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Senior Software Engineer Resume


  • To obtain a senior position in computer programming and analysis or as a lead programmer.


  • C++, Java, J2EE, C, C#
  • SQL, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Client/Server
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • StarTeam
  • Rogue Wave Libraries


Senior Software Engineer



  • Responsible for maintenance, enhancement, and running of code generators to produce generated C++ and Java code for SQL and CORBA layers and infrastructure for both JAVA client and C++ servers of large client server banking application that can run on multiple operating systems and databases.
  • Designing, developing, maintaining and optimizing large Java front end C++ back end banking system with services such as Information Reporting, Stop Payment, ACH, and Money Transfers, especially infrastructure and server side including SQL database access, CORBA interface, file parsing, and imports and exports.
  • Responsible for training and mentoring other developers, both locally and offshore.
  • Responsible for architectural oversight and enforcement, infrastructure issues, and low level issues.
  • Developed banking services including BAI file parsing and loading, ACH, and Money Transfer.
  • Led interaction with offshore team in ACH development as single point of contact.
  • Skills and technologies used include C++, Java, SQL, Visual Studio, Roque Wave, CORBA, Oracle, and SQL server

Senior Programmer Analyst



  • Designing, developing, optimizing and maintaining large Java J2EE banking applications such as Information Reporting, Stop Payment, and Money Transfers, especially back end processing including BAI and XML imports and exports using SQL and Oracle databases and HTML/XML/JavaScript front end software.
  • Developing and maintaining J2EE with a JavaScript/JSP front end that communicated with a Java back end and Oracle 8 Database via EJBs using WebSphere as an application server.
  • Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained Java back end processes such as BAI Update that preprocessed, loaded and exported data to and from an Oracle 8 database with stored procedures and SQL Loader.
  • Maintained, improved, and optimized code, including an optimization of data loading that reduced run time from 40 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Lead teams of programmers in developing applications including being the main contact with other teams departments such as QA, Spec writers, Professional Services, and Operations.
  • Mentored junior programmers, both on my own projects and other projects, helping them with design, optimization, debugging, and problem solving.
  • Assisted Managers by filling in for them and handling questions, meetings, estimates, interviews, spec reviews, and code reviews.
  • Developed new C++, client server Windows based PC banking applications as well as upgrading and maintaining existing applications.

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