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Technical Architect/developer Resume


16+ years of experience in the IT industry, of which 12+ years in the design and development of Enterprise applications & ECM solutions using Java based technologies including RESTful API services utilizing JAX - RS, Design patterns, SOA, Object oriented analysis & design using UML, Content Subscription and Delivery services, SOAP, XML/XSLT/XSL-FO/HTML/CSS, Client/Server development, Database and Java Swing/SWT.


Java and J2EE: Java 8/7 SDK, SOA, RESTful API, JAX-RS using Jersey and Jersey 2.0, JAXB, JSON, Jackson, JMS, Servlets & JSP, JSTL, GWT, Web Services - Apache Axis2, JDBC, C, C++, XML/XSLT, Schemas/DTD, XSL-FO, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, .NET 3.0, C#, VB.net, Visual C++ (MFC), Visual Basic & VBA, JExcel Methodologies: Design patterns, UML

Serverside frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Vaadin, Hibernate, JPA

Software Development Model: Agile/SCRUM, Iterative Enhancement model and Waterfall

Clientside: Java Swing/SWT, jQuery

IDE: Eclipse, Borland JBuilder X, Visual Studio, ANT

Web servers: Apache Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, IIS

Search: SOLR and Google Search Appliance (GSA)

Build, Source Control and Quality tools: Maven, Ant, Github, Bitbucket, SVN, Rational Rose, TogetherJ, hp Quaulity Center, Junit, Log4j

Continuous Integration & Automation Server: Jenkins

Issue Tracking tool: Jira, Project management, leadership and execution, business processes with SOX compliance, OpenText suite of Products version 10.5, Documentum Suite of Products Version 7.2, Captiva InputAccel Scanning and Imaging modules

IBML Confidential Capture suite: ImageTrac high speed scanners, Scan client, Administrator, Job Setup & ExportTrac

Databases: Oracle 9i/8i, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, & ERWin

Operating systems: Windows XP, 2k and HP-UX


Confidential, Houston

Technical Architect/Developer


  • Designed a developed a Java Swing application leveraging RESTful API utilizing JAX-RS (Jersey 2, JAXB) to authenticate and perform document upload along with its corresponding metadata from JSON files. Utilized Design patterns in solution design.
  • Designed and developed web services utilizing Apache Axis 2 for integration into another system with SOAP/XML.
  • Architected the backend servers in High Availability failover configuration.
  • Designed & developed Workflows in Process Builder to formalize Business Processes for the client.
  • Developed Workflow methods to capture task level parameters and object level params for Audit purposes
  • Development of JMS Server methods and D2 Lifecycle methods.
  • Designed and developed the security model utilizing ACLs through DQL and API scripts.

Confidential, Charlotte

Java Architect/Developer


  • Designed and developed recursive Meta data inheritance JMS Server Method in DFC Java API to cascade Meta data at the folder level to corresponding subfolders and documents. Utilized backend database profiles to match up the types along with their list of attributes to be copied.
  • Designed and built the security model for the IBCM (Investment Banking Capital Markets) Wholesale repository along with user groups and ACLs through DQL & API scripts.
  • Installed and configured Records client for Retention and built policies along with legal hold markups.
  • Install and upgrade of D2 and D2-Config along with configuration of UI (Contexts, Workflows and Lifecycle, Creation Profiles, Security templates, Property pages, Auto naming and Auto linking, and functionality customization through lifecycle methods and plugins) on Documentum Content Server 7.1 platform

Confidential, Orlando

Java Architect/Developer


  • Designed and developed a HR ECMS repository system for archival of employee personnel files with custom types, ACLs, WebTop (WDK) customizations, Search, cabinet and folder creation through scripts, employee supervisor hierarchy on Content Server 7.0.
  • Designed Retention Policies as per Florida GS schedules and programmatically applied these policies to appropriate employee subfolders. Implemented Legal Hold markup.
  • Developed a DFC based Temporary Access job to grant temporary access to a subset copy of employee files and expire/delete them after its expiration date is reached.
  • Designed and Developed a Captiva Capture flow system for Scanning, categorization and automatic filing of documents through barcoding process.
  • Developed an xCP2/xMS platform solution with a complete installation and configuration of all components (BAM, CIS, CTS, BPS, PE etc) and its registration with the xMS agent and deployment along with widget development.
  • Installation and configuration of Content Server 7.0 P08 for HA fail over and xPlore Index agents in load balanced configuration.

Confidential, Nashville

Java Architect/Developer


  • Designed and developed a Taskspace based Claims processing solution utilizing IBML Confidential Capture scanning suite and Documentum process flow with bar code recognition based metadata lookup.
  • Forms based review with Accept/Reject actions invoking custom workflow methods along with Search & Retrieval.
  • Developed a reporting page to show the status of Claims in a Pie chart using JFreeChart.
  • Installation and configuration of D2.
  • Developed Documentum Taskspace application for QA processing and Audit of those scanned claims with integration of Brava Image viewer.
  • Implemented a High Availability/failover system on Veritas cluster for the Documentum platform.
  • Implemented CYA SmartRecovery suite for granular object recovery.
  • Support and enhancement of POE TaskSpace application.
  • Administration, support with upgrade/migration of Documentum 6.5 SP1 platform.
  • Continuous integration and automation was achieved through Jenkins.

Confidential, Atlanta

Java Architect and Tech Lead


  • Developed a scanning and archival system in Captiva InputAccel and Documentum utilizing barcode technology resulting in a paper-less office solution.
  • The system has a front end UI for printing barcode cover page with the indexed data, InputAccel Process flow project, Docapp, Webtop and Search customizations for quick retrieval of documents.
  • Designed and developed a Documentum web services interface for MBSi system to interact with Documentum utilizing Apache Axis2, DFC and DFS.
  • The client is a .NET framework based client making web service calls to this interface which provides web services to list docs based on Account ID, Company ID, submit and retrieve documents.
  • The documents are stored on a MySQL database as blob objects by the client before being uploaded into Documentum by the interface.
  • Designed and developed a SNAC web services interface, similar to MBSi system but documents are stored on a network shared drive secured with authentication.
  • Migration of Document Platform from 5.3 SP5 to 6.5 SP2. Also migrated from a virtual VMWare environment to a Microsoft cluster on Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition.
  • Developed a Documentum Bulk upload utility for exporting documents from the file system into Documentum maintaining the folder structure.
  • Java Swing interface for the front end.
  • Recursive upload of documents with folder creation
  • Customizable to upload as different document types based on the file type extension.
  • Customizable ACLs for different folder structure
  • XML driven configuration file
  • Designed and developed a scanning process using Captiva InputAccel for Credentialing documents and their export into Documentum.
  • Created an Integrated ProcessFlow Project (IPP) for this process in Process Developer.
  • Created Custom MDF definitions
  • Configured Scan, Image enhancement, Index and Documentum Export modules.
  • Incorporated automatic bar code recognition into the process for ease of Indexing.
  • Created a Docapp with custom object type, ACL, cabinet and groups using Documentum AppBuilder.
  • Incorporated ViewOne Pro Image Viewer applet (similar to Snowbound’s FlexSnap) into Webtop for viewing scanned tiff images within the browser.
  • Implemented Webtop WDK customization for viewing both the fax and its attributes in the same screen utilizing frames.
  • Developed Webtop WDK Search customizations for quick retrieval of these documents.
  • Provide daily support and maintenance with debugging batches.
  • Designed and developed an Intranet Community Portal website for Corporate marketing using Documentum Web Publisher and SCS to Weblogic Portal server.
  • Developed several content templates along with their Editor Rules and Presentation files (XSLT). Created folder mapping file for determining the location of the content files.
  • Created Instruction file to migrate existing content files to comply with modified content template.
  • Developed a Custom Workflow method using DFC to determine the folder mapping and ACL based on the attribute values set on the document.
  • Creation of dynamic content using XDQL.
  • Created Custom tags for utilization by content authors.
  • Created a Docapp with custom object type, Lifecyle, Workflow, ACL, cabinet and groups using Documentum AppBuilder.
  • Developed an automated Documentum job (utilizing Rightfax API, VB and DFC) for importing faxes from Rightfax server into Documentum.
  • Implemented a WDK customization for viewing and indexing the fax in the same screen utilizing frames.
  • Search customization for easily searching documents based on company name. View customization for displaying custom attributes.
  • Designed and developed DocXPort, a Documentum export Java Swing application for exporting attributes, in a spreadsheet format along with hyperlinked documents. The export is easily configurable through an xml config file.
  • Leading the team with Customer interfacing and complete ownership of applications from their inception stage of requirements to deployment with continued support. Responsible for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance, Integration of business processes into workflow, Migration and consolidation of several QuickPlace web sites into Documentum.
  • Developed Document classes in Compliance Manager (DCM), auto-naming, list rules, relationships, Workflows/Life cycles and Reporting.
  • Migrated our Documentum platform to 5.3 SP5 from 5.3 SP1 including a repository copy.

Confidential, Boise

Software Engineer


  • Designed and enhanced the Autoloader to work with various content types and worked with the business in the migration process.
  • Automated the generation of the input xml file from a MD Spec spreadsheet for the data dictionary document types, which was used to capture the business requirements.
  • Validation of XML content using appropriate XSD based on the document class.
  • Handles both Inserts and Updates and associates with the workflow specified, promotes the document to FINAL state.
  • A XML log file is generated showing the status of the batch run.
  • Developed & integrated Content Grouping System ( Confidential ) into the Concentra system as part of the extraction process.
  • Confidential utilizes XML based rules file to compute the content groups for every document and publishes it out to the extractor / Subscription manager.
  • Utilized Service Oriented Architecture (SOAL) development lifecycle.
  • JBuilder X, Resin 3, XML and XSD, JDK 1.4.2, Oracle 9i, DFC5.2.5 on HP-UX
  • Involved in the design and development of a content delivery system receiving data from disparate data sources and distributing to various publishing destinations. The system provides data mapping, transformations into HTML, PDF and text, additional data massaging and subscription services using XSLT and XSL-FO. The delivery partner requiring data subscribes himself based on Meta data defining the content. He has additional capabilities of defining how, when and where he wants the deliveries to happen. The system is a suite of Java applications on HP-UX and Oracle 8i as the backend, OpenJMS for messaging and Log4j for logging capabilities
  • Designed and developed an XML authoring tool for the CKS authors with the ability to integrate into Product master database and a customizable user interface based on the structure of the document defined by the DTD. The interface is based on Java Swing.
  • Customization, enhancement and support of the Document management system (DMS) and workspace interface with DocBasic and DQL.
  • Designed & Developed a Test management system for scheduling & monitoring of the test cases with the ability to import test cases from Excel spreadsheet directly into the database. Other features include providing an Explorer style interface with tabbed dialogs for easy maneuverings.
  • Visual Basic 6.0, VBA & MS SQL Server.
  • Design and Development of Print Timer utility for testing the performance of LSG line of printers.
  • This utility helps to time the print speed of the PCL test patterns interfacing with the Genoa sensors.
  • Visual Basic 5.0
  • Transact-SQL, and Web authoring. Tools: Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 & Visual Basic 5.0
  • Modelled, designed and developed the Test execution subsystem which enables the lab engineers to configure the test by providing all the print test parameters and execute multiple test sessions concurrently. Used multi-threading and thread synchronization techniques on Windows 95/NT. Tools: Visual C++ 5.0 / MFC and Rational Rose


Deputy Engineer


  • Designed and developed the Scenario editor and the Instructor station. 32 bit application on Windows NT. Tools: Borland C++ 4.5
  • Design and implementation of the simulated control panel of a cockpit display for monitoring and testing. 16-bit app on Windows 3.11 using Borland C++ 4.5
  • Developed an Information system to aid the Design Engineers in their design by providing a database of the commercially available components and an easy access to it.
  • Borland C++ 4.0, Borland Visual Solutions Pack & Deskscan IIc for scanner
  • Involved with the GUI design and coding, database design and Image manipulation. Borland C++ 4.0 & Borland Visual Solutions Pack, Adobe Type Manager
  • Trishul Ground to Air missile Simulator: Designing and coding of the User interfaces for the various simulated panels, Preparation of Design documents, Software tests plan, and descriptions, testing and installation.
  • Implementation of a fire sequence, testing an installation of Field Artillery simulator Environment: UNIX (IRIX) on Silicon Graphics' Personal IRIS Workstation

Environment: Microsoft Windows 3.1 on a PC - AT 486 system

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