring, Ajax, XML, XSD,Web-services, Oracle 10.2, Apache2.0, Weblogic9.0.2, Ms-SQL, Jakarta-ant, Maven, Jprobe, Eclipse, Oracle Fusion- BPEL and EBS (CRM, E-commerce, HRM) and Siebel system.

Confidential, Questra, USA Mar 2007 - Oct 2007
Senior Consultant
Confidential, is used to monitor/ control devices remotely. Confidential, is a client and server program, Confidential, agents run on the client side (i.e., device), report data through web-services call and accept instructions through web-services. This data can used to monitor health of the device and schedule a maintenance or control or upgrade the software on the device.

  • Re-Architect the existing system to compile with SOA framework
  • Writing Business requirement for enhance requirement
  • Webservices and Auditing model design and implementation.
  • Interact with offshore people Development & QA team.
  • Responsible for integration with CRM and Single Sign-on (i.e. SAP-CRM.)
  • Data modeling for enhance features.
  • Reviewing high and low-level design.
  • Deployment/Configuration with various environment flavors/conditions i.e upgrading the application from Weblogic 8.1 to 9.0 to 10 and implementing the code in Net-Weaver application.
  • Suggesting and implementing Performance Tuning, i.e. Store Procedure and caching
  • Load-balancing and clustering


  • Operating system (s) Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • Skills : HTML, JDK1.5, Struts, JSP, Servlet, JMS, EJB2.1, Hibernate, Spring, Ajax, Adobe-Flex, Lazlo, Visual Composer, XML,SOAP, XSD, Web-services, Oracle 9.2, Apache2.0, Weblogic 9, Weblogic10, Ms-SQL, Jakarta-ant, Jprobe, Eclipse, Net-weaver Application server (SAP)

Confidential, USA Nov 2006 - Feb 2007
Senior Consultant

  • Taking Architect decision and coordinating with business requirement team.
  • Designing application using UML and Data modeling
  • Interact with offshore people for development and QA.
  • Build reusable components for the VCY project (Security -Acegi for Authentication and Authorization).
  • Responsible for integration of various modules and Web-Methods for offline feed.
  • Responsible for development for web portal, Deployment and Configuration.


  • Operating system (s) Windows, Linux
  • Skills: HTML, JDK1.5, JSP, Servlet, JMS, spring, Hibernate, Ajax, XML, Web-services, Oracle 9.2, Apache2.0, Weblogic9.0.2, Jakarta-ant, Jprobe, UML notation (Microsoft viso), MYEclipse, Web-Methods6.1.

Confidential, Las Vegas, USA Aug 2006 - Oct 2006
Senior Consultant

  • Design of the application using Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology and review.
  • Good understanding of development lifecycle: Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition
  • Data modeling.
  • Guiding of team members.
  • Build framework for the Cyllenius project (JDBC, Ajax, XML, JSP, Servlet, and Webservices).
  • Responsible for integration of various modules.
  • Follow up of pending issues and technical impact issues.
  • Performance tuning of the application. (Jprobe)
  • Tuning application to give 24hr uptime (Load Balancing)


  • Operating System(s), Windows, Linux
  • Skills: HTML, JDK1.5, JSP, Servlet, Ajax, XML, Web-services, MS-SQL, Apache2.0, Webservices, Jboss4.03, Jakarta-ant, Load Balancing, Jprobe, UML notation (Microsoft viso), Eclipse.

Confidential, Bellsouth, USA Dec 2005 - July 2006
Senior Software Engineer

  • Requirement gathering
  • Prepared project documentation based on Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology
  • Prototype development.
  • Technical design, review and Transition of Functional descriptions.
  • Guiding of team members.
  • Build activity of the EUM module (JDBC, XSL, XSD, XML, JSP, Servlet, Vitria, and Webservices).
  • Responsible for integration of various modules.
  • Developing workflows using Vitria middleware tool.
  • Follow up of pending issues and technical impact issues.
  • Identifying the performance issues and suggesting the alternate flow.
  • Involved in integration with mainframe using Vitria middle ware tool.


  • Operating System(s), Windows, Solaris
  • Skills : HTML, JDK1.4, JSP, Servlet, XSL, XSD, XML, Web-services, Oracle 9i, iPlanet , Vitria 4.2.1, Tomcat, AJAX, MQ-series (JMS),Jakarta-ant, AJAX, UML notation (Microsoft viso), Eclipse.

Confidential, Bangalore
Senior Software Engineer
RPA, Rural Payments Agency, UK -Government March 2004 - Nov 2005

  • Capturing functional specification and estimation of the proposal.
  • Design application i.e. Struts framework and DAO for database access, review and Transition of FDs.
  • Planning and estimation for the resources.
  • Guiding of team members.
  • Build activity of the eChannel (EJB (Session and Entity), Java, JNDI, JDBC, XML, XSD, JSP, Servlet, Struts, taglibs, DAO).
  • Integrated the application with Documentum server by using the customized API
  • Follow up of pending and technical impact issues.
  • Performance tuning of application
  • Estimation and Analysis for different releases.
  • Involved in integration with the Oracle Apps Applications (CRM, Mail room, HRM and order management).
  • Preparing status report.
  • Release approver


  • Operating System(s) Windows, Solaris
  • Skills : HTML, JDK1.4, J2EE (JSP using Struts Frame work, Servlet, EJBs, JNDI, JMS, JDBC, XML, taglibs), Web-services (apache axis, jaxb, and JAX-RPC, WSDL, SOAP), Jakarta-ant, Oracle 9i, Jdeveloper 9i, Oracle Application Server (OC4J Container), UML notation (Microsoft viso), taglibs, Documentum server

Confidential, Bangalore
Project Engineer.
GOE, DUN & Bradstreet (Parsippany US) May 2003 - March 2004

  • Technical design activities of module.
  • Involved in the specific area of the development (EJB(Session , Entity, and Message ), Servlet, JSP, Struts, JMS(MDB), WebServices, JMX, Mbeans (used for the scheduler and loading the startup meta data) and configuration issues such as the clustering and the start up functionality with Jboss), SQL, (PL/SQL), Triggers, Implemented Log4j and Exception framework
  • Follow up of pending issues and technical impact issues with the client.
  • Involved in the Estimation and Analysis of different releases.
  • Identifying the performance issues and suggesting the alternate flow and review of the code,
  • Preparing daily and weekly status report.
  • Point of contact for release to production.
  • Excellent understanding of Struts, Struts tag libraries, and Struts validation, versioning software, tagging, branching, merging, and knowledge of CVS.


  • Operating System(s): Windows, Solaris
  • Skills: HTML, JDK1.4, J2EE (JSP using Struts Frame work, Servlet, EJBs, JNDI, JMX (Mbeans), JMS, JDBC, XML, XSD), Web-services (apache axis, jaxb, and JAX- RPC, WSDL, SOAP), Jakarta-ant, Sy-base, DB2, Eclipse,JBOSS3.3, Rational Rose for UML notation

Confidential, Bangalore Sep 2000 - Mar 2003
Software Engineer
Worked on following projects
Confidential, Bangalore, Feb 2002 -- Mar 2003
Confidential, India Aug 2001 - Jan 2002
Confidential, Bangalore, Apr 2001 - July 2001
Confidential, Bangalore, India Mar 2001 - Apr 2001
Confidential, Australia Jan 2001 - Mar 2001
Confidential, Bangalore, Sep 2000 - Dec 2000

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Technical Design and reviewing the Architecture against Suns proposed Architecture
  • Design reviews.
  • Development of various modules and deployment of the code to the production server (Java classes for parsing the XML ,JSP, Servlet, Java, EJB (Session, and Entity), DAO, JavaBeans, JTS, java mail, JDBC, JNDI), SQL, (PL/SQL))
  • Integration of modules
  • Unit and Manually Testing


  • Operating System(s): Red Hat Linux
  • Skills: JDK 1.3, JSDK 2.1, J2EE (Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, JDBC, JNDI), HTML, JavaScript, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql, Jakarta-ant, Apache-Websphere, WASD, Rational Rose for UML notation, Jakarta-ant. Apache-Tomcat, Jrun, Apache-Jserv

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