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Vice President, Technology Solutions Resume

Bethlehem, PA


  • Highly accomplished technology leader with track record of architecting and developing large - scale enterprise software products and applications.
  • Distinguished career evaluating, strategizing, and guiding the full life cycle design, development, and launch of multi-tiered, high quality, and scalable software products for global use.Noted ability to build, retain, and manage product development organizations.
  • Skilled in establishing, restructuring, and guiding internal and offshore vendor teams in building new products, enhancing existing products, and achieving established quality, delivery, and release goals.
  • Proven success in developing relationships with clients, turning around critical projects, and guiding the on-time delivery of content management solutions.
  • Strength in analyzing regulatory and business needs, defining product roadmaps, and leading the development of software with strong ROI.


  • Product Development & Life Cycle Management Product Vision, Leadership & Roadmap Software Architecture Design
  • Customer, Team & Vendor Relationship Management Program Planning & Management Turnaround Leadership
  • Communication, Presentation & Problem Solving Onshore / Offshore Team Development


Java, Objective-C, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, AngularJS, Python, & DQL Languages; Agile Methodology, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, XCode, DJango, Servlets, JSP, XML, Documentum MS Office Suite, SharePoint, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, PTC Arbortext Editor & Quark XML Author Software; MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & iOS Operating Systems


Confidential, Bethlehem, PA

VICE PRESIDENT, Technology Solutions


  • Hold bottom line responsibility for company’s highly scalable and robust xmLabeling and Confidential software platforms; to architect new and next-generation of compliance content management software products; and to manage relationship with company’s largest customer and offshore vendor.
  • Direct all aspects of product development from initial product definition through design, coding, testing, release, and resolution of production issues.
  • Manage efforts of 3 separate product development and support teams comprised of up to 32 resources leveraging onshore / offshore delivery model.
  • Lead the development of winning responses to RFPs.
  • Pivotal role in building company’s product development business that accounts for over 45% of overall revenue.
  • Credited with establishing and retaining high-performance teams recognized for introducing, designing, and delivering predictable software releases to customers.
  • Drove the full life cycle design, development, and enhancement of traditional content management platforms with emerging technologies to meet clients’ challenging business needs.
  • Defined and communicated product roadmap across all product offerings to ensure alignment with evolving business and regulatory standards.
  • Architected and led the development of lower-cost software for life science mid-market customers.
  • Architected and developed SteelPoint, a controlled content management solution on SharePoint platform.
  • Conceptualized, architected, and managed the development of software for life science customers.
  • Conceptualized, designed, and oversaw the release of xmRender, an XML transformation engine for Documentum applications. Tool integrates with company’s xmLabeling and Confidential products to generate renditions of XML into different formats and allow for the comparison of 2 XML documents.
  • Stabilized and grew business with company’s largest customer for past 3 years.
  • Rebuilt relationship and trust with customer, evaluated needs and issues, and successfully achieve financial and delivery goals.

Director of software engineering



  • Accountable for enhancement, release, management, and alignment of xmLabeling software product with evolving US and European regulatory standards; architecting and leading the development of new Confidential software platform.
  • Established a predictable product development group that successfully achieved annual release cycle goals.
  • Introduced standards and clarified responsibilities of project management, design, development, and quality assurance teams that reduced timeframe of rolling out a new release from 1.5 years to a pre-set 6 month schedule.
  • Instituted team development and communication best practices that resulted in a high retention rate.
  • Sole responsibility in migrating product development and testing operations to India while meeting product release cycle.
  • Relocated to India for 2 years and led the build out of offshore development team of 18.
  • Evaluated the Indian marketplace, defined criteria for selection of vendor, assessed and selected vendor, and managed the delivery of product releases to clients. Move reduced operating costs by 40% while increasing capacity.
  • Architected and developed xmContent, a scalable, XML-based application framework built on top of Documentum that can be easily configured to solve various problems like test methods & specifications, and clinical protocols.
  • Developed architecture and code base to ensure seamless integration with XML authoring environments, language translation engines, and transformation engines for the generation of output in HTML, Word, and PDF formats.
  • Turned around multiple troubled client projects that were late, unpredictable, and over budget.
  • Identified the needs and issues, restructured team, and introduced Agile methodology that provided client with improved visibility on solutions and deliverables. Guided the successful delivery of xmLabeling solution and SharePoint-based user interface to Documentum, to clients with high satisfaction.

Senior developer



  • Recruited to design and deliver custom content management platforms for pharmaceutical clients.
  • Interfaced with clients to identify needs and architect value-driven solutions to manage product labels and promotional materials.
  • Led efforts of 10-12 resources in the full life cycle development of systems.
  • Conceptualized, designed, and built company’s first software product, xmLabeling, which enabled pharmaceutical clients to meet compliance with new Confidential regulation (SPL).
  • Implemented a custom Document-based system to enable large client to manage the development of labels in 120 countries that evolved as the basis of Documentum and XML based product offerings.
  • Designed architecture that enabled development team to easily configure structured content on Documentum. Product generated renditions of XML into different formats and allowed for the comparison of XML documents.
  • Built the team and managed the full life cycle development of new xmLabeling product for global label management.
  • Developed an insulation layer that reduced needs for changes to product in response to newer versions of underlying platform.
  • Provided technical oversight and guidance on the customization and deployment of software solutions for clients to ensure adherence to architecture standards and clients’ performance goals.
  • Defined and drove the implementation of enhancements to existing products to meet evolving technology and business standards.
  • Re-architected and developed the Glemser Tool Kit that overcame limitations in the Documentum infrastructure to generate user-friendly screens, enabling the rapid development of easy to use compliance applications for customers.
  • Currently leading the upgrade of all products to new version of Documentum platform.

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