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Software Engineer Resume


  • Over 3 + years’ experience in Designing and Development of the application in JAVA/J2EE, Python, Javascript, C/C++, Perl/bash script and various other programming languages.
  • Experience in all the phase of software development life cycle in Agile software development Model as well as waterfall Model.
  • Expertise in Object - Oriented Programming, very good at implementing different kinds of data structures and algorithms to optimize code performance and save memory space.
  • Extensive Experiences in backend working with databases writing SQL queries in MySQL and SQL Server
  • Hands on experience on machine learning technologies( linear regression, logistic regression, SVM, neural network and unsupervised learning such as PCA, Clustering ) using python/octave.
  • Deep Understanding of large scale distribute systems. Knowledge of MapReduce and distribute frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Pig and Hive .
  • Deep Understanding of NoSql databases systems such as Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB
  • Deep Understanding on Cache system such as MemCache and Redis
  • Hands on experience on construct and deploy web applications on amazon AWS cloud .
  • Expertise in Java and J2EE technologies such as Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Struts2, Servlet, JSP, EJB3, JMS, JDBC and XML. Proficient in designing J2EE applications using MVC pattern framework.
  • Hands on experience on Javascript frameworks AngularJS 2, NodeJS, CanvasJS to build front-end applications by accessing local server backend data or consuming RESTFUL JSON data from remote sites
  • Hands on Experience in creating front end user interfaces with html, css, javascript and Jquery. Deep understanding AJAX
  • Hands on Experience in ASP.net project with Vistual Studio C# and sql server database
  • Extensive experiences in building backend Web Services RESTFUL using Jersey
  • Knowledge in developing System Design using UML methodology and preparation of class diagrams, sequence diagrams and use cases.
  • Extensive experiences in Web Services SOAP development using CXF
  • Experience in various Design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, MVC, Strategy, Data Transfer Object, Data Access Object etc.
  • CSS and Bootstrap for styling the HTML elements.
  • Experience developing and deploying applications using build tools such as Jenkins, Maven and ANT.
  • Experienced loading and developping code from Version Control Software such as SVN,GIT
  • Strong Knowledge of various computer science fields such Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Networking and Computer Security.
  • Extensive Experience in Developing Applications for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS ) and UNIX.


Development Languages: J2EE Technologies:

Java, Python, C, C++, Matlab, Octave: Spring, Hibernate, JSP, EJB, Servlet, JMS, DOM, JNDI, Ant, Maven, UML, JDBC, XML, JSON, Swing

Web/Application Servers: WebLogic 7.0/8.1, Tomcat 5.x, JBoss, WebSphere, MQ Series

Web Presentation: JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, CanvasJS, ChartJS, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JQuery

Operating Systems: Windows/Centos/Ubuntu

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2

Tools: Eclipse, Rational Rose, Junit, SVN


Software Engineer



  • Designed and d eveloped Lemko GUI system using Java, html, Javascript, CSS, MySQL and Linux Bash Commands
  • Designed and developed caironet.net web page system and collect customer information on Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Work under master/slave and parallel architecture Distribution System s
  • Using machine learning ( neural network, kNN, SVM, logistic regression ) to analyze customer data usage and network performance with python/Octave
  • Using Spring, Hibernate framework and some other Java APIs to build the GUI system
  • Using Ja vascript frameworks AngularJS, NodeJS, CanvasJS and ChartJS to visualize data on web page
  • Join the development of an ASP.net project for client written in C# and backend database Sql Server
  • Design and developed RESTful Service API for client companies
  • Collect and Visualize KPI statistic s from different server nodes of Lemko distribution systems

Environment: Linux Centos OS, Ubuntu, Windows 7,8,10, Eclipse

Production Support

Confidential, Buffalo Grove, IL


  • Testing ECS Business operation Java code after new release
  • Coordinate with Developers and supports from different modules and work together to solve problems and issues
  • Debug and trouble shooting code bugs or issues between different modules of IBM WebSphere platform
  • Write Java code to generate KPI report each month by catching statistic data from DB2 database
  • Test ECS functions with TestUtility and SoapUI.
  • Write SQL queries in DB2 database for largerdata retrievals.
  • Resolve incidents that arise after a release within the warranty period.
  • Analyze root cause and research for application incidents.
  • Reverse/fix code changes within warranty period if application not working properly after being deployed into production
  • Provide consultation when the application is impacted during and after shakeouts, server ripples and planned infrastructure upgrades (e.g., during database or server upgrades).
  • Fulfill business consulting research and analysis type of service requests.

Environment: windows 7, Linux, XML, Visio, Java, Eclipse, WebSphere Message Broker, TestUtility, SoapUI, DBVisulizer

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