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Programmer Resume

Ny, UsA

Experience Summary

Software Professional with more than 7 years experience in various stages of the software development lifecycle. Seasoned in object oriented design and development, client/server applications and distributed object computing.

Strengths include responsible, imaginative, innovative and team player. Consistently noted for picking up new tools/technologies and functionality rapidly and produce results.Have excellent analytical , problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills,with ability to interact with individuals at all levels.


MS (Computer Science)
B.Tech (Electrical)
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform

Technical Skills

Internet Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, EJB
Languages: Java, C++ ,PL/SQL
Markup Languages: HTML, XML
Application Server: Weblogic
Web Servers: Java Web Server
GUI: VB 4.0/5.0(With DAO, ADO, RDO), Active X, Visual C++
RDBMS: Oracle , MySql, SQL Servers
Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP,UDP
Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows NT/XP
Concepts: OOP


Confidential, October ‘2000 – May 2001.
Location: Confidential,NY, USA
Project: Instant Financing Solutions

Description: Confidential,is an Internet based System which provide instant financing to the merchant web sites customers by linking merchants and lenders through the Decisioning services. It enables the analysis of data collected at the point of sale to help match the appropriate funding source to business or consumer shoppers in real-time and supports all processing tasks associated with normal checkout procedures, including calculating loan terms, completing the application, screening for fraud, pulling credit bureau records, executing and issuing a decision, and notifying the shopper, merchant and issuer.


  • Involved in user requirements gathering, analysis, and design and coding of the project and user acceptance.
  • Designed the user Interface using JSP.
  • Coding Servlets for creating Credit application Servlets.
  • Created models for the Decisioning services.
  • Written classes for making connections to the Credit Bureaus.

Position: Programmer
Environment: JDK 1.2, JRun Enterprise Server 3.0, JSP 1.1, JDBC 2.0, MS SQL Server7, Windows NT

Online Training Registration November’ 99 – September’ 2000

Location: Confidential,NJ, USA
Project: Online Training Registration

Description: Online Training Registration System is used for online registration & approval processes of all employees at all locations in India & abroad for the training courses being conducted in-house or elsewhere. It has 3 modules:
Training Calendar Maintenance - This module was intended to be used for maintenance of the Training Calendar. It consists of the database containing the list of all training planned in a calendar year along with a list of all courses available for training. Adding training, updating/deleting training, canceling/rescheduling training is all operations performed by this module.

Course Repository Module - This module is intended to be used for maintenance of Course Repository. It consists of the database containing information about the courses for which training can be arranged. This module allows the viewing of course list, details of a course & adding, deleting & updating a course on a database.
User management Module - This module is intended to be used for the management of the users of the system. It consists of the database containing information about the users on the system. It allows to view the details of a user add, update/delete user information & reset password for a user.

  • Involved in collecting user requirements, analysis, design and coding of the project and user acceptance.
  • Designed the User Interface using HTML, Applets, AWT and Swing.
  • Established back-end connectivity using JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
  • Created various enterprise Java Bean to incorporate the business logic.
  • Coding Servlets for controlling the process of interacting with database.

Position: Programmer
Environment: Java, Applets, AWT, JDBC-ODBC, Servlets, HTML, MS SQL Server7, Windows-NT 4.0, BEA Weblogic Server.

Position: Engineer December ’91 – October’ 99
Location: Confidential New Delhi, India
Project: Worked in various projects namely
Hotel Management System (HMS)
Complaint Handling Management System
Procurement and Inventory Control System
Occupancy Analysis and Monitoring Reporter

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