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Senior Software Engineer: Java J2ee Resume

Ogden, UT


To function and participate in the capacity of an application and enterprise software engineer/developer, specializing in dynamic and rapid application development frameworks for Java, better known as Grails, while leveraging the latest technologies.


Operating Systems/Servers: Unix platforms, Linux platforms (Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS etc ), Windows etc.

Java Containers: Servers, Tomcat, JBoss, JRun, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Resin … etc.

Development Environments, Frameworks and Technologies: Java (J2EE) Servlets, JSP, Grails, IoC, JDBC, SQL, Database design and normalizations, some Hibernate, (Ant and Gradle for builds. JUnit, Cactus etc for tests.

Scripting Environments: Groovy, Gradle, GAnt, Ant, Korn, Bash, XML, SQL etc.

Programming Languages: Java, Groovy

Primary Frameworks: Groovy/Grails, Spring, Hibernate

I ntegrated Development Environments (IDEs): Intellij, Eclipse, Spring Source Tool Suite, Groovy Grails Tool Suite, Confidential Explorer, Rational Developer for Confidential, NetBeans etc.

Presentation Layer: JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS5, Bootstrap, XML, JSON, etc.

Methodologies: Agile and Xtreme methodologies for Project Management (scrum, pair programming etc


Confidential, Ogden, UT

Senior Software Engineer: Java J2EE


  • Focused on grails development for the HELP project for Confidential /DLA, to be used by FEMA’s use during national disasters.
  • Familiar with architectural concepts such as MVC and the implementation of domain driven model. Primary focus of RAD Framework is Grails with adherence to proper programming practices for such environments.
  • Build CI Infrastructure and Mentored developers in the use of Git for development.
  • Worked as a consultant in a supporting role for any other technologies and interfaced with other teams.
  • Did architectural work of several projects (see Grails and PDF projects below).
  • Use of Agile for SDLC, Continuous Integration Builds with TeamCIty, ANT, Git, Gradle on AIX and Linux RHEL … etc.
  • Use of Groovy Grails Tool Suit and IntelliJ, Confidential Explorer or RDZ for java.
  • Used SOAP UI, Confidential MQ and OSGI Stack on Confidential 390 and 400 series using TS 5.2 and Java 1.7.
  • Worked with several third party Vendors (iText and Qoppa) and their APIs to resolve issues between Mainframe and Java for printing and PDF integration.
  • Coordinate and mentored developers on the grails/java platforms. Implemented several major upgrades of Grails platform from version 1.37 to version 2.43 and not moving to 3.1.9 or later.
  • Setup and architecture of development platform along with complete CI (Continuous Integration) build cycle during as part of the SDLC implementation and Cycle.
  • Implemented the use of Git (version control) Server in build cycle on AIX platform.
  • Integrated Git with TeamCity (build server) for code management and build cycle. Trained developers on code management.
  • Implemented reporting process using client web service calls against Pacific Disaster Center/Disaster Aware (PDC) services for report generation during active field deployment as a security measure.
  • Worked on Design documentation for HELP.
  • Did unit tests, and ensured test coverage for build cycle. Use of Spock for integration testing. Mocking of service classes etc.
  • My last version of Grails in production was at 2.43
  • Wslite for SOAP web services (client), some
  • GroovySQL, stored procedure calls to DB2, with multiple data sources.
  • Spring security core implementation for user ACL.
  • Used SSL/http or https with CAC integration and secure certificates to comply with Confidential security requirements.
  • Java 1.7 with Jersey REST web services.
  • Used Tomcat 7 and 8 for production deployment. Databases included DB2 and MySQL.
  • Worked on implementing fixes against system hacks by addressing various security issues and concerns flushed out by a thorough web inspection process via the Confidential and Intelligence Assessment teams.
  • Wrote Grails application filters for frame busting. updated SSL engine for containers, implemented encryption algorithms (JC Ext.) in Unix OS for Tomcat Container.
  • Moved SSL to TLS 1.2 and updated Hash implementations above MD5 to anything above SHA - 256.
  • Java Team Lead and Primary Developer on Mixed Environment Team.
  • Researched and implemented proof of concept for PDF/Postscript reporting system for DSS between alienating environments.
  • Used JCICS API over OSGI stack as well as Channels and Containers for CICS Communication Bridge between Mainframe and Java.
  • Created Jars and CICS OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) bundles for deployment to Mainframe’s Java Virtual Server (JVS) using the standard OSGi Framework for Java.
  • Acted as support and subject matter expert for java in the mainframe environment for mixed team.

Confidential, Elk Ridge, UT

Java J2EE software engineer


  • Developed multiple projects, AdRaker, ICFS Inventory Control and Fulfilment Services, and Free Barter System.
  • Developed file brokering system mainly in the advanced Grails implementation, Use of plugins, filters, AOP etc.
  • Design architect and migrated java services into Grails with spring underneath.
  • Did domain migration from older system into current framework. Also did some data migration.
  • Implementation of Web Service within Grails frame work.
  • Used JQuery/Ajax components for application front end and use of UI components.
  • VMWare Enterprise Integration Specialist training with spring source.
  • Use of Git/Ant, IntelliJ (some STS)
  • Methodologies: Scrum, Agile and Extreme programming methodology.
  • Database, MySQL, GORM.
  • Comfortable with Unix/Linux and Windows with over 14 years of work in java enterprise environment.

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Senior Grails Software Developer/Engineer


  • Implemented a data analytics project with a team of developers to provde real time data statistics utilizing while using web services and Javascripts Graphing libraries on top of Groovy/Grails Framework.
  • Help work on in house web analytics application focusing on REST services implementation.
  • Testing frameworks, Unit, Contoller, Integration and functional tests.
  • Technologies: Grails/Groovy framework, Hibernate/Spring
  • JQuery/Ajax/javascript HighChart graphing components for data analysis.
  • Database HQL/Criteria queries etc.

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

Senior Grails/Java Software Engineer


  • Work on application to manage Sears and Kmart Vendor management system, bug fixes, maintenance, query and service optimizations.
  • Development of data migration framework and application for moving data from legacy to new environment in prep of the new system. Use of java domains, hibernate and Grails Domain object for table migration and data validations etc.
  • Tomcat, Linux, Windows7, MySQL, Grails framework, Groovy, Java, JQuery, Core Spring, hibernate. REST and WebServices, SOAP Client(with Xfire plugin) etc.
  • Vertical domain driven design methodologies with SOA perspective, MVC Architect and design application infrastructure and components using Vertical Domain Driven Model approach and the enterprise environment.
  • IntelliJ IDE, Ant, Hudson, TeamCity, subversion, JIRA, Confluence, and Green Hopper (for Agile Management).
  • Implemented the use of Agile and extreme methodologies along with scrum processes.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Senior Grails/JavaSoftware Engineer, Interim CTO


  • Mainly focused on Grails development using Java enterprise technologies as well as maintenance of site and building application components in preparation for live launch.
  • Components: Tomcat, Linux, Windows7, MySQL, Grails/Groovy, Java, Ajax, some jQuery, Core Spring, hibernate. REST and WebServices, (with Xfire plugin), some Flex (minimal), and some SOAP, etc.
  • Architecture: Vertical domain driven design methodologies with SOA perspective, MVCArchitect and design application infrastructure and components using Vertical Domain Driven Model approach and the enterprise environment.
  • Development Tools: IntelliJ IDE, Ant, Hudson, TeamCity, subversion, JIRA, Confluence, and GreenHoper.
  • Methodologies: Implemented the use of agile and extreme methodologies along with scrum processes.
  • Roles: Interim CTO, Principle engineer, mentor, delegator and responsible for the development process of the company.
  • As executive board member focused on technical partnerships, coordinating work efforts with outsourced teams abroad, and offered the executive board updates and technological directions and recommendations as needed.

Confidential, Lehi, Utah

Senior Software Engineer - Java/J2EE


  • Responsible for migrating and maintain company key product from older resin platform to tomcat.
  • Implemented architectural and design changes into the application infrastructure and some database migration concerns.
  • Used Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, Apache, Passenger Phusion, Rake, Postgres, MySQL for application development. Other components were REST, along with PHP on LAMP/XAMP.
  • Made decisions pertaining to the direction of the lead product.
  • Maintenance work on internal applications, Java, Ruby on Rails, some PHP and Java.
  • Scrum, Agile Methodologies, Domain Driven Model, MVC architectures.

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Software Engineer - Java/J2EE


  • Part of development team responsible for developing a major component to manage Confidential temple transactions with the latest technologies. Focused on server side development under tomcat 5.x in a distributed environment.
  • Use of Agile/XP methodology as part of the development process … such as test first then code, short bursts iterations, pair programming, code refactoring, reviews etc.
  • Worked in an environment with IoC framework namely Spring for access to distributed components on a very large project.
  • Maintenance work on components, such as bug fixes, new features to revamping domain layer units.
  • Some AOP and JMX as part of adding notification features to the application as part of a trouble shooting framework for administrative purposes.
  • Developed and designed tools/framework in Java for data generation that is used for automated integration, testing purposes for genealogy software. This involved the use of Betwixt, XStream and other xml technologies etc.
  • Application Design using UML concepts along with the domain model.
  • Developed web application on Tomcat version 4.x. and 5.x and very familiar with web-based development including MVC (Velocity and some Struts and personally developed MVCs), Database Integration, JSP, some java scripting, Html, XML etc.
  • Some light exposure to OpenLaszlo Server, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • Use of SOAP services within the context or framework of the application using IOC based containers also familiar with Xfire (SOAP Framework).
  • Wrote unit, integration, acceptance, and contract tests for application in server/container based environment using cactus and JUNIT APIs and some variations thereof, along with some mock environment such as MockObjects, EasyMock etc, for container based test simulations.
  • Use of Hibernate, Domain Model, JDBC, Web services. Used Oracle, Hypersonic and DB4O (pure object database).
  • Leveraged some scripting such as Groovy, Ant etc as part of the development and testing process.
  • Worked on integrating Transcensus help feature to Ordinance Request Administation application.
  • Research and implementation of versioning of web services (SOAP services) for Temple Subsystem.
  • Application development using Grails and Groovy framework.
  • User of CruiseControl, Hudson and TeamCity for integration server and Fitnesse server for integration testing.


Senior Java Engineer - Internet Application /Web Developer


  • Architect e-commerce web system layout and created design documentations for system layout.
  • Installed Oracle 8i and did database designs using normalizations etc using Oracle 8i and DB-Studio and other resources.
  • Implemented build configuration for development and deployment environment using ANT along with version control system.
  • Backend design, built and implemented own Model View Controller layout.
  • Used and implemented Jakarta Velocity template engine for front end interface.
  • Use of Servlets for backend integration to database.
  • Built and implemented RDBMS oracle stored procedures.
  • Wrote and integrated backend services for the e-commerce environment.
  • Did some graphics using Photoshop and handle some front end interfaces, using html, xml, JavaScript and VTL or velocity template language.

Confidential, Provo, UT

Senior Java/J2EE - Application and Web Developer


  • Design applications put out functional and other specifications using UML.
  • Build and implemented APIs for the Confidential DHN server.
  • Participated in code reviews in preparing product for final deployment on build systems.
  • Architect, built, automated and maintained development and staging systems for the group also in the role of build engineer.
  • Developed java enterprise based application on WebLogic Java Application Server and Oracle 8i.
  • Administrated WebLogic server to deploy EJBs and applications in conjunction with apache jakarta’s ANT build environment.

Confidential, Las Vegas, NV

Senior Java/J2EE - Java Application Developer


  • Developed servlets based on ATG Dynamo 5.0 model using servlet beans with ATG’s Dynamo Application Server.
  • Research and implemented the use of catalog repository for in house project along with XML and SQL repositories in the Dynamo Commerce Server environment.
  • Programmed Java Servlets in conjunction with JDBC integration in a pure java server based environment.

Confidential, Provo, UT

Senior/Lead Software Engineer - Java/J2EE Application Developer


  • Responsible for the company’s technological direction as CTO for the company and part of the executive board.
  • Developed the company’s software tax refund program to commence generating revenues in record time.
  • Set into direction all critical technical decisions needed by the company to get up and running before the tax season.
  • Set up the development infrastructure for the company’s application during the development process.
  • Set up testing and deployment phases of the product before targeted launch dates.
  • Programmed Java Servlets in conjunction with JDBC integration in a pure java server based environment.
  • Created, implemented and deployed tools (java classes) for use by the refund application.
  • Implemented Netscape Enterprise on NetWare and NT along with ORACLE and MYSQL as back end database.
  • Used Live Software’s JRun, Sun’s JVM, and Novell’s Java Servlet Gateway with Netscape Enterprise Server.

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